Chris Brown apologizes for homophobic Twitter tirade, sort of: Are you convinced?

chris-brownImage Credit: Jordan Strauss/WireImage.comChris Brown has issued a statement regarding his angry Twitter exchange with former B2K member Raz-B, in which he directed a stream of homophobic insults toward the other singer. “Yesterday was an unfortunate lack in judgment sparked by public Twitter attacks from an attention seeking Raz-B,” Brown says in a statement provided by his publicist. “Words cannot begin to express how sorry and frustrated I am over what transpired publicly on Twitter.”

That’s a pretty piece of pseudo-apologetic doublespeak. Brown blames the target of his hateful outburst in the same breath as he expresses regret for “what transpired,” an evasive phrasing meant to spread the responsibility around instead of owning it himself. Sure, Raz-B was probably seeking attention when he tweeted about the true fact that Brown brutally assaulted an ex-girlfriend in 2009. But no one forced Brown to respond with those nasty gay-baiting epithets or to mock Raz-B’s past allegations of sexual abuse. He went there all by himself.

Brown’s statement continues with some slightly more direct thoughts: “I have learned over the past few years to not condone or represent acts of violence against anyone,” he writes. “Molestation and victims of such acts are not to be taken lightly; and for my comments I apologize — from the bottom of my heart. I love all of my fans, gay and straight. I have friends from all walks of life and I am committed, with God’s help, to continue becoming a better person.”

What do you think of Brown’s latest comments? Do you think he’s genuinely contrite about the obnoxious things he said, or just sorry that it happened in public view? Sound off in the comments, below.

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  • Haha

    No celebrity is ever sorry. They just are embarrassed and ticked off because they got caught. It’s always about PR.

    • Ken

      Chris Brown was, is, and will always be garbage.

      Does he even exist anymore?

      • Miss Talk

        Haters are really funny. You DO care since you keep clicking on any Chris Brown-related post.
        Anyway, apologies accepted Breezy(‘s PR). The #hmthug had it coming though. Now, he has 60,000 followers on twitter and he got the attention of TMZ and other blogs, maybe he will be able to expose his manager who (allegedly) molested him. Everybody wins.

      • Real Talk

        No @Ken you are a walking waste of skin! Love you Chris Brown never let these racists in America win. The only reason they are not exposing the fact that is was RazB’s homophobic rant that started this conflict is because they are trying ot make you into their new oj simpson! WE LOVE YOU KID PLS HANG IN THERE! I KNOW IT’S BEEN HARD BUT YOU CAN ENDURE!JUST STAY ON YOU PATH AND GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH THIS HATEFUL RACIST AMERICAN SOCIETY!

      • misses breezy(: #teambreezy

        the real garbage is you!!!!

      • Zakry

        Yes he does. Look at a Billboard chart.

      • Joe

        and people give a sh!t about chris brown why? the guys a woman beater, has anger management issues, and really doesn’t care about anything but himself.

      • Confused

        @ Real Talk, OJ is a murderer. I don’t think Chris Brown wants to be compared to him.

    • Real Talk

      RazB is a clown who has lied about being raped by several men a few yrs ago. He eventually said he did it to generate publicity for a CD he was trying to push. I wis EW and the biased media would tell the entire story. RazB is merely seeking attention and this corrupt medias quest to tear down a 21 yr old kid because he had 1 fight 2 yrs ago, is feeding RazB delusions! Why are they not providing background information on RazB for the public?

      • Kris

        I wish you would stop defending garbage but we can’t always get what we want, can we?

      • John

        They’re not providing that sort of info because the agenda behind this entire article is to bring attention to the political incorrectness of making disparaging remarks towards homosexuals and homosexuality.

      • Simon is crazy………..

        Nothing wrong with you being a C. Brown fan, that’s your choice. But PLEASE don’t make stupid statements that this is all racist and they’re treating him like OJ. You sound like a true idiot…… the way, when he was beating on his girl and ran away from the scene, was that racist ??

    • MikeyNYC

      So, Chris Brown isn’t just a mysogynist who hits women, he’s also a homophobic bigot! Not exactly a shocking revelation. My biggest problem isn’t Chris Brown himself, its the complete and utter halfwitted morons who continue to buy his music and go to his concerts. Its sad that his audience either agrees with Chris Brown and what he has done or they couldn’t care less – either scenario is frightening!

      • Also from NYC

        you sound like much more of a bigot than this poor kid probably is… grow up

      • demure

        why is it when a person doesn’t have the same opinion as someone else they are a idiot. All celebs are one time or another have done something that we disagree with as we have ourselves. The only difference is we are not in the spotlight and they are. Please don’t make an excuse that they owe us. The only thing they have to do is keep on living. If we don’t like the way they are living so what it is not your life. Worry about yourself first trust me it will kept you busy.

    • SaraJ

      @zachary: what, you mean the 1-2 songs he was ON with like 4 other guys who carried the track?

      • Breezy

        Your statement is sort of inaccurate. The original single release of “Dueces” is a collab between Chris and rappers Tyga and Kevin McCall. (THREE PPL!) and the remix is where the other rappers take over and Chris just sings the chorus. Also I would like to add that the original version of “Dueces” is nominated for a Grammy award and reached No.1 on the R n B charts for NINE weeks and scored a Top 20 peak on the Hot 100. #TeamBreezy

    • Ki

      that is because they are just like average Americans only average Americans are usually dumber less sorry for the wrong they do and never want to be held accountable. American values when a celeb does it they are wrong when an American who isn’t famoous does it they want to be made famous. They can’t have better value than the culture and people they are a part of right. I love when you Americans talk about Hollywood like it is on planet Mars. No one was born in Hollywood they act that way because you all do, get it idiot at last.

      Brown is pathetic and so are most in the culture including the other idiot rapper.

    • ijakob

      @ Hahaha. You are right.

  • LOL

    No one really cares about Chris Brown anymore, do they?

    • MissVampireDiaries

      He has a big fan base.

      • Uncle Arthur

        No he doesn’t. His current album tanked BIG TIME. The dude will be lucky to be a featured artist on someone else’s hit, cuz he sure can’t make them on his own anymore. The twerp is over.

      • Zakry

        I repeat, look at a Billboard chart. Chris Brown remains quite relevent.

      • SaraJ

        @zachary: what, you mean the 1-2 songs he was ON with like 4 other guys who carried the track?

      • Elena

        Chris Brown has lost all musical relevance and chart potency since the RiRi incident. Let’s look at the facts. According to BILLBOARD magazine…
        ALBUMS: CHRIS BROWN-2005-Sold 3 million copies worldwide, charted in the USA, peaking at# 2. IT had four top twenty singles, out of which three made the top ten, and one went all the way to # 1.
        Second album, EXCLUSIVE-Peaked at #4, sold 3 million copies worldwide, and garnered three top ten singles.
        Now, third album, and the first post-the-Rihanna-imbroglio: Peaked at # 7 on the Billboard top 200 Albums list, its First single (I Can Transform Ya) peaked at # 20, second single (Crawl) peaked at # 53, third single (Sing Like Me) didn’t even chart on the Billboar 100. That’s quite a fall from the heights of his first two albums. Compare that to Rihanna’s post-scandal career; she currently has TWO songs on Billboard’s top ten, both of which reached # 1 at a point, and her album is still in the top ten, while Brown’s languishes after falling off the lower seventies…
        Clearly, we know who radio stations and record buyers sided with, and deservedly so.

    • Pringles

      @LOL I see you on every Chris Brown blog saying the same thing! You must be an undercover fan. Chris is loved worldwide. He’s young and is growing like the rest of us. Raz B scares me. His videos ranting about him having sex with C. Stokes and M. Houston are disturbing. I can’t believe they are making him out to be a victim. He has abused so many ppl. I wish the media would present the whole story and not truncate the facts to suit their version of a story.

      • MikeyNYC

        Pringles seems not to care that Chris Brown HITS WOMEN! I’m sorry, but being “young and growing” like the rest of us doesn’t include HITTING WOMEN or going off on homophobic rants! I’d hate to have grown up with you, Pringles, since you seem to be able to defend Chris Brown’s misogyny and homophobia. What is wrong with ranting in a rap video? Its okay to rant about having sex with women but not about having sex with men? You are part of the problem~! Grow up!

    • misses breezy(: #teambreezy

      @LOL apparently you care because you just commented on a chris brown post maybe you should check ya self

    • Breezy

      I care!! If you’re reading this Chris, I CARE!!

  • Phil

    Ok, Chris, I hope someone tells you (besides your PR agent) back-pedaling & blaming others for your own foolish outburts, shows that your court reccomended classes has NOT cooled you down to taught you to NOT fly off the handle. This is whats wrong with kids your age or younger. They think that because you may not have physically hit someone (AGAIN) you didn’t do anything wrong or harmfull…no, in today’s internet-0ready 24-hour news coverage world, you did something far worse. You proved to everyone that was contemplating giving you a second chance and possibly spinning your music again on mainstream stations that you are the SAME hot-head and violent person who lost it on Rihanna, and you’re basically a huge hypocrite handing out hollow apologies. Typical disturbed person pointing the finger at someone else. YTour court appointed therapy should have taught you to take the high road, but you completely showed ALL of your loyal Twitter followers (and the entertainment world) your TRUE colors and that you haven’t changed. Point the finger at Raz or whoever, but you my friend are the biggest fool of all, for walking right into it, and ruining yourself further.

    • Pringles

      Wow @Phil, @LOL, @Sarah, @Ken I swear you 4 must be the same person. You stay on a Chris Brown page saying the same thing…LOL! This is just pathetic. If you don’t like Chris why bother? As for your Comment about the incident from two or three years ago, no one knows what really happened that night but the two of them. Why are you still bring up old news? I wish you ppl would bring up EMINEM’S WIFE BEATING behavior as well. Chris and Riri found themselves in a mess. Chris took full responsibilty for that incident. I’m not sure what ppl like you want from him? He is trying and doing his best. That’s all you can expect of any human being! Leave Chris Brown alone.

      • Phil

        Let me make sure you understand me…YOU ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF OXYGEN!! Chris hasn’t taken full responsibility foir ANYTHING. We’ve all seen the leaked photos of Rihanna looked like in the ER. He f#c;ed her up and has NEVER admitting to bashing her face. Only a complete idiot would defend a continual abuser who not only showed he has a short fuse by flying off the handle yet AGAIN, but doing it on a publis forum where EVERYONE can see how he has learned NADA from court appoint classses! Chris Brown is an idiot and you are an even bigger idiot for defending a homophobe & woman beater. If you THINK he is a class act I pray you NEVER learn first hand you freak.

      • True Blue


        “Continual abuser”? Do you even know what that means? You are implying that he beat Rihanna on a regular basis, which isn’t true. I’m not defending what he did, and I do agree that he needs to control his emotions better, but you need to get off your high horse, Mr. Perfect. He’s 21 and has a LOT of growing up to do, but he’s also human, and will make mistakes like everyone else. This Raz B guy clearly taunted him with the intention to set him off. Chris should’ve been smarter than to fall for it, but let’s not act like he’s the bad guy in this situation. Raz continued to taunt him by threatening to send his brother to rape Chris, among other things. Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

      • True Blue


        “Continual abuser”? Do you even know what that means? You are implying that he beat Rihanna on a regular basis, which isn’t true. I’m not defending what he did, and I do agree that he needs to control his emotions better, but you need to get off your high horse, Mr. Perfect. He’s 21 and has a LOT of growing up to do, but he’s also human, and will make mistakes like everyone else. This Raz B guy clearly taunted him with the intention to set him off. Chris should’ve been smarter than to fall for it, but let’s not act like he’s the bad guy in this situation. Raz continued to taunt him by threatening to send his brother to rape Chris, among other things. Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

      • Phil

        Here’s the problem with people like you & Pringles. You OVERLOOK completely how Chris lashed out with his words by saying Raz B taunted him. I’m not talking bout Raz B, cause frankly it coulda been the head of the PTA, a secretary in a law firm or a random librarian on Twitter cuz he did in fact BEAT Rihanna and Eric Benet did abuse Halle Berry….it doesn’t matter who said it to Chris, its all about HOW HE RESPONDED! Chris is the the ‘celebrity’ whose judgements have been questioned for the last year. Raz B said NOTHING that wasn’t true, so you are saying that he needs to control his emotions better, but honestly, since he beat Rihanna, when has he proven that he knows how to control his anger? Answer: HE HASN’T, hence why I said ‘continual abuser’ because someone who is aware of their actions and words wouldn’t have went off on that tirade. As I said numerous times to everyone else here defneding Chris again, GET SOME INTELLIGENCE in 2011, cause obviously the only way you’re going to realize how unstable & abusive Chris is is when he lashes out on you or the other unfortunate fan defending him. And again, I totally get what you’re saying about Raz B, but he isn’t the one trying to release a new album in the coming months, Chris is, and should have known better to not only NOT respond, but to definitely NOT respond in the way he did. No apology can take that back now.

      • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

        So I guess anyone who loses their temper and goes off on someone and says regrettable things in the heat of the moment (which would be most people) are dangerous abusers, right? Get real! I am not at all overlooking the way he responded to Raz, as I CLEARLY pointed out that he was wrong to respond at all (did you miss that part?) but I’d like to know how Raz was helping things by bringing up Chris and other celebrities’ transgressions out of nowhere. Was he volunteering at a women’s shelter when he made those comments? No, so why do his comments being true justify him bringing it up? He’s an attention whore, and clearly said what he said to bait Chris. Chris has had plenty of nasty things said to him on Twitter, believe me, things even worse than what Raz B has said. He could’ve easily gone off in all those instances, but he didn’t. I think Raz using Chris’ drama to drum up publicity for his own self is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Chris. Pointing out that Chris isn’t the big bad wolf in this situation isn’t overlooking his flaws or making excuses for him, it’s judging things objectively without jumping to the automatic response of “HE’S A WOMAN BEATER, BURN HIM!!!” without looking at the facts first.

      • Phil

        @True – You’re running in circles. Maybe I didnt make myself clear when I first posted. I am a gay man. I found everything Chris said blatantly offensive and irrefutable. No apology can erase the stupidity that flowed through his mind and onto his Twitter account. I’m half surprised he didn’t say it was somneone ELSE saying it for him. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself & since this incident occured I’ve heard various rumors how the night he did beat Rihanna, the text that came through his phone was the back-up dancer Raz insinuated Chris had fooled around with. Honestly, I don’t care BUT if thats true, besides all the lying going on, that just goes to show how much Chris not only hates himself, but how far he’s willing to go to keep that lie buried very deep. I don’t care if Chris is straight, bi, gay, or SERIOUSLY confused, but I’m certain without a doubt he needs alot more help than he claims to have received, and has the NERVE to release a new song called “Look At Me Now” just days after all this occured…why? CAUSE HE ONLY CARES ABOUT HIS FLOUNDERING CAREER, NOT HIS OWN PERSONAL GROWTH.

  • whatevs

    Chris Brown is a self-important heartless loser, like most celebrities. I will say, though, that gay people were probably nowhere near his mind when he went on this rant. No straight man wants a person to imply that he’s gay, so obviously Chris was just trying to say what he thought would be the most insulting to Raz-B.

    Yes, it’s still wrong before people throw things at me.

    • Pringles

      Do you fools know who RazB even is? That guy is insane. This is too funny. He attacks Chris for no other reason but a pubicity stunt and now you ppl are blaming Chris? Whatever, love me some Chris Brown!

      • teresa

        and if Chris Brown hadn’t responded to the publicity stunt by RazB, there wouldn’t be anything to talk about. He should have kept quiet. He’s a slow learner.

      • ijakob

        The best way to handle a crazy attention seeker is to not feed into it. Be the bigger person and ignore them. Losing his temper only made himself look like an abusive jerk yet again, way to go, Chris.

    • misses breezy(: #teambreezy

      if you took the time to actually read what chris said those comments were directed to raz-b & raz-b only . If raz-b really got molested why tell now? ohh wait i know cuz he dnt have no money and he used chris brown for attention wow chris brown is more famous than i thought

    • Ki

      Most non celebrities are even more so self-important heartless losers. That is where the one who make it as celebs get it from why do ppl always show their lack of intellect by claiming ‘celebs’ are a different group of people? They are the way they are because the average America is worst. Without the cameras to make most of you behave you act worst then they do. Hence the world of reality tv where Americans with no talent at all do gross things to be famous.

      Brown is an idiot and a jerk. He came out of a society that has a lot of them.

  • I Love Chris

    Whatever RazB Went For A Low Blow So He Got What He Deserves ; If It Was Anyone Else It Would Not Have Escalated To This !! Oh Well Chris Hold Your Head You Good Money =)

    • @I Love Chris

      I’m sorry the public school system failed you, but you don’t need to resign yourself to idiocy. Rise above your own low expectations of yourself. Be smarter.

    • Pringles

      OMG, THANK YOU! Somebody with sense! These fools have no idea what kind of whack job RazB is. He wnted publicity so now I guess he is happy. I hope the evil he just put into Chris path comes back around and buries him. He has done a very wicked thing in going after chris for no apparent reason. To hurt someone because you can is wrong. There was no reason to try and hurt Chris like this. KARMA will catch up with him believe that!

  • Andrew

    Honestly, on his own he is unbelievably prone to just stepping in it over and over again. His immaturity in handling many public situations like this is still very evident and his publicists and camp in general must get tired of having to write up “apologies” for him. Honestly, they were both seeking attention in this whole argument, otherwise they would have taken it to direct messages or something. Tsk tsk.

    • karac


  • ceebee

    He is a Jerk…his PR machine must be tired of always spinning the way he is a “victim” in everything he does….

  • Karate Pants

    The good news is that this mess likely killed the Chris woman-beater Brown/Justin music-murdering Bieber collaboration. One less stupid, overplayed, auto-tuned song on the airwaves. Yeah, that’s the silver lining.

  • haterz


    • haterz4evah


      • tjmfer

        LOUD NOISES!

      • Happy Go Lucky

        Jesus this country has no future.

      • Lawlz

        HAHAHA wow I agree. Yeah today’s youth is getting dumber. Now I can see why the world will end in 2012

      • Pringles


      • misses breezy(: #teambreezy

        @haterz4evah im glad u admited ur a hater plz stop sippin on haterade! LOL

      • ijakob

        Pringles: The “Ppl” that “are on her” are “pathetic deuces???” Someone should introduce you to grammar and correct spelling. Maybe that will help in your insightful defense of the “underdog” Chris Brown. Hahaha.

    • SaraJ

      Honestly has anyone noticed that all the Chris Brown fans who come over to EW have no spelling skills, and they type in ALL CAPS!?? Ugh. But looking at who it is… I guess if I were Chris Brown I’d be grateful for any fan I could get, regardless of their IQ.

      • hmmm

        LOL Yep SarahJ I have also noticed that. Its quite hilarious.

    • Confused

      OH MAH GODZ!



      CAPZ 4 TRUTH!


      • kratt


  • djse

    Chris Brown is a punk. He should have thought about how people were going to criticize him before he put the beatdown on Rihanna. Sure, Raz-B might have been going for a little publicity, but really he was probably just lamenting the fact that abusive d-bags get hot women. For Chris to go off the way he did is just shameful…but this cat should be used to shame by now.

    • MissVampireDiaries

      Punks are Nazis.

  • smh

    Oh please…the media is just not catching on to the fact that Raz B started throwing insults at Chris first. Chris defended himself, and just about any guy I know probably would’ve reacted the same way

    • The Devil

      Wow, what types of guys do you choose to associate with? I don’t know any guys (including me) that I associate with that would consider using homophobic slurs in order to “protect myself.” Seriously, most mature men and women either take the argument aside or privately, and don’t respond back with hideous insults. I’m straight, too, by the way.

    • Phil

      You prove my earlier point about kids his age or younger all thinking its OK because he was ‘defending himself’ as you say, rather than having the intelligence & integrity to not fly off the handle and lash out, which is what got him in trouble in the 1st place. And honestly he screwed himself by using homophobic slurs since prolly up til this point the only gay fans he ticked off or cared about his previous foolish acts were ones that liked Rihanna, now even her gay friends who couldn’t have cared less before have reason to dislike him. Do yourself a favor in 2011 smh & find some level of intelligence so you’re obv. not following in your foolish idol’s foot(mis)teps.

  • commenter

    Woman beater and a homophobe. Big surprise.

  • jk

    he’s an ass.

  • Faith

    He really needs to watch what he says, honestly i feel he’s no longer worthy of his fans. After the rihanna thing he’s been steadily messing up, i think his record label needs to drop him because he makes the type of mistakes that are just common sense. especially for celebrities, its never ok to say the things he said, i watched it while it was happening on twitter. but regardless of y=who you are those things shouldnt have been said, it just makes it worse that hes a celebrity because you cant live that down. he mocked victims of molestation and rape AND the gay community, this is going to lower his ratings signifigantly and i can no longer respect him at all. raz-b didnt throw an insult at chris brown, he was stating a fact we all knew. and he wasnt disrespectful in the least, even as brown continued to heavily insult him he remained calm and repeatitively asked how brown could say those things about such sensitive topics. there are times when raz-b insulted him but it was merely to defend himself. raz-b was attacked yesterday. and this is a completely unbiased opinion because i was a fan of brown, and then he hit rihanna, everybody seemed to have forgotten about that. he didnt just hit her, he BEAT her. after that blew over i was a fan but i wasnt, he didnt have my respect. and now hes done this, and i really dont understand how people can defend him, its mostly young girls that are swooned by his looks and talent, or hope to be mrs. brown one day. no woman or teenage girl that respected themselves would ever defend such a lack of a man.

    • Phil

      JIVE won’t consider dropping Brown until the “F.A.M.E.” album sells really REALLY badly..and with all this negative press now, regardless of when he plans to drop it in 2011 now, he is screwed. His label is partially to blame for the way he has ignored the entire Rihanna beating, they’re the ones that rushed him to release “Graffiti” last Xmas and then he was the 1st one to complain about WalMart not stocking it (haha) when in reality the people in charge of buying the music for that store knew it wasn’t going to sell. He didn’t have a pop hit off the album & its sales never hit platinum, but JIVE was so quick to cash in while his name was in the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons…so I hope I’ve helped you realize, they’re not dropping him until they can’t bleed that stone dry.

    • True Blue

      @ Faith:

      Yeah, poor respectable Raz B who made threats of violence to Chris on Twitter, right? Not to mention has flip-flopped on his claims of molestation. I’m not defending Chris for going off the way he did, but do your research before deciding that Raz is an innocent angel in all this.

  • krayzeman

    Personally I think it was pretty stupid to vent on Twitter, of all places, where people can dissect every word and think the worst of you. I bet we all say things behind closed doors that we wouldnt say in a public setting so for him to do that, especially after what he went through last year, was pretty DUMB…

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