Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' on track for year's biggest sales week

taylor-swiftImage Credit: Christie GoodwinTaylor Swift‘s Speak Now has been selling so fast since it hit shelves Monday that it’s now being projected to post the biggest one-week sales of any album this year. Industry tip sheet Hits Daily Double estimates that Speak Now will move between 800,000 and 900,000 copies by the end of this sales frame, possibly even more. If true, that would be absolutely huge. Swift would handily beat 2010’s current one-week champ, Eminem, whose Recovery sold 741,000 in June. Ditto for last year’s record-holder, Susan Boyle, who moved 701,000 in December 2009. If Hits‘ projection turns out to be conservative, Swift might even have a real shot at challenging Lil Wayne’s fabled million-album week from 2008.

Earlier this month, the Music Mix surveyed a few retail experts. The consensus then was that while Speak Now would undoubtedly be a very strong seller, it probably wouldn’t get anywhere near a million in week 1. That’s what the music industry’s uncertain fortunes have done: Even an act as obviously popular as Taylor Swift isn’t expected to put up the kind of Nielsen SoundScan numbers that were comparatively commonplace 10 years ago. If she does get within striking distance of Lil Wayne’s milli, Swift will have secured herself a place in a very elite class of 2010 pop star.

Bear in mind that Hits‘ projections, while usually pretty accurate, are just ballpark figures. We won’t know for sure if Speak Now is one for the record books until the official sales tally is released a week from today. Still, even having this kind of estimate floating around is a big win for Taylor Swift. What do you think of her chances? How many copies do you think Speak Now will sell in its first week when all’s said and done?

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  • Lady Gaga

    she will sell that much … only because there are so many morons in America!

    • david

      Persons wearing Meat Hats calling other artist’s fans morons? Fascinating.

      • Moron


      • jpratm

        loves it. likely 1mil is possible but 800,000 is safer bet. Lady gaga is todays fav but i dont see longevity Swift are more staying power she can evolve into an actual artist. Lady gaga will fade out in a two years or so so much flare becomes stale and redundant besides lady gaga is busy using recreational cocaine so shes bound to end up in rehab or something- I bet high on Taylor Swift all the way

      • mel

        at least Gaga is doing something creative. Taylor Swift has about as much writing talent as a Ladybug.

      • hard work

        Good job Taylor! Why are you guys hating? Taylor is more fun than the overrated Britney Spears.

      • janet

        To me britney is far better and promotes mature musics. At leaset she’s doing on her own path.
        Not copying other star. bet Carrie Underwood will become bigger if the media keep publish her news like they did with Taylor.

        You can see the transformation of Britney’s album from the debut until the recent one. She dare to bring new musics and taking risks. Not like Taylor,..the debut until Speak Now, there’s no different!

      • lil mons

        btw,..i love Blackout by Britney Spears.
        i learned the she can’t sings live properly,..but at least she gave her best on musics.
        i don’t see any problem at lip-sync shows. that’s normal.
        but a show with poor vocal like Taylor and Avril will make me feel wasted. Better lip-sync rather than giving poor vocal performances.

      • TAYLOR FAN!!!!!!!!

        lil mons: you are so stupid. i’d like to see YOU go up on stage in front of 50,000 people and sing songs about what YOU go through and songs YOU wrote by yourself. i bet you would’nt be able to write one single line! So HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! back off cause swifties are very defensive when it comes to stupid people like you and all they want to do is make insults about taylor cause they don’t have a LIFE. oh, thats YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tha Phoenix

      So true. I like Taylor, but, come on; 800,000 first week? KMT.

    • dipshat

      Re: Lady Gaga. Yeah well Lady Gaga, what about your music?

    • fredro

      @lady Gaga- totally agree…

    • Moron

      is it too much important for having big sales on first week??
      come on!
      this only a theory,..lol
      people can buy any time they want. What’s truly important is the worldwide sales, compare The Fame and Fearless on worldwide sale. See who is richer and popular.

      • TSfan13

        I think FEARLESS is richer and popular. Because FEARLESS had more sales and had more awards and popularity because FEARLESS was really famous because of Taylor and its music. Lady Gaga was really great too. But I think FEARLESS is much more contributional and famous. :) what do you think?

      • lynn

        this is a stupid fact!
        The Fame is far better than Fearless,
        sold over than 16M worldwide,..while Fearless only sold over than 5M worldwide.

      • lynax

        over than 100 weeks stay on Billboard..over than 3 singles topping Billboard.
        Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Lovegame, Poker Face, Just Dance topping chart worldwide.
        While Taylor Swift not even one song top the Hot 100 on Billboard.
        Pity on Taylor’s fans.

      • Linda

        How Taylor barely sold 5M, if her album sold 6M only in the US? Look Gaga is bigger ww, she has sold 12M, but in the US Taylor kicked her ass by more than 2.5M

      • janet

        The Fame is the debut album by Gaga. You should compare The Fame with Tear drops on guitar album okay? :D
        The Fame huge in worldwide sales,..so what?
        the success of any artist is based on worldwide supports..not only in U.S.
        If your artist only want to be ‘well’ in U.S,..so stop promote album outside U.S.

      • lil mons

        u may say the taylor wrote the songs,..but Gaga did too.

      • Justin

        Wow – 16 million, huh? Gee that’s almost half as many as Shania Twain’s album. Maybe if she keeps trying, Gaga will be half as big as Shania someday…

      • Cary

        lynax: omg you are soooooo stupid!!!! if you didn’t know, taylor had 21 singles on the HOT 100, so get YOUR facts straight!!!!!!!! she is right now HOLDING THE RECORD!!!!!!!! SO PITY ON YOU!!!!!! PEOPLE THESE DAYS DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sharlin

      As long as no one beats *NSYNC’s 2.4 million in a week – I don’t care what she or anyone sells.

      • Michael

        Wow… I forgot it sold that much. That is impressive!

      • duranmom

        We will never see sales numbers like Nsync’s again. And remember, they sold 1.1 million copies of “No Strings Attached” in the first DAY.

    • Matt

      It’s really disgusting and inappropriate for one artist to be bashing another, you should be ashamed of yourself. I was thinking of buying your next album but now I never will. Thanks.

    • deidre vega

      thats way mean!!!

    • Neil

      As evidenced by the projected republican wins. That’s right, people – vote for the morons who got us into this mess to begin with!

    • lil mons

      by the way,..
      Don’t U realize that they have a same vocal style?

    • Katy Perry

      Damn straitght Gaga. If I wasn’t off having hot married s ex I’d cut a b*tch.

    • aqw

      um…aside from the fact that she wrote all her songs on this album without the help of elite songwriting teams, and she uses a guitar instead of a synth, and talks about love as opposed to sex, why are her fans more idiotic than lady gagas?

    • Sia

      Why do you need to hate for ?

      HOW SHAMEFUL. So what if people like Taylor Swift’s music more then Gaga’s ? Were all allowed to like both or not. IT’S CALLED PREFERENCE MORONS.

  • KC

    I can’t believe a tone deaf “singer” continues to achieve big record sales.

    • whatevs

      Most “singers” today are tone deaf. At least Taylor is a songwriter who happens to sing her own songs, unlike someone like Katy Perry.

      • Trey

        I really wish people would look stuff up before they post crap. Perry has written or co-written almost every song on her last two albums. Posts like this just make you look stupid.

      • Daw Johnson

        Not only that, but she’s actually written for other people (including Kelly Clarkson, whom everyone seems to respect).

        And Katy can sing too.

      • whatevs

        You’re right, sorry. I would never want to take away songwriting credit away from the person responsible for Ur So Gay. I actually dislike Katy’s voice, so just a difference of opinion there.

  • Michael

    I don’t like Taylor Swift’s voice or music AT ALL, but liking either doesn’t make one a moron. Many would say that same about those who buy Eminem, Britney Spears and T.I. albums. It’s a matter of taste. And, she’s a pretty decent human being, unlike many others in the music industry.

    • UGH

      A nation of fools.

    • Miss Talk

      I don’t mind Taylor Swift ‘s success – as long as she doesn’t get anymore undeserved awards though – but on the other hand, I don’t buy her sweetness or kindness or ingenuousness or whatever. I heard there’s a song about Camilla Belle in this album. Two years later, she still holding a grudge about her disney romance with Joe Jonas. And she has a song about John Mayer too. She really needs to grow up. She’s such a drama queen, she’ll probably end up having her own reality show.

      • Phil

        I finally agree with you Miss Talk ! Completely. How can one be gracious while still releasing such obviously jealous songs years later!? Also, I’ve already penned in 2012 as not just the end of the world, but the inevitable collection of songs about how Jake Gyllenhaal wronged Taylor! I think its so sad how all these celebs, swap one entertainer for another, and yet dont even try & date a ‘normal’ person outside the industry, as if it could NEVER work. Relationsnhips ARE work, not just an excuse to see who can get more stories written about them, or how many songs than be pilfered from the relationship remains. Wonder how many more years, til Taylor decides to dye her hair dark for her ‘truly dark depressing’ album. *SIGH*

      • KW

        All this build up and marketing of her image, going out on the interview circuit, songs about other famous guys she’s supposed to have had an involvement with,..it’s all the business of selling the records. All the male stars even Mayer get publicity which for Mayer may be exactly the kind of image crafting he wanted. He might even be in on it. Changing his image to player from squeeky clean.

        Just saying; we don’t have a clue as to how they roll.

      • Chissy


  • Kenley

    If Taylor even sells 600,000 copies this week it’s like the same as Lil Wayne selling that much 2 years ago. The economy was in much better shape 2 years ago as the financial crisis was just beginnng. Everyone’s scrimping and saving nowadays because of the uncertainty of the near term future. I bought 3 copies of Fearless 2 years ago when it came out, one of me and two for friends, but I only bought one copy of Speak Now this time because I can’t afford to buy more than that on my budget. I think Taylor will have better first week sales than Fearless, but I think it’s ridiculous to think she can sell 1 million in these harsh times. I’m thinking she’ll sell 600 to 650 this week! Go Taylor!

    • S.O.

      You had to buy 2 more copies for your friends? Really? I’m sure they could go out & get the album themselves, or you copy the album for them.

      • Kenley

        Country fans are loyal to their artists. I can’t speak for others, but I don’t do copyright infringement, but from your suggestion, I guess you’re one of those that cheat artists out of their fair share. @@

  • t.t

    at least its not rap or hip hop crap
    I am glad actual music is doing well even if its not my cup of tea

    • Katy

      you’re a douche! hip hop is not crap..

      • Jason

        Hip hop is definetly not crap….but, in 2010, it sure looks dead.

      • RyRy

        Hip-hop is getting to dancy-techno.

    • Preston

      Hip-hop does sell very well. There are even singers who collaborate with those hip-hop artists on their albums, so it is well received as a genre.

  • David

    ugh! her voice sucks and her music is all the same! I don’t get it..

    • RyRy

      Her live voice does suck, but her recording voice is tolerable, Her attitude and her whole persona is well recieved from younger fans, She really connects with fans through her music, and her music is catchy, She is well respected for her creative control and how much involved with her album, She wrote all songs and co produce some. Its really not surprising that she is popular.

  • Katy

    WTF!! wow she can’t even sing that great..Its only because she writes lame music which young girls can relate to and all that stuff went down with Kanye so now people feel the need to buy her music..

    • Kenley

      This isn’t a pity party. I wouldn’t buy an artist’s music if I didn’t want to hear it. I’m sure others feel the same when they’re buying Taylor’s Speak Now. As for singing ability, some of the best singers can’t get their sales off the ground with their latest releases, so what’s the point of being a fantastic singer if you aren’t selling your songs? @@

    • Matt

      @ Katy: so stop trolling articles that are clearly about Taylor Swift! Your opinion isn’t really relevant to how many CDs she’s going to sell. Go waste someone else’s time.

  • Phil

    I think she has a very good chance of having one of the best selling weeks of the year, however, with that said, Susan Boyle’s “The Gift” doesn’t drop til November 9th. She may get close the million, but I really dont think she’ll hit the magical million mark. And another fact…Taylor had the benefit of her disc being widely reeleased at BOTh Target outlets & digital outlets on Monday, when mostly all new releases are released Tuesdays like Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter III” was in 2008. That full day of sales from all outlets, as opposed to ‘some’ retailers breaking street dates and selling early, would def. play a HUGE hand in if Swift could reach the million, and it should definitely be mentioned in ALL articles pertaining to the fact if she does, cause that would def. go against the standard retail norm (even if the excuse was to release the album internationally on the same day).

    • Kenley

      Susan was the flavor of the month last go around. This time though, she is not getting even 20% of the pre-order demand that she got last time, so she will be lucky to debut with even 350 to 400k in sales. I don’t trust the prediction made by HITS because you can’t gauge what will happen for the rest of the week. Only the most avid fans will buy a new cd on the first day, so those sales are artificially skewed. Taylor may only sell small percentages for the rest of the week. I’m still saying she’ll do 600 to 650k tops. By the way, Speak Now is “better” than Fearless. Her maturity has grown significantly since Fearless and I love all but 2 songs on Speak Now. I think it will go on to be the best selling cd of the past year when its run is over.

      • Phil

        As a formner HITS employee, and your comments in regards to 1st day sales, you’ve convinced me to ignore every one of your comments. You understand very little of the ‘industry’ of which you speak. Please STOP “speaking Now”.

      • Kenley

        I understand and know that highly anticipated cds sells “best” on the first day of sales and then it drops off precipitously thereafter trailing in the days to come. I know that the week after, new cd have a drop of 50 to 60% from first week sales. Lil Wayne selling 1 mil 2 years ago is the equivalent of an artist selling 600 to 700k now since cd sales have dropped dramatically in the last 2 years. So, I know more of the industry that you think.

        Also, HITS have been off in their predictions many times on large scale volume releases, but nothing would make me more happy than for Taylor to sell over a million this week since I’m an avid fan, but the reality is that she would be hard pressed to top the 800 to 900k mark that HITS has set for her.

        So are you are a former employee because you were let go for making a wrong prediction? @@

      • Phil

        You’ve answered your own question. HITS’ numbers are always off (but they paid well while I worked there), and I was a part-time employee through their promotional department, not sales tracking. And its my experience that avid fans are never that invested in the retail numbers, so I’m not sure what you’re hiding, and maybe you’re not hiding anything at all. Its easy to be condescending to someone who’s offered you some personal knowledge about himself while you point the finger & sing Taylor’s praises. And most of my ‘predictions’ I comment about on here are pretty spot on. And I wish you & everyone else would stop using the words ‘equivalent to’ because at the end of the day, Billboard doesn’t use a sliding scale. You either move the million or you don’t, regardless of the supposed ratio. And I am sure you think HITS is the end all & be all, but I go by Billboard’s charts, since most people don’t even know what HITS is.

      • Kenley

        @@ I’ve noticed that you’ve taken every opportunity to instill your personal knowledge or rather should I say instigate trouble on Taylor Swift threads. You obviously don’t like her, but you always feel the need to put in your 2 cents worth of useless commenting regarding how awful and horrible she is, so tell us what you’re hiding. As far as HITS go, it’s a small potatoes operation in relation to Billboard magazine, where absolute figures are taken into consideration. HITS mean nothing in the recording industry other than another knockoff of reporting music industry news at bset, and reporting off numbers of sales at least. I also go by the Billboard charting, where they placed Taylor head and heels above the rest annointing her Artist of the Year last year. Taylor’s Speak Now shipped over 2 million copies to all the various retail outlets where anyone that’s looking for the cd will find it readily accessible, so it is possible for her to move 800-900k or upwards of a million in fact, but will she? That’s the question. They shipped over 2.5 million of Norah Jones album Feels Like Home back in 2004, but she barely moved the million mark. Of course you have to use referencing such as “equivalent to” because cd sales are not what they used to be, so selling a percentage amount less now is “equivalent to” selling more just as little as 2 year ago. Finally, I’m not hiding anything since I used to work for a record store when I was 18 so I do know a little something about the music industry. @@

      • Phil

        I offer my 2 cents on alot of threas, not just Taylor. And if you please re-read my original post here, I say not one negative word about Taylor, and offer my own theories & reasonings as to why she may not move a million. I have nothing against you being an impassioned fan of Taylor’s, but I don’t appreciate when my words are taken out of context, especially when I go to just great lengths to write heavily worded posts so as to NOT be taken out of context. As as someone who worked at a record store, you should also know the big threats from the GM about ever breaking the street dates, but since most traditional record stores are now mostly only all big box retailers like WalMart, Best Buys and Targets, its more of an afterthought.
        And the irony of Target having the exclusive deluxe version (a ‘pop’ mix of “Mine” which gets serviced to top 40 radio, & 2 acoustic versions) makes me laugh since when “Fearless” came out 2 years ago, I went to Target the Tuesaday night of its release to pick it up for my bf at the time, and they were sold out since they did not receive a large enough shipment since they didn’t intend it to sell so well. I do not hate Taylor Swift, but until she has proven she is more than 1 trick pony, I laugh at most of the posts her ‘adoring’ fans make when all she does is release songs that in fact do all sound the same, they’re just about different celebrities. She even started the trend herself by releasing “Tim McGraw” before she was ‘popular’. I’m not arguing with you, I enjoy good conversations, but I draw a line when people put words in my mouth, when I already feel I say more than enough.

      • Kenley

        This is what you just posted a little earlier:

        Wed 10/27/10 12:35 PMI finally agree with you Miss Talk ! Completely. How can one be gracious while still releasing such obviously jealous songs years later!? Also, I’ve already penned in 2012 as not just the end of the world, but the inevitable collection of songs about how Jake Gyllenhaal wronged Taylor! I think its so sad how all these celebs, swap one entertainer for another, and yet dont even try & date a ‘normal’ person outside the industry, as if it could NEVER work. Relationsnhips ARE work, not just an excuse to see who can get more stories written about them, or how many songs than be pilfered from the relationship remains. Wonder how many more years, til Taylor decides to dye her hair dark for her ‘truly dark depressing’ album. *SIGH*


        No one put those words in your motuh and nothing is out of context there as your intentions where Taylor are concerned are readily seen. Also, this is Taylor’s “3rd” cd release, so your “trick pony” analogy is silly since she’s proven head over heels that she’s achieved what most artists never are able to do in their lifetime. She’s already broken all sorts of BILLBOARD records and I’m sure you know of them since you subscribe to their principle of record keeping so fully. Lastly, you’ve said plenty negatives on Taylor on previous threads so don’t play the innocent card. I just don’t understand why you and others feel the need to degrade Taylor. Is it some kind of sick thrill to dump on a successful 20 year old girl? I guess that’s it because I’m sure she’s never done anything to you to deserve such derisive words. Some people just need to be a wet blanket. @@

      • Phil

        Kenley…please RE RE READ what I said. MY ORIGINAL POST TO WHICH YOU RESPONDED AT 11:51AM, I am sorry, that I had to specify that. My comment to Miss Talk is again, taken out of context since I disagreed with her last week on a Chris Brown topic. So again, thank you for proving that as with most cases on the internet people only read what they want to read & see what they want to see.

      • Phil

        Oh and since I need to clarify that, I might also have to clarify my ‘one trick pony’ comment. Other than Boys Like Girls’ “Two Is Better Than One” & John Mayer’s “Half Of My Heart” which no doubt was done when they were ‘together’, Taylor has not released any collaborations with other artists (the T-Pain fake video was ammusing). Don’t you think thats odd that in today’s music world, regardless of how some collaborations fail to stand up or out, that this ‘widley talented girl’ has yet to release any songs with other singers, albeit country or pop? Perhaps thats a sign of how much ‘talent’ she has and that many singers either don’t want to be associated with her directly or know that most of her songs are magically produced via technical help. If this sound like I’m hating on Taylor, I’m sorry, but its just me hypothesizing off the top of my head. Its makes you wonder some, no?

      • Kenley

        A solo artist as “wildly successful” as Taylor does not need to seek out collabos with other artists in order to further their career and she does well all by herself lonesome in her trade. I prefer her to be standalone as I did not care for those collabos she did with Mayer and Boy Like Girls. If she does go ahead and do collabos with other artists, it’s probably because they asked her to so that their single has a better chance of success due to the fact her name is attached. What I consider intriguing and a strange conundrum is why individuals such as yourself spend precious time pining away about the flaws in Taylor’s work. She obviously knows what she is doing or else she wouldn’t be breaking records on Billboard, most recently surpassing Mariah’s number of Top 10 debuts in the HOT 100. She now stands at 7 or it may be 8 if “Mean” debuts in the Top 10. The way I see it, she has a proven formula for success and it’s worked out 100% for her so far, so if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. As for your interpretation of “not hating on Taylor”, you’re displaying an excellent example of doing so. As for “Mean”, I think Taylor had people such as you in mind when you wrote it. @@

      • Kenley

        *** when “she” wrote it is what I meant. As if you can write anything beside malevolent drivel on Taylor. @@

      • Phil

        Once again, thank you for making yet another wrong assumption. Part of why I would rather debate arguments is because I was always taller than most of the other kids, and I’m 6’3″. My parents raised me to not resort to violence to solve anything so projecting that I’d ever be like someone that Taylor sings about in “Mean” that hits someone is offensive. For someone who has been trying to sit so high on that horse all day, your true colors have finally shown. And again, I wasn’t hating on Taylor, and if you are such a fan of my posts you’ll see I never use foul language. I was posing my own personal theory that was supposed to add to this discussion, but people that only think they know best tend to overlook things like that, and quickly label it in today’s internet comment boards as ‘hating’ which is so not the definition found in a dictionary. The only hateful thing I can ever come at Ms Swift for was as many people that disliked the movie VALENTINE’S DAY, I actually enjoyed it, but really truly HATED her character.

      • Kenley

        Oh gimme a break. You’re not being misconstrued, so don’t flatter yourself as I am “not” a fan of yours posts, but I do recognize your posts from the past 2 weeks where Taylor is concerned and they were by no means flattering, not even in a sarcastic way. Additionally, one does not need to resort to using foul language to be offensive. You can be tactful or tactless in being offensive by your verbage of choice and the way it is intended. Whatever your definition of “hating” is only matters to you in your own mind. I just find it senseless to comment negatively on a subject ad infinitum when you don’t care for the subject matter. When it come down to it, you’re not a fan of Taylor’s, but you see fit to put in your negative remarks concerning her whether it contain profanity or not is not the point here. The point is that you and others like you waste time on these message boards thinking that your point of view matters in changing the opinion of fans of Taylor as to somehow to get them to convert to hating her work. It’s a futile attempt, but you all seem to enjoy partaking in cutting her down. She won Entertainer of the Year at the CMAs last year and if you care to check her out in her stint last year on SNL, you see why this young girl is so immensely popular with people of all ages. Whatever your intentions may be, I really don’t care and I refuse to further subject myself and validate your posts any longer. You’re beginning to make me feel like you just make posts to argue since you have nothing better to do with your time. Good day. @@

      • Taylor Swift

        Yawn….. going back to bed. This arguing is giving me a headache.

      • klynb

        Susan has the disadvantage of releasing a Christmas album; those rarely sell as well as an artist’s non-holiday releases.

      • Thiago

        I like your videos, awalys good to learn new tips and tricks. I have been painting plaster ornaments and statues for 17 years and started painting on canvas just this June. I’ve awalys used tin foil for my palate, which probably isn’t as cheap as the wax paper, but ya gotta love the clean up!! I have jumped wholehearted into the new venue and have painted 6 pieces since the end of June such a fun way to express ones self! I draw and work with stained glass too Make more videos!

  • Torrence5

    I really enjoy Taylor’s music, I have her first two CDs, and I am 30-something. Her music is fun & “Tim McGraw” is a song people with some years/experience can certainly relate to. “Mine” is a similar theme & often evokes memories. Good for Taylor

  • Tonic

    This is because it’s only 12-15 year-olds that buy music anymore.

  • Clete

    EW where are you? Doesn’t Kanye West have an opionion about this?

    • Kenley

      After the stunt Kanye pulled last year and all his other faux pas, I doubt he’ll even sell over a million in its entirety of his latest cd, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasty. It sounds more like he’s describing his faux pas of late.

      • u

        “I doubt he’ll even sell over a million in its entirety of his latest cd”
        LOL, prepare to eat your words soon. The man has yet to have ANY album flop, and I don’t think MBDTF will be an exception to that rule.

      • Kenley

        Don’t laugh too loud because it’s “u” that will be eating your own words. Kanye is obsolete now due to his constant ranting and this will be his first fail album. He has sold successively less and trailing off in total sales since his sophomore release “Late Registration” selling a little over 3 million and then “Graduation” selling a little under 3 million culminationg with his last album 808 selling only 1.8 million. 808 had 2 successful singles “Love Lockdown” and “Heartless” to spur continued sales of the album and still he only sold 1.8 million. That’s already a huge drop in sales. His current single from his forthcoming album next month “Runaway” is a failure single for him and he’s built quite a bit of public hatred for him since last year’s stunt at the VMAs and now his temper tantrum rant about not winning an Album Of The Year at the grammies in 3 tries just about clinches the coffin for his failure exit. He has no one to blame but himself as he put the nail on his exit. He’ll have a decent first week in sales since he planned his debut for the Black Friday week, but after that his album will drop so precipitously, he’ll be spinning his head wondering what happened. Unlike Taylor, who is selling more with each album’s release, he’s on the way out already. Too bad so sad for him because he brought it all onto himself. Run-away Kanye.

      • u

        Blah, blah, blah, more bullsh*t tumbling out of your mouth. Either way, I’m sure that in ten years’ time Kanye will still be musically relevant, while no-talent Taylor will be an unsurprising has-been. And BTW, most popular artists who have been around for longer than the past few years have seen each subsequent album sell slightly less than the previous. Hardly a sign of irrelevance if they’re not flopping. Taylor is country (or at least is called such), and guess which genre of music is the most consistent in album sales due to fanbase loyalty? Exactly. If she were marketed as a pop artist, then she’d probably be in the same boat as Rihanna and Katy Perry, i.e. the singles do really well, but the album sales don’t live up to the hype.

  • Violeteyes

    Good, I hope she sells that much. I’m not a huge fan, but is depressing to see when an album is #1 on the billboard charts, and only sells 110,000 copies in its first week.

    I remember the days when you would enter at 345,000 copies, and only be at #3.

    • Kenley

      I heard that! Remember when BSB sold 1.1 million of Millenium and 1.6 million of Black and Blue of sales in their respective first week of release? OMG, those were the days a decade ago!

    • Preston

      I’m kind of tired of the 100,000 first week sales of recent weeks. Some of the artists now aren’t promoting their albums enough like those of a decade ago, such as performing on the various talk shows. I think Taylor Swift and the ones coming out in November might really get more people to buy music albums again, since she’s a hot selling artist herself. Sometimes the big marquee names pull in the 500,000 to 1 million numbers and the lesser to mid-level acts only attract 100,000. But those massive 1 million first weeks are gone and scarce these days. I’ve seen Speak Now selling off the racks at several stores, so she might get a huge number. Just have to wait until Wednesday to find out.

  • Fan

    Another batch of great music. She is unbelievable and current. Everyone I know loves her tracks and all my freinds are 50 +. Go Taylor!!!!!

  • Dave-O

    lowest common denominator music. If you shill out 15 bucks for at best a coffee house singer, then you are a moron. marina & the diamonds, Florence and the Machine, even friggin lady gaga can sing (not to mention went to juliard, writes songs, and sings on key)

    • Daw Johnson

      Also forgot to mention, “rips off music from corny 1990s Euro acts, ie, Ace of Bash”

      Granted, Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” was lifted from Kenny Chesney.

    • Jase

      Lady GaGa did not go to Juliard.

      • Neil

        Or for that matter, Juilliard.


    She’s a lovely young lady, a maturing artist who may become her generation’s Joni Mitchell, and I wish her all the best.

    • u

      If Taylor is this generation’s Joni Mitchell, then Britney Spears is this generation’s Patti Smith.

    • Oh nyuk nyuk…

      The only way Taylor is ever going to be compared to Joni Mitchell is if Joni Mitchell does all the singing, writing and guitar playing on Taylor’s next album. Play Court And Spark…play Blue…then play Taylor’s albums and really think about the Joni/Taylor comparison. Doesn’t something seem a little off (besides Taylor’s vocals)?(!)

      • Bryan

        Didn’t you know?
        Speak Now is the new Hejira!

    • Bella

      This generation’s Joni Mitchell? Seriously?

      • Stan

        And I guess that Rihanna is this generation’s Ella Fitzgerald?

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