Kanye West's 'Twisted Fantasy' tops Billboard 200 albums chart

Kanye West may not always win in the court of public opinion, but about half a million fans showed their support for the rapper’s fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with 496,000 copies sold. Fantasy bests his emotional 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak, which sold 450,000 units during its premiere week. Rapstress Nicki Minaj and her first album, Pink Friday, follow at No. 2, with an impressive 375,000 albums sold in its opening week.

Last week’s chart-topper, Susan Boyle’s The Gift, takes the backseat to the rap duo at No. 3 with 263,000 sets purchased. Check out the complete top 10 list below.

Dec. 1, 2010′s Billboard 200 albums top 10

No. 1 – Kanye West,  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: 496,000

No. 2 – Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday: with 375,000

No. 3 – Susan Boyle, The Gift: 263,000

No. 4 – Taylor Swift, Speak Now: 241,000

No. 5 – Jackie Evancho, O Holy Night: 142,000

No. 6 – Rihanna, Loud: 141,000

No. 7 – Justin Bieber, My Worlds Acoustic: 115,000

No. 8 – My Chemical Romance, Danger Days: the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: 112,000

No. 9 – Ne-Yo, Libra Scale: 112,000

No. 10 – Glee‘s Christmas: 108,000

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  • Miss Talk

    Yay! All of the lights for ‘Ye!
    Who can fight his talent, seriously?!
    SMH to Rihanna aka The Only Girl in the World , there are actually four other girls (including 2 new artists) ahead of her. Doesn’t she have like 1,5 million followers on Twitter? She needs to spend less time talking about Chris Brown everywhere she goes and focus on getting a #1 album. Anyway, now I get why Perry and her are bff, there are both single artists.
    And Taylor is still selling? Impressive.

    • Shal

      Wow, are you sure you’re not one of Rihanna’s twitter followers? Seems like you’ve been following her career. Anyway, I havn’t bought a cd in years…but, from what I’ve heard it’s pretty solid. Also, her sales so far, have been better than expected. Katy and Rihanna seem to be doing just fine.

    • Preston

      I’m not complaining that four other female singers sold more than her that week. I think that Rihanna has sold very well the past 2 weeks with her album. Even better than her darker-themed album of last year at this time.

    • radar

      That’s a stupid assertion that Rihanna needs to concentrate on selling more albums. Nicki Minaj’s album JUST came out…the newness alone is going to sell thousands of units.

  • Dax

    Can’t wait to listen to Kanye West’s FANTASY album. I’m buying my copy tomorrow.

    • Jay

      You could puke on a snare drum… That would probably sound better

      • Tye-Grr

        You’re an idiot. Or deaf. Perhaps both.

      • Jay

        And you are a racist!

        (We are arbitrarily name-calling, right?)

      • Tye-Grr

        I’m an idiot. I never graduated high school and I live in my parents’ basement. When someone says something that makes me feel inferior about my terrible musical tastes, I call them an idiot. I buy all of the rap music MTV tells me to. I am a loser and a douche.

      • Eric

        Yeah Kanye sucks.. about 95 percent auto tune… 50 percent more then other artist, lol

    • me

      its incredible – expect a slew of Grammy noms.

    • Mark

      you friggin idiots. you buy that losers album and he will make more. He is as subhuman as one can get. And now he thinks he can do whatever he wants and have a career.

      • Tye-Grr

        You are an idiot. Some of you treat Kanye like a damn criminal. Roman Polanski raped an underage girl, yet the Oscars still took his artistic merit into account and awarded him the Best Director Oscar for ‘The Pianist’. Heaven forbid if Kanye West gets more Grammy nominations and wins for speaking his mind! You guys are the real sub-humans.

      • B

        Deal with it, douche. Or don’t. It’s really your choice. Just like taking the time out of your day to post on a message board about someone you don’t like. Isn’t there a Taylor Swift website you could go to?

  • Jay

    Yay for My Chemical Romance!!
    At least real music performed by real musicians still crack the top 10 every once in awhile

    • Bradley

      lol. they are horrible

    • BW

      i get if you prefer rock to rap, but it doesn’t take any of the quality out of what he is doing. And lets be real, my chem’s singing isn’t exactly phenomenal.

      • Mike

        You know the lead singer of My Chemical Romance

      • Mike

        Crap..that submitted before I finished lol I meant to say you know the lead singer of My chemical romance is not “My Chemical Romance”, right? Any way, I don’t know his actual name but I’d agree his singing isn’t too great. Then again..neither are Kanye’s lyrics! (Geico for your moneyyyyyy!!!!)

    • Tye-Grr

      It’s a good album.

      • Brett.A

        Because you said so.
        But, you’re crazy. You have nothing else to do all day but defend Kanye. Now, Kan ye go and take your meds now, please?

      • zone

        Tye-Douche, your musical taste is questionable. You diss everyone who says something negative about one of most self-centered people of our time. You call people idiots for expressing their opinions. What have you contributed towards society lately that makes you worthy to judge everyone? I’m guessing nothing (and I’m probably right on).

  • Lincoln Ricketts

    Yeezy!!!! The best album of the year ez!

  • Interesting

    Props to the Biebz for just selling the same songs over and over.

  • Menchy

    Nicki Minajjjjj. A well deserved second place to rap’s newest (and hottest) talent.

  • Sarah El

    I’ve never really listened to Kanye West or rap much before and I am hardly his biggest fan but My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is amaaaazing, I’ve listened to it about a dozen times over already.

    • Garrett

      thats me too i am no fan of kanye but there is no denying his album is pretty brilliant especially “All Of The Lights” and “Lost in the World”

  • CB

    Half a million is less than half of what Taylor Swift moved in her first week.

    • Laki

      That quantity isn’t always quality is one of the first lessons you learn growing up.
      I see you haven’t reached that phase yet.

      • Mike

        Not that I’m a Taylor fan at all but I did find it amusing talking about “GROWN UPS” when comparing Kanye to Taylor. And the reason these 2 are compared would be because of the MTV VMAs, where Kanye did the most childish thing imaginable. Ahh good times. We’ve come full circle!

      • Mike

        And yes, QUALITY=Kanye still befuddles me. I understand the man has musical talent. But I’ve never heard one of his songs where I didn’t laugh at some of his lyrics. I really don’t think he’s going for jokes either!

      • Brett.A

        Yes, but no matter how many songs Kanye sings, he’s still an ugly excuse for a human.

      • Bri

        Uh, when it comes to record sales quantity sure does matter! Face it, before anything else, the music industry is about $$. And on top of it, Swift’s album WAS quality…both critically and commercially successful.

        The people have spoken, and T. Swift is doing EXTREMELY better than Kanye.

      • Katana

        Taylor moved 1,047,168 in her first week and she’s already sold 1,966,000 in 5 weeks of release. Kanye didn’t even do half of her first week amount and he’ll take a precipitous drop next week to boot. heh. He won’t even clear 1 million by the time this dud of an album takes its full run and it’ll be his worst selling album todate. What comes around goes around and he rightfully deserves this ending after bad mouthing her and so many others the past year. His next week’s sales are probably going to be approximately 200k and then 80k the week after and 50k etc. He might barely clear 1 mil if there’s buyers around Xmas. Don’t hold your breath Kanye.

      • Rich

        That’s why Transformers 2 was the best movie of 2009, right? Because it made the most money?

        The people are always right. Except when they’re idiots.

      • CB

        Oh and its also about half of what West moved with “Late Registration” (2005)(860,000) and “Graduation” (2007)(957,000).

        Despite all the hype and overkill, West actually is losing his audience and not improving on it.

    • Jenn

      Perhaps Kanye can now reach out to Taylor for a new apology…she didn’t need his antics to sell Speak Now. IMO the quality of her album speaks for itself (no pun intended).

      • Katana

        So people never learn that being “Mean” doesn’t pay off and will bite them in the rearend where it counts. He shoulda just kept his mouth shut the past year, but that’s like asking a pig not to eat sloppily.

    • David

      14 year old girls can’t buy Kanye West’s album

      • B

        Taylor sold a lot because she tapped into the same demographic as Twilight! This is not a criticism.. I’m just saying, it is what it is. lol

    • Dan Ang

      Yeah, but 10 years from now, Taylor Swift will be irrelevant, and people will still be talking about Kanye’s album.

      • Brett.A

        Ten years from now, Kanye will still be whining like a b!tch about Taylor.

      • Katana

        Ain’t that the god’s given truth.

    • B

      Maybe when she gets singing lessons, she’ll sell 2 million next time.. ooooo no he didn’t!!!

  • somebody

    I fail to see how talking about nothing while a computer synthesizes beats and samples becomes a #1 album

    • Lenny

      And I fail to understand how someone can claim what someone else’s music is about without listening to it at all

    • Yo

      And it baffles me when someone with the song-writing ability of a 10-year-old and singing ability of someone whom wouldn’t make it to the finals of American Idol gets a number one album.

  • jpratm99

    nicki minaj is quite repulsive glad this week music sales are up but its a shame whos on top- im go with gaga anytime over minaj

  • elchango

    Kanye is a big dbag but the cd is really good.

  • Preston

    Ne-Yo should have put his album out in OCTOBER! This way he would have sold more than the 112,000 he got on that crowded Nov. 22nd release week. I was ready for it to come out on October 5th, but he and his label pushed it back. His other albums sold strong their first weeks in the 250,000 -300,000 range. I got it and have been playing several cuts. Just one of the big names that should have put it out another week. That said, strong starts for the Kanye West and Nicki Minaj albums!

  • Andrew

    No wonder that creep Kanye debuted at #1. He was desperate to saty in the media by trashing Bush and Taylor Swift.

    • Yo

      He defended Bush, actually. And he didn’t do any album promotion at all (besides Macys), so he still went number one despite staying out of the media…

  • Nana Yaw

    Lmao. Rihanna can’t sell album. She should stick to selling singles only!

  • Keil Shults

    Yeah, as ridiculous as Kanye can be at times, this is a really good album…possibly a great one. I’m not even a big fan of rap or hip-hop, especially in its more modern permutations, but this album is stellar.

    But looking at the rest of the Top 10 Chart…man, what a sad state of affairs. It sickens me that, as far as America has come in some ways, we’re still bass-ackwards when it comes to taste in music, film, TV, etc. I mean seriously…look at the people who dominate the music charts! I realize that not every year can be like 1967 or 1968, where on any given week, you’d find the top of the charts crowded with acts like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Otis Redding, Simon & Garfunkel, Sly & the Family Stone, and so on. But why oh why have we fallen so far…and for so long? Even the bands that kids now consider “alternative rock” – My Chemical Romance or 30 Seconds to Mars – are pretty laughable. And the few consistently great bands we have out there these days don’t stay in the Top 10 for more than 2-3 weeks, by which time all their fans have bought the album and it goes on to be overlooked and underappreciated by the rest of the masses.

    It’s really depressing, and I don’t see an end in sight.

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