Ke$ha's 'We R Who We R' music video: Hot and dangerous, indeed

When Ke$ha announced her new album Cannibal that hit stores last week, she told EW about how her lead single “We R Who We R,” saying that it was an anthem to inspire people to be themselves, especially in light of all the gay bullying that was going on at the time. Well, the song’s music video has hit the internets, and it doesn’t so much inspire self esteem as much as it inspires just a plain ol’, trashy, Ke$ha-ed out good time. Code word: party! See: A riot-dance party in a tunnel with drag racing! Gold-studded eyebrows! Then a rooftop party! Product placement: Revolucion tequila and Plenty of Fish’s dating website! Ke$ha falling from said rooftop! More dancing! There’s not much to it. But do we still love it? In a direct quote from Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R,” “yes, of course we does!”

Watch the full video here:

What do you think? Has Ke$ha done it again—or is this a big no-no? Lemme know in the comments!

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  • amanda

    I have no idea why…but I like this gal. wierd.

    • Allison

      My cousin said she likes Ke$ha because she doesn’t pretend to be any better than she actually is – she’s trashy and she writes songs about partying.

    • Larry David

      Guess what?
      She got ZERO Grammy nominations AND her album debuted at number 15! How horrible do you have to be to have an album debut that low!?
      I know its an EP and not a full length album but even GAGA’s EP spend TWENTY weeks in the top 10 and sold OVER a million copies.
      Looks like ke$ha’s time is up. Her lyrics are crap and she can’t sing live and those who disagree don’t know NOTHING about music!

      • AK

        When did Larry David get hired as Lady Gaga’s publicist? Shouldn’t you be busy making another season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”?

      • teya

        no body cares about lady gaga! and if you like her , you also no nothing about music just like the rest of us ke$ha lovers. yes she cant preform live, but what artist can now a days!!! like seriously i love ke$ha she is amazingly different.

    • michael dailey

      u r awsome

  • Erin

    ke$sha is my dirty pleasure! I LOVE IT!!!

  • JKH

    Talk about a very literal translation of the “glitter on my eyes” lyric.

    • Olivia

      Well what were you expecting? It’s Ke$ha.

    • Rush

      Next time you wake up with a hangover after a rough night, cure it with hair of the dog, then get ready for another night of partying, write down what you do and publish it as the next Ke$ha song. Profit.

  • jordan

    I hate her so much, she has no talent at all.

    • I hate jordan

      Well y u watching her video!u dumb a++!!!!!

  • Rod

    Her worst video. An embarrassment.

  • K

    I’ve been pretty pleased with Ke$ha ever since the “Take It Off” friends video, but she completely lost me with this.
    She’s reduced herself to the most apparent and basic rip off of Lady Gaga. It’s almost like a parody of Gaga’s entire career, however instead of satirically hyperbolizing anything, Ke$ha just follows suit in an almost like “She did that, I’ll do it too!” fashion.
    It’s really sad because she’s a smart girl who has made some good music. But after this, no Grammy nods, debuting at #15 on the billboard 200, and a headlining tour that seems destined to fail, Ke$ha’s appears to be in danger of becoming completely irrelevant.

  • Phil

    So when did Ke$ha become a lesbian, cause there is NOT ONE MAN IN THAT ENTIRE VIDEO. NOT EVEN THE OBLIGATORY GAY BFF. If u see a male in that video, please point him out, cause otherwise, its a lesbian glitter parade. Someone tell me I’m wrong!

    • beb

      Phil – I couldn’t positively identify a man in the video either. Maybe this is her “message” that being gay is OK. Or, it’s her next move to stay relevant.

  • Ryan

    God, my generation is doomed. Why must she always be on top of the charts. Matter of fact: Why must all these stupid dance techno club songs be THAT popular right now? Every decade has a distinct sound to it, or so it seems. Is the 10’s really gonna be this mindless garbage? Sigh……

  • Sara

    I can admire K$sha’s attempts at style and the great techno/party music, but this video falls short. If she wanted to empower the bullied, then the video people should have taken a more “Firework” approach and show various types of fans getting ready to “par-tay.” The glitter parade was cute, but far from inspiring.

    She may not be the most credible “artist”, but she does have her own kind of niche music–not as bizarre as Gaga, not as cute-sey as Katy Perry. She’s more of your rags-to riches, but I still dress trendy, and you “of age” women can listen to my songs while getting stone cold drunk kinda girl.

    • Patrick

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  • Chappel

    Ke$ha strikes another blow for mediocrity.

    • harley

      shes tha best

  • Taylor

    I actually really like this video. It’s flashy, trashy, and fun. Kinda like Ke$ha, no?

  • simon

    Same old Same ol this is getting boring all her videos and songs seam the same to me am i the only one wwho agrees! and kida trying to out do lady gaga but she never will.

  • Justin K

    WTH? What in the world has gotten into Ketchup?!?!

  • Justin K

    FYI- you can sing “TIK TOK on top of this song” sounds almost the same.

    • Doriana

      TIK TOK was much better than this song. I disagree.

  • Justin K

    Why don’t you guys cover REAL music like Adele… seriously…

    • Hiroshi

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