AMAs: Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block knock our socks off

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To quote Usher: Oh. My. God. The American Music Awards got a blast from boy band past tonight when the Backstreet Boys took the stage with New Kids on the Block, forming one powerful, parenthetical song title-loving group called NKOTBSB. (The two groups are slated to tour together next summer. Squee!) They sang some of their greatest hits during the well-choreographed performance: Backstreet’s “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” “I Want It That Way,” and “Larger Than Life,” and New Kids’ “Step By Step,” and “You Got It (The Right Stuff.)” The two groups clearly rehearsed more than any other artist who took the stage tonight, and the audience, in turn, loved it. Anyone old enough to be a child/teen/music lover of the 1990s could be seen mouthing along to most of the lyrics. (Watch the performance after the jump.)

‘Fess up: Who’s ready to buy tour tickets?

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  • realmms

    Already got them, first night of the tour…june 8th T.O. hahahaha

    • Cyn22

      Soo excited to see them on Jun 8 in T.O….

      • Ummm…

        So is NKOTBSB New Kids On The Backstreet Boys..?


      • hm

        I would say “new kids on the blockstreet boys” :D

      • tyuiop

        Do people still watch this “show”? That’s so sad…

    • Cher

      Looks like these washed up guys were trying to copy Justin Bieber, can we say FAIL?

      • Brit

        They were the originals sweetheart…Bieber and every other teeny-bopper is trying to emulate them.

      • Brooke

        I suppose you’d accuse David Bowie of being washed up and trying to copy Lady Gaga, too?

      • Ashlie

        @Brit Agreed.

      • Mel

        Um….they can sing. Bieber cannot.

      • OUBad

        Washed up? Really? Cuz last time I checked, their reunion tour outsold any other of its kind. And considering the NKOTBSB tour is almost entirely sold out, it would seem there are a LOT of people who disagree with you.

        BTW, NKOTB set the groundwork so people like Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber had a chance at success.

      • Lori

        No. We Can’t.

      • Cher

        No honey get your facts straight. It is fairly easy to saleout small and “intimate” venues. Bieber sales out stadiums of around lets say 20,000 fans each. He did have the best selling tour of the year. I believe there is a reason why he won artist of the year and these washed up hacks haven’t. If I could turn back time, I’d have protested all the garbage you people call music these guys have ever made.

      • Megi

        they are amazing!!!!!

        PS Cher – you are “wasting” too much time on something you dont like, dont you think? Why dont you just admit that you are one of their biggest fans! :P

      • Kelly

        So you consider places like the Izod Center, the Staples Center, and the Nassau Coliseum to be “initimate.” Hm.

      • lori

        You don’t know what your talking about

      • Sherri

        Oh Cher my dear, You opinion soon will become very much the minority

      • Vickie

        Uh people I’m pretty sure Cher was making a joke. I thought it was hilarious.

      • JamieAbigail

        BAHAHA! “Trying to copy Justin Beiber”?? That is the most hilarious thing I have heard all day! The Backstreet Boys and NKOTB have been doing this since long before Justin Beiber was born!

        In the U.S, the Backstreet Boys’ first album went 14x platinum in 1997, Justin Beiber’s first album was only 2x platinum…you do the math.

        You must be around 14 years old and aren’t old enough to understand what the Backstreet Boys are.

        Don’t hate, appreciate :)

      • Kinna

        @JamieAbigail I soooo agree with you :p … not that I don’t like Bieber but BSB and nkotb have been around quite a bit …

      • PN

        They were the Justin Biebers of their time with the screams and squeals of fans and they’re still tearing it up! Justin went backstage when they came on–he missed out on a very exciting performance–he needed to see it if he wants to maintain his own fan base 10 to 20 years from now!

    • Cher

      Yeah look at the old fat washed up guys trying to be cool!! YEAHH!!! Can’t believe no hips were broken in this preformance. Sometimes you just gotta give it up. Embarrassing to be them indeed.

      • Jedidjah

        If they are so bad, why are they still here performing at the AMA’s after all these years????

      • Jenn

        Today’s music is pretty much crap compared to what was around in the 80’s and 90’s! NKOTB & BSB were and are true talents! They paved the way for the “Biebers” of today. I honestly don’t understand what people see in JB! Oh well, I guess to each its own.

      • Leena

        Cher: When Bieber sells a million albums in its first week (TWICE) like BSB did, then continue speaking. Until then, head on over to a Teen Choice message board.

      • Mary

        What NKOTB and BSB proved last night is that their music is timeless. People can still dance and sing along to their songs, and be entertained. In 10 years, let’s see if we can say the same about lame Justin Bieber.

      • Tonya

        Don’t feed the trolls!

      • Francis R.

        Cher, NKOTBSB arent here for the little girls. And us ladies arent going to be ogling over some little boy, like JB. I think JB is great for little girls like yourself. I remember when NKOTB & BSB just started out all their fans were a bunch of kids like they were too. But they’ve grown up and so has their music and their fans. Music isnt just for children, its for everyone. Should JB retire when he gets in his mid 30’s? If you beleive that he should, then you’re not a true fan. We live in a world with a variety of music. So many styles for different cultures and people of all ages with different taste. If music ONLY consisted of JB, the world would be so plain & boring. I, myself enjoy a variety of music. I love finding music that Ive never heard before. Its like experiencing something new for the first time. You might like it, you might not and thats fine. No one else has to enjoy something the way I do or the way you do. But if you’re only listening to JB, then you’re missing out on lots of great music.

      • BJ

        why I got the feeling that having hmmmm.. ohh yeaaa.. over 100 million CDs sold all over the world is wayyyy far from being washed up?!!
        Cher honey you’re talking about the best selling band ever, believe me your opinion won’t count
        and if you are serious about music, then listen to their songs an then judge..

    • Sharlin

      I am very HAPPILY NOT GOING. *NSYNC fan for life.

  • Rebecca

    This was BY FAR the best performance of the night… I’m buying tickets to see them next summer for sure! :-)


    LOVED IT! Can’t wait for the tour next summer!

  • Melissa

    Wow. what amazing performers. they killed everybody.

  • Ugly Jenny

    To all the other performers out there, this is how it’s done. Live singing, no auto-tune or crazy gimmicks to cover for lack of talent.
    They just keep getting better! And yes, I will definitely be getting my tickets!

    • BSB Love

      Never has a truer word been said. Aside from NKOTBSB and maybe Bon Jovi, every other vocalist tonight was just not up to the standard that they should be held to. What a fantastic way to end the night!

      • Joe

        True that, when one of the guys spun and knocked one of the mic’s from the singer of NKOTB during his solo and you couldn’t hear him until he repositioned the mic truly showed zero lip sync / background vocals. True performers. Unlike all the other acts who had background vocals (very annoying).

  • I’m12again!

    Already have my ticket! These 9 men just showed every other AMA performer what they were supposed to do on that stage. What an awful show…until the final 7 minutes! So worth the wait!

  • Jess

    Love love love!!!

  • Brooke

    Compared to them, the rest of the performers looked like slackers. I was just disappointed that NKOTB didn’t get to throw in Hangin’ Tough.

    • Melissa

      Hangin Tough WAS in there at the very beginning. “Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance….” That is what started the mashup!

  • Migladys

    amazing…these boys are the true example of real pop music.r they coming to michigan?

    • lu

      OMG i truly hope so! I never miss BSB anytime the come to Michigan…can’t wait

      • Brein Gorny

        OMG, I totally hope they come to Michigan. I never miss BSB, either! This performance was epic! [Lovin’ Brian since 1997!]

      • Ugly Jenny

        Well, you’re in luck. They just added some more tour dates and looks like they’ll be going to Detriot!
        P.S. Sorry but Brian is mine, lol!

  • jessica

    Loved it, loved it, loved it. Glad nobody broke a hip:o). jk. Sadly I they aren’t coming anywhere near Nashville so I won’t get to see them :(

    • maj

      they have a date in Nashville. I was just looking to buy tickets and they aren’t coming to STL, so I was considering a trip to Nashville.

  • Mya

    I thought everybody rocked it hard tonight! But yeah, Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block killed it!!!!!

  • Tina

    Thia was the only performance I watched more than once. I really enjoyed seeing them all together, even with Joey bumping Jordan’s mike. Was I the only one wishing NSYNC would have made a awesomw surprising appearance, creating a boy band trio and making me crazy even though I never owned any of their cds growing up!?

    • Mary

      Eh, I liked NSYNC (only cause of Justin) but not as much as BSB. So, I was fine with just NKOTB and BSB rockin’ it!

    • Elizabeth

      Yes… I don’t miss N*Sync because the best part is out on his own.

    • Sharlin

      That would ruin *NSYNC’s hard won respect. They were always a class above the rest.

  • LoveBug68

    Couldn’t we just have one Music post…or a live chat? How am I supposed to find out what is happening on Glee??

  • nasty

    Garbage, pure garbage

    • Fiza

      Garbage is a an alternative rock band luv. You’re reading the wrong article.

      • Shannon

        Hehe. I really miss them. Especially Shirley. They should start touring again too.
        Not with a boyband, though…

      • gracy


      • gracy

        i just loved this performance
        proud BSB fan

      • gracy

        what a great performance!

      • gracy

        what a grat performance!

      • gracy


  • Sue

    Finally POP music, REAL POP music and not this bull**** music we here on the radio, they were the best and AMERICA HAS WOKEN UP and know that they are STILL around and are preformaning legends see you at STAPLES CENTER NKOTBSB!!!!!

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