Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum rule the night at first annual American Country Awards

carrie-underwoodImage Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesAnother day, another country-music prize. Last night, Carrie Underwood doubled down on her industry’s highest honor, country music artist of the year, by taking it once again at the inaugural American Country Awards some eight months after she won the same title at the Academy of Country Music Awards last April. This time, though, she may have needed help hauling her loot to the car; the reward is not a trophy but a full-size Fender Stratocaster guitar.

She also took home five additional prizes—allotted, like the Peoples Choice Awards, by fans, not industry insiders—including Album of the Year, Female Single of the Year, Touring Headline Package of the Year and Female Music Video of the Year. Lady Antebellum did nearly as well in the Group honors, winning overall Group of the Year, Group Video of the Year, and Group Single of the Year.

Toby Keith, for one, is a fan of the public-vote concept, according to “I railed for years, when I had the energy, against the machine. You got 1,500 people voting and they all have agendas,” said the winner of the Video Visionary of the Year Award. “If you’ve had the biggest year, ticket sales, album sales, radio play and you get shut out at award shows because of agenda stuff, then the fans are like, we don’t understand, and it takes credibility away from the organization.”

Other stars with new take-home guitars included Blake Shelton for his “Hillbilly Bone” video, Easton Corbin for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Josh Turner for Male Single of the Year, Alan Jackson for the Greatest Hits Award, and Rascal Flatts with the Decade Award.

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  • Justin

    This whole show was so odd. It seemed like no one was sure what to do. And, yes, it goes without saying Rodney Carrington’s joke against rap music was cringe-worthy. That’s just going to turn outsiders away even more.

    • greg

      taylor swift has spoilt the whole music industry……… she needs to go to mars…disgusting!

  • keith

    You know, I love country music, but how many award shows do these people need? They have two academies just for country music. Then you have the several versions CMT gives out. And now this? Plus they get awards at the grammys and AMAs. Seems like overkill.

    • Steph

      Totally agree!!!

    • lambo

      Yes it may be overkill, but those are more political. Maybe you should not watch one of them.

  • Ally

    Carrie Underwood??? Why just bc she is Fox’s country baby? What about Miranda Lambert who had the best year out of anybody??

    • lambo

      Actually Miranda didn’t have a better year than Carrie.

    • KM

      It was voted by the fans, so obviously Carrie’s fans were the ones who were out there voting. Miranda’s had a great year and some amazing songs but it goes to whoever’s fan base is out there promoting for votes.

      • Brad

        CMA’s want you to think Miranda’s year was fantastic. Carrie Underwood beat her all around. 3
        number 1 singles, albums sales, ticket sales, guest appearances, hosting duties. She was robbed. So Carrie fans sent a big middle finger to the CMA’s.

    • larila

      Carrie won’t ever have Miranda’s consistency.Her albums are there with the likes of Lucinda Williams not Sugarland.

      • ALM

        I thought this thread was a traditional “Carrie vs. Miranda” (or Taylor, or Faith, or Leann…) b**chfest. No need whatsoever to drag Sugarland into the middle-school insults.

    • greg

      ohh shut up? who’s miranda again? get a hold of yourself

  • Tanneth

    What a bunch of baloney. This American Country Award show is a totally bogus and unnecessary addition to the ACMs and CMAs who have the only credible awards given out in Country music. ACM is already fan voted, but this telecast must have been voted ad nauseum on the internet by Carrie fans. She didn’t have a better year than either Miranda or Taylor or she would have been awarded as such at the CMAs, where she didn’t win anything for the 2nd year in a row. Did Carrie pay for this ACA to be enacted so she can grab some awards that she hasn’t gotten in nearly 2 years? LOL!

    • Brad

      She had a much better year than Miranda and Taylor. Miranda better enjoy it while it last because she’s nothing more than a song that she didn’t even write. Taylor will stick around, but she’s more pop than country anyway.

      • Tanneth

        Come again? Carrie did “not” have a better year than Taylor LOL! Forbes placed Taylor at #12 on the Celebrity Power 100 making nearly 46 million dollars, whereas Carrie did not even make 1/3rd of that amount and did not even place on the Top 100. Carrie’s “Play On” has been out for 13 months and has thus far sold 1.828 US, but Taylor “Speak Now” has been out “only 5 weeks” and has already surpassed Carrie’s album in sales with 1.98 million and racking up another 150 to 160k or more this week alone. Carrie’s awards are all bogus, just like any “fan voted” awards show. Her fans know how to vote, but can’t cough it up where it counts (ticket sales, album sales, peer recogntition).

        LOL have fun with those blue goofy guitars Carrie. Miranda and Taylor has the prestigious CMA awards, not some new bogus award show guitar fender bender. LOL!

      • larila

        And Miranda Lambert has been around for years. Every album people say the same thing: she better enjoy Kerosene’s success, then Gunpowder and Lead and now with these two tracks from Revolution. Sorry, but she isn’t going anywhere and you know what.. she didn’t write it, but at least she has a good ear for other people’s good tracks, Carrie on the other hand…

  • Brad

    Oh look the perfect 12 year old. I don’t think you understand. Taylor is selling to a pop audience. and as far as prestigious awards Carrie is a 3 time female vocalist both at the CMA’s and the ACM’s. She however, has number 1 singles, and album sales, and a huge tour this year. Taylor was pretty quiet. Miranda is everything the industry wants to push, but fans just really don’t care. I wasn’t dissing Taylor, I was just saying this was a slower year for her until he ralbum release, which would count on next years voting cycle.

  • Tanneth

    Hey I understand perfectly and please don’t use the 12 yr old bit on me thank you very much. I am over 21 and know well enough that when you are a Country artist, the CMA is the elite award to receive, even more important to a true Country artist than getting a Grammy and Miranda’s got the Album of the Year CMA as well as Taylor. Taylor also won 5 last year including the Album, Female, Video, Song, and International Awards. Carrie has never even been considered for any of the award categories except Female Vocal.

    What does Taylor selling to a pop audience have to do with her magnitude of sales? Are you implying that pop singers get more sales? You’d be invariably wrong there again. Check out Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Rihanna’s album sales because although they’re prominent great sellers on their respective singles, they’re horrific at selling full albums because most pop song albums have so many throwaways, nobody wants to spend money on a full album. Taylor, on the other hand write no throwaways and that’s where she excels in selling her full album. Carrie has been lagging with both and can’t sell her albums like she used to do. She sold plenty of her first album Some Hearts. Then she cut in half her sales with American Girl and now she cut another 1.5 in sales with her 3rd album Play On. She’s selling less and less while Taylor’s selling more with each album release. As far as touring goes, she suffers again to Taylor’s pull as she was awarded by Billboard as having the best tour (you know where you actually earned the most instead of getting fan votes for best tour LOL!), and so for Taylor being so quiet as you say, she kicked Carrie to the curb. 13 months with 1.828 million sold for Carrie. 6 weeks for Taylor selling current album with a total figure of 2.13 to 2.16 million by tomorrow’s tally. I’ll say this much, Carrie’s got devoted older fans that will sit in front of a computer 25 hours 8 days a week and vote for her to get those hideous blue fender guitars. Good for her! LOL!

    • lambo

      Taylor sells to the 12,13,14 year olds mainly. Parents are out there buying CDs for their children. The POP audience is much larger than Country. Taylor tailors her music to Pop, i.e., remixing them. Carrie does not do that therefore doesn’t get the POP push that Taylor does. I bet also that if you take a look in the audience at her concerts you see a lot of tweens and bops. Carrie was snubbed this year without a doubt. No way does Miranda or Taylor have better vocals than Carrie.

      • Tanneth

        She’s not even the top IDOL LOL. That was awarded to Kelly Clarkson by Billboard taking into consideraton album sales, radio play and streaming, digital singles sales. Kelly placed 12th in the Top 100 Artists of the last decade while Carrie placed 50th. Too bad Billboard is charted by actual accomplishments instead of by fan votes. LOL!

    • Annia

      Uh, you babbling on too long & you just lost me from ” I am over 21″.

  • Tanneth

    Oh and you might want to read the latest headline to your right, but if you’re too lazy to look here it is –

    Taylor Swift is unstoppable. Shocker! The Grammy-winning album-sales Goliath is owning sales on the stadium-tour circuit, too. In fact, she sold out two “Speak Now” shows set for August at L.A.’s massive Staples Center in two minutes (two additional shows were quickly added!) and tickets for her June 25 pit-stop at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. (it seats a whopping 68,000!) were gone in just five minutes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently, seven more sellouts followed. As you might remember, Swift’s third studio album, Speak Now — which this same-named tour is promoting — sold more than 1 million copies in its first week out. So maybe this is no surprise? Still, it’s quite a feat. Swift’s full tour schedule runs through early October of next year.

    Did you secure your T-Swizzle tix yet? If not get on it fast… before they’re gone.


    Carrie has the best tour my petutie LOL!

    • lambo

      I could not live through a concert of someone that can’t sing.

    • Brad

      Wasn’t Justin Beiber there too? YAY heh

      • Peyton

        no there’s no bieber haha her tour is gonna be awesome!

  • Brad

    You do realize that you make people dislike Taylor because of your rude comments right? You are not doing her any favors. BTW Carrie has been honored as ACM entertainer of the year and been nominated twice by industry insiders. I’m not going to say anything rude about TAylor because I will not sink to a taylor swift fan’s level. You guys are always so rude and mean. My post didn’t even insult Taylor, it didn’t do anything remotely rude to you except call you out in acting like a child, which you continue to do. So proud of Carrie and being her fan. Her continued graciousness as well as her talent will win out in the end. Good luck to Taylor and all of those album sales. My guess is after christmas those will drop. She sold her album for 3.00. She’ll end up selling around 3 million

    • Tanneth

      LOL! So much for not sinking to my level. Carrie can’t even give away her album less sell it. She’s not even selling squat of it now while Taylor is still selling her original album from over 4 years ago and it’s still ranked in the Billboard 200 list. Check again for Speak Now, it’s listed for 12.99 and Carrie’s Play On is cheaper and still can’t sell. Speaking of rude and mean, only fan voted crazies like you can get her fake accolades while Taylor’s getting both recognition from her fans and peers and promoters and all the prominent publications that deem her Taylor Entertainer of the Year. By the way, you’re reading one of them now. I wonder why Carrie wasn’t even considered?


      • whatever

        recognition or handout?

        how can you tell if someone can sing at a concert if they are never loud enough to hear?

        she’s what 20-21 now…time to grow up and stop the little miss innocent act. I’m tired of it, at least Miley has a set,

        everyone points out her sales but always seems to forget her lack of talent,

        when she stands on stage and matches Underwood note for note I’ll agree with you but that will NEVER happen!

        being in the right place at the right time does not give you the ability to carry out your dreams…it gives you luck,

        can she write…hell yeah, but give the song to someone who could do it more justice

        I don’t begrudge her anything at all. she does seem to work hard and kudos to her for it, its the ‘entitlement’ she portrays that pisses people off. the first time I saw her was siging on some show (might have been an awards show) that ‘shouldt’ve said no’ song. that innocence and awe she had on the stage at the end of the song in that one moment was priceless. but recorded.

        that is why people are upset and stay upset. auto-tuned is not singing and can never match up to a real talent. NEVER

      • april mae

        oops Carrie’s Some Hearts her FIVE !!!!year old album over 7 million sold was on the BB 200 list last week

      • Gideon

        Curly Sue you are ignorant beyond belief. Taylor’s first album has been “CONSISTENTLY” on the Billboard 200 since it debuted for 209 weeks now. Some Hearts just makes periodic appearances on the charts and its total weeks is nowhere close to 209. Get your facts straights. Here’s some factoids:

        As of July 3, 2008, the album is no longer present on the U.S. Billboard 200. It had a run of 136 weeks, the second-longest for any album released in 2005, behind Nickelback’s All the Right Reasons. The following week, it dropped out of the Top Country Albums Chart, having had a 137 week run.

        On the week dated December 12, 2009, under the changes of Billboard’s rules, the album re-entered the Billboard 200, at #132.

        On the week dated for August 7, 2010, the album climbed back onto the Billboard 200, hitting at #191.

        On the week dated for December 5, 2010, the album once again landed onto the Billboard 200, reaching #192.

      • april mae

        Yeah and you know what Nickelback had to rerelease their album to pull ahead of Carrie’s Some Hearts – like Taylor rereleases all her albums – DVD edition, watch in your bedroom edition, scratch you thigh edition, add a few songs edition, spring edition, summer edition, big edition with a pic of Taylro, small edition with only four songs, Barbie doll edition,etc – everything her label does is to hype Taylro – Carrie gets married – oh wow Taylro releases pics of her new video with the wedding scene the same week – the girl is pathetic – I wish she would get an original thought in her head and learn how to sing.

      • Gideon

        Sour grapes from the south when reality bites Carrie behind. lol

    • LOL

      LOL did you know that taylor’s speak now is certified triple platinum and counting in just I dunno 7weeks. yah you’ve heard it right 3million sales and counting

  • Scott

    All this talk about Carrie and Taylor when they both get blown away by REBA! Did you hear that woman sing last night?! Not to mention the ovation she received afterwards. She might not sell like she used to but she commands the stage like no other!

  • Tanneth

    I agree with you. Reba is the queen and no one can touch her, not even Taylor. ;)

    • greg

      taylor is an idiot

      • Geez

        greg is an idiot.

  • John M.

    Carrie Underwood fanatics are among the whiniest crybabies on earth, just like their prissy idol Carrie. This show only came about out of revenge against the Country Music Association’s failure to nominate her for Entertainer of the Year. The Sing-Off was much more enjoyable, although I was going back and forth between the two broadcasts.

    • greg

      ohh shut up! what do u do 4 a living?

      • John M.

        I work in retail.

    • John M.

      Another thing regarding Carrie: If she wanted to be a country singer, then why didn’t she go to Nashville and audition for the show Nashville Star when it was on? American Idol is always looking for the next big POP star. Taylor and Miranda both went down to Nashville for a chance, why didn’t Carrie since she loovves country music so much? Just sayin’.

      • april mae

        Carrie already commented on that – living out in the sticks of Oklahoma she siad they didn’t have cable and Nashville Star was on a cable station – she didn’t know about the show at all.

      • John M.

        I’m sorry, April, I didn’t know that. When did she do that?

  • greg

    TAYLOR SWIFT IS WORTHLESS! I MEAN DISGUSTING! please guys don’t speak about her anymore

    • Geez

      you’re disgusting! just sayin’ Miranda & Taylor ftw!

  • april mae

    BMI just gave out Triple Awards for three #1 songs the artists had written and guess what? Carrie won two awards for six songs she wrote that went #1 and Taylro only won one for only three songs – Carrie’s eleven #1 to Taylros 5 – and you could buy Taylors album for .99 cents with a coupon – her rich Dad prob bought half and her label the other half-Taylors career has been built on hype- all the litttle sheep follow along baaaa baaaaa

    • Muriel

      Carrie has NEVER won Best Country Song at the BMI awards. That category has been a lock for Taylor the past 3 consecutive years! Best Country Song 2008 – Teardrops on My Guitar, Best Country Song 2009 – Love Story, Best Country Song 2010 – You Belong With Me AND Taylor became the YOUNGEST winner of Songwriter of the Year this year too.

      Carrie fans sure do know how to lie through their broken country teeth.

  • LMG

    I completely agree with the Taylor Swift not being able to sing vibe that is prevailant here. Because she can’t (personal opinion only). But I am simply too tired of butting heads about something that teens (and I am not trying to knock anyone in that age group) don’t care about. Most of the ‘artists’ on DisneyRadio can’t sing either…but look at sales and crap for that AGE demographic. I’m old and honsetly, don’t listen to her at all, but, that will not change the hand-outs she gets and will continue to get until someone looks up and says..hey! wait. A singer should actually be able to CARRY A TUNE- NOTE- A LONGER THAN TWO-SECOND BRIDGE before they can be classified as a singer. However, I doubt that will happen anytime soon. This Christmas I have come to a decision that I will not care about it anymore and lavish praise and money on the ones that I consider singers and everyone else can go to Santa Claus.

  • Dave

    blah blah blah. So what of it? Carrie’s not selling it anymore and people are tiring of her. Taylor is selling it big time over her. That’s the bottom line. All the good vocals in the world are no use when no one’s buying your cds.

    • april mae

      yeah for .99 a person could take a chance to hear Taylors album – soon she’ll put out a rerelease to up the numbers further so all her sheeply fans can go out and buy the same darn thing over agin – in the south we call that a hustle

      • Gideon

        Carrie fans are so ignorant. Taylor made 45.8 million during the year and she’s on Forbes Top 100 Celebrity Power list near the top 10. Carrie didn’t even make the top 100 of Forbes and made “less than” a third of Taylor’s intake. So, it would seem that Carrie is the one giving away her album, but even then nobody’s biting. Taylor’s already outsold her in 5 weeks where she still 200,000 units away from 2 mil. Naive much curly sue?

      • april mae

        of course Taylor is on the Forbes list – that’s been her aim from the gitgo – she’s nothing but a commercial storefront dummy with no talent and dollar signs in her eyes -she has an Ego the size of Hoover Dam- she’s a made in the studio star – her songs are ridiculous POP and she says “oh I sit on my bed and wow I just come up with these songs aren’t I just the cutest? Buy my albums please, vote for me please” Oh I forgot – she threw her hair back and forth before she said that and then she jumped off her bed grabbed her guitar wailed on a note and sang the flattest diddy you would ever hear ” I better be careful Taylro may see this and steal my story for a song

      • Gideon

        Not Taylor’s fault Carrie can attract more album sales for herself. Now that she’s married, she’ll lose even MORE fans because the numbskull guys won’t buy her albums anymore. Her next album won’t even go platinum. Taylor doesn’t steal songs from ignorant hicks sorry to let you know. I know you and other Carrie fans are mad because Taylor’s the rage now. Too bad.

      • april mae

        Well Taylor sure ain’t the rage for me or most country folks – you just take your sweet big dollie and enjoy her vapid music – she’s all yours sweetie

      • Sandy

        Is that why Taylor won Entertainer Of The Year, Female Country Vocal, Best Country Video, Best Country Song, and International Artist awards last year at the “Country Music Association” awards show last year while Carrie won no solo awards? Last time I checked, the CMA is made up of ONLY Country artist members. :: eyeroll ::

    • april mae

      If you think Carrie isn’t selling albums you only know what Swifty fans think is their reality and it ain’t the real world sonny -over 7 million in the US for Carrie’s Some Hearts – the Country Album of the Decade- Carnival Ride over 3 million and Play On almost two million – at least Carrie doesn’t trip over her ego all the time like Taylor does – what a fake , asking her fans to vote for her all the time – Carrie never did that , ever – of course Carrie won’t sell a ton of albums like Taylor who remixes her songs for POP radio and scams her fans to sell more albums

      • Gideon

        Curly Sue, the facts are that Carrie is irrelevant out of the US and she can’t sell her albums en masse like Taylor. Taylor has already sold over 18 milllion worlwide with her 3 albums whereas Carrie has barely cleared 13 million with her 3 albums. Like I said, naive much? However you old folk are good at planting fan votes for her and that’s the only way she wins awards. She never gets the non fan voted awards that are important like the Grammys and CMAs. Reality bites doesn’t it? Yeah.

      • april mae

        That’s 13 million Carrie has sold only in the US – that’s not counting her worldwide stat

      • Gideon

        What I see from those numbers is just like what Tannith said above; that Carrie’s losing half her buying audience every time she puts out a new album. 7 mil for Some Hearts, 3 mil for Americann Girl (4 million less than Some Hearts), and 1.8 mil for Play On (5.2 million less than Some Hearts). By her next album she won’t even sell a million. Carrie’s doing a good job of chasing away her fans according to her shrinking sales for each album.

      • Gideon

        She DOESN’T have WW sales of any consequence. That’s the point. Without the WW sales, her US sales come in at Some Hearts (7,048,000) Carnival Ride (3,146,000) and Play On (1,828,000) = 12,022,000

      • april mae

        of course there will be less for Play On stupid – it was released two years later than Carnival Ride – duh!

      • april mae

        you were just saying Taylro has sold 18 million worldwide and I was saying Carrie has sold over 13 million in the US alone – Taylor goes POPpity pop pop pop when she tours – that’s why she gets the numbers worldwide her stuff is POP but I’ll say for Carrie being a country artist and not pimping her songs out to POP radio she’s selling pretty darn well for a country artist. Country artist don’t do as well overseas because they don’t know country music really

      • Gideon

        She’s not selling in volume any more Curly Sue. She losing sales by every album. You saw the figures. Are you illiterate?

      • Gideon

        The facts are that Carrie does not have a huge international audience and that’s why her albums “don’t sell well” overseas. Instead of having a spastic fit, why don’t you try to help her set up a “small” international unit. It might help benefit her needy cause. And you keep typing Taylro. Can’t you spell either? lol

      • Rhonda

        It’s obvious this dumb Carrie fan is stupid as dirt. Why are you even trying to have a decent conversation with her? Save your breath.

      • Gideon

        Whatever. Believe what you want april mae. The reality is that Taylor is creaming Carrie in all aspects except us fans aren’t crazy voters sitting there day and night voting for Taylor or in your case (Taylro). We give our support by buying her albums and going to her concerts. Have a good day daydreaming. I’m done.

      • Nancy

        With fans like april it’s no wonder Carrie is selling poorly.

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