Did Kanye West really have his teeth pulled out and replaced with diamonds? An expert weighs in

Kanye-West-teethWhen Kanye West showed Ellen DeGeneres his new gold and diamond front teeth yesterday, she could hardly believe him. “You just put it on top of your teeth?” asked DeGeneres. “No,” the rap superstar replied. “It’s, like, replaced my bottom row of teeth.” We here at the Music Mix had our doubts, too, so we called an expert, Dr. Emanuel Layliev of the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Layliev is unconvinced by West’s claim to have yanked his teeth and put precious metals and minerals in their place. “It’s a possibility, but I really doubt that the gold was extended into his actual socket within the gum and bone to replace the actual teeth themselves,” says the dentist. “There’s no way you can just place the gold into the gum or the bone without any connection to your natural teeth.”

According to Layliev, it’s much more likely that West had his teeth trimmed down and used them as support for a gold and diamond encrusted bridge, more or less as Ellen suspected. It’s also possible that West had his front teeth surgically removed, replaced them with titanium implants, and then had the flashy structure built on top. The latter procedure would require a months-long waiting period for the titanium implants to set.

Either way, Layliev says the medical risks involved are minimal. “It’s not a very harmful thing to do at all. Gold, if anything, is better than any restorative material out there in dentistry.” He also endorses West’s statement that he cleans his new choppers with regular toothpaste. “That’s fine, as long as he’s also rinsing his mouth with some type of antiseptic mouth rinse — and flossing.”

Aside from the obvious cost of supplying the gold and diamonds, Layliev says it wouldn’t necessarily be more expensive than any standard oral surgery. An insurance plan might even cover the main dental work, though of course not the jewels. All that said, very few people other than West are likely to go through with this. “It’s not a common procedure,” Layliev notes. “We don’t do much of this at the office. We’re more into beautifying teeth from a natural perspective.”

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  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    Such a freak. So tired of all the attn he tries to grab for himself.

    • FromChicago

      I agree it’s gross. It shows that he has too much money to play with.
      Does he do anything charitable besides his free rap for education concert?
      It looks gross.

      • aufeis

        Have you never heard of the kanye west foundation?

    • latoy

      he wants attention……… when u have money u can do anything and get away with anything u want

      • Brad

        and look at you giving him the attention he wants. If you’re truly sick of him you wouldn’t click on this blog post.

    • jen

      Please. Don’t assume he is any official representative of the African American community. There are asses of all races & ethnicities and they just stand alone in their idiocy.

    • u

      @ Jen:

      Exactly. And since when did Larry David all of a sudden care for the African-American community? Last week, he was labeling them as “ghetto”.

    • Haha

      lol race is obviously on your mind. Why is his race relevant?


    • John Hopson

      IDIOTS! Kanye never had bottom teeth, after the accident he lost them. Look on google for Kanye’s smile, in all of them you can’t see his bottom teeth. He just replaced his gum replacements with diamond teeth.

      • Leah

        John Hopson Kanye is the one who said he had his bottom teeth removed to have these inserted. Not the people you are calling idiots….idiot

    • FromChicago

      I wonder if it bothers his tongue when he moves it in his mouth? And if you kiss him, do you smack up against the diamonds which are sharp? I wouldn’t want to kiss a man with diamonds in his da**mn mouth, talk about ego and vanity!

    • Danny

      Cool story, bro.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    What a moron! Do people really think it looks cool? Cause it just look tacky to me

    • TOny

      To be Brutally Honest, I rather have Kanye Take over the publicity then to have Souja Boy and Waka Flaka Flame to take over, They will Destroy American Civilazation

      • Miki

        I agree, tho I still gotta put Kanye on Suspect after this..

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        I’d like the option of None of the Above…I think all three of them are just nuts.

      • fiona

        And these people are relevant how…?

  • Hans M.

    I saw this episode. People were literally laughing at him in the audience. It’s a dumb move and a reflection of a low IQ.

    • Greta

      I saw it too – and I can’t believe he referred to himself as a ‘rock star.’

      • Haters

        He’s sold over 25 million records. What else would he call himself?

        He’s had a lot of success, like him or not.

      • Leah

        He doesn’t just think he’s a rock star, he puts himself up there with God. This guy is disgusting. I don’t understand what Kim sees in him

    • FromChicago

      Ego. He needs to quit.

    • Eddy

      To be honest, the person who thinks that the idea or thought process of changing or altering your front teeth or your appearance in any way is a reflection of a low IQ, is stupid and probably has a low IQ themselves.

  • Cris

    You know … some musicians can get by on talent alone … others need publicity stunts to get their names in the headlines.

    • Tye-Grr

      Kanye’s great at both. ;)

  • Matt

    Kanye already had fake teeth, all of his originals were smashed out of his face when he got in a car wreck a few years back.

    • John

      Okay I was wondering about that too. If your jaw got smashed then you probably lost some teeth.

    • FromChicago

      I read that in 2002 he was in a horrific car accident and his bottom teeth were damaged. But it took him what? 8 years to get replacements and he does it with diamonds and gold?

      • mary q contrary

        I don’t think it took him 8 years to get them replaced. That’s just silly. He’s obviously replaced the replacements.

      • Sadiq

        Put your self in kanye’s shoes- u had an accident, dr tels u your bottom teeth needs 2 b replaced, u’ve got millions in da bank, u guys dont know wat it is 2 have anything u want, i probly wuld’ve done d same

      • Ariana

        jrceebra90 on August 24, 2011 i want the link. can u send it to me

  • Alan

    That makes no sense. Why wouldn’t you want your real teeth?

    • Dave

      Because people like Kanye will do anything and everything to show off how much money they have.

      • George

        Real klassy.

      • Haters

        You sound jealous.

      • @Haters

        Ah yes, the good ol’ “If you don’t like [insert celebrity name], then you’re just jealous!” Grow up.

  • sock monkey


  • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

    Whatever it is, it’s ridiculous.

  • Hills

    H wears false teeth anyway so this is no big deal…

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Are they made out of diamonds?

  • sarah

    Dude, he is repulsive and I don’t know why he would want to make himself more repulsive…also he is insane.

    and I’m black!

    • gucciManChild

      To each his own, without judgement. Thats the motto.

  • saint of E. 69th st

    please stop giving this sorry pile of crap publicity..someone drop a house on him stat!

  • Lyn

    Are they conflict diamonds?… because that would be a conflict Kanye. Jus’ sayin’

  • jay

    1. im wondering if they were blood diamonds at the expense of the little kids out in sierra leone? 2.what’s next? is he going to add a platinum lining to his brain cells?

    • Miles

      What brain cells??

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    What I really want to know is if Goldfinger really had a gold finger.

  • tinap

    wouldn’t it wear down your top teeth too much?

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