CMA Awards: Best and worst of the broadcast

cma-lambert-nettlesImage Credit: Katherine Bomboy/ABCThe real winners were announced last night at the 44th Annual Country Music Association Awards. But here are a few more honors from the telecast that you should feel free to weigh in on:

Best Entrance: I’m going to give this to Alan Jackson, who got applause after he walked through a curtain just in time to sing his part on the Zac Brown Band tune “As She’s Walking Away” — even though (or maybe because?) we were all expecting him to walk through the curtain. He looked a bit awkward not holding his guitar, which could be why George Strait had his strapped on for his performance of “The Breath You Take” even though he didn’t actually need it.

Worst Entrance: I love Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles, but the optical-illusion tutu and music-box figure motions during their performance of “Stuck Like Glue” came off kinda… well, crazy. The woman is fearless — see those white leggings she was rockin’ when she stepped out from behind said tutu — but every now and then, she needs to be reined in.

Best confused face: The cut to Gwyneth Paltrow, politely clapping after cohost Brad Paisley brought out Little Jimmy Dickens to inform us that Nashville’s new flood warning system is Dickens yelling when the water reaches his neck.

Worst confused face: At the end of Taylor Swift’s mesmerizing piano-set performance of “Back to December” (some gorgeous snow effects, plus a lower setting on the smoke machine than Dierks Bentley and a great shade of red lipstick), she was shown mouthing “What?” before the curtain came down. It ruined the mood, even if it shouldn’t have: Her rep tells EW she was just excited about the standing ovation (so it was a “What?!”).

Best cover: During their opening, Paisley and cohost Carrie Underwood rewrote the lyrics to The Beverly Hillbillies theme song to reflect the events of 2010. Of course, they kept the line about bubblin’ crude (oil, that is). “Thanks, BP,” Underwood said. “You’re welcome,” Paisley answered. (Honorable mention: Paisley’s brief excerpts of “Paparazzi” and “Alejandro” when telling Lady Gaga they are his favorite band. He was looking at Lady Antebellum.)

Worst cover: Reba McEntire still has attitude, this no one can deny. But I’m not feeling her take on Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy.” They lyrics are just too young for her, and when it comes to the chorus, I want someone to belt it. I kept wishing it was Underwood or Kelly Clarkson singing it. I didn’t think it deserved a standing ovation. Then again, I also didn’t think Gwyneth Paltrow deserved one for performing the title song of her upcoming movie “Country Song” with background vocalist Vince Gill competently. Being competent isn’t extraordinary, and she’s brave, yes, but she’s bravely promoting a film.

Best way to prove country stars are just like us and not “Hollywood”: You let Blake Shelton perform “All About Tonight” in the middle of the audience. (Though next time, stop the douche in the crowd behind him from doing a Gator chomp.)

Worst way to prove country stars are just like us and not “Hollywood”: ABC could’ve exploited Nicole Kidman (wife of Keith Urban) and Katherine Heigl (wife of Josh Kelley, brother of Lady A’s Charles Kelley) more than they did, so we’ll go with Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox wearing what looked to be a diamond-banded watch with his cowboy boots for their performance of “Why Wait.”

Best surprise: Loretta Lynn came out to join Miranda Lambert and Sheryl Crow as they sang “Coal Miner’s Daughter” to honor her 50 years in the business.

Worst surprise: It’s a tie between the director not showing Carrie Underwood trying to exit the stage in the dramatically large gown she chose to wear for her performance of “Mama’s Song” (I wanted to see that), and The Band Perry not getting to perform all of “If I Die Young.” (That song is always on the radio, and yet, I’ll still happily listen to it.)

Best use of fringe: Easy, it’s the layer over the bottom of Miranda Lambert’s dress when she performed “That’s the Way the World goes ‘Round.” (Watch.) It looked cool when she spun.

Worst use of fringe: Kid Rock’s jacket during his performance of “Born Free.” There should be a maximum length on fringe.

Best sleeves: To perform “Hello World,” Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott wore a brown leather jacket with forearm zippers that when open, fanned out to reveal sequined material underneath. Sparkly for the stage, but still something you could wear on the street — well done.

Worst sleeves: Kelly Clarkson joined Jason Aldean to sing their power-ballad duet “Don’t You Want to Stay” off of his new album. She sounded amazing (watch), but her sheer black Stevie Nicks sleeves were so long that one actually got caught on her mic while she was singing. I want to focus on her voice, not her fashion, honest. But she makes it difficult.

Best reasons to have Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood return as cohosts (again): The man loves a dirty joke. He said after the kind of night Miranda Lambert (four wins) and fiancé Blake Shelton (two wins) were having, we should expect a baby in nine months. He and Underwood sang a ditty about 2010 being the year of infidelity that had a hook about Tiger catching some tail. After he and Underwood joked about the small size of Lambert’s diamond, and Underwood clarified that she’d actually been sent a picture of it after the proposal and it was big, beautiful, and perfect, he added, “That’s what she said.” Also, we’d be fine watching Paisley and pal Keith Urban open every country music awards ceremony playing guitar on a Carrie Underwood song.

Worst reasons to have Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood return as cohosts (again): He’s so nice, he won’t mind if you try playing him off during his emotional Entertainer of the Year acceptance speech. Not all of her costume changes are hits (see: that yellow dress).

Your turn.

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  • jeff

    I actually liked the majority of the performances. Way to go country!!
    I thought Kelly Clarkson was the best vocalist of the night. I think she was wearing that jacket thing to cover up her tattoos, the ones on her wrists, back and neck. Some country fans don’t like tats that’s why most country artists cover them up.

    • reason

      Agreed, Clarkson is amazing! I was really disappointed in Reba as well, she just looked like such a poser singing that song! It is fun when artists cover other artists in concerts, but on an awards show? and is Reba passing this off as a single?

      • R

        Actually she did cover it on her new cd. So I’m thinking that it will be her next single… Just FYI…

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    • James

      Agreed- actually a really good show. I’ve got to give it to Gwyneth Paltrow- she was actually pretty good, and it wasn’t a Hollywood version of a country song. It sounded country.
      Worst of the night, obviously: Reba, Sugarland, Kid Rock, and Taylor Swift (I would have purchased all of Kanye’s albums if he came out and told her to “Stop it, just stop it right now”).

      • laura

        Taylor Swift (I would have purchased all of Kanye’s albums if he came out and told her to “Stop it, just stop it right now”).
        Best thing I have ever read !!! LOL

      • Callie

        Thank you, James. I don’t get the Taylor Swift phenomenon.

      • dianne

        I was just thrilled Ms. Taylor didn’t win anything – the girl cannot sing! I just don’t understand the interest in her.

      • Marlene

        Taylor is a good songwriter but her voice (although better than it used to be if that is saying anything) is terrible. I guess the little girls at her concerts are screaming so loud they don’t hear how offkey she actually is. But she is laughing all the way to the bank!

      • Sophia

        Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for making the comments about Taylor Swift!! Everyone I know “just loves her”-puke!! She is always off key, her songs all sound alike and are stupid. I really don’t give a fat rat’s patoutie how many guys she has dated, duped and dumped! Take your money and run-WE’RE ON TO YOU!!!

      • Annia

        You’re making giggle…

      • G-Mom

        I don’t get it either!! I kept thinking, “doesn’t everyone hear what I hear???” AWFUL!! I’m sure she’s a sweet girl, but she can’t sing!!! I just don’t get it!!

      • Rachel

        Taylor Swift is not a super talented singer. Plain and simple. However, she is an extremely talented songwriter and that’s why people like her. Taylor writes sweet, wholesome, and poetic songs which is refreshing in this day and age. I think ‘Back to December’ is a beautifully written song, and that it was one of her best performances. Now, leave her alone. There are far worse in this industry than Taylor Swift.

      • Heather

        I *totally* agree about taylor swift! Yes, she is a great songwriter. But just because you can WRITE good songs doesnt mean that you should be the one to SING them. I LOVED when Little Big Town sang You Belong With Me. I was like “Now THIS I could listen to.” She should write for other artists. She could still make a living without TORTURING us with her voice! :)

      • Fred

        Taylor was unbelievable. Her album just came out for the haters, here is how she is doing:

        “Taylor Swift set a record with the release of “Speak Now” – the greatest percent of all album sales in the week of release. At 18 percent of all sales – Swift sold 1,047,000 units – she beat N Sync’s “No Strings Attached,” which sold a record 2.4 million units in March 2000, good for 15.3 percent.”

        So all there is to say,hahahahahahahahhaaha!!!!!!!

      • Fred

        Oh you want more stats, take a peak where Paisley debuted this week, Taylor sold over a mill units, Brad 109k-hahahhaha:

        Swift’s “Speak Now” topped the chart for the second straight week, selling 320,000 units, down 69 percent from the 1,047,000 sold in the debut week. Aldean debuted in second with “My Kinda Party” and 193,000 units sold. Sugarland’s “The Incredible Machine” was third at 60,000 units sold, down 32 percent.

        The last time this happened was Nov 10, 2007 when Carrie Underwood was first with “Carnival Ride,” Robert Plant and Alison Krauss second with “Raising Sand” and Gary Allan third with “Living Hard.”

        Aldean set a personal record for sales. His last release, “Wide Open” from 2009, started in fourth with 109,000 units sold.

        Brad Paisley debuted in ninth with “Hits Alive,” with 31,000 units sold.

      • Dread

        Are we “haters” because we speak the truth about her weak, limited singing voice? And for goodness sakes, look up JIll Rose who helped Taylor co-write most of these songs.

    • brandy

      Whatever, Kelly looked and sounded awesome. Only reason I even watched the show.

      • G-Mom

        Me, too!! It really made me mad when they didn’t even introduce her!! Kelly is awesome and when she was through (with a standing ovation, no less!!), so was I. Jason said in an interview that when they decided to make the song a duet, Kelly Clarkson was the only one who came to mind. I couldn’t wait to buy the single. Love it!!

    • bruno

      clarkson just ruled. period. girl could sing the phone book and i’d watch.

      • Fred

        aldean was better

    • Allie

      I think she wore the top/jacket to cover the excess weight she’s gained in her arms. It’s a female thing – fat arms suck.

      • sassy

        Kelly has lost weight. Just an FYI. I think she looks great!

      • Susan

        Allie, you are SO right. I am one of the fat-armed females and can vouch they do indeed suck.

      • Tito

        I’m a guy who happens to like fat arms and triple chins.

  • bluebonnetbelle

    I thought Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson’s song was amazing! But what happened to King George during his song? I’ve never seen him anything but flawless. I agree that Reba’s cover was off but Taylor Swift really needs to start lip syncing, it’s becoming embarrassing esp when a smaller “name” group like Little Big Town can come out and nail one of her songs acapellea. I actually thought Gwyneth Paltrow did a great job but I think that is largely to Vince Gill who could sing along with a cat in heat and make it sound good!

    • Callie

      @bluebonnetbelle – “but I think that is largely to Vince Gill who could sing along with a cat in heat and make it sound good!”
      Agree 100%!! He has been my absolute favorite for years and years. Love Vince – gorgeous voice, sweet personality.

    • Sophia


  • john

    cma = country music assassins.

  • Nicole

    Kelly Clarkson was the best performance of the night.I went right to itunes to download that song.Great performance.That girl can sing her but off!

    • Madox

      I agree. That woman can sing like few others. Just love her.

    • R

      I really dont like Jason, but I do have to say that was one of the best songs of the night, and Kelly made it better. I’m def going to go buy that song.

      • sassy

        I bought Jason’s album just because Kelly was on it. I am not really a country music fan, but I thought I would give it a try. It is okay. The best song is the one with Kelly.

  • urbangulfguy

    i’m gonna pile on Taylor Swift because I can…her voice was flat for most of the song…but she has millions of dollars so at this point, no one close to her is going to tell her differently…

    • kross

      I have never understood why anyone would listen to Taylor Swift sing. It’s actually not even’s just talking thru a song. Only a 9 year old little girl could appreciate that…ugh

      • Molly

        So I’m nine apparently?

      • Kathi

        I agree for the most part, I think she writes well, but I don’t believe I have seen a performance that blew me away.

      • Chris P.

        @Molly If you like Taylor Swift then you have the emotional maturity of a 9 year old.

    • Molly

      Disagree. She sounded beautiful. Live always sound different than canned recordings. Besides, maybe she was nervous. That can affect a performance.

      • laura

        Live always sound different than canned recordings.
        Really? did you see Blake Shelton? Did you see Sugarland? Did you see Zac Brown Band? … ahh I do believe they were singing LIVE! and sounded Amazing!! Sooo what was Swift excuse? oh yeah ‘ she must have been nervous’ ahh huh

      • tuss

        I agree with Laura. Did you hear Kelly Clarkson? She sounded the same as the studio recording.

      • Trinity

        Taylor actually sounded better than the last time I saw her sing live on a show. She writes so well but sings so bleh…I was embarrassed for Reba. She looks so serious singing the song but it was not a song for her…and Sugarland HOLY COW – that woman is a train wreck. Zac Brown, Lady A, Blake Shelton all sound fantastic. I was thrilled to see Kelly Clarkson’s duet with Jason Aldean. Her voice is amazing and that boy is HOT.

      • aj

        This “she was nervous” excuse is getting a little old!

      • Dee

        If you think “live” always sounds different than the recorded version you don’t follow Clarkson. Actually, she sounds better live. Taylor Swift is famous because there mounds of teens out there that love the stuff that she writes. They don’t care if she can’t sing.

      • Charlotte

        Nerves have nothing to do with it.The girl is not a good enough singer to perform live.It has been 5 years since she came onto the scene of country music and she still sings off key and out of tune.Nerves is not the problem,she just flat out can not sing.

      • alyson

        I’m embarassed FOR anyone at EW.COM who approved of writing the mord “mesmorizing” before Taylor Swift’s performance in this article. Without question the best 2 vocal performances of the night were Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, BOTH of whom sound significantly better LIVE than they do on any album. And they do it every single time. Not to mention the million times they had to go out and sing live for America’s vote on Idol. So forgive me if I’m not buying the “nervous” or “sick” routine from Taylor fans anymore. And honestly. I’m convinced the “What?” that came from Swifty following her performance was due to the fact that when she looked out into the audience she witnessed thousands of people taking ear plugs out at the same time. The girl cannot sing. This isn’t rocket science people.

      • Fred

        Taylor was the best of the night, followed by

        Zac Brown/Jackson

        Taylor rocks!

      • James

        I love the song, but I think the Jason and Kelly lip synced. I can sing the video and album version and it is all perfect, too perfect. I have been around music and bands all my life and I have never seen a live version played perfect to the studio version, timing, sound and all.

    • cg

      Yeah Taylor may not be the best vocalist but that is the best I’ve heard her. Stop bashing her people and move on. People like her because they can relate to her music & she writes catchy songs. Also she is a great role model for young girls. Go Taylor ftw!

      • Kathi

        Taylor is a GREAT role model, to tats, no alcohol, just fun, goofy at times and happy to be living her dream.

      • Sophia

        Role model? Seriously? Do you want your child(that’s what she is) “being with” as many men as she has and then dumps them?

      • j

        At least you know Taylor Swift is really singing and not lip syncing! Got to give her credit for that!

      • Kathi

        Yes, I do think that Taylor is an excellent role model, people date, just because you date someone doesn’t mean you slept with them, she doesn’t put herself out there is a sluty way.

      • Kathi

        Sophia, I can honestly say that I have never paid attention to the opening of her legs, I do feel that she is an excellent role model in the fact that she saw her dream and made it happen, I might not particularly like her style of singing but she is an excellent poet and I feel that compared to others her age in her position, she holds her own, respectively.

      • kcfan

        She is a role model. Even though she has dated a few men she no tramp. But you don’t see her on the cover of magazine’s getting a dwi, caught with drusgs or pot. She has stayed humlble and is a great person. You must have no idea who Taylor is, Taylor hater.

      • Dee

        How can Taylor be a great role model for young girls? How many guys, some of whom were waaaay too old for her, has she dated since she’s been in the spotlight?

      • Fred

        AGREED!!!!! Go Taylor! Name another postive role models for girls, good luck!!!!

    • Jennifer

      Taylor Swift is awful. Curse you country music and pre-teens! Because of you we have to see her everywhere. Hopefully, she will keep writing songs about scorned lovers and people will finally get tired of it. She seems so bitter for such a young woman.

      • cg

        She is not awful. She better than some singers out there *cough, cough Kesha*

      • Alia

        I’ve never gotten “bitter” from her. And while I’ll grant that she’s not a great singer — the timber of her voice is nice, but her range is miniscule, which means she ends up flat pretty frequently — she’s a talented and VERY prolific songwriter. Phenomenal for someone so young. “Back to December” is gorgeous, and I thought this was one of her better performances. I hope she does keep writing.

      • alex

        I’m with Alia. No, she’s not the strongest singer but man can that girl write a song. There are absolutely better vocalists but remember Kelly Clarkson (who is amazing) and many others have most of their songs written for them. You have to respect Taylor’s writing. Also.. the hating is a little sad, folks. If you don’t like her, that’s fine.. go listen to something you do like.

      • Sophia

        What she does privately is her own business but, let’s not force her to become our choldren’s role models. Our role models should be our parents, etc. People we spend the majority of their time with… People who teach us about values, life, etc. Her songs are so, so, so long!! And frankly, when she wears those short dresses on stage and takes that open legged stance,it is downright unconfortable to watch.. Maybe I’m just old!!!

      • Dee

        Ummmm, Kelly Clarkson does not have most of her songs written for her. She is a gifted songwriter and has won awards. You would be surprised at how many of her hits she wrote…….look at the credits.

      • Charlotte

        cg,Kesha is not country and Taylor is suppose to be country so she claims.My point is she is not good at singing country music.If you are comparing her to Kesha then she needs to be in pop music.

  • Noella

    Carrie Underwood’s gown and dresses were stunning! My favorite country singer of all times.

    • rmr

      She seems to replace Loretta Lynn with wearing those old fashion gowns.

      • Sophia

        Are you blind? With the exception of the yellow belted sack dress, all of her dresses were beautiful! Loretta Lynn is allowed ’cause she’s Loretta Lynn!!

    • Yikes!

      Will Carrie’s handlers please tell her to gain some weight. Just five pounds. Too skinny.

      • sassy

        Carrie Underwood is so overrated. I cannot stand her voice, and when she dances on stage it is embarrassing. She has gotten so fake, plastic, and phony. Blah!!!

      • Charlotte

        Sassy,I do not know what you have been listening to or watching.Carrie is an awesome singer and she is a great entertainer.She will be the 1st to tell you that she is still in the learning stage,even after 5 years.But she is and always will be an awesome singer and performer.

      • alyson

        Sassy has evidently NOT been listening to, or watching anything done by Carrie. Her voice is amazing and she’s fun to watch. She must be too busy watching Taylor to notice real talent when she sees it. Just sayin.

  • The Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    Isn’t this like the 4th CMA this year?

    • Ems

      There’s the CMT (country music television), CMA (country music association), and ACM (academy of country music).

      Not to mention the Grammys, AMA’s, Billboard etc…

      • WTF?

        And they’re adding another country awards ceremony next month on Fox. It’s called the American Country Awards, and it’s fan-voted. A bit exasperating, but you can’t deny that country music is soaring right now, so I see why they’re doing it. Unfortunately, this means more Taylor Swift on the horizon, ugh!

  • JR Jake

    She has a nice shower and cooking breakfast type voice. See it’s not hard playing Simon. And you can say it without hurting someone’s feelings.

    The only problem with her performance, she looked like a butterfly with her eyelids futtering and flittering like she wanted to take off.

  • doesit matter

    Spell check!

  • Jaime


    Man that women can freaking sing ANYTHING!!!

    Downloaded the duet single & love it!!! I can care less how she dresses cus it all about her voice and she trumps them all (even Carrie).

    • Adam

      I have no problem with your first few sentences, but why adding trump them all?? You are just making problem for yourself!

      • sassy

        I agree with Jaime. KELLY CLARKSON TRUMPS THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

    • sassy

      You got that right Jaime! Nobody can sing like Kelly Clarkson. Carrie Underwood is overrated!!!

      • Charlotte

        Sassy,it is very obvious you do not care for Carrie.Thats ok everyone has their own opinion.But to claim that Carrie is overrated is a bias opinion of yours.Ever heard Carrie sing “How Great Thou Art” or “Stand By Your Man” or any of her #1 hits the past 5 years.Maybe u need to listen to all 3 of her albums and go back and listen to other songs that she sings from other music genres and u will see why she is concidered one of the greatest singers of country music.

    • Iris

      Did anyone notice that Carrie only introduced Jason and DID NOT mention Kelly? Was it just an oops, an error on the teleprompter – or was it a dis? I have never seen her interact with Kelly – and Kelly is just so cool and likable as well as probably the best vocalist out there (except for maybe Sarah McLachlan).

      • John M.

        It was meant to be a surprise to those who were unaware of Clarkson dueting on that song. I knew about it ahead of time.

      • Kylie

        Jeff Gordon missed his prompt. Carrie nudged him but then the music started and he missed it.

      • Charlotte

        Iris,I guess u had not heard that Jason was going to sing with Kelly.I had it before the show.Also I had heard that it was suppose to be a surprise during the show and yes Jeff Gordon did mess up his lines.I really think u may be trying to stir trouble where there is none.

      • alyson

        Iris- please regrain from stirring non-existant drama here. Carrie said something nice about both Jason and Kelly and then said Ladies and Gentleman Jason Aldean as a dumbstruck Jeff Gordon just stood there. Carrie nudged him and told him to look at the monitor and the music started. End of story.

  • ZEEN


    • The Bob Loblaw Law Blog


      • Jennifer

        You mean CLIQUE.

    • Sophia

      Because the people that are there are not “one hit wonders” but hard-working performers…

    • Carolina Girl

      Not true or we would have seen Tim McGraw sing, Faith Hill sing,Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks,Clint Black, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Alabama,Ernest Tubb…it is constantly changing, and there are bunches I miss.

  • Atlanta Bill

    Zac Brown Band…both of their albums are like greatest hits albums…these guys are amazing.

    • Sadie

      ADORE them! They are such great performers.

    • Sophia

      Absolutely pure voice and I love that he is not afraid to “sound” sweet and tender. Love him and the group!!

    • John M.

      But they were up for the Horizon Award last year, too. That’s unfair. The band has been around for 2 years I think.

  • shugga

    whats up with George Strait & why do people like this guy ??? Reba singing Be’yonce….REALLY ??? She is AWFUL !!!!

    • amanda

      yeah. she’s old and gross

      • Kathi

        Have to disagree, Reba is a classic country artist, I didn’t care for her song choice, but I don’t believe there is anything “awful” about her.

      • dj

        I agree with you Kathi. I wasn’t excited about Reba’s song choice, but she is a class act through and through.

      • Sophia

        You are obviously a country music novice… Go back 20 years (were you alive then?) and listen to the evolution of her music. Amazing! She has been through a terrible tragedy and came back to sing again. She is a survivor and a wonderful mentor. Did you notice how many people thanked her???

      • sassy

        Reba is the queen of country music. Show some respect.

    • R

      You have a right to your opinion and so do I. Obviously your one of the new country fans who only like the pop sh*t that’s now all over country music. George, Alan and Reba are the last of a dieing breed, but they are the only ones that know what real country is anymore. The new guys have plenty to learn from these living legends. And so do you.

      • Callie

        You forgot Vince.

      • Alia

        Music evolves, R. There’s room out there for all of it.

      • Wendy

        Well said!!!

      • Wendy

        Well said to R, that is. And Callie.

      • Halle

        There’s room enough for all of it, but not all of it in “country” music. If anything can be country, then what is country? And how can you have an awards show?

      • Lynn

        The newbies could definitely learn something from George, Alan and REBA. They are awesome and no matter what Reba or any of the ones mentioned sing, whether anyone likes it or not…they deserve standing ovations. They have earned it. Reba by far is one of the best female country singers along with Patsy, Dolly and Loretta.

    • mujer

      For me google the movie “Pure Country” I don’t remember much about the movie but I remember Geoge Strait without his shirt on ;)

      • Kathi

        I remember that little pony tail, glad he cut it off!

      • sassy

        I loved the ponytail. He was so hot in that movie.

    • John M.

      Strait has the most number 1 hits in country history. His heyday was years ago, though. He’s still a very relevant artist, but now only appeals mostly to an older fanbase. One problem I have with him is that he doesn’t seem to care much about Nashville, despite how much his fans adored him and made him rich. He’s a little too Western & square for my taste, also. For the exception of his daughter being killed in an auto accident years ago, George Strait, unlike most country artists, has had a very perfect life, too. But I respect him.

      • john

        nashville = ca$hville…and i don’t mean johnny.

  • mike

    Taylor Swift is not very good on live tv. she cannot sing.Miranda is good but did not like her new song. carrie Underwood,Lady Antebelum, sugarland are awesome

    • JW

      I was there. Taylor did not get a standing ovation and she sounded horrible live as always. I won’t get started on how sad it is there are so many tone-deafed people in the world.
      The rest of the show was perfect. Gwyneth was great although she looked like she could throw up all night. I don’t blame her that took guts. Blake, Miranda, Lady A., and Brad were all perfect wins by people who love and respect country music. Coal Miner’s Daughter was genius…best part of the night.

      • Jennifer

        You are such a liar. I was there and she DID in fact get a standing ovation. Pretty much everyone who performed got one. Everyone around me loved the performance. So please STFU and go back to being a loser who hates for no reason. Hate liars.

      • cindo

        Blake and a few others were dubbed, sure they sound great. Those that followed the commercials were live. They all can not possibly perform live. Taylor needs to be taped but give a thumbs up for trying and otherwise did well.

  • yournightmare

    taylor was the best and had the best song.

    • Molly

      Agreed. My jaw dropped when the first stance of Back to December started. Beautiful.

    • Adam

      best song? duh!!
      best artist of the night? LOL!

    • Adam

      If that was her first good performance in her career, i think REBA may have billions already.

    • dianne

      really??? Are you 13?

      • Harley

        You’re pathetic. You think only teens like her music. Let me guess…because you’re married and you’re too good to listen to songs about true love and blah blah blah. You probably have a really crappy life.

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