YouTube sensation Greyson Chance performs debut single on Ellen: Watch here

Thirteen-year-old Greyson Chance won the YouTube hits of many and even caught talk show host Ellen DeGeneres‘ eye for singing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” earlier this year in the sixth grade. Since then he’s signed to and become DeGeneres’ marquee artist on her eleveneleven record label. Yesterday on her show he performed his first single from his forthcoming first album. Starting off on the piano. Chance dipped into his ballad “Waiting Outside the Lines.” It’s a pretty grown up song in comparison to the bubble gum pop cuts Justin Bieber sings. But the young man doesn’t come off silly singing about getting through rough times and bad experiences.

Check out the performance after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • Brit

    Love Ellen and like Greyson okay, just not a big fan of having him shoved down our throat on Ellen’s show. Obviously being under her label she’s trying to give him exposure, but it’s kinda annoying.

    • Water

      Shoved down your throat? Hyperventilate much? You’d rather watch the many silly or useless segments on her show? Why not find your remote or get new batteries for your remote?

      • Dave

        Is Ellen gay?

      • Brit

        Actually, yes I would. Rather than watch the same performed all the time. Once who I frankly find boring to boot.

      • Anita

        Dave, um, yes Ellen is a lesbian. I use to really like her, but something about her kept annoying me. Just like I became annoyed with Rosie. Then I discovered why? The God in me can’t stand to see the sin they both so easily flaunting on television. Sexual immorality of any kind including homesexuality and lesbianism is not okay. I don’t care if they bother were popular or not. I am not bashing those of alternative lifestyles, it is just a matter of me not compromising my spiritual principles. If I met either one of them, I would be gracious and kind just like God would have us to be. He hates sin not the sinner. For I know I am the chiefiest of sinners, but thank God I am saved now.

        Alright, Ellen fans, I am ready for my Roman lashing!

      • tp

        No, Anita. You are just misinformed, like my mom was. My mom didn’t raise me this way and I didn’t choose to be this way. I was born this way. When did you choose to be straight? Did you say, well, I could be with a woman but i’ll choose to be with a man. You don’t choose. You just ARE.

      • Andrew Jones

        Anita, by calling somebody’s sexual preference “immoral”, “not okay”, and “a sin” IS bashing his or her lifestyle. Keep you opinions that are backed up only by a 3,000 year-old holy code to yourself.

    • dave

      look out justin beiber. i think you have met your match and i think this kid has a way way way better voice than you and a better attitude.

      • Michelle anak Melina

        Hi…..can we be friend?

    • smartass

      I can no longer stand anything about the entertainment industry.

    • dalis

      This kid is going to go far, He is just what our young society needs..and for those that dont want to listen..well you dont have to..but you will be a minority here..step out of your box…vibrato is BRAVO…!

      • krys

        Dalis you are so right. This kid wants to do the right things in the industry. Its not about money and fame for him. He’s being thrown in but he’s not forcing it himself, others are. I love this kid and I was one of the first hundred to ever watch his first ever video on YT. I will follow, promote and be a fan of GMC for his career. <3 this kid. :)

  • Chichi

    Did he just run a 10K?

    • Jeff S

      He should be lucky to have that excuse. The majority of younger generation of singers know NOTHING about breathing when it comes to singing.

      • Michael

        He, at least, can easily be trained. There are still many adult artists in their 20s that have no idea how to breathe and no vibratto whatsoever.

  • They’reKids

    Way to exploit the children. Hey Adults, why don’t you go get a job instead of ruining your kids

  • Joe

    Kid’s got talent I just get a little uneasy when a kid that young is showered with praise on national television. Idk, when I saw him on Ellen the first time he seemed like the attention was going to his head a little bit. Not that I can blame him, I mean he’s young and it’s bound to go to any kid’s head. I think maybe Ellen should pump the breaks a little on bringing some of these kids on.

    • Shannon

      I think Grayson’s a really sweet, talented kid, but Ellen was really amping up the hype.
      She seems to have practically adopted him.
      It’s because of her that he has a record deal, though, and he should have a great career.
      He just needs to enter/graduate high school first.

  • Jase

    Honestly i’d rather listen to Bieber and i dont even like him. I love Ellen, but she has no business having a recored label.

    • Jase


      • Tom

        I think it was a good idea. She often finds talent on the show, amongst them are a few who would actually have a future; like she found that Charice girl who is now on Glee but missed the boat with Oprah taking over. Now she is better equipped.

  • lefty

    He’s wack.

  • Sheri D. Compton

    Another teen heartthrob. Not my style…To much vibrato in the voice. I wish him well though.

    • LG

      Talented kid, but I have to agree – he has a little bit of the Casey James goat vibrato.

      • Shannon

        On this song, I know what you mean.
        But, the difference is that this kid is still growing and has a very strong voice, whereas Casey’s a grown man with little vocal prowess.

    • Cat

      I agree.

  • Julie

    I loved it….

  • jets

    Love the song and love Grayson! He’s not afraid to do his own thing, stay true to his own style, rather than just go after the easy money by doing the candy pop cute boy hair flip artifical Beiber crap. Grayson writes his own songs, plays the piano, and is the real deal. Teen hearthrobs like Beiber come and go, but real talent like Grayson sticks around. I’m hoping he can knock off Beiber’s “youngest to have a number one album,” record away.

  • watergirl

    I like him even though I do have concern with some of the vibrato to his voice. For singing such an adult song he shows real honesty with it. Your right he doesn’t come off silly. I think it will be interesting to watch him as his voice matures.

  • dave

    as far as those comments about vibrato. look at dolly parton now she has a lot of vibrato and look where she’s at now

    • Water


    • Strepsi

      Dolly Parton: great songwriting + giant knockers > vibrato

  • jets

    I think some of the vibrato in this performance can be attributed to nerves. the kid is still only 13 (amazingly) after all.

    • Jo

      I agree, I thought he sounded a bit nervous. I don’t blame him.
      He sang well, but I’ve heard him do better than that.

  • e4ia

    Wow. That was really good. Loved the song and his voice. He has quite a career ahead of him.

  • Brittany

    With regard to the vibrato concerns, sure, the major mainstream talents don’t have this much vibrato. But he’s good whether he sounds common or not–and shouldn’t we encourage the uncommon? He reminds me of a young male Tori Amos (who has quite a bit of vibrato herself), and THAT should be applauded.

    • Water

      The problem is that too many mainstream talents have been autotuned so much, people aren’t always used to hearing real talent. Same happened with Adam Lambert but in reverse: his natural talent is so good people assumed it was autotuned. Greyson Chance has a unique voice that many modern ears find odd because it’s not so slick and autotuned.

    • Flip

      Glad to see I’m not the only one who got a Tori vibe from Greyson!

  • Abhay


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