Chris Brown launches into homophobic Twitter feud with former B2K member Raz-B

Chris-Brown-Raz-BImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Koi Sojer/PR Photos Chris Brown launched into a profanity-laced Twitter feud for several hours today with former B2K member De’Mario Thornton — a.k.a. Raz-B — in which both Brown and Thornton employed homophobic slurs and taunts. The exchange began after Thornton tweeted, using the Twitter handles for, respectively, Eric Benet, Brown, Halle Berry, and Rihanna, “I’m just sittin here Thinking how can n—-s like @ebenet & @ChrisBrown disrespect women as Intelligent as @HalleBerry11 [and] @Rihanna.” Brown quickly tweeted in response, “@razb2k, n—- you want attention! Grow up n—-!!! D— in da booty a– lil boy,” and followed up with several tweets taunting Thornton over his accusations that he was molested by his ex-manager and one of his former group mates. Thornton replied by accusing Brown of being on the down-low (i.e. in the closet).

By the end, both Brown and Thornton had apologized for using homophobic slurs and appeared to have moved on to tweet another day. It was all a masterful display of debate at its finest.

More: Chris Brown apologizes for homophobic Twitter tirade, sort of: Are you convinced?

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  • Lizzie

    Oh Chris Brown, just when people get over your douchetasticness you bring us right back.

    • Brett

      My thoughts exactly. I had been a follower of his on Twitter prior to the Rihanna incident, but deleted him (and her) after that. I just followed him back last week and BAM he gives me another reason to unfollow.

      To be honest, neither side made great arguments. However, I found it odd that Brown didn’t even reply with what they were talking about i.e. that he beats women. He didn’t even acknowledge that.

      • tiffany

        That’s the dumbest thing that I heard. “CB didn’t even reply with what they were tlkng about i.e he beats women.” 1 He beat 1. woman…doesn’t make it right but he was defending himself. The incident is almost 2 yrs old. Why would Raz B bring it up now? Like for real. He got what he deserve. Now everybody act like it’s a prob to talk about gays. Really! Homophobic? Well I guess the Bible/GOD is homophobic too b/c it speaks against gays as well. This world is crazy.

      • tiffany

        I meant he was defending himself in the raz b case not Rihanna. Let me just make that clear.

      • freddy

        This is basically a non-issue except for the fact that the author of this article is gay himself and took exception to what those two were saying. I’m afraid what was exchanged on twinker was just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, Mr. Author. Do you honestly think people don’t use the n-word or chastise homosexuals in private? Think again …

      • James S.

        Tiffany, no one’s interested in your god or your bible. Like for real.

      • Naomi.

        why would you stop following him?
        he was just taking up for his self.
        raz b started it trying to get attention&fame anyway he can.if he wanna get at rihanna then he shouldve went abt it a diffrent way then bringing chris name in anything to do with her.why everyone getting at chris when he was just replying to what raz startedd ? smh .

      • Mike

        Tiffany first of all, there are more Muslims than Christians and they don’t care about the bible, though they might just be a little more homophobic. 2. The bible says a lot of things, like one can stone his wife if she doesn’t go to church on Sunday (Old testament). The bible subjugates women, too, so I guess Chris Brown is just more Christian than most of us. I’m guessing your black, judging by the way you type and evangelicalism. I’ve been to a few black churches with some friends, and the amount of brainwashing is amazing. At least it’s not fascist, but it sure adds to the ignorance of America.

      • Liza

        Yes, the bible and God are homophobic and sexist and biased in many ways. That is why any intelligent person would agree the bible is full of crap and should be ignored at all costs.
        Also, Chris Brown will never fully admit that what he did to Rihanna was wrong. He acts like he’s so pious now but he’s still a woman beater to me, even if was just 1 woman. 1 is enough for me to despise him.

      • hc

        Marry me, Liza.

      • Lucy

        can we all say anger management issues again!!!

      • Hobbes

        @Mike – If you are going to try and use the Bible to make arguments, you might want to know a little bit about it first. The Old Testament has no mention of church as it was established in the New Testament after the resurrection of Jesus. The book of Acts is about the establishment and growth of the church. The Old Testament law calls for the observance of the Sabbath, which is observed by Jews on Saturday. It is obvious you have never read any of the passages you think you are referencing. Just passing on wrong information you heard from some other individual with an anti-faith axe to grind.

      • Jason

        @Tiffany – are you seriously implying that any man that hits a woman is most likely a one-time offender? Look at Chris Brown, and then size up Rhiana – defending himself? Are you really that dense? If a lion eats a rabbit, was the Lion defending himself? As for what the Bible speaks to – if you are using the bible to condone bigotry and hatred, then you are the furthest thing from a Christian that can exist. Calling yourself a Christian, and actually living a Christian existance are very different things. You have no possible idea of what it means to be a Christian, or just an overall decent human being. You have no authority over your own life, let alone enough authority over someone elses to pass judgement on them. You are the text book definition of a Religious Hypocrite. Religion, thanks to people like Tiffany, no longer has anything to do with spirituality.

      • m

        @Tiffany- God and the bible aren’t homophobic, because God didn’t write the Bible. Man did, and the men who wrote it brought their own agendas and prejudices into their writing. I’m not anti-God, I’m sort of Catholic, but I take these things with a grain of salt- some of the lessons in the Bible are useful for today (ie. the 10 Commandments), and some are impractical at best and illegal or immoral at worst. I wish “religious” people would stop using the Bible to justify their hate for gay people- it makes us all look bad and ignorant. Maybe instead concentrate on the parts where it talks about not judging other people and loving your neighbor?

      • RICH

        Jehovah you are still THE MOST HIGH! You people are willing to dismiss the God of heaven, using such words to simply justify anything you wish to do here on earth….good luck at judgement!

      • Jehovah is THE MOST HIGH!

        Well, tell Jehovah to quit bogarting the gosh-darned spliff then!!!

      • Carla

        Woman beaters never respond to those accusations. They think they are justified, so all they give are excuses.

      • gk

        tiffany, you do know that the bible/god was also misogynistic, right?

    • Shannon

      I wasn’t over it.

      • Svetlana

        Ditto, Shannon

      • H

        Agree with Shannon!

      • allie


      • Tarc

        Nah, not over it. Once a beater, always a beater. And if misogyny is OK with Brown, homophobia is assured. Could that jerk just blow away?

      • WednesdayNews

        Chris Brown has lived 8000 nights and hurt someone 1 night. He has not attacked anyone or commited any crimes for two years. Once a beater is not true. He’s dated girls and been cheated on (one with Rob Kardashian) and he didn’t fight them. He’s ignorant about gay issues but he’s not AFRAID of them, i e homophobic (FEAR of gay).

        Now Charlie Sheen, TI, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan are the repeat offenders one should not be “over” yet.

      • Tarc

        Yeah, you just keep on believing that, WednesdayNews. And you might want a dictionary to look up the definitiion of homophobia. his inherent homophobia was blatant in this exchange. No excuses.

      • WednesdayNews

        Tarc, I didn’t offer an “excuse”. You can search “Are gay jokes, homophobic to be clear. He didn’t say he didn’t like Raz B because he was gay, he said Raz B was unlikeable and gay. Which is ignorant because it makes gay a bad thing when Chris Brown’s dancers,writers, friends and producers are gay and he wouldn’t make fun of how they have sex. Homophobia is the fear and hatred of homosexuals. Literally it is for fear of homosexual but generally it has been used for negative attitudes towards gay for being gay such as aversion and contempt.

        Please look up “inherent”, and explain how his statements are permanent.

      • Sam Puckett

        i still love that bubble gum commercial and Rhiana is annoying

      • Kalie

        Why should we be over a guy sending his girlfriend to the hospital? He’ll never be okay in my book. The guy is a creep.

      • jr

        chris brown is a stupid waste & the fact that that floppy haired moron justin beiber is releasing a single with him makes me sick cause it’s only going to bring in money for the woman beater (which means he’ll be around for a little longer…help us all)

      • Tarc

        Blah, blah, blah, Wednesdaynews. The comments are bigoted, the language is bigoted, and the intent was bigoted – and the entire rant was homophobic by any definition. Get real. And inherent, just like Brown’s obvious inability to control his temper. Considering the potential costs of such outbursts, it’s likely pathological.

      • Rob


        You may say what you want in private but I’ll publicly say, your a dumbass.

      • StewyFan

        Neither am I.

    • Lonny

      These are seperate incidents of a verbal and physical tirade. And if his anger has gone from psychcal to verbal that is progress. Not to make excuses for him but he grew up with abuse and has a lot of unresovled issues from WHEN HE was a victim. It’s not something you get over because you have a 21st birthday making you an adult.

    • steph

      I love that this is the first comment.

    • QS

      @Everyone who replied to Tiffany about the Biblical nature of her comments, esp Liza: Intelligent people do not ignore the Bible at all cost, the cultivate the proper arguments to go along with their religious belief. They do not just bring up the Bible when it suits them, and they have well thought out logical arguments to support their positions. Although it is a religious book, the Bible is also a book of history and cultural practices. So while some things can NOT be applicable to our society today such as “don’t build a parapet around your home” (Old Testament) some things such as “keeping the Sabbath holy” and hating the sin not the sinner are more appropriate.

      It is repugnant that people can’t seem to bring Christianity/Bible into the situation without making us all seem like idiots. I just wanted to make it clear that it is possible to be a believer and also not be a fanatic or unintelligent poster.

      • Lawlz

        Amen. Like seriously it’s so ignorant and rude of people to mock religions. I’m Christian and I do agree that the bible may seem sexist and certain ideologies I don’t completely agree with but unless you have read the entire bible and understood what was going on and actually tried to comprehend it’s teachings, who are you to judge? You say the bible is full of crap. What do you know about it considering you haven’t even touched a bible? You’re no different than the people who claim all Muslims are terrorists which is the most ridiculous and unintelligent claim I have ever heard. What Chris brown did and does has nothin to do with religion so please stop using or mocking religion to back up your accusation. Any intelligent person would agree.

      • Me

        why do people like you, Lawlz, get so riled up when your precious book of fairy tales gets insulted? Do you know who wrote it? A mere man.. not some holy entity living in the clouds somewhere.

        I guess if I wrote a book listing all my likes and dislikes and what I think should happen to people I don’t particularly like and got enough people to agree with me, would you be so amped to support my beliefs?

        This is no different… a man wrote that book centuries ago when everyone thought the earth was flat and eating shell-fish was a sin.

        The rest of the world has moved on… except of course the christ-fascist who think they’re better than everyone else who isn’t them.

    • smartass

      Why are these ghetto rats making more money than me? I can’t frickin’ stand it anymore – they’ve ruined the music biz for me and have confirmed that they are just not to the level of civility that we should all be. Shame on anyone who supports their crap.

      • Furious Styles

        smartass, you are truly a dumbass!!You’re not making money because you have no marketable talents. Get a skill, cultivate a talent then you too can make money like those so-called “ghetto rats” You stupid ****!

    • Truce?

      Alright, come on people you act like this is the first time you heard of a famous male in Hollywood beating on a woman. I know what he did wasn’t right but give him a break. He is turning his life around and so has rihanna. Give it up.

    • Fausaga

      very true Lizzie!

    • ZRob

      Well-put. Guy’s a trainwreck waiting to happen.

  • FromChicago

    There are some people who don’t need to have a Twitter account. Chris should do like Olberman and ditch the twitter.

    Honestly, that twitter stuff will get somebody hurt.

    • FromChicago

      Wasn’t the Tweet that got Chris in trouble with Rhihanna? Or was it a text message….in any case, I’m old enough to remember when people just got on the phone and wrote messages when they wanted to “feud”….these twits are dangerous.

      • Carrie #2

        Good point haha, but no, it was a text message I’m pretty sure!

  • hottie


    • leavechrisalone

      Thank you.

      I bet if chris didn’t repply he would be called a coward by some of these haters

      • etm

        Oh no! What would this world come to if Chris Brown was called a coward by “haters”?! Give me a break. Twitter is so stupid. A little mystery never hurt anyone (unlike Chris Brown…)

      • Miss Talk

        Oh please give this young man an effing break , he’s only 21. The other guy – who is 25 btw -referred to him by TWEETING to his address, which was indeed disrespectful, considering they know each other. And that idiot was tweeting to Rihanna like crazy, what’s up with that? I don’t care if he has been molested, everybody has urged him to get some counselling since a couple of months now, he’s just an annoying weirdo.
        At this point, those who have forgiven Chris Brown don’t really care. Those who have not forgiven him can keep on hating because they think they’re better than him. In the middle of the whole situation, Twitter, black and white media&blogs are taking advantage of the controversy.
        I would like to see some Z-lister disrespecting Charlie Sheen or Sean Penn or even Kanye West the same way. We all know we won’t have the same kind of comments around here.
        Nobody is a saint around here, why should Chris Brown be one? I’m tired of all those people judging others behind their computers. Let him breathe. If you don’t like him, you shouldn’t care about him but surprise: you actually do. How ironic!

      • Tuni

        @Miss Talk

        Thank you. I agree with you 100%

      • Liza

        I seriously can’t believe someone would make it seem like RazB was the wrong one because he was molested and should get counseling but hasn’t. He was clearly the victim in that situation, was it his fault he was taken advantage of? But, somehow Chris Brown beating someone should be forgiven? I feel much more sympathy for Raz and I agree with what he said in the first place. Screw those guys who treat fine smart talented woman like dirt. They should got to hell.

    • rae

      THANK YOU!!!

    • Josh

      He could have been the better person and commented with a level head. He instead resorted to petty words and empty phrases when he could have written like a mature adult.

  • Chiquita

    Im a fan of chris brown and i was on twitter when it happened and raz b started the whole thing first, chris brown was defending him self, and those comments to raz b was to raz b and not gay people, he never said nothing about he hated gay people, the media always blowing stuff up, and didnt even say nothing about raz b being the blame

    • LK

      “he never said nothing about he hated gay people” when you use the terminology that he did in such a way then youre in a way hating on gay people.

    • Karate Pants

      Look everyone, it’s Chris Brown’s very last fan.

    • Josh

      Applying negative connotations to gay people and using the ways in which individuals express their sexuality as an insult IS “hating” on gay people.

  • mike

    Whoooo cares?

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Agreed, a has-been woman-beater and a never-was acting exactly as idiotically as anyone would expect. Snore.

    • Hanna

      smartest comment thus far.

  • Dee


  • sarah

    chris brown, you are a scary sick man. you paid your time, but you are never recovered from angermanagement. anyone that has no boundaries as to hit and beat a woman, a FAMOUS woman, cannot ever, ever be a real man….you will soon go away in the entertainment world. Get a job where we dont ever have to hear or see you again….once able to abuse, any girl that pisses you off will be abused. you do not belong

    • MissVampireDiaries

      Go shoot yourself Sarah.

      • sarah

        at missvamp…..nah i am happy and don’t care if you disagree….you, however, continue to idealize this type of person, you will probably end up shot….I however, have a loving and respectful, soldier, fighting for our country and takes care of me and our children…so my point is I admire real men….not girl beaters. you want a black eye, keep picking and admiring losers.

      • H

        Very mature, Missvampirediaries.

      • wendy

        @sarah did u miss something… chris brown didn’t start this soo how is he sick if u truly love ur soldier,can u stick to writing him letters cuz if u dnt like chris brown y read something ab him full stop there are ppl hu r bad and ppl hu make mistakes if u cant learn 2 forgive and give him a chance then dnt acknowledged him at all.raz b needs help u didnt judge him attaching ri ri as he also tweeted her soo is he ur definition of a real man. hes far from a loser hes a human hu has feelings IF RI RI CAN MOVE ON SOO CAN THE WORLD GOSH . blue kid i respect ur comments

      • Casey

        Wendy, you should consider using proper punctuation if you intend to get a point across.

      • @ Wendy

        I couldn’t even make it to the third line of your comment without rolling my eyes and giving up on it.
        Punctuation and the ability to type out full words, goes a long way.

    • hottie


      • SaraJean

        Has anyone noticed that all of Chris’ fans come on this site and type in all caps, never learned to spell, and are generally STUPID!??

      • Casey

        Yes I’ve noticed. If they have any sort of point to make they should consider learning English.

      • etm

        Noticed immediately.

      • Tuni

        By the way, I am a Chris Brown fan, and I’m not stupid, typing in all caps, and typing in proper English. Thank you for your hasty generalization.

      • @ SaraJean

        I just finished telling my coworker this exact thing!

      • Karate Pants

        Tuni, you gotta be lonely, being the sole literate Chris Brown fan. But if you’re an intelligent person, why ARE you a fan of this digusting heap of hate? Are you just book smart or incredibly forgiving? I don’t get it.

      • True Blue

        @Karate Pants:

        No, she just isn’t a judgmental a-hole like you.

    • Blue Kid

      Why should it matter if the woman is famous? Any who Chris Brown isn’t going any where, Chris Brown is a very talented guy and he has a lot of fans who is welling to support him.

      • Blue Kid

        I meant to say willing LOL, any who Chris Brown is here to stay.

      • Tiger540

        I feel u a hundred precent

    • Kris

      Why does Rihanna being famous matter? Would it be less important if she was a nobody?

      • Vhulin

        Yes it matters because women get beaten up daily and nobody seems to care or notice. That “incident” happened almost 2 years ago and as we speak some woman or man is being beaten by their significant other. Mr. Brown’s situation was not about DV. It was about the woman that was battered. People are always looking for someone to point the finger at and well Chris Brown seems to meet the bill at this point. The fact of the matter is, that whole twitter mess was started by the other party and Mr. Brown didn’t say anything at first, but then I guess he got tired of people always being able to say something about “his” business and decided to say something back. He admitted that it was immature, but you know what, we ALL have those moments. The difference is we are not in the public eye. The long and the short of it is, Twitter is for fans to connect to their idiols and friends. If those who “hate” would stay off of the pages of the people they dislike, mess like this would not happen. I am glad that the author pointed out that both young men used “homosexual” references, but neither of them came across as being homophobic. All comments were directed at that single individual.

    • Slcik Vee


  • hottie


    • Kris

      You lose. Its official, Chris Brown’s fans suck.

      • Tuni

        Hm. I beg to differ with that.

      • misses breezy(: #teambreezy

        you need to get a grip& grow up ppl (you) are so childish!

    • Slick Vee

      I AGREE !

  • hottie


  • uche

    Oh Raz-B,

    Please go away. So your but hurts. Should have relaxed it.

  • Rae

    I watchd it as well…Chris was using self defense with his comments…I’m gay and if anything Chris’s comments didn’t upset me…it was RazB…he never needed 2 say anything and media sources need 2 stop making Chris out 2 be the bad guy

    • Rosey

      We’re sorry, we shouldn’t be making out the guy who nearly beat his girlfriend to death the villain! It’s obviously the guy that was attacked and molested.

  • MissVampireDiaries

    This was too funny! RazB, your career last 3 hours. LOL

  • Blue Kid

    TRUTH TELLER: “I watch the entire thing unfold!! RazB WAS OUT OF LINE AND FLAT OUT DISRESPECTFUL!!! If he felt anyway about Rihanna, he didn’t have to bring Chris Brown or even Eric Benett into it. He has some serious issues and is very pathetic like he is seeking attention. POOR THANG!!!

    Chris responded because he used his name!! It had nothing to do with Rihanna! If I was Chris I would have reponded too! Chris made a mistake, he has paid and continues to pay his death to society, has moved on and RazB had to bring it all back up again on a public forum! His (RazB) fans with sense needs to tell him how crazy and pathetic he is acting and looking! If he has issues he should seek professional help because what he is doing is just crazy!!!”

  • Arye Michael Bender

    Where there is homophobia, there is also deep-seated sexual insecurity. Kinda makes you wanna go hmmmmm.

    • angieb

      regardless of what was said between the two sexual abuse is never a humorus subject i believe every word of it people always turn a death ear to things like that he is speaking out about it and thats good not only does females have to pay that price for fame and fortune males have to as well he had all of the fame and fortune b2k blew up over night and what a price they had to pay this will proably destroy this young man mentally for the rest of his life and there is absolutely nothing funnie about it,take the story on snapped were the young lady was being abused by her father starting at three years of age well we she got old enough she cut off her fathers penis,sad sad story we should not turn a death ear raz needs to get some counciling

  • jasmine

    I agree with the chris brown bashing.I mean hitting anyone is wrong..but rihhanas close friends of hers had said the relashinship wasn’t going good both why is everyone putting the whole blame on chris brown?his actions were stupid I agree and hitting a girl is wrong…hitting anyone is wrong.but do we really know why it happend?or what went down?rihhanna has been linked to a lot of diffrent dudes in the bussiness and mabeye she was sleeping around or something worse.not saying that makes it ok for crhsi brown to put his hands on her but still…keep an opened mind on what could or really did happen.don’t bash chris brown because bottom line he makes great music and puts out hits we all love.

    • G

      There is never a reason for hitting a woman, no matter what Rihanna did. And he did much more than that to her, have you read the police report? And I could care less about his music.

      • Sally

        I have a son and his girl constantly slaps him n the face; I don’t believe there IS NEVER a reason to hit a woman. I really don’t

      • WednesdayNews

        Is there a reason for a heavyweight kid to hit a skinny kid? Why make it a gender thing when you’re probably referring to size. Rihanna hit her little brother with a glass bottle and he recieved stitches and she laughed about it and brought it up in an interview to promote an edgy image promoting a cd called “Good Girl Gone Bad”. Is there ever a reason for a teenage girl to send her brother to the emergency room?

        Everyone messes up and women are often aggressors. Women stab, torture, and murder too.

        Don’t make it about gender as if women are to be the weaker sex when they undergo menustrual pains and childbirth.

      • Tarc

        And if you son got close enough for her to slap hiim a second time, then he’s a fool. He’s doubly a fool for not sending her to jail for it.

      • Vhulin

        Nor is there ever a reason to hit a man. So please stop pointin the finger at just one party.

      • Miss Talk

        No matter what Rihanna did huh? It wasn’t enough that he had to carry her shopping bags and to follow her everywhere like a faithful puppy but because of some dumb text, she took her Jimmy Choo/Louboutin/whatever shoe off and started hitting him while he was driving and she threw the car keys away.
        I’m a woman, I don’t condone DV, I’ve never been hit by a man -thank God – but, but, but… there are some crazy females out there, I’m telling you.

      • Wym

        @G – So if a woman’s got a knife and corners a man, he should just let her stab him, huh?

    • Shhh

      Shhh…No one is supposed to know that Rihanna cheated on him with a bunch of dudes and hit him a bunch of times before the event.

      • Tyla!

        Honestley Everybody should just leave him Alone! Whats done was done and the past is the Past! iBet EVERYBODY Up Here has Done Somebody wrong Oce in their life .
        And Im A Female iHonestley Dont Care If Chris hit her or not Now! Look at how she puts her self out their now She Just A HOTTMESS!!!!!!

      • kp


      • CB

        Who cares?

        Brown nearly killed Rihanna. He didn’t just hit her or beat her up. He almost strangled her to death.

      • Pringles

        I know right. When Rihanna beat him in the VA airport I didn’t see one person say she should not strike him. These ppl are sick in the damn head

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