Akon vows to never release any more Michael Jackson tracks

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Whether you like it or not, Michael Jackson‘s first of many posthumous albums, Michael, is just weeks away from release. Earlier this week, “Hold My Hand,” produced by and featuring Akon, hit the Net as its official single. Even though he let this track out of his vault, don’t expect Akon to release any more M.J. collabs ever again. As he tells MTV in a recent interview, the only reason “Hold My Hand” is featured on Michael is that it’s actually a finished track.

“‘Hold My Hand’ was one of the records that was actually fully complete,” Akon says. “The rest of the ideas aren’t fully complete. They’re just ideas, concepts, and harmonies which the world will probably never see, because I would never put it out unfinished. So I might just burn it after this interview… We’ve done plenty of records outside of this. But they were just incomplete.” ‘Kon’s sentiment is similar is the Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am, who refuses to release any of the work he and Jackson did during the latter years of his life.

Michael is reportedly mostly comprised of several unfinished and scrapped songs from prior albums. Are you looking forward to the album?

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  • UGH

    I would be twice as happy if he vows to never release any of his own music, too.

    • ailba

      well said !!! so hilarous !!!

    • janice jones

      That is funny as hell. So true, so true.

    • gigi

      Like *gives thumbs up*

  • Bradley

    Hold My Hand seemed pretty unfinished on Michael’s part too. Barely even noticed him in the song.

  • PattyB

    Hold My Hand is more of an Akon track with very little of MU’s vocals, but it does sound like him to me. Breaking News I’m not so sure of. No matter what this is not what MJ would have wanted, he was a perfectionist and he wouldn’t want these songs released. I don’t trust anything Sony does when it comes to MJ.

    • Bonebag

      Cool, Michael didn’t trust Sony Either!

  • Preston

    I am! I’m really looking forward to hearing these songs that didn’t make Michael’s albums. Maybe they just didn’t have the commercial sheen that Michael wanted and he took them off. I like Michael’s Hold My Hand with Akon. I’m sure it’s going to be some dance grooves on here since Michael’s songs were known for rhythms!

  • Brandon

    as a huge MJ fan, I’m naturally really excited about any music from him.. so I’ll be buying the album, no doubt.. but it’s true that MJ was a perfectionist, and i don’t think he’d be really happy with all these unfinished, unreleased songs being released like this.. “Hold My Hand” is a great track, but I do wish it was more MJ-heavy.. he sounds amazing, and I’d be fine with a duet, but after the first verse and chorus, MJ is mostly doing background vocals.. still, a great song and I hope it hits #1 on the charts..

  • Julian

    Thanks to all of the crybabies out there, we might not ever get to hear what could be some of Michael’s greatest unreleased music. I wish people would get over all of the politics, the bickering and the madness and just let the music live.Truth be told, we don’t need anything from Akon or Will.I.Am. Michael had over 100 completed songs in the vault, left over from the Thriller sessions, Off The Wall, Invincible and other recording sessions, that were not included on the albums. They can just release those and get on with it.I’m just down for hearing anything new from Michael. Period.

    • LibelFreeZone

      Preach it, Julian! I’ll take anything with even a fraction of Michael Jackson on it. Crybabies, indeed. They’ll ruin it for the rest of us if they don’t just shut up!

    • Carol Conner

      I totally agree with you! Totally!

    • Sweety

      I completely agree with you. People need to stop all of their complaining. If it is genuine Michael music. I want to hear it.

  • Phil

    I’m just going to throw this out there, since many have commented on MJ being a perfectionist. Prince is a perfectionist too, and well…y’all have heard what his last couple albums have since become. I’m NOT starting some kind of argument of Prince Vs. MJ, cause honestly I could care less, but as far as perfectionists in the music industry goes, Prince is definitely one of them, and as I’ve said his last few musical offerings whether the’ve been free (Planet Earth) or what have you (“Musicology” was okay, but was almost a decade ago) his sound has changed since his hey day in both the 80’s (“Purple Rain”) & 90’s (“Diamonds & Pearls”) so who knows exactly what a modern day MJ record would sound like, especially now that he’s gone.
    I think Akon & Will.i.Am are making their statements since they only had the BEATS for the records with MJ and not the vocals, they’re locked up tight in some password protected vault that his kids may get the passcode to when they become adults or something. So while it seems noble they won’t release unfinished music, I don’t even think they have the tracks to tinker with to finish em.

  • Angela Estrada

    Completely agree with you brandon.
    I am also a big michael jackson fan. I dont think Akon should BURN it either though :/ its like throwing away the bible, lol yea i know a little exagerated, but its not right to burn it either. He should just keep it to himself.

  • MJ

    Akon don’t get emotionally affected by all the internet rumors and different individuals’ opinions. MJ is too big, everyone wants to express their opinion to get publicity. “Hold My Hand” is a great song, and it is even better now with MJ’s voice in it.

  • chip

    Good for you Akon. Respect the man. Sony is trying to make Michael worth more dead than alive. Alive he wouldn’t bend to them.Give the tracks to the kids when they become adults to do what they will with their father’s music. Even without anymore Sony productions the kids will be good for life and that’s what we all need to be concerned about and not Sony’s profits.

  • Tanya

    There is some value to the unfinished tracks of MJ in that they give insights into the process of making a song…I think it would be better to donate unfinished tracks like these to an archive or library where they can be stored and used by music researcher. Tracks of MJs rehearsals on YouTube and This Is It are invaluable to musicians,musicologists and anyone else with an interest in how those songs were made. To destroy unfinished tracks would be a true deprivation. Commercial value should not determine the ultimate value of an artists work.

    • CK

      Very well said. My interest in MJ’s unfinished work would lie in getting even a small glimpse at his process – that would truly be fascinating and inspiring. Barring that, release them and donate 100% of sales to charity. It doesn’t only have to be the execs that benefit from his legacy.

  • G

    Now look what you all have done lol. Okay fine don’t release it but don’t burn it either I don’t know it just seems wrong.

  • Arlis1

    I honestly don’t think akon should burn the recordings or anything. I mean its bad enough he’s not goin 2 release it.
    I mean MJ was all bout releasing complete songs and I understand that but don’t burn
    At least put it somewhere safe and remember the memories with MJ through those records

    • dwaib

      nobody cares for your opinion. jeez shut up you hoe

  • Maria

    I like many others here am also a big MJ fan and I think releasing the “Michael” album is just a huge Catch 22. We want to hear the music, but at the same time, we don’t want people taking advantage of Michael. I can’t help but feel bad for giving Sony my money if it’s going against what MJ would have wanted. What to do, what to do?!

    • psychoanalyzer

      Well, I felt the same way you do, but after listening to both Breaking News and Hold My Hand, I’ve decided I’ll probably pass on the album. I actually liked Hold My Hand too, but as a whole, it just doesn’t feel right. And Breaking News, catchy as it was, just felt so wrong. The man gave me such amazing music when he was alive. I don’t need anything more from him now that he’s gone. He just needs his name to be left alone in peace, for his children’s sake.

  • Cathy

    Please. I agree with the person who said we don’t need any duets with Akon or Will i am of anyone else. Michael left plenty of solo singles that didn’t make it onto his previous albums – from Thriller to Invincible. Quincy Jones even stated it was not because these songs weren’t great – it was just because they were not AS great as the songs that were ultimately chosen. Why not release those if you’re going to release anything? Forget about these folks who’ve just become “famous” in the last 10 years. Their standard of music doesn’t come close to the one Michael grew up with and upheld. In other words, Michael’s WORST would be equivalent to their BEST. As long as it’s Michael voice, I’ll check it out any day of the week. The music and the legacy deserves to live.

    • Scarlett

      Amen, Cathy.

    • Yating

      I’m in total agreement with Cathy. What can we (the fans) do to make MJs unreleased songs released? Who is in possession of those songs? Some unreleased songs like street walker, for all times, fly away etc are all great songs ( as great as any other songs from MJ). why is someone even trying to make up some fake MJ songs like those in the new album Michael?

    • sherry rose

      well said cathy…

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