Chris Brown completes domestic violence course

Chris Brown has completed the court-ordered course on domestic violence that he was required to take as part of his legal agreement after pleading guilty to assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. The singer proudly tweeted the news — ‘im done with class” — and included a photo of his Certificate of Completion. In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, “i have enough self respect and decency to be proud of accomplishing this DV class.. Boyz run from there mistakes.. Men learn from them!!!thx”

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  • Really?

    And does he want a cookie?

    • tyuj

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    • LIsa Simpson

      Now if this stupid n! gger would just disappear forever!!!!!

      • whtpplsux

        Sure but only if the stupid hill billy inbreed SERIAL WIFE BEATER Eminem could only go with him!

    • media

      No, he unlike Lindsey Lohan who will once again receive a slap on the wrist for her continued disregard for authority, is just showing his fans that he is trying and not making excuses! He knows that he will be ridiculed unlike Eminem who beat his wife Kim. Or Mickey Rourke who beat his wife Carrie Otis.

      • The Lohan factor

        OMG yes, I agree with you 100%! I am at a loss for words about Lohan. When is enough enough for her? Em beat his wife? Oh the “Love the Way You Lie” song that’s right! Wait, if Chris is evil then what does that make Em?

    • The Lohan factor

      This is it! I AM 100% in your corner kid! I just read that Lindsay Lohan just got a women fired from her job. Lohan who once again broke the law is being coddled by the media and her supporters. Chris Brown thank you for at least putting forth an effort! Keep your head held high young man. Damn what anyone has to say about you. Keep growing and making your fans proud!

  • Karate Pants

    Slow clap for Chris Brown completing his court-ordered class.
    How disappointing that he considers this a moment of pride.

  • Levi

    Good for you Chris. Hopefully you have truly changed by having to go through all of this. I wish you luck in the future.

    • whatevs

      Unlikely, I doubt the source of his anger has been addressed, which would be the real solution.

      • Keesha

        And you would know that how?

  • ash

    a real man would never hit a woman

    • LIsa Simpson

      Yeah only a c oon would!

      • stan

        Are you bitter because you missed the last Klan rally, LIsa?

  • BlackIrish4094

    Gee, that didn’t take long at all did it? Guess they had to get someone to break it down into small words for him.

  • Justin K

    He’s a dumbass.
    I wish somebody would’ve beat the mess out of him.

  • mae

    i don’t know why but i read that as charlie brown. man that would be a terrible special.

  • LIsa Simpson

    This n! gger may be done with Class, but he will never have any. Now just fade away, or better yet don’t duck when someone caps your @ss!!!!

    • Frank Reynolds

      you gotta pay the troll toll

      • lefty

        to get inside this boy’s…soul?

    • odie

      What is your problem???? What’s with the “n” and “c” words?

      • Laura

        Don’t feed the troll!

  • Crimson Kisses

    Yes, he was wrong for hitting her. It’s done and over with now. i hope he pulls himself back up and truly has learned something from this. The only thing I hold against him is that by hitting her I had to listen to/see more of her than I should have had to. It was honestly the best thing that could have happened to her career. Hate all you want for it but it’s the truth.

    • traceia

      AMEN!…LOL, RihTARD is the worse singer and so called dancer in history. I’m so glad that Beyonce and Lady Gaga along with Chris are releasing CD in 2011. Maybe we can hear true singers and get real dancing in the music industry again!

  • odie

    I hope that each person here has never ever made a mistake in their lives.

    • @odie

      Well I’ve never hit a woman.

    • obvious

      My mistakes are things like swearing or drinking alcohol, or listening to christmas music after christmas ends…not violently beating a living breathing human to a pulp and expecting a career after that.

      • traceia

        Eminem beat his wife and made songs about killing her yet he’s nominated for 10 Grammy awards. Sean Penn beat and raped superstar ex-wife Madonna and won an Oscar in 2009. Why were they “allowed” to have careers but a teenager who had 1 fight none prior or after, can’t now at 21 have a career? Somethings really wrong with that picture?

    • tim

      Good point Odie.

      Mr. Brown begins to make amends, improve himself and the racists come out with their computers. Here’s hoping none of you ever have to redeem yourselves.

      NOW if Mr. Brown could work on his grasp of the English language, please?

      • sarah

        Now, if Tim could only grasp the concept of punctuation…

    • sarah

      Only woman-beaters make statements like that, odie.

      • media

        Rihanna was the one who started the fight by beating on him first. Read he police report! His only true crime was in not allowing her to take responsibility for herself. He should have told the truth about her smacking him around in a VA airport. Ithe vid for that is online. She was the violent one in that relationship. Even a dog will bite you after it is attacked long enough!

      • traceia

        @media, yes I remember the national coalition for men’s report about that. He should have let her suffer for her part in that fight. This fool is talking about what real men don’t do well REAL WOMEN DON’T HIT MEN!

  • Greg

    Based on some of the comments in here I see some of you need some serious help! At least he got his, hiding behind a computer screen and typing how you truly feel inside isnt it! W hite people and a computer reveals alot . sad

    • kaykay

      why they gotta be white? plenty of other race baiters on here not all have to be white…in fact i think the opposite is true.

  • JayDub

    Let’s learn to spell if you are going to tweet. THEIR is the correct word and he seems less smart (can he really be LESS smart) now than before.

  • dipshat

    ‘Boys run from their mistakes. Men learn from their.’ Good line, but what does that make Chris?

    • dipshat

      Them. Thanks a lot Jay’readingyourcomentwhileimtyping’dub

    • Keesha

      Obviously that makes Chris a man. He seems to be taking his punishment seriously and he hasn’t gotten into trouble or violated his probation, unlike some other celebrities, like T.I. or Lindsey Lohan. I wish him the best, and I hope that continues to show that he is serious about learning from his mistakes.

      • traceia

        Or the ones they don’t punish like
        Eminem, Charlie Sheen, Mickey Rourke, Ben Rothlisberge etc. They abuse women at will with no remorse or consequences what so ever!

  • caroline

    So glad to see Chris trying to be a better person. That is more than a lot of other celebrities are doing. I wish him all the best and he can inspire other boys to not make the same mistakes.

  • media

    so if you support Chris Brown you cannot write a comment on this page?

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