Lady Gaga promises 'Born This Way' will be the 'greatest album of this decade'

lady-gagaImage Credit: Janet Mayer/PR PhotosLady Gaga told fans at a concert in Poland on Friday that her upcoming album, Born This Way, is going to be “the greatest album of this decade.” “I don’t know what to say,” she said though tears, as the audience cheered. “Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would do without all of you. You are the most… I just promise that, I don’t even know. I promise you I’ll never let you down. And not for nothing, the album’s finished, and it’s f—ing really good,” she said, smiling. “So whatever this is, whatever you just did, for all of us, I promise to give you the greatest album of this decade, just for you.”

Gaga told the crowd that the album would be “so much deeper than a wig or lipstick or an outfit, or a f—ing meat dress,” and that it will be “about what keeps us up at night and what makes us afraid.”

That’s a pretty tall order, Music Mixers. Do you think Born This Way will live up to it? [via Billboard]

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  • jon

    yeah I’m sure that’s gonna happen. Sorry Gaga I’m sure your album is not going to come even close to album of the decade.

    • G$

      Jon, it sounds like your not a big fan of Lady Gaga. I’m not her biggest fan, but there is no doubt that this woman knows what she is doing, and how to create music. Give her a little respect. Besides, we are one-year into this decade and no one has made a great album as far as I’m concerned, so why can’t it be the best album of the decade (so far).

      • Meso Soup

        LadyGaGa = talentless fodder for the American public.
        She is force fed to the masses and you gobble it up. Real music exists outside of this crap…….

      • Nick

        If LadyGaGa is talentless fodder we need much more artists of her quality then.

      • anya

        I’m sorry, I like her but when she goes ahead and declares her own album “the album of the decade” when it’s only 2010, she just lost some more respect from me.

      • sdyr

        I have to say, “Just Dance” would be one of the best dance pop songs of the decade, and “Bad Romance” might be the best pop single of the decade, so she’s doing alright.

      • zbtrocker

        Check out Alter Bridge III. That album is phenominal.

      • ec

        Anyone who thinks Lady Gaga is a talented singer should really learn what Autotune is.

      • MC

        @ec, why do people say this? have you even seen her perform live? she actually has a pretty good voice and nails her performances live every time, no autotune needed.

      • VegasRage

        Perhaps, but her comments made me presumptuous go gag gag

      • ec

        @MC no I have never seen her perform live and I never will. You know, Autotune is frequently used in live performances and I’m sure Lady Gaga uses it for all her live performances. Sure, there may be a few songs where she doesn’t use it but all of her hit songs use it. Just like most pop stars these days.

      • davey

        For those know-it-alls who say that Gaga cannot sing and uses autotune – just listen to “Speechless” and you’ll change your mind!

      • zach

        talentless? hardly.
        classicly trained pianist and a pretty good singer? yes.
        maybe she just makes the msuic that she likes and doesnt buy into it when people say you have to make music deep and moving for it to be good.

      • tim

        It’s all auto tuned, lowest common denominator crap.

      • William Burnham

        My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is out. Check yourself.

      • Mix Engineer

        @ec You’re ignorant to believe that any music released nowadays isn’t edited in some way. Drums, guitar, bass and vocal tracks are ALL fine tuned to sound perfect on the record. Yes, that even includes any artist’s you happen to like more than gaga. Get over it.

      • zach

        yeah her songs are autotuned… so go listen to the acoustic versions… doesnt anyone know anything about music??

      • Lindsey

        to people who refuse to believe auto-tune could be used live…they sell wireless microphone sets with auto-tune in it. Also, a GOOD sound engineer can make auto-tune blend and make it seem like it’s not there at all. Trust me, I just finished recording myself.

      • Colin Povey

        to Meso Soup: Right, she fools Americans. And she also fools people in the UK, Mexico, canada, Japan, Latin America, Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Thailand. All countries from which she has won awards, and all countries in which she has had hit songs. Keep in mind: 2 albums so far, only 18 total songs, 7 have gone to #1 in one or more countries. No one, not even Elvis or the Beatles, has ever accomplished this. Yes, it is a boastful claim, and I am not fond of boasting, but I would not want to bet against her …

      • roy

        let the people and the industry decide whether its the greatest album of the decade. she should be humble enough. those who aims to be the great will be humbled and those who are humble will be great. she will take her words back but they are already spoken

      • Spud

        @ec If you honestly think she is autotuned, then you are wrong. She has announced many times that when she sings, she sings live. Nothing is autotuned or pre-taped. If you want evidence of this, look for the video of her performing live during the Monster Ball Tour and having her microphone cut out. On stage. In front of thousands of people. Lady Gaga is a phenomenal singer and if “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face” are not your thing, check out some of her other songs like “Speechless” and “You and I.” She is a phenomenal talent and she just happens not to be your cup of tea. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn’t be degrading her just because you don’t like her songs.

      • tanner

        … ahhhhh talking about britney spears… again??!!

      • Jill American

        The decade ends with 2010 (2001 – 2010). The new one starts with 2011 (when the album is due out). There was never a year zero so the first decade started at the year 1.

      • Emilio

        I remember when Michael Jackson said the same thing about HIStory.

      • BretLA

        Don’t confuse Gaga for the pre-fabricated britneys and boybands and repetitive-themed rap that have reduced our music to nothing. Gaga creates her own music, plays her own instruments, and produces the music herself. Go see her show — she actually sounds as good live as she does on her recordings, and she has mastered the art of creating catchy hooks and melodies in a modern twist of the 80’s pop style. Good for her for being confident about her work — more of us should be that proud of what we do on this planet. What were all of us doing at 24 anyway?? I still can’t play jingle bells on a piano and she has produced two exceedingly popular albums and sold out a concert tour that has lasted more than a year world wide. Someone clearly likes her stuff.

      • Mitch

        Anyone who questions her talent, should really watch her live performances. You will then realize your shameful ignorance. She is confident about her work and everyone here has no business in saying anything until we actually hear the album. Get off your conservative horses and open your eyes to a true artist.

      • Kenny

        @ Jill American
        Ahh, you’re referring to the Gregorian Calender. However, in the astronomical year numbering, there is. Besides, we didn’t pop out of our mothers’ stomach as 1 year olds, did we?…just saying…lol

      • Adam

        Lady GaGa certainly has great talent. But I guess you haven’t listened to Kanye West’s new album. THAT is a truly great album.

      • Cathy

        You know, if Miss Gaga didn’t have her SMUTTY music video’s she wouldn’t be so popular! Sex sells…unfortunately.

      • erisian

        I’m not a fan. But I also ain’t gonna rag on anybody that is getting paid more than me for doing what she’s doing.

      • Edujimacated

        Jill is right. You were 1 year old AFTER you lived 365 days. Year 1 was Year 1 on day 1. On day 366 it was year two.

        You had lived a full decade the day you turned 10, not the day you turned 11. Since there was no year zero, 2001-2010 constitute a decade.

        Oh, and we didn’t pop out of our mothers stomachs. I’m sure your mom will explain that to you if you ask.

      • Mike

        Best Album of the decade is going to go out to Eminem – Recovery. It was his best, and it still selling.

      • LM

        lol, this “thread” is funny. Half the people defending Gaga don’t have much of an idea what you can do w/ auto-tune. Someone in here said it perfectly. When used correctly, you can’t even tell it’s done. I’ve record several bands. You can tell she uses it a lot. I’ve noticed most genres using it too much these days. Avg Joe off the street can sing w/ the right producer.

      • sure

        @edujimicated: “Since there was no year zero, 2001-2010 constitute a decade.” Live in the modern world. The nineties are 1990-99, not 1991-2000. Likewise, we’re not quite a year into the 10s. She said this “will be” the best of the decade. Nothing better will come out in the next nine years? Gotta love her narcissism.

      • rkvtech

        No great album this decade? What about Mars Volta’s The Bedlam in Goliath?

      • David

        Respect? Why? The woman is an arrogant, lewd freak who is none too pleasant to look at. I’ll give her credit for success though, sure. Says something about the masses…

      • aidanpk

        @sure: Plenty of people in the modern world utilize correct counting, though you may choose not to. Most kids don’t start with 0 when they count, they start with 1, and our calendars don’t start with January 0, they start with January 1. You are correct, though, about how we refer to decades in lay terms…”80s” or “90s.” However, how you and I, or anyone else, talk in a casual manner does not constitute a complete change to the world’s counting methods, or the correct design of our calendars. An “official” declaration, something like “best of…” is not the same thing as how you talk to your buddies, and in correct terms, the decade starts Jan 1 2011.

      • soxphan

        People will say…. Sergeant Pepper, African Child (er, Born This Way)…. Thats what they’ll say. Infant Sorrow RULES!

      • Mainer

        I’m surprised at how many people don’t understand the concept of a DECADE. We are not in the 2nd year or the 1st year of a decade. We are in the LAST year. I doubt she will be able to top her last album, let alone every other one for the past 10.

      • JT

        We’re actually in the last year of the decade. A decade is ten years, not 9. Year 2011 will start the next decade…so yeah, you’re an idiot.

      • Mainer


        Just because you can’t count, doesn’t mean no one else can. Saying we live in “The modern world” is no excuse. While people use terms like 80s and 90s, the fact remains that 1990 is the last decade of the 80s not the first of the 90s. Should we change how we refer to centuries too because “the modern world” is so dumb? Hopefully you know we are living in the 21st century and not the 20th.

      • Captain Molotov

        No, she doesn’t. A few guys with MIDI keyboards and a team of writers know how to make RADIO FRIENDLY music. There is a very, very big difference.

      • Will

        I’m afriad that completely wrong, have you heard My Chemical Romance’s latest? Its a mastrpeice if ever i’ve heard one.

      • Viviana

        Her music is crap. This year alone i heard three great albums:Mumford and Sons, Brandon Flowers and My Chemical Romance. Those are actual albums compared to that crap she puts out and calls music.

      • u

        Her fans overrate her, so naturally all this hype has gone to her head and she ends up overrating herself as well. There have been quite a few albums this year alone that wipe the floor with anything Gaga could make: The Black Keys’ “Brothers”, Arcade Fire’s “Suburbs”, Janelle Monae’s “The Archandroid”. Oh, and Radiohead still have an album coming out next year, and I’m sure that will blow Gaga’s album out of the water.

      • u

        Oh and I forgot, Kanye West’s “My Beautiful, Twisted, Dark Fantasy”.

        @ BretLA:

        Yeah, she has talent… and that’s about it. There’s NOTHING special or unique about her music. It’s catchy, but it’s not groundbreaking genius or anything. I highly doubt her next album will be the “Pet Sounds” of the 21st century. You guys need to stop exaggerating her greatness and accept it for what it is; simple pop music. Praise her performances all you want, but let’s not go overboard with the praise on her music, any of her pop peers could make those songs.

      • Cxxl

        Oh Gaga, don’t make claims you know you can’t deliver.

      • kls525

        You gotta love the loyalty of a fanboy. Unfortunately, Lady Gagas’ strength is in her marketing, not her voice. She’s as much a trend as the Kardishians, won’t last as long, and sure as hell isn’t as attractive as.

      • Binx

        She can claim the album to be the “album of the decade” if she wants. As an artist myself I would never say my work is so-so. You own your work and claim it is your best, and the best. It takes a lot of effort to get a piece to that point, and when you do you pin it on a wall and claim it as your best. So let the woman be proud.

        You wouldn’t go into a room to pitch an advertising campaign to a client and tell them it’s an ok campaign, you tell them it’s the best campaign and hype it up.

    • Michael

      I am a fan… but that is a steep claim. Something like that shouldn’t be said until after the fact (i.e. ten years later to see if it actually WAS the biggest). Otherwise, it just looks like boasting. And nobody likes a bragger.

      • ddave

        and, nobody seriously likes lady gaga.

      • SaraJ

        ddave you’re an idiot. Tons of people not only like her, but love her.

      • Darryl Jansson

        ddave- if nobody seriously likes Lady Gaga then why is The Fame the current #1 album and greatest gainer on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Album list and has been on the charts for 108 weeks. You may not like her but you are not all that.

      • Emilio

        Yeah, keep it in the quality level: tons of people like Glee, yet…

      • Devin Faraci

        She’s an idiot.

      • j

        the fact that so many people are commenting on this thread means she’s succeeded at what she wanted, which was publicity for her tour and her album. I actually really like her music, but every person who comments on a post about her is partially responsible for adding to her fame (or infamy, whatever you want to call it). I’m ok with it bc I want to hear more from her, but if you want her to stop being successful, not commenting on her is the most logical place to start.

    • Strepsi

      I have to say, “Just Dance” would be one of the best dance pop songs of the decade, and “Bad Romance” might be the best pop single of the decade, so she’s doing alright.

    • SXiPPY

      Sorry, I have to be the grammar nazi here and correct that “though tears” should be actually be “through tears”. Douche alert, and I’m the one setting it off!

      • Pat Shepard

        I should point out you aren’t being a grammar nazi, you’re being either a spelling nazi or a typo nazi.

      • Kenny

        …so that means…Pat Shepard is considered to be a general English writing correction nazi…interesting…

    • dipshat

      Well, considering the decade just began 11 months ago she has an advantage!

    • Person Who Talks

      Alright, Gaga is fairly talented when compared to other artists such as frickin KE$HA, and she writes some decent, catchy dance songs. Thats it!!!! This generation needs to realize that there is more to music than that! Music can move the heart, challenge the mind and truly get the libido going, and so far, mainstream music of this decade has not done that….and yes I am saying that as part of “this” generation!

      • Mkeats

        Lady Gaga is a really good musical artist. If you truly listen to her lyrics you can see that there is meaning in them. The Fame Monster was talking about all the fears about being famous. Speechless is one of my favorite examples, because she wrote it to for her dad (The fear of loosing loved ones). Lady Gaga’s music does have deeper meanings that can challenge the mind, if you are willing to listen.

      • Person Who Talks

        Alright fair enough, I’ll make you a deal: I’ll give Gaga a second chance if you and the millions of close-minded Gaga fans try listening to: Is This It-The Strokes, Let It Be-The Replacements, The Joshua Tree-U2, Rubber Soul-The Beatles, The Meaning of 8-Cloud Cult, Who’s Next-The Who, Hot Fuss-The Killers, London Calling-The Clash, Electric Ladyland-Jimi Hendrix Exp., (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?-Oasis, Merriwether Post Pavillion-Animal Collective, Time Out of Mind-Bob Dylan and all the other great music that my brainwashed generation has been studiously ignoring.

      • Krissy

        Personwhotalks, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can like all of those albums you listed and STILL think Lady Gaga is talented and writes good music. You flatter yourself too much when you pretend that you are the only person who has heard those albums, and if someone likes Gaga then it is because they haven’t heard them. Get over yourself.

      • Ella

        @Krissy: THANK YOU! Couldn’t have said it better.
        “Music can move the heart, challenge the mind and truly get the libido going.” Very nice statement. Don’t you think that’s relative though? Songs from “The Fame Monster” has certainly done all of the above for me.

      • u

        @ Mkeats:

        Gaga’s lyrics have about as much meaning and depth as a Twilight book.

      • Matt

        Why do you have to diss Kesha? At least she’s honest and says she just wants to write music that makes people feel good instead of claiming she’s going to write the “best album of the decade”. Kesha actually delivers on her claims, Gaga-I doubt it.

      • Person Who Talks

        @Matt: Kesha calling her music “feel-good” music perfectly pinpoints the ridiculous selfishness of my generation! Its all about selfish hedonism, theres nothing emotional about it!

      • Person Who Talks

        @Krissy: Have you heard all of the albums I listed?

      • Michael

        I agree with you and I don’t yes I’m a apart of this generation I’m 18 kids today do t understand real music, but what your saying is all she makes is catchy pop music because your completely wrong have you heard anything besides her hits on the radio ? Have you heard her piano ballads lik speechless,brown eyes, you n I ? Or her inspirational songs like hair,bad kids, or born this way her music is so much more web her catchy songs have meaning you just don’t dig deep enough lik lovegame is about choosing between love and fame she is your typical pop star she’s a musician who became a pop star people see wigs and lipstick and shut down are too quick to judge

    • joedon3

      Well, if it’s released January 1st, it will be the best of the decade because it’s the only one of the new decade.

      • Chris

        No, this year is the first year of the 2010s.

      • aidanpk

        No, Chris. Like mentioned before many many times, the decade ends in a 0 ending year. The first year was “1” not “0”. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 is 10 years. The second decade was 11-20. And on and on 21 times to today, when the decade still ends in 2010, much as the millenium ended at the conclusion of 2000 years, on Dec 31 2000, not 1999.

      • Mainer

        Thank you for correcting Chris! Too often ignorance goes on uninformed.

      • Woot

        Noo…. it’s from 2000-2010. The other way doesn’t make sense. The 70’s didn’t last from 1971-1980 did they? Yes, you could argue for both sides, but our culture has adapted to the way i mentioned.

    • Buttercup

      What a rediculous thing for her to say. Im not a fan, I believe she has a few catchy tunes, but nothing that is more the fast food music for the masses.

      • Paul NY

        Obviously poeple like her or she would not be selling so many albums and be more popular than any other artist right now. Get a clue.

      • u

        @ Paul In NY:

        Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are more popular then most artists out right now, and they suck. Don’t make an argument for why an artist is good by using sales figures. They only demonstrate that the artist is popular, it says nothing about their quality. Anything can be popular these days.

    • senseiseth

      @ davey i heard speechless, it wasn’t worth the time, or the memory needed to remember how bad this song is.

    • lagraa

      WWWho aare youuuu? You can’t beef on lady gaga! How can you be human?

    • EDWARD 4EVA!!!!!

      Stop hatin all you stupid people, GAGA is AMAYZING!!!! You know what else is amazing! TWILIGHT!!!! It’s so deep and romantic, they’re totally the greatest books that ever were written in the whole history of the world! Twilight fans is going to live 4eva!!!!

    • bill

      she talks so much she makes my balls hurt

    • Connor

      Big Elephant

      • drfeelgood

        Purple Giraffe

    • Ihatehumanity

      Hey, has it occurred to any of you engaging in the debate that taste in music is SUBJECTIVE, and therefore there is no winning this argument and by fighting with people on a comments section is not going to get any of you anywhere? Can’t you just respect other peoples’ taste in music and leave it at that instead of vigorously insulting people who’ve never done anything to you?
      Carry on.

      • ilovehumanity

        Hey, has it occurred to any of you engaging in the debate that taste in music is VAGINA, and therefore there is no winning this vagina and by fighting with vagina on a comments section is not going to get any of you vagina? Can’t you just respect other peoples’ vagina in penis and leave it at that instead of vagina insulting penis who’ve never done anything to vagina?
        Carry vagina.

    • Bob

      If the person that original wrote her material is gone, what makes you think that she is going to continue to do what she has been able to do? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Just saying!

    • smartass

      Yep just a matter of time before she/he suffocates from her/his enormous ego.

    • Blue Silver

      …. Duran Duran’s new single, “All You Need Is Now”, will be available on I-Tunes Dec. 14th….with the album of the same name available Dec. 21. Let’s spread the good cheer!!!!!

  • Danielle

    OK…at first glance (on the basis of the headline) I thought this was beyond an egotistical thing for GaGa to say. But, after reading the article, I realize she was talking to her fans at a concert!! It’s a tall order, sure, but telling paying concertgoers your next CD will be the “best of the decade” is nothing like making that assertion during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine or Barbara Walters. I think this remark is being blown out of proportion by the media (considering the manner/venue in which it was said).

    • UGH

      I read into this the same way.

    • Joe


    • Vicky


    • anya

      The problem is this is not her first time saying something like this about this album (and about herself for that matter) by any measure. As a fan of hers I’ve been paying attention and she’s been saying things like this a lot lately.

      • John

        Agreed. She’s pretty hyperbolic – saying that no other pop star loves her fans as much as her & how she NEVER EVER lip-synchs. She also claims all her instruments are 100% live, which is just not believable (observe the violinist & the harp player among others).

    • Roski

      I agree, the context is appropriate for the statement she made.

    • long island iced she

      have you heard anything that’s come out in the last decade? its not THAT tall of an order.

    • Eric

      Totally agree. She was pumping up a concert of fans, preaching to a choir. This article was titled very wrong for sensalatism. Spelling nazi please help me….

      • Susan


      • scott1607

        Now you’re just being lazy. Surely you have access to spellcheck or an online dictionary. No need to call in the Nazis…

      • spelling nazi

        THAT WAS TERRIBLE. you go in the oven.

    • C. A.

      I agree with you. I love Gaga, and personaly, I don’t think she was trying to brag about her new record or whatever. She loves her fans alot, and I think she just wants to put out the “best album of the decade” for her fans who love her. And if you read the rest of her article, you realize how much she wants to make the best album she can for them. People need to stop reading into this so much.

  • nodnarb

    I remember when The Killers said the same thing just before their second album came out. It sucked. And sadly, they have never lived up to Hot Fuss. Artists should not believe the hype. A little humility is better for their creative output.

    • kay

      Yes! I love the Killers, but I remember Brandon Flowers saying that and being like you’re kidding right…? I agree with what you said; once you start buying into your own hype it’s all downhill from there.

  • Michael

    I hate to say it, but I really think she’s starting to crack. She’s really starting to lose me!

    • Garry

      She’s little more than an attention whore, whose ambition far exceeds her talents. And she never smiles!

      • Josh

        I think your problem is you can’t see past the costumes. The fact that she is one of the few artists right now who does her own singing without the help of auto-tune puts her far ahead of the pack.

      • ec

        Without the help of Autotune? Have you listened to her singing? Do you even know what Autotune sounds like? Lady Gaga is a prime example of what’s wrong with the music industry and how widespread Autotune has become.

      • aidanpk

        Actually, ec, she doesn’t use autotune. Look it up. And if you don’t trust every music source out there who all have acknowledged she doesn’t use autotune, watch a good old fashioned youtube video of her playing at NYU, where she studied and performed many times without the help of even a backing band.

    • Hookers ‘n’ Hash

      I’m inclined to agree as I thought she was the best thing since assless chaps when she came out, but now I find her and her music juvenile and annoying. I will not contest that she is quite talented with the piano, but lyrically her music is annoying. For example “P-P-P-Pokerface, a M-M-M-Monster, my T-T-T-Telephone, I want your L-L-Love”; it’s redundant and annoying. Thus, if she is really going to make such a claim, if even to her fans; one can only hope that she has written with more maturity than her previous hits. Think more Billy Joel and less Fergie. We already have one person meriting hits off juvenile crap, and her name is Ke$ha. We don’t need 2, so please move past that phase girl.

      • Erica

        F-F-F-F#@$ You.

      • KMO

        Very mature Erica just like your Goo GaGa

      • Krissy

        A talented musician can like playing Billy Joel-style music just as much as they like playing Kesha-style stuff. Just because you have serious musical talent doesn’t mean you don’t like playing FUN music! If you think she should be more like Billy Joel, you really should check Youtube for “You and I”. It is a GREAT song, and kind of Joel-esque.

      • Ella

        @Krissy: Thanks again!
        Um, ‘Hash? Check out “Speechless” from The Fame Monster. From The Fame, check out “Again Again”…

  • KC

    How soon is it coming out?

    • Kel

      First single will be out in Febuary. :)

  • Derek

    Can’t WAIT!!!

  • Stevepwrbear

    People, Just like Danielle said, she was talking to her fans at a concert. She is probably really proud of the album, just like most singers/bands are of certain albums they produce. To her, it may be awesome in that she has always been a giving person to her fans and that is who she was speaking too. Give the lady a chance. It may or may not be the “greatest album of the decade”, but if it is even half as good at “The Fame” or “The Fame Monster” was it will be a success.

    • Ella


  • mark

    She should let her music and new album speak for herself. To me she is like the “Blair Witch Project”, a few people say how great something is and everyone starts to believe it, but when you finally experience it, it is just okay.

    • Ash


    • Lisa Simpson

      Actually, “The Blair Witch Project” really sucked. As for Gaga, all she’s done is make nice, catchy dance music, so to think that she can go deeper will be a tall order. Not that she can’t, but there’s nothing to show that she can. Most musicians who have moved from lighter fare to darker or heavier songs have had inklings of it in their previous music.

      • Krissy

        If you think she can’t go deeper, listen to “You and I” or “Speechless”. Hardly trivial pop.

    • STR

      Wait a minute…..the Blair Witch Project was really uniquely good. :)

  • Michael

    I’m not so much bothered by how she describes her record. She can think it will be the best of the decade, but it won’t be. She’s always only made catchy dance pop songs or schmaltzy 70s piano ballads. I’m more bothered by what she said at the same concert about freedom being a brand or trendy, which this article doesn’t really touch on. She just says the strangest things.

  • PJ

    I think she meant “gayest.”

  • Elena

    LadyCaca…poor, delusional Lady Caca…LMAO

    • That’s a new one

      At least she’s original. She doesn’t have to get nicknames from other websites.

      • santana

        No she gets her nicknames from Queen songs.

      • Me

        If by original you mean the original artist to rip off every Madonna move under the sun than I guess you’re right. Gaga would not have a career if she hadn’t retooled herself as the poor mans Madonna.
        Note all her previous forays into music as a piano ballad/folk singer that got her absolutely nowhere and then siphon a name from a well known song, mix in a heaping amount of Madonna, and a dash of hideous attention seeking outfits and PRESTO you have the most “original” artist of the past few decades.

      • Nib

        Original? LOL, you got to be joking right? I’ve seen Elton John and Alice Cooper do everything she’s already done except they were much better. Weird costumes, elaborate stage shows, make-up. You really need to look at the history of music a little closer.

      • Ella

        Yes! And Madonna, Cooper, and Elton all were original, right? They didn’t get influenced by anyone else.

      • aidanpk

        Exactly Ella! I’m sure Elton John was never influenced by Liberace and I’m sure none of them ever saw a play or a musical in their lives (the original, makeup heavy, elaborate stage show medium.) So tiring to read the “copy” thing. Let’s all just reduce everyone to copying Bach and call it a day.

      • Usually I hate trolls and commenting but this just had to be said

        You know nothing of her work.
        In no way does Gaga claim that the similarities existent between hers and certain artists of the past are “coincidences.”
        Gaga makes music, but that is not her art. The purpose of her actions is more to convey a sort of performance art meant to comically distort and reflect Western culture and its ways. She’s an art student to her core, and her utilization of the fame she has gained is, well, brilliant.

      • Usually I hate trolls and commenting but this just had to be said

        *In no way does Gaga claim that the similarities existent between her image and certain artists of the pasts’ are “coincidences.”

      • u

        @Usually I hate trolls and commenting but this just had to be said:

        Could you please pass around whatever it is that you’re smoking? Thanks…

  • Lassy

    Her ballads are weak. Her disco Ibiza crap is crap. This lady is delusional if she thinks she will actually make good music. It’s all about the show with GaGa, she just does NOT know how to make music

    • nodnarb

      You have clearly never been to Ibiza!

    • chitchat

      Her song “Just Dance” caught my ‘ear’ as well as her other songs, before I ever saw the videos, I actually looked for the videos after I would hear the song and after I saw the videos I have enjoyed her songs even more. I am in my 50’s and all my life have enjoyed music, she is good, no doubt about it.

  • Jeff

    Lady GaGa can pretend all she want and think she is amazing and a life changing hero, but in the end her music is still just a combination of really cliched pop music. Sure she has actual talent and has created a persona for herself, but it is as if she is just trying to cover up the fact that her music really isn’t that unique, even though it tries really hard to be.

    She would be wise just to let her new music speak for itself. And so does her statement mean that we won’t have endure her ridiculous outfits anymore?

    • anya

      Completely agree. Except on the ridiculous outfits. I really like those.

  • Garry

    It’s good to see that fame and fortune haven’t spoiled her humility.

    • Dana

      Really. Gaga just can’t stand being out of the spotlight, can she? She’s not in the headlines lately (replaced by top selling records by Kanye West and Taylor Swift — oddly enough — and it must be driving Gaga crazy. She’s all “Look at me, look at me.”

      She’s produced ONE good record and has been retreading it for two years now. Thank you but I’ll wait to listen for myself rather than have Gaga tell me what to think. Gees, woman, just shut up for awhile.

      • fancypants


      • aidanpk

        Yes Dana, when she made a comment to her fans at a giant concert, she was speaking to you personally, and telling you what to think. You know what’s funny? I’ve heard this same comment made at countless shows by countless other bands, and not once did it make headlines. I don’t think Gaga is the issue, like you do, I think the media that completely blows out of proportion what she said and left the context out of the headline is. Perhaps you could read the article or do you just respond to the headlines?

      • aidanpk

        Oh, and yes, at the concert where thousands of people have paid to hear her speak and sing, shut up for awhile. Headline: “Gaga performs entire show without opening mouth.”

  • Jenny

    She’ll never beat Howard Shore’s score for Return of the King, or any of Josh Groban’s albums, sorry. Those albums have some of the most gorgeous music of the decade. Fleet foxes is also a big one.

    • LttlMnster

      Opinion is opinion is opinion. Not to mention different genres. And as far as either person you’ve mentioned, I personally wouldn’t put them in my best albums of all time (no matter how much I love Josh Groban, and the fact that I do own a copy of the soundtrack for ROTK). And she never said “this will be the most gorgeous music of the decade.” She said “the best album of the decade.” Do you know what that could entail? Maybe she means her own albums. Maybe she means of albums of her genre (because, I mean, really, look who she has to go up against–Ke$ha and Miley? C’mon, be real here). Or maybe, she just got caught up in the moment. Someone else said it very well, EVERY artist can make the claim that it will be “the best album of the decade” when they’re proud of their personal work. And how many artists can claim what she can? Look at her music–she writes it herself…her voice? Yup, 100% genuine. OMG, she can actually play an instrument? What? She designs her own attire for concerts? No way! Anyone with talent and entertainment value can claim whatever they want, and you know what? It’s their own truth.

      • Afern

        I read most of the comments and yours saddens me the most. Sure every artist can make that claim, but they don’t, because they have half a brain. And then you glorify her for being able to write songs, sing, and play an instrument? SHE’S A MUSICIAN! Being able to write, sing, and play an instrument is her job. And shame on you for owning a Josh Groban record.

      • Mel

        The fact is, most “artists” do not write their own music. Their only job is usually to sing on occasion and look pretty.

      • j1

        Lets be honest for a moment…any 4 yr old with a piece of material and a pair of scissors could desine her costumes (terrible) different does not mean quality or artistic. While most of her songs are catchy they are seriously lacking emotional depth and at best are simply songs to dance to while getting drunk with your friends, but certainly not deserving of best album of anything accept sales. Great for her that she can sell an album but ultimately she is nothing more than a clever commercial marketing more superficiality in the name of art.

      • Bert Lancaster

        You’re retarded!

      • Devin Faraci

        Bert Lancaster, you’re an idiot.

    • anya

      Those are actually from the last decade now.

      • Jill american

        Right you are anya. The new decade starts with 2011 (since there never was a year zero)and that is when the album is due out.

      • Charles Boyung

        I agree that anya was right, but I’m sure she doesn’t have the same reasoning as you. Based on how her comment is worded, she is treating 2010 as the start of the decade, not the end of it.

    • Cat

      Agree with you about Josh. He was the first person I thought of when I read the headline.

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