Jackie Evancho: Watch 'America's Got Talent' star's 'Silent Night' music video (EW exclusive First Look!)

Jackie-Evancho-Talent-videoNothing says the holidays like a tiny opera-singing prodigy! EW has the exclusive first look at 10-year-old America’s Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho’s music video for “Silent Night,” the latest release from her holiday album, O Holy Night, which surprised the music world by selling 239,000 copies during its first week in release and debuting at No. 2 (behind Susan Boyle’s already-released Christmas disc The Gift) back in November. The video is white-backdrop simple and features Evancho playing with (apparently fake) snow around a Christmas tree with her older brother, Jacob. “Making the video was really fun,” Evancho tells EW. “There was a lot of snow—it got in our mouths! But it was still a lot of fun, especially because Jacob was there to enjoy it with me. Usually my siblings don’t get to come along while I’m working.”

Evancho wanted to do the music video for “Silent Night” because it’s one of her favorite tunes on the album. “Actually both the English songs on the album—this and ‘O Holy Night’—are my favorite,” the pint-sized singer clarifies. “‘O Holy Night’ is a very beautiful song, and it’s my favorite Christmas song to sing. I sing it a lot around the house, and I just like that song a lot.”

Considering she made a whole album about it, Christmas—and everything that goes with it—is very important to the classical crossover singer. “We do whatever normal kid does,” Evancho says of her family’s holiday traditions. “We try to sneak a peek of Santa, we go to our Grandma’s house, have Christmas dinner, and then go to bed and wait for Santa to come.” So, what’s Evancho hoping Santa brings her this year? You might be surprised. “I want these vampire fangs,” she reveals. “I’m really into vampires. You put them in your mouth. They’re small at first, but there’s a lever, and when you push the lever with your tongue, they grow bigger.”

The full video for “Silent Night” is after the jump:

What do you think of the video? Are you loving Jackie’s version of the Christmas standard?

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  • abadstroller

    The mic’ cord winding back to plug into the gift-wrapped amp makes me smile. Gorgeous voice, beautiful children, darling background.

    • Elena

      There’s something exceptionally creepy, stilted, and pageant-y about this girl. Yes, her voice is gorgeous…but it sounds so mature, and her poise looks so forced and adult…
      What she has in vocal prowess she lacks in warmth…

      • Pericon

        Elena I have to disagree with your comment and it’s not because I misunderstand your reaction to hearing Jackie’s voice. I had similar thoughts when I heard her for the first time. But after I did some backtracking on many of the YouTube videos she has recorded I reached an entirely different conclusion.
        It is evident to me that Jackie’s demeanor is a product of her upbringing by two very special people Mike and Lisa Evancho. They have made it clear that while they do recognize the unique talent she possesses they are determined to keep her grounded and a normal part of their family as much as possible. I would suggest that you take a further look into Jackie’s history going back a couple of years to when she was eight years old. I think then that you would have a better grasp of this amazing young prodigy.

      • Elena

        Pericon’s posts are actually creepier than Jackie.

      • Albee

        You are right. You are creepy.

        Jackie’s voice is georgeous and she has carried herself with the same poise and grace through every performance over the last two years. Just because Jackie displays more maturity and grace than most adults does not mean that it is forced. Nothing forced about it. That’s just Jackie.

        Your “lacks warmth” opinion is in direct opposition to some of the top names in music (like fifteen time Grammy Award winner David Foster).

        Oprah Winfrey is an amazing judge of character and talent – and Oprah loves Jackie. Watch the YouTube clip of Jackie’s appearance on Oprah.

        Elena, if after doing some research you still feel that Jackie lacks warmth, then you must be one of the most clueless people on the planet.

      • Liz

        wow! This first video of Jackie’s Christmas album is, what can I say, pure, wonderful, and lovely. I love it.

      • Josocool1

        Elena: You’re envious and have an ugly personality – most likely reason you would have such harsh words (and feelings), toward the little girl. I pray to God you don’t have children!

      • Kentuckian

        Elena:This video is about children enjoying that special time in their childhood.A snowy Christmas, decorating the tree, presents, peeking from behind the tree trying to get a glimpse of Santa, and a beautiful,innocent child singing about a special and Holy Night. Who better than a child to sing this, especially a child who can sing it so amazingly that it just enhances this magical time of year! How dare you attack this little girl and her video. Calling you a “Grinch” doesn,t even come close to describing a low-life Neanderthal such as yourself! You even insulted Pericon who dissagreed with you in a nice,decent manner. I hope that you have the most miserable Christmas that you so richly deserve. Idiot!

      • Becky

        LACKS WARMTH?????? You are an idiot.

      • clane

        “Lacks warmth”?? From the numerous replies objecting to that remark indicates it may be you who “lacks warmth” with such a cold hearted remark to a 10 year old. This child is touching people all over the globe. I think an apology is in order but I bet you aren’t up to the task!

      • Jenny

        It is always upsetting when a troll such as Elena is the first to comment and makes an obvious ploy to make a name. This video is as sweet and warm as could be. Hard to believe such a little girl could sing with such an extraordinary suprano voice. Elena should be ashamed.

      • Captain L

        Elena, It’s called stage presence, you dipstick!

      • steve

        Respectfully, you can’t have seen many of her performances. She is shockingly warm, real, and childlike.

      • stktrader11

        Jackie has the most beautiful voice I’ve heard in my whole life and I’m sure I’m older then you are.. I’ve listened to every song she sung.. seen every you tube video I can find and have listened to her music a 1000 times over and every time I hear her it’s like if it’s for the very first time.. Elana you have to have one ugly soul to come here and bad mouth a 10 year old child who sings like an angel I really feel bad for you.. Merry Christmas..

      • Iradessa

        I’m baffled by ur comment, & think u must suffer from a case of the Grinch. This is true talent & maybe u should be paying more attention to her talent. Instead of her so called pagentry look. Its hard to believe that in a society which purely focuses on the lives of talentless individuals. One as urself can’t tell the difference between raw, untapped talent. And that of the fake insedious industry. Too bad for u!

      • Iradessa

        My previous reply was for Elena

    • Annia

      I bought her CD for my mother’s BD & she just loves this CD & adore this talented young lady to pieces. Mom lives out in the farm with her 4 dogs & I’m glad she has beautiful music to listen to. She thinks Jackie is more awesome than Susan Boyle. Yep, I got her Susan Boyle’s CD also.

  • Ashley G.

    Even though I know that is her actual voice I can’t help but think she is lip syncing, it’s just too mature a voice for such a cute little kid. Kudos to her though, its a beautiful song.


    Jackie destroyed Lee.

  • Pericon

    Somewhere, deep on the farthest edge of consciousness, there is a place. A place where the fondest memories, the hopes, dreams and aspirations garnered over a lifetime of experience reside. It is a place that knows no language, after all, who can adequately describe an emotion? For many, many people the sound of Jackie Evancho’s voice provides for us a conduit to this place, a way of reaching the very depth of what makes us individually unique and what could be described as our soul. Jackie’s voice is truly a very rare gift to us all. I believe she is destined to be beloved by millions.

    Jackie exploded onto the national spotlight seemingly overnight after a set of remarkable performances on America’s Got Talent. The resulting exposure and success that she enjoyed was quickly followed by a major recording contract and the production of her first commercially produced CD of which this video is a part. I can’t help thinking that the quality of both the CD and the video was a little rushed. But that’s beside the point.

    You see, I didn’t buy Jackie’s album because of its length. I didn’t buy it because of its technical prowess or even for its musical creativity. I bought her album partly because I wanted a physical and tangible piece of history. But mainly I bought her album because in a troubled and sometimes vulgar world I wanted a reminder as well as a pathway to a place where I know that I can experience pure joy.

    • Arlin Wordsmith

      amen. well said. Jackie leads us to the good side of life.

    • jesus villarreal

      mr pericon. todas esas cosas tan hermosas que usted ha dicho sentir muchos de nosotros lo experimentamos desde la primera ves que vimos a jackie en america’s got talent. Soy una persona de casi 58 años de edad y solo le pido a dios que me dé cuando menos 10 años mas de vida para ver crecer fisica y profesionalmente a esta hermosa niña para que realmente nos toque a todos el corazón y nos convierta en seres de amor y paz.

      • Pericon

        Gracias, Jesús, para que usted amable y palabras llenas de gracia. Es una cosa maravillosa, cuando la alegría y el asombro de la voz de Jackie Evancho puede ser compartida por todo el mundo. Que vivas por muchas décadas más y disfrutar de la maravilla de este pequeño ángel con su familia y amigos.

      • Annia

        Mucho gusto Jackie Evancho tambien…LOL!

    • John Ford

      @Pericon I wish I could put into words the way I feel when I listen to Jackie sing. I am a DA Vet and I am in pain 24-7 but I am able to forget about it some when I listen to her Heavenly voice. To me she is better then all the pills the VA have me on.I truely think she is an Angel and a gift from GOD.

      • Pericon

        Prayers for you, my friend. And thank you for your service to our great country

      • Kentuckian

        Thank you Mr. Ford for your service and sacrifice to our country. You sir are a hero, and as a vet of the Vietnam Era (U.S.Army) I salute You!

    • Mecie

      It’s perfectly rnamol. Let me explain.Last week, I bought my grandson (now 12) a book called, What’s going on down there. I checked it out even though it came highly recommended and one of the themes (besides defusing the complicated stuff with humor so that the typical boy will keep reading) was, these things that happen to you are perfectly rnamol. Worrying about stuff is something that everyone goes through. Now his mom gets to check it out. You seem to have a knack for talking to kids. Not everyone does. These books are helpful. I read my first book on Stuff that Boys should Know About’. When I was 13. Being the good boy I was I had my parents okay it. And I checked it out from the jr. high library. There was a long waiting list and the book came in a brown paper bag cover. )It’s sometimes amazing to me to hear the kind of things kids sweat about. But maybe I am just forgetting how it was to be young

  • MK

    Jackie ROCKS! Can’t wait for a her first full album. I hope the family stays where they are and they keep her away from doing anything with Disney and Nickelodean (let’s keep her 10 going on 11 rather than 10 going on 27) – I honestly don’t know how those executives can tuck their own kids in at night in their comfy Pacific Palisades homes without shuddering at what they’re doing to their young talent at work.

  • Arlin Wordsmith

    Wow, Jackie for National Treasure!She has my vote. Amazing beyond wonderful

  • David

    For those of faith, this type of voice is a God-given miracle. For others, she’s just a rare, rare talent. I really hope she’ll have the career that Charlotte Church did not.

    • Alex

      Who says Charlotte Church did not have a career? Just look her up and see what all she did. She had the life she wanted and everybody has a right to that..she simply does other kind of music now but still sings very beautiful as befor..

  • Al

    Wow! God bless.

  • Ken Guiher

    Jackie has one of those voices of mystery that you are better off not to question but just to enjoy! It has a haunting mellow timbre that shakes your soul. When you see it is coming from a ten year old it makes you weep for joy. We can only hope to enjoy this miracle for years to come. This video is precious. Why isn’t available to the public?

  • Canranda

    sorry guys. i can’t hear her
    singing..’cause she’s too pretty to listen to her song.

    • Josocool1

      You may need some professional help. I suggest you get it… quickly!

    • Kentuckian

      @Canranda I agree that Jackie is a beautiful girl, but you are missing out if you don,t listen to her even more beautiful singing.

  • Tunanorth

    Simply stunning.
    Beautiful but simple backdrop, Jackie and her otherworldly voice highlighted up front.
    Most likely the finest rendition ever of this traditional holiday song.

  • EW geek

    yeah i know..she has the amazing talent just like mozart, beethoven. but what makes her more likable is her looks. her images just like angel. pretty face, blue eyes, blonde, polite demeanor. if she were ugly she would not have the sensation that much.

    • Tunanorth

      Sorry Geek, you are dead wrong.
      True she is very pretty, but many young girls are equally pretty; Hollywood rejects dozens every day.
      Jackie’s singing voice has an ability to instantly bring grown, hardened men to tears, and reduce women to gushing fools.
      This happens time and time again, possibly in the millions by now.
      NOBODY else [maybe ever] has had that ability to that degree with just their singing voice.
      Jackie has “IT”, look for a 50-plus year career in live concerts, Broadway, recordings, and movies.
      Think a hybrid between Streisand and Brightman.

      • Kentuckian

        Well said Tunanorth. Jackies singing is so pure and emotional, she will be the most loved and celebrated vocalist the world has ever seen!

  • Robinannhunt

    The video is simple and fun. The intro is wonderful. You can’t disagree that her voice is perfect for this song. And to top it off she looks beautiful in her red dress. Nice job.

  • Jennifer

    Just when I think I’ve found my ‘favorite’ of something Jackie does, there comes something else! This is really beautiful and so are you, Jackie, voice and all. Blessings to you and your family


    She is wonderful. Elena, you really have no clue do you? Lacks warmth? Your comments lack warmth. You have no idea what she is about or what music is. This kid will be around for years to come and only get better.
    Her music is simply beautiful.

    • Siss

      Elena, there is NOTHING “pageanty” about this girl…she is absolutely appropriate for her age…she has pure talent and has a natural beauty…she’s not wearing loads of makeup, doesn’t have overdone hair, and is simply wearing a beautiful holiday dress…what could you possibly think is pageanty? You do realize that she very likely could read your note online, right? How does it make you feel to know that you are saying hurtful things to a young child, simply because you are clearly jealous? How sad. Shame on you.

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