Michael Jackson's posthumous 'Michael' debuts at No. 3

MICHAEL-COVERApparently, Michael Jackson’s posthumous album isn’t quite thrilling U.S. audiences. Despite finishing on top around the world in countries like Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, Michael debuted at No. 3 on U.S. charts, according to Reuters. The album has performed better even in Canada and Belgium, where it finished at No. 2. (It sits at No. 3 in Japan, and at No. 4 in Britain, France, and Denmark.)

Though Epic was anticipating a sales number nearing 400,000, Michael only sold 228,000 copies its first week. Music fans gobbled up 259,000 copies of Taylor Swift’s “Speak,” however, sending the young singer to No. 1 for the third week in a row. (Susan Boyle sits at No. 2 with The Gift, which picked up 254,000 copies.) More posthumous Michael Jackson albums and tracks are expected. See EW’s Michael album review.

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  • Derek

    This is Taylor’s 3rd “non consecutive week” at Number 1. She spent her debut and 2nd week at Number 1

    • Marc

      Taylor’s rise –
      1st week * 1,047,000
      2nd week * 320,000
      3rd week * 212,000
      4th week * 146,000
      5th week * 241,000
      6th week * 182,000
      7th week * 201,000
      8th week * 259,000

      Total after 8 weeks = 2,608,000 sold. Fastest selling album this year. Taylor rocks!

      • Cesar

        It’s actually kinda freaky that you know that.

      • Patrick

        The poster seems to be a devoted Taylor fan. What’s freaky is all the people saying chit about this artist and that artist without knowing the facts. Not a fan of either MJ or T Swift, but if I were to argue points, I’d like to come armed and guarded with actual facts rather than spewing incorrect info and get called on it.

      • Kent

        I come Armed and Dangerous with actual facts and I’m gonna dispel some of the crap that’s been posted on here by Jackson fans.

      • Kristina

        Taylor is set to repeat her #1 position next week too as 1 day sales indicate she’ll stay on top. Yay!

      • Marianne

        That’s Swiftastic! 4 weeks at Number 1, so only 7 more to tie FEARLESS and then she’ll have the longest running 2 decades in a row! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!

      • Brianne

        Those are excellent numbers for Taylor. Thanks for keeping track andn posting Marc.

      • Case

        Taylor rocks! Love her entire album

      • Rachel

        OMG my post should have posted here instead of the end. Wacky EW posting. As I was saying I think Taylor has a chance of passing her record held of 11 weeks at #1 if she can pass other albums that debut in the next month or so.

      • sade

        Actually it’s the 3rd best selling album of 2010, behind Eminem and lady Antebellum

      • Torrin

        Hold on a moment. Taylor’s album has been released only 2 months this week while Lady A’s album has been out since late January and Eminem’s “Recovery” is exactly 6 months old. Taylor is only behind Lady A by less than 400k copies and 600k behind Eminem’s album. It’s conceivable that Taylor will pass Lady A’s album in sales by the end of the year and will most likely pass Eminem’s album in sales by sometime in January. Taylor’s album is the fastest selling album this year.

      • Deniece

        Amazing sales for Taylor with only 2 months of release. Eminem didn’t even pass the 2 million mark until his 11th week of sales.

      • Lorna

        I can’t believe Taylor is outselling Christmas albums. Oustanding. I love her cd so much.

      • Marc

        Based on midweek sales reports and the expected flood of gift card redemptions over the weekend, please expect a greater than our usual margin for error, but here’s how next week’s chart looks as of this morning, with ” TAYLOR SWIFT ” the BIG WINNER of the holiday, though Rob Stringer’s Sony Music and Steve Barnett’s Team Columbia represent with four of the Top 5, while Nicki Minaj and Kid Rock are both holding up well:

        Taylor Swift (Big Machine) 300-325k
        Susan Boyle (Columbia) 225-250k
        Glee Cast Christmas (Columbia) 150-170k
        Jackie Evancho (Columbia) 130-140k
        Michael Jackson (Epic) 130-140k
        *Keyshia Cole (Geffen) 130-140k
        *Jamie Foxx (J/RMG) 125-135k
        Nicki Minaj (YM/Cash Money/Universal Motown) 125-135k
        Eminem (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 115-125k
        Kid Rock (Atlantic) 110-120k
        Rihanna (Def Jam/IDJ) 110-120k
        Jason Aldean (Broken Bow) 100-110k
        Josh Groban (Reprise) 100-110k
        Glee Cast Vol. 4 (Columbia) 100-110k
        Rascal Flatts (Big Machine) 100-110k
        Katy Perry (Capitol) 100-110k
        Justin Bieber Acoustic (Island/IDJ) 100-110k
        *Debuts (12/24a)

      • Anthony

        Whoa Taylor’s selling more each week going into Christmas. She’s kicking a$$ even with new albums debuting each week. Taylor rules woohoo!

      • Marianne

        I got Taylor’s album for Xmas! I love all the songs on it! Taylor created another winner again. Love you Taylor!

      • Charlotte

        Thanks for putting up the latest figures for this week Marc. It’s nice to see Taylor doing so well even after two months. I loved her Thanksgiving special. What a great present for her to be on top for Christmas and New Years! Merry Xmas all Tay Tay fans!

      • Lily

        Taylor is doing fantastic. Thanks for the info. Happy Holidays!

      • Bryan Andersson

        Great numbers for Taylor. Everybody was doubting her success for her junior effort saying she’d never surpass Fearless and she has sileneced them all. Another superior album from our Fearless Taylor!

      • Patsy

        SPEAK NOW was sold out at Target on Christmas eve. Hmm, I think some retail places underestimated and underordered. Hopefully, those patrons had the tenacity to purchase it elsewhere, although the deluxe is only available through Target.

      • Leland

        Target sells the deluxe version really well. There’s less of them than the original version. Taylor’s cd is excellent.

      • Sheila

        Taylor is selling exceptionally well and she will continue to do so in the New Year. She has a chance of catching and surpassing Fearless’ run of 11 non consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 list. More power to her.

      • Tanneth

        Taylor leads the pack. Talent does pay off when it’s genuine. Good going.

      • Maggie

        Great continual sales for Taylor into the holidays.

      • Clarence

        I thought Susan Boyle would sell right into the Christmas week. It’s amazing that Taylor’s selling power gets even stronger into the holidays. I think she’ll push past 3 million by the 31st.

      • Lori Loves

        His children will be happy and BBWMarriage was amazing

    • Amanda

      Awesome. Swifty is back at #1 where she belongs. Now that the holidays are over, she’ll be sitting comfortably in that top slot for a cool stay through Winter. “Back To December” is a great song.

      • sally sue

        I don’t get it, Taylor Swift, where is the talent? She does a good job, but come on get real…she is average.

      • ew

        Taylor Swift is great. Back to December is amazing song. Grammy worthy

      • Kristina

        I really love Back to December so sweet.

      • Lydia

        BTD is so awesome. She is such the artist when it’s her and the piano and nothing else. OMG I loved her special when she performed it in the park!

      • Brianne

        I think she will release “Better Than Revenge” in the Spring. Ooh I can’t wait!

      • Taryn

        I hope her 3rd single is “MEAN”, oh now that’s a bonafide hit and I can already imagine the video behind it.

      • Rachel

        OMG I want ENCHANTED for the next single. It’s simply fantastic!

      • Gideon

        I’d like “Sparks Fly” to be her next hit single.

      • Deniece

        “Mean” is my choice for next single.

      • Karl

        Mean should be her next country single. Her next single should be Enchanted. HOWEVER, on her deluxe version Mine and Back to December have US remixes, and they’re singles.

        Thus, following that trend, Story of Us would become the next single. Anyone agree?

      • Marjorie

        I am a dedicated Taylor fan, but I have to say that Story of Us is the “worst” cut on her album. I don’t think she should ever release that single. It has horrible mixing and the bass and mid section are completely muddy sounding. In my opinion, she’s trying to be Kelly Clarkson and it doesn’t sound good. I am completely entranced with every other single on Speak Now and even the additional ones on the deluxe version, but I just can’t stand Story of Us. OK, after my diatribe, I would like for her next single to be Enchanted. Oh dear I’m glad I got that off my chest.

      • Camellia

        I want “Ours” to be the next single from Taylor. Love it and it would make a good Springtime song.

      • Lysette

        It would be nice to see ENCHANTED become the next single from Taylor. I don’t care for Story of Us either just for the record.

      • Bryan Andersson

        Alright I see no one has mentioned this one so my choice would be “HAUNTED” for the next to drop. The orchestral accompaniment if totally awesome cool and brings a richness to her sound that wasn’t in her two previous albums. Absolutely love it.

      • Patsy

        Better Than Revenge for the next song to be released.

      • Christina

        Taylor has a co-writer on the majority of her songs. She doesn’t write by herself and her lyrics are still juvenile. Her singing sucks.

      • Leland

        Now now Ms. Aguilera, just because your last album tanked doesn’t mean you have to have a hissy fit about Taylor’s work. Better luck on your next album.

      • Mina

        ROTFLMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sheila

        I think she should release a double set of songs for Spring, “Better Than Revenge” for Pop and “Mean” for the Country audience. So many great selections to choose from in “Speak Now”, it’s freaking awesome.

      • Tanneth

        Definitely SPARKS FLY for the next song. MEAN just sticks in my mind too. Well ENCHANTED is a possibility. Oh but BETTER THAN REVENGE would do well in the Spring thru Summer months. Ah heck I can’t make up my mind lol.

      • Maggie

        Back To December is a warm and wonderful song and I hope she’ll release Haunted as her next single. Love the strings on that song.

      • Denny

        Mean is the next logical choice. I think she can POPularize the mix of Mean and it’d be killer cool.

      • Calliope

        I’m so glad that “Back to December” was the 2nd song because that’s what I hope for and now the 3rd single should be a song that has Springtime fun and bloom. Either “Sparks Fly” or “Mean” would be fab. Happy New Year everybody and God Bless!

      • Leanna

        Don’t worry your pretty little mind,
        People throw rocks at things that shine
        But they can’t take what’s OURS
        They can’t take what’s OURS
        The stakes are high, the water’s rough
        But this love is OURS.

      • Brynn Myerson

        Someday I’ll be livin’ in a big ol city, but all you’re ever gonna be is MEAN, yeah yeah! I love this one!

    • Vince

      Go Taylor!

      • I Reckon So

        Are you going to one of her sold out concerts? She rocks! Yep!

      • Taryn


      • Elena

        Yes, Taylor, please go…away. Seriously, I’m not shocked at her sales…she is a countryfied version of Britney Spears circa 1999. All surface, polish, image, but no talent. Sure, she plays instruments, but her writing skills are fifth-grade, dear-diary level, and her “singing” is non-existent.

      • Torrin

        Taylor isn’t going anywhere besides up. Other artists are struggling to sell their craft while she is selling hand over fist. She is selling the equivalent of what Michael did in his heyday. He didn’t even sell 25% of what Taylor did in her 1st week. He’s not the most popular any more. Sorry.

      • Marjorie

        Oh shut up Elena. Go write a full set of songs for an album by YOURSELF and then sing on stage with just a guitar before y’all pass judgment on Taylor.

      • Charlotte

        Oh ha I honed it right on the beacon light when I saw her name.

      • Lysette

        lol Taylor lights the way.

      • shell517nj

        torrin, lets not get carried away. taylor is selling no where near what mj sold in his heyday. not even close. good for her, for her acheivements. her music sells well in the US to a certain audience and she has great pr. personally I don’t understand why she is being compared to MJ at all. better comparison would be a country singer. so don’t push it. really. lol.

      • Bryan Andersson

        No one’s selling the numbers of decades past. That’s a ridiculous comment. You’re lucky if you can even debut with sales above 500k now. Leave that to the heavyweights like Taylor and the last to debut so high was back in 2005 50 Cent’s “Massacre” album. No one sells in huge volume anymore, not even MJ as witnessed this past week on his 228k debut.

    • Lessley

      Michael was never appreciated in the US as much as hes appreciated in other places. that’s a fact. and to be honest #3 is a GREAT spot for someone who isn’t even around to be on every single tv show and radio show to sell the album. before people start talking, tell me who has the best selling album of all time? exactly. he’s the greatest that ever lived – will ever live. his music is IMMORTAL.

      • Patrick

        One good album and everything else he’s done is less than satisfactory compared to Thriller. Is it better to have a catalog of great albums rather than to have just one big seller and the rest less than average compared to that big seller? Ah that is something left to be pondered.

      • Kent

        The Beatles and Elvis are BIGGER than Jackson when their entire body of work is tallied. As far as HOT 100 #1 hits, Jackson lags behind not only the aforementioned, but also behind Mariah Carey, who has 5 more than him. Beatles (20), Mariah (18), Elvis (17) and Jackson (13). As far as TOP ARTISTS in HOT 100 since the Rock Era began in 1955, Jackson places 7th running behind Elvis, Beatles, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, and barely edging out his sis Janet.

      • Diana

        His reputation in the U.S. was more severely damaged after the trial. The thing about Michael Jackson is – you can argue sales numbers and whether or not somebody else was actually a better singer or a better musician, but there was something about him and really connected with people. I don’t think every other #1 selling artist would bring the internet down if they died!

      • MJFan

        Well said Diana!!!

        Michael’s body of work is outstanding and his influence is far reaching. There’s more to this than just numbers, Kent. Michael is in the same league as all those you have mentioned. In some regards he exceeds those in your list because of being a multi-faceted performer in a way that the others you mentioned can’t even come close. Even if “Thriller” never happened, on the strength of “Off The Wall,” “Bad,” “Dangerous,” “History,” “Blood On The Dance Floor,” and even “Invincible,” Michael would easily have been regarded a very successful recording artist.

        He influenced singing, dancing, video, and stage performance in a way that none of the other artists you mentioned have ever done.

        There’s more to this than just numbers!

      • Muzik Journalist

        No matter which way you cut it, he’s still behind those 6 artists in 7th place on the HOT 100 Artists since 1955. Actually, I found him placed 8th. Janet is ahead of him in 7th place, so as of 2008, he’s #8 now. His singles all added together didn’t do as well as those other artists, so therefore his placement.

      • MJFan

        Muzik Journalist, the placing you mention maybe correct, but they don’t tell the whole story. The story of MJ’s artistic career can’t be summed up by what place he showed up in on the HOT 100 Artists. The way he has influenced the music industry can NOT be summed up by a number. All it does is diminsh his contribution. His contribution over the decades is significant. There is no denying that.

      • MJFan

        Muzik Journalist, also another proof of MJ’s continued relevance despite numbers on a chart is the money Sony paid to have the right release his songs. Earlier this year they agreed to pay $250 million dollars over 7 years to release several albums of unreleased material, this is the largest deal in music ever! Someone at Sony has a hell of a lot of confidence that they are going to make that money back and them some. You DON’T spend that kind of cash on someone that is not relevant. Also, I want to note that MJ still receives the highest royalty rate of any artist in the industry today.

      • shell517nj

        @patrick.. michael’s record of 800 million records sold worldwide speaks for itself. it includes 5 of michael’s albums each selling no less than 20 million copies each. so no need to belittle the facts about michael’s acheivement with his subsequent albums. they still all sold very well and his so called worse album sold 13 million copies. he continues to set the benchmark for the music industry. long live the king of pop!

      • Pegasus

        His latest isn’t speaking much now. 228,000 sold outta more than 1 million shipped in the USA. Kind of lousy specs. To ashes with the King of Flop! hahaha

      • Pegasus

        Taylor, on the other hand sold 4x + 135,000 his numbers the first week. Do you know math?

        1,047,000 is much > 228,000

      • Torrin

        If he was truly still relevant, he wouldn’t have only moved only 228k here in the US and a total amount of less than 800k worldwide when more than 3 million were sent everywhere. Relevancy is selling it week after week and maintaing your old fans as well as gaining new ones. From the looks of it, Michael has all but lost all of his prior admirers.

      • MJFan

        Relevancy is selling 3/4 of million concert tickets in less than a day in 2009, despite not touring on a new album. No one can match that!!!

      • Epiphany

        How relevant can you be when you’re 6 feet under? Give it a rest.

      • Toni

        Don’t worry Sally, anyone with any real music knowledge knows that Taylor is no match for MJ’s talent. She is a lovely girl and very sweet but when it comes to the talent she should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as Michael. Every single song Michael ever released is no less than perfection. Good luck to Taylor though, she herself is a great MJ fan.

      • Lysette

        Her songwriting is unparalleled at this point so she’s equal with MJ as far as they both received the Album of the Year honor and she wrote this most recent album of hers without the assistance of anybody else. That gives her an edge over Michael who never did an album without getting help from others. Just saying.

      • MJFan

        Lysette, there is more to being a successful artist than just the ability to write an entire album yourself. I applaud her for that, however, MJ is an all around artist and was the creative force behind each album. Songs didn’t get released until HE thought they were done. Whether he wrote them or not. He is also concidered exceptional in his ability to sing, dance, create video concepts and create live stage performances. Back to song writing, most of his biggest hits were songs that HE wrote. I’m sure you’ve heard of “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” to name just 2. There are many more if you would like me to list them….I will be happy to do so. I like Taylor, as do alot of people, certainly, but she does not have the sheer star power that Michael had. Not even close.

      • ConcernedSoul

        No one will ever compare to the genius that was Michael Jackson, he practically reinvented music/music videos and constantly broke barriers. Ugh and please, I can’t believe people are actually using Taylor whatsherface in the same sentence as Michael Effing Jackson.

      • Patrick’s Mom

        Your’re an idiot Patrick!

    • Corrina

      I have to give it to the Swifty fans. They have the uncanny ability to roll right thru the info about M Jackson and hone it on her name. It’s like radar or something. :)

      • Phinneas Bogsworth

        It’s called POP CULTURE explosion.

      • Torrin

        Her name lights up even when it’s buried in a boring non event story.

      • Karl

        Totally! haha… we’re rabid.

      • Marjorie

        Would you like to see my antennae? I have perfect frequency wavelength tuned to TS 24/7.

      • shell517nj

        I really don’t understand why she is being compared to MJ. its ridiculous really. lol.

      • Bryan Andersson

        Relax, this is the only opportunity that MJ will get carte blanche freebie advertising since Taylor’s linked to this post. No one’s comparing and everyone save a few rabid MJ fans are indifferent to the “actual” story in this post. It’ll blow over quickly enough and no one will remember this album in a few weeks.

      • Maggie

        I admit Taylor’s name is like homing beacon and I can spot it in a sea of thousand words.

      • Lysette’s a ugly name! XD

        Lysette is a mental person’s name… just saying.

    • Stephen

      Only reason MJ didn’t debut at #1 is because most fans know about the controversy, regarding the fake vocals on the album. His family isn’t trying to suck anybody dry because his brother Randy, and some of his nephews on Twitter have been telling people that some of the vocals are fake.

  • joblo

    Maybe the freaky-deaky cover had something to do with it. I wouldn’t put that in my shopping basket…

    • Loran

      The reason MJ can’t be on top because he can’t SPEAK NOW anymore. lol

      • yarddygirl

        he cant speak now, really, you dumb ass

      • Marjorie

        If he can’t speak now then his fans should FOREVER hold their peace and stop all this nonsense.

      • MJFan

        Marforie, the fact that he can’t speak for himself is the reason why fans have to speak for him, especially when he gets trash talked. I will do the same for Taylor when she gets trash talked. My only criticism of Taylor is that she needs to work on her singing. Other than that, I applaud her success so far and I applaud the way she has handled herself in public so far. She has been a good role model.

      • Leland

        Being a good role model is not why Taylor is selling her albums. They’re constructed very well and most all the hit songs she decides to release have catchy hooks and no matter how much you listen to them, you never get tired of hearing it again and again. Yeah sure, she’s a good role model, but her talent in writing hit songs is unequivocal.

      • Maggie

        She has definitely evolved from her debut to her current album. I love the progression and it’s like a long story unfolding each time she releases something new.

    • Xander

      I am not the kind of girl who should be barging in on a dark veil occasion, and you are not the kind of boy that should be playing with other boys! Speak Now or forever hold your piece MJ.

      • Pegasus

        hahahahaha. a subtle change of lyrics describes the ashen king of flop to a tee hehehe

      • Marjorie

        I think it’s completely morose and de clasé to connect Taylor’s song to him. Yikes.

      • Pegasus XD

        Pegasus?? That’s a dumb name! XD What are you, 5?

    • Marjorie Mom

      I should have swallowed.

  • Torrence5

    Derek – you are right on the three non-consecutive weeks for Taylor (Susan Boyle spent the last several weeks at #1) but am glad Taylor is ending the year on top.

    • Marc

      There’s 3 more weeks of listed tabulations before the year is over. The period between December 20-26 and the shortened week of 27-31st. Taylor could potentially end over 3 million sold by the 31st.

      • Marc

        Sorry. I meant 2 more weeks.

  • musicbooks

    interesting..how fast michael jackson lose his legacy in a short time. nobody cares mj anymore except for his diehard fans? maybe..

    • Weffie

      What a ridiculous statement. If it wasn’t a Christmas week, he could have easily been at #1. He topped lots of other top artists of the day.

      • Weffie

        And, he was still the #7 selling artist of the year. His legacy will never die. You can’t expect him to get #1 albums forever, especially considering he’s not here to promote it.

      • Tevin

        Actually, it’s “because” of the week before Christmas is why Michael sold so much. He’ll take a 60 to 70% plunge next week like all other titles the 2nd week out.

      • Aunt Sassy

        Weffie, put down the crack pipe. Christmas is what helps sell CD’s – because people are out there shopping for gifts. Get it dolt? The reason he didn’t debut at #1 is because the CD sucks just like the other recent CD’s he put out. Sorry, but anything past Bad (and even that is a stretch) was just GARBAGE. Sorry, peeps don’t support molesters (proven or not).

      • AcaseofGeo

        I’m shocked that, given the massive hysteria following his untimely death that his billions of fans didn’t unite and make the first week sales of this several million in the U.S. I wonder now really how many true fans he has. I’m not trying to insult him, but his fan base isn’t as rabid as they act like they are.

      • Anna

        Yeah no kidding, no one care? Well apparrenlty 228, 000 in the U.S. care. Not that mush less than Susan Boyle or Tayler swift.

      • Kent

        Boyle and Swift’s albums have been out nearly 2 months and Jackson’s album is new. It is a poor showing for him because it is a new album and due to the hype and all the pandering it got, should’ve gotten more sales. It’s underperformed even by his studio’s guestimation as they thought he would move at least 400k the first week.

      • Pegasus

        Epic failure on an Epic label. oh yeah.

    • beau

      MJ is doing well posthumously,MJ the experience game has sold over 1 millin copies in just a month of release as well as the Vision dvd.

      The album is not selling well because thousands of fans are boycotting it because of the fake vocals on some tracks.
      sony/estate failed to deliver a good product and the album deserves to fail,It’s a cut and paste job not MJ’s vision.

      • Anna

        I agree, the negative publicity over the possible fake vocals. That and the perfectist himself is no longer around to finish any project. Anything produced with his name will always be substandard, unfortunately.

      • MJFan

        Well said Beau. Those that don’t do their homework, and only look at the numbers miss the bigger story. The fans didn’t come in masses because they don’t believe Michael would have released this album. Also, many in the fan base feel that Sony, who earlier this year invested $250 Million dollars over 7 years for several albums worth of unreleased material, is responsible for his demise. Not the actualy overdose, but the years of battling and cheating that was going on by some Sony executives in regard to Michael Jackson. When you finally do your research, you will learn that Michael was able to get himself released from his contract with Sony because of a conflict-of-interest by one of his attorneys who he subsequently found out was also working for Sony. Michael never wanted to work for Sony again. He protested them loudly and very publically during his life. The fan base doesn’t forget this.

      • MJFan

        Taylor Swift has her talents, but singing is NOT one of them. Listen to her live and you’ll understand what I mean! Without studio tools to enhance her voice, she’s nothing. Her pleasant voice is a studio creation. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, was considered a prodigy for his vocal gifts when he was a child. He was able to express songs in a way that was far beyond his years. Read old Rolling Stone reviews to get an idea of what music writers thought of his abilities then. They were literally blown away!! He fully retained that vocal ability into his adult years. He is also acknowledged as a gifted song writer. He wrote and arranged many of his own songs throughout his adult career. His most iconic song, “Billie Jean,” is HIS composition, HIS creation. Taylor Swift writes pleasant songs, but they’re not iconic, they will NOT define a generation in the way MJ’s songs did.

        Please do your homework and stop judging MJ based on numbers alone!!

        The idea of dismissing him because he didn’t repeat “Thriller’s” success is also a waste of time. He would have been concidered a very successful recording artist without “Thriller.”

      • Dina

        If MJ was so great, how come his billions of fans didn’t vote him Artist of the Year at the AMAs last year? Guess who took home 5 AMAs including the Artist of the Year beating out MJ? That’s right.

        Taylor Swift. So much for his so called fanbase.

      • MJFan

        You miss the point Dina. MJ was nominated after not having a new album in 8 years. Not to mention he had died. How many artists in the history of the AMA’s have been nominated with the amount of enthusiasm that was shown toward MJ??? NONE!!! Yes, he did not win, but the very fact that we’re still talking about today tells me, that in a sense, he did win. You know what, I can say with confidence that Taylor herself would have voted for him!!

      • Brandon

        I don’t think Dina missed the point at all. The fact is that Michael is supposed to have so many ardent fans, but yet they didn’t turn out when voting for him as Artist Of The Year at the American Music Awards and it would seem they’ve deserted him in sales of his newest album also because he didn’t even sell 1/4th of his shipping amount of more than 1,000,000 here in the United States. The fact that he’s gone is why he even sold this amount. If he were still here, he would’ve even sold less. He was great in his time, but he’s not a viable artist anymore. All artists grow old and become has beens. It happens sooner or later.

      • MJFan

        Brandon, I beg to differ with you. How many has-been artists sell 850,000 tickets in less than a day? Michael’s O2 concerts were sold out, and there were 250,000 more people waiting in the on-line cue to buy tickets that had to be turned away. Yes, Michael’s best days were behind him, but he was still recording and he was no has-been, at least not to over 1 million fans who were ready to spend a lot of money to see him perform his classics. Pretty good for a “has-been,” don’t you think?

      • Pegasus

        The ashen ped qualifies as the King of Flop has been now. The paltry sales prove it beyond doubt oh yeah.

      • MJFan

        Pegasus, your comment is foolish and it shows your ignorance.

    • Alex

      LOL.You hurt our feelings now kid

      • Natalie

        @Alex: That was a stupid comeback.

    • Cathy

      Michael’s legacy isn’t going away anytime soon. For sure he’ll be remembered in 50 years. I’m gonna guess that in that same amount of time, Taylor Swift (who does have a lovely voice) will be long forgotten.

      • Petra

        You’re sorely mistaken. Taylor has already made historic achievements in her short 4 year career:

        Youngest Album of the Year winner at all the award shows and the only Country solo artist to ever win the Grammy award for Album of the Year.
        Youngest Songwriter of The Year winner.
        One of only 5 women that has debuted with first week sales over a million.
        First Country artist to win a VMA.
        Digital download Artist of All Time.
        Most Top 10 Debuts in HOT 100 by a Female Vocalist surpassing even Mariah Carey’s record.
        Most debuts in the TOP 20 from one Album and Most listed songs ALL at the same time in HOT 100 (11).
        – – –

        These are ONLY a small list of historic accomplishments. To say that she will be forgotten is a total understatement.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Lets not compare MJ to TS. Of course he will have a legacy in 50 years, given that we are already 25 years post=Thriller. I wouldn’t count Taylor Swift out. She’s had an extreme impact already, she’s not a flash in the pan, and she’s very savvy for a young person. Some of her songs (Teardrops on My Guitar, You Should Be Mine) already border on iconic.

      • Patrick

        So in essence, both artists have made bookmarks in their careers. T Swift has made her mark with a list of achievements that MJ never achieved and MJ has done some things in his career that T Swift has not yet achieved. You can’t compare artists this far apart in age. MJ’s been in music since the 60s amassing 45 years of work, while the upstart T Swift has only been doing it for a couple of years. It would be interesting to see what she does for the next 40 years.

      • Preeti

        border on iconic? I really don’t think so. Taylor Swift is a great artist..but mostly people who enjoy country listen to her. MJ’s music is listened by everyone..no matter what genre they like, and even a person who doesn’t speak english understands and listens to his music. He is known all over the world, even in the smallest of countries. To compare T Swift to Michael is a horrible argument, seeing how iconic of an Artist MJ is and always will be. Sorry, but no one will EVER touch him. His music healed people. and no artist today or ever to come can do that.

      • Kent

        Wrong. According to his chart performance on the HOT 100, he is ranked only 7th. Elvis, Beatles, Elton John, Mariah, Madonna, and Stevie Wonder are ALL AHEAD of him.

      • ruta

        Taylor Swift is NOT the only country solo artist to ever win the Grammy for Album of the Year. In 1968 or 69 GLEN CAMPBELL won the first Album of the Year award for a country artist with an album featuring the song “By the Time I Get To Phoenix” which caused him to become a huge star in the ’70’s.

      • Brianne

        She’s the only female Country solo artist to ever win it. Is that better?

      • Karl

        Taylor Swift won’t be forgotten. Lady Gaga won’t be forgotten.

        Now, Kesha. Justin Bieber. THOSE people will be forgotten.

      • Lysette

        I don’t like the fighting here. I’m gone. Merry Christmas all.

      • Bryan Andersson

        I totally agree with Karl.

      • Maggie

        I’m in awe of her success in such a short amount of time. She’s really a prodigy growing into something even more than that. I am really looking forward to see the timeline of her career develop. She has so many opportunities that are open for her.

    • ivica


    • RandomKid

      You’re an idiot.

      This album was number one worldwide in more countries than Taylor or Susan.

      Michael Jackson has always sold more worldwide than in the US.

      • Pegasus

        Taylor’s album is just getting started and so is Susan’s album. Last year, Susan’s first album has already sold over 9 million worldwide and Taylor’s Fearless has sold over 10 million worldwide. The ashen ped won’t even come close to a third of either women’s numbers when the final tally ends. Future releases will prove to be even disastrous. He’s gone and so are the sales of his yesteryears.

    • Toni

      Yeah – is that why Sony pay top dollar for rights to release his work. I wonder, if Taylor and Michael stood side by side which would draw the larger crowd? Taylor Swift fans seem to delight in the fact Michael has passed away. That is the only way their beloved can top the charts.

  • Josephine

    I really like the album a lot.I feel as though people in the U.S are not giving it the time of day. Plus the U.S isn’t even giving the songs air time. Come on America!!But again its still doing a lot better then other artists are!!

    • Aunt Sassy

      Yawn. Sorry Josephine, the CD sux.

      • Jasmine

        What do you know? It still better than TS boring singing.

      • Brianne

        According to sales, it seems the boring one is not Taylor.

      • Karl

        Taylor Swift songs aren’t boring. They’re really well-written, with killer bridges. I’ve never met a Swift-penned bridge i didn’t like.

      • Leland

        Agreed with that comment Karl. She knows how to hook her listeners for sure.

    • Anna

      I like it too Josephine, it’s certainly better than anything else out there, lol!

    • Jasmine

      The US is all about a hit single. ”Hold My Hand” is okay, but it;s more like an Akon song. Sony should’ve released a better song like ”Behind The Mask” promote it well and when it goes #1 on the chart, they release the album. That would give it a bigger push.

      • MJFan

        I think “Hold My Hand” is actually a beautiful song, but I agree with you Jasmine, “Behind the Mask” should have been promoted heavily and then release the album. You are right.

  • Weffie

    It’s still a good showing by MJ – right up there with other top artists. Hard to beat the TS marketing machine.

    • AcaseofGeo

      Given the massive worldwide hysteria over his untimely death, I’d say he had a better marketing machine than anyone since Jesus.

      • Diana

        The worldwide hysteria was spontaneous response to the news of his death! And I hate talking about artists as if music was a competitive sport!

    • Kent

      Hard to beat TS market machine you jest? How’s this? >>>>>>>>>

      On Friday, December 10, 2010, a 29,070 square foot poster depicting the Michael album artwork was erected at the Rectory Farm in Middlesex, England, which broke a Guinness World Record for the largest poster in the world.

      <<<<<<<< That sounds like gargantuan marketing.

      • Brianne

        Taylor would look so much better on that huge poster.

      • Pegasus

        hahahaha. I bet that huge poster of him scared quite a few innocent children.

  • Melinda

    Maybe some people feel this album was inappropriate considering Michael didn’t really get to approve what was being released…

    • Anna

      I definatley feel that’s part of it, I know I felt funny buying it. Then I thought about the state of the estate, wanting his children to have a secure future since there lives will be tough anyway. Also wanting to see his music relevent to a new younger generation of fans, but I know not everyone sees it that way.

  • Candy

    LoL since when americans had good taste when it came to music??

    Swift can’t sell a thousand copy outside her hillybilly country :D

    And lol no dear, mj has sold 3 million copies globally! In a week!

    His legacy is not dying. Its ur brain that has been dead long time ago : D

    • Jaden

      That’s wrong info. Swift has sold approximately near 14 million domestically of her 3 albums and adding worldwide sales to the figure, that expands to near 20 million albums sold after only 3 albums and her current album is still selling enormously.

    • Kent

      Hey Candy ****** NEWSFLASH ******

      MICHAEL ”’ SHIPPED ”’ 3 million units all over the world. He did NOT SELL 3 MILLION. >>>>>>>>

      The album debuted at number one in Germany, selling 85,000 copies in its first week. The album also debuted at number one in Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden. In the US, Michael debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of of 228,000 copies. In the United Kingdom, Michael debuted at number four selling 113,000 copies in its first week. The album debuted at number five in France, with first-week sales of 26,689 copies. In Denmark, the album debuted at number four selling 4,936 copies in its first week.


      From these ACTUAL SOLD numbers, they don’t add up to 3 million. RIAA certifies SHIPPED units. SOUNDSCAN tracks actual SALES.

      • RandomKid


        RIAA only does US sales.

        Newsflash! Those aren’t the only countries in which the album charted.

        NEWSFLASH! When the numbers come in from how much he sold in downloads, it will be much more.


        MJ’s album has been deemed the top selling global album of 2010.. in just ONE WEEK.!

        NEWSFLASH! He ain’t going nowhere.

      • Corky

        I can understand the numbers. MJ fans are more delusional than KW fans. He didn’t sell 3 million. Sony just distributed 3 million.

      • Pegasus

        He won’t even reach the actual 3 million sold when the final tally is reached after a year. Only fans grasping for the ped of years past are buying it the first week and the rude awakening of a 2nd week plunge is imminent. Boom!

    • maria

      thanks Candy you are spot on with yr comment MJ will never die in our lives L.O.V.E

  • Georgina

    It’s so weird that he’s had such a surge in sales “after” he passed as he wasn’t selling well at all during the last couple of years before his passing.

    • Preston

      It was almost like Thriller-era 1983 the way that Michael Jackson had a surge in sales last year after he passed. I think that the new Michael album will sell well, but not like that insane 3 week period after his death when his CDs were flying and selling off the rack before Sony and other labels reissued more of his product.

      • Marian

        Speculation on buying product thinking it may be worth something in the future as a momento. Kinda morbid if ya ask me….. benefitting from someone’s demise.

      • MJFan

        Yes, Marian. That’s what many in MJ’s fan base feel Sony is doing to Michael Jackson. They are benefiting from his demise, or at least attempting to. Sony loves the fact that MJ is worth more dead than alive. In life they saw him as a nuisance. In death they see him as a potential gold mine, especially abroad where his fan base is strongest, and objections to Sony is weakest. In life, Michael saw Sony as crooked. MJ lived it. He understood the game Sony was playing and many in the U.S. fan base don’t want to play along with Sony.

    • friend

      Uh, he didn’t relese anything in the last 8yrs of his life.

      Invincible sold 12 million copies at a time when the bestselling album did comparable in sales due to downloading.

      You know when Elvis albums are released and they don’t debut at number one there are no articles like this one debating whether he is still the King of Rock and Roll. Hmmmmm.

      • Torrin

        That’s a bunch of baloney. Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears sold a lot more of their albums during that same stretch of time compared to his “Invincible”, and they can’t sell their albums like that period now either. Michael is no different in that he can only sell what the market is asking for nowadays. Selling 100k nowadays is the equivalent of selling many times more just a decade ago. Elvis is the King of Rock ‘n Roll not Michael.

      • Natalie

        MJ’s The King of Pop NOT Rock N Roll DUMBASS!

      • Natalie

        MJ’s The King of Pop NOT Rock N Roll RETARD!

  • RL

    If you buy Jackson’s cd at Target you also get boys underpants half off.

    • Miems

      RL? Your stuff is overrated and stinky nerd socialite material. Ralph Lauren Polo. Bleahyuck!

    • yarddygirl

      RL you suck

    • Jacqueline Neeley

      Wow, the jealously continues, low IQ’s and it shows. If you don’t know the facts, don’t say or write it if you can’t prove it. The USA turned their back on the greatest humanitarian and entertainer of all time. For you idiots out there, get out a dictionary and look it up, it will have Michael Jackson’s name listed under the word Perfection! Shamone! Guess what? Nothing has changed, hater’s are still haten’. Michael has millions of fans around the Planet and it don’t matter if their black or white. No one else on earth can say that, no one. If you say Michael’s name in any part of the world, they know exactly who you’re talking about. It’s all for Love, L.O.V.E. We love you more Michael! RIP+MJJ Chunkin’ the duce! Peace Out!

  • Preston

    I’m pleased that Michael’s album sold 228,000 its first week. That shows that there were people interested and ready to hear it. He doesn’t always have to debut at No. 1 every time. The competition is just heavier now with Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and several others.

    • Miems

      K West? His critically revered album didn’t even make it into the Top 20 this week. 3 weeks out and it’s already on the skids downwards like his career.

      • CB

        Yeah. No kidding.

        EW hypes Kanye West to death, but can’t be bothered to “report” that his new album is his worst seller.

      • Brenda

        At least he has all those useless critics praising his arse up and down that he has the album of the year. They omitted one word though, “worst” of the bunch. Hell will freeze over before he gets acknowledgment and wins for his crappy nightmarish offering at the grammys amas etc.

      • Pegasus

        The King of Flop ashen ped will do even much worse than Kanye. Just wait a month to see the plunge! I guestimate he won’t even be in the Top 30.

  • beau

    Fans are boycotting the album because of the fake cascio tracks on it.Am so happy it didnt top the charts,this is the 1st MJ album my friends and I would not buy,when you buy a MJ album you’ld want to listen to MJ not a soundalike.

    hope it dies fast on the charts,the album does not deserve 228,000 copies sold.

    • shell517nj

      beau, don’t believe everything you read. purchase the album and listen for yourself it is michael and also a very nice album. some didn’t want the album to do well and started that ridiculous rumor. anyway i went to pick up 3 copies today as a gift for christmas and target was sold out of the mj vision” and “michael” albums. I went to best buy where they matched the price.

  • Alessandra

    I’m not surprised that Michael is in third place in the United States.
    Unfortunately this country has not learned to be proud of its illustrious son, but the rest of the world loves Michael.

  • Marian

    ” More posthumous albums and tracks from Jackson are expected. Read EW’s review of Michael here ”

    -???- Ummm, I think this goes to show that the longer the time passes, there will be less interest in buying his albums. I guess his estate wants to suck every last bit of energy from him before everything grows cold.

  • Preston

    I think that Will.i.am’s controversial comments that Michael Jackson’s album shouldn’t have been released might have hurt the album’s chances to sell more. Even though he’s entitled to his opinion, it’s out there now and there’s a music buying public that wants to hear it.

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