Michael Jackson's new single: Is that really him singing? Take our poll

michael-jacksonImage Credit: Solarpix/PR PhotosThe Internet is abuzz with speculation about just how many of Michael Jackson‘s original vocals ended up on Michael, his upcoming album of unreleased material. Those rumors heated up today with the release of “Breaking News,” the first single from the album.

Some fans are convinced that the lead vocals on “Breaking News,” particularly during the verses, don’t sound enough like the late legend they remember. Others feel that perhaps Jackson was just using a different vocal timbre than usual.

Jackson’s label has acknowledged that at least some of the tracks on Michael were brought to completion after his death last year. Beyond that, specifics on these recording sessions are hard to come by, so it’s an open question for now.

Visit Jackson’s official site to hear “Breaking News” if you haven’t already, then hit the jump to vote in our poll: Is that really Michael Jackson singing or not?

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    I love the song and can’t wait till the CD comes out. So it sounds a bit different.That was the great thing about Michael, he could change the way he sang , the way his music sounded. I would rather hear some of his music than not hear any of it. He has alot of songs that he did not release, which means he probably didn’t do more work on the song than just laying down the words. So of course Sony is going to have to mix it up a bit. But I am happy with it and hope to hear plenty more. We are never going to hear anything BRAND NEW from him so lets enjoy the music that is new to us, even if it is unfinished work.

    • Chris

      maybe your right i guess. i do wanna hear more songs on the album. because its been 10 years since new material. besides This Is It song

  • stephen

    Sounds like Jason Malachi a lot. The voice is not quite familiar, yet has a few qualities that pass. It could be that MJJ wrote the song and sang it as if someone else was singing it as to not sound too vain. He has changed his voice before. Hard to tell. Good song. Not the best. Hope to hear better stuff in the album. Good tribute song.

    • imominous

      I agree, and you put it well. Not quite familiar, yet qualities of MJ.

      Hard to tell for sure because of that, but I’m inclined to say it’s not his voice.

    • Emerald

      no one ever remebers the song ‘2000 watts’ from ‘Invincible’.
      Thats a great example of this, I think.
      either way, I like the song

  • Jonzing

    This is NOT MJ’svoice – think about it- the Jackson family has the right to “appropriate” his sound as part of managing the estate – so why not hire sound alikes and tech wizards to create new “Michael” songs?! Follow the money.

  • sethg


  • junek

    Great song about the media who tried to destroy him. When he comes back, the media will be destroyed!

    • jordan

      if he comes back remember to double tap. zombies must be put down.

  • steve

    I tried to vote, but the “who cares” button is missing.

    • Andy

      Apparently, you do since it required more effort on your part to post a sarcastic (and lame) sentence.


        steve wanted to vote: “Who cares? I do! I do!” P.S.: LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!

  • VegasRatt

    Great singer or not have you all forgotten that his man was a Pedophile and is sitting in a very deep and dark spot in HE!! Reserved just for him…..

    • B


    • TheJediCharles

      Well, VegasRatt, either there’s a special place in hell for him for being a pedophile or there’s a special place in hell for those who ruined his life in so accusing him for it if they’re wrong, because the public rape of a name is the same as the rape of a body.

      • TheCommonFriend@yahoo.com

        Okay, that has to be the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard in a while. Rape of a name is the same as rape of a body? Are you absolutely insane?

      • ibleedformj

        I actually think that is a very true statement. Can you imagine you entire life being ruined by being accused of child molestation three times? I think youd prolly have a drug problem and meet the same horible end. If he did do it (which he didn’t becus he was found innocent, idiot) the children were not killed, they were aloud to live their lives to the fullest. But this man had the entire world on his ass about it. Have you even been bullied before? Think of it as mental bullying times 10 million. . .

    • Cristiana

      How do you dare? You do not know him.

    • erika

      Yeah, and you might be there yourself. “Judge not, lest you be judged” Read the bible much?

  • Kate

    Michael Jackson is in there, though not any where nearly as polished as HE would have had a final recording sound. The producer put in a lot of filler voices which detract from Michael and which was probably the intention because Michael’s tracks were not up to MJ’s standard.

    • RLJ


      I agree, if Michael is in the song, it is no where near what Michale would allow to be released, and the way the song repeates his name, I don’t feel that is the way Michael would have wrote the song… if anything he would have refered to himself in the song as Me.

  • Wow

    I thought it was him earlier but then I heard Jason Malachi. Freaky! He sounds exactly like Michael jackson.

  • Patrick

    It sounds like they got another child molester to fill in for him on those parts. Come on! Why add more legal troubles to his kids woes? They already have enough damn money from this freak who was way past his prime anyways. He shoulda stopped at the Jackson 5. He didn’t contribute anything to music as much as he did fashion. Musically, he’s no where near great and still isn’t.

    • Larry David

      I’m going to say over the top things to get people outraged! Life is so full of meaning!

      • psychoanalyzer

        for once, I am in agreement with you, Larry David.

    • wakeforce

      Not outraged, just sad at the level of the stupidity of the American public.

    • Ms. Dipesto

      You are completely and totally off your rocker, not to mention an a**hole. Do us all a favor and get lost on a deserted island somewhere and get mauled by a pack of rabid bats…


      what a hater you are…why bother to comment…

  • besu

    NOT michael.sony must think we are fools.They hired jason malachi to sing on the track.Guess what?Jason malachi closed his youtube account today so most people wont be able to compare the lead vocals on the track to malachi’s.

    • psychoanalyzer

      thats def suspect

    • Blake

      Yes, that is suspect. I don’t think Michael is the type to sing about his own demise. “We’ll just record this in case I die”? That’s just silly and not his style. It would be easy to import cuts from other tracks to finish it up. If it isn’t him, this is going to cause a huge backlash at his estate.

  • Matthew M. F. Miller

    Justin Timberlake should be commended for his nearly spot-on MJ impersonation.

  • Robert

    So many thoughts- 1) Regardless if it’s MJ or not it takes us to that special place we have in our hearts for Michael (those of us who love him) 2. They add vocals to posthumous recordings all the time,they did it with Aaliyah. 3. This new album and music is for THE FANS. If you didn’t like Michael before you aren’t going to like him now, so let us FANS enjoy it!!

  • Chris

    Much as i hate to say this, but i have to. That voice does not sound like Michael, maybe the he-he do but the singing No. thats a person that is trying to sound like Michael. i would like to hear one or more songs to on the new album to investigate because i know the King Of Pop’s voice. Im starting to think if it is him but dont sound like thats probably why he didnt want this material released when he was alive he probably thought it didnt sound good or like him, but that dont make sense either becuase he would have thrown them out, so its reason why he kept this and i will never know in this life time. only if i could have asked him but may he RIP Michael

  • Nick

    Great song!

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