Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' gets release date

At midnight last night, Lady Gaga tweeted that her upcoming new album, Born This Way, will be released on May 23, 2011. “THE SONG 2 13 11 THE RECORD 5 23 11,” read the singer’s feed, accompanied by a risque photo of her in a Born This Way jacket. The album’s title track thus drops on Feb. 13, which just so happens to be the same day as the 2011 Grammy Awards.

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  • KC

    Nice @$$

  • Classy!

    I like Gaga, but I’m more excited for Britney’s new releases:-)

    • Flip

      I feel the same way!

    • AcaseofGeo

      Well Britney is gonna be good I’m sure; but its overly-processed, written by someone else, and auto-tuned to the point that anyone could sing it. Lady Gaga had a more interesting point of view, and writes a lot of her own material. I get the feeling Britney’s whole media persona is manufactured by someone else, while Lady Gaga is her own vision, and I appreciate that.

      • Flip

        You do realize most pop songs from the 50s and 60s were written by people other than the artists who sang them, right? Britney is no different. Doesn’t matter who writes the songs as long as they are delivered by a dynamic performer.
        I also don’t get the auto-tune hate. It makes your voice sound better. Why sound average when you can use the best-available technology to make yourself sound the greatest?

      • Tibby

        Britney is a good stripper ~ she isnt, and never will be, known for her singing. LG makes enjoyable music and can carry a tune, something BS isnt capable of doing without auto-tuning. Listen to BS sing live and see what I mean ~ one or two degrees away from sounding as horrible as Jessica Simpson…

      • Kelcie

        Jessica Simpson has a decent voice – she just sings outside of her means, I think…
        Anyway, I’m extremely excited for this!! I’m sure this record will be incredible! 2011 is shaping up to be an exciting and promising year for movies and music to me, no? :D

      • AcaseofGeo

        Flip, I prefer something written from the own singer’s POV. Ala Joni, Dolly, Morrissey, or something the singer had at least a hand in, ala Donna, Madonna. That’s just my pref; it MEANS more to me. As for autotune making a voice sound better? Are you actually saying you prefer “fake” to “authentic”? That’s fine for you if you do, I prefer as “realistic” as possible. it MEANS more.

      • Flip

        Well then, AcaseofGeo, I think you’re officially a “snob”. Autotune’s not “fake” but I do prefer it to someone’s raw, unpolished voice. Why would I want to hear imperfection if I don’t have to? A perfectly-autotuned voice is more “real” to me. It MEANS more.

      • Flip

        Tibby, you’re disgusting. Go watch old videos of Star Search—Britney has an amazing voice. You’re just a jealous cow. FOAD!

      • Tibby

        Umm…FLIP ~ “Britney has an amazing voice” SERIOUSLY? Okay ~ so I f’d your dad last night ~ he still sings better than that white trash ho from Louisiana!!

      • jack

        tibby, liek michael tiberio?

      • Danielle

        Not only does she write ALL of her music, she has the talent to back it up

      • jon

        LOL @ AcaseofGeo….Lady GaGa her own vision? LOL. Try looking up David Bowie, Grace Jones, Elton John……can we just say imitation of others instead? I thought that fits her better. Madonna is more like her own look and sound. She is self made, GaGa….corporate made as well.

      • AcaseofGeo

        @ Jon, yes I get your point. I was mostly comparing writing your own material versus having others create a style. I think you would agree that by this point in history, it would be extremely rare for someone to come along who has NOT been influenced by those who came before, in ANY artistic medium. So while Lady Gaga is obviously influenced by those earlier great artists you mentioned, I stand by my statement that the music we hear is her own “vision”.

      • Krissy

        Flip, it isn’t just that Britney doesn’t write her own songs…she doesn’t SING most of them either! The average Britney album has about 20 different back up singers. If you listen to a lot of her songs, like Toxic, SHE DOESN’T EVEN SING THE HOOK! “I’m addicted to you, but I know that your toxic” was sung by another person.

        She doesn’t even dance during her performances anymore, just walks around like she is sleepy. She might have had talent when she was on Star Search, but talent has to be nurtured and worked on. Britney is far too lazy for that.

    • PN

      I’m ready to hear both artists’ albums. Britney Spears and Lady Gaga–now you can just imagine how competitive they’ll be with their new albums and singles this year!

      • Flip

        Britney’s single drops in January and Gaga’s in February. Brit will go to #1 first—no competition necessary.
        Britney’s album drops in March and Gaga’s in May. Again, Britney will go to #1 first—still no competition.

    • bruno

      totals. brit brit fo sho.

  • Barry

    Well, there are 2 days to avoid like the plague!

    • Flip

      Eff off, you miserable loser.

  • tootles

    Awesome!! I bet the album will be great. :D Hopefully she avoids the sophomore slump.

    • Woot

      This is her third album, not 2nd

      • Flip

        Nope, it’s her second. The Fame Monster EP was part of a re-release of The Fame, an additional 8 new songs added to the original album. Bad Romance, Alejandro, Telephone are all singles from album #1.5.

      • D2

        If it’s nominated for freakin album of the year, its counted as an album..theres no such thing as 1.5 don’t be delusional.

      • mike

        The total playing time for The Fame Monster is around 34 minutes. This would certainly have been considered a full album back in the day and even now I occasionally stumble upon new albums of the approximate same length. I wish more albums released over the past 20-odd years were shorter. It seems too many artists feel a need to fill a disc, as if quantity equals quality, reducing the impact of the “album” as a whole.

      • Irwin

        FM came out with 8 NEW songs, then came an extended FM with original FM and Fame. Now there’s a remix of the best of both in one album. Bottom line – BTW is the 3rd completely original album.

  • Breakaway Backpacker


    Come on KC announce a drop date!!!

    • PN

      Kelly needs to put her 5th album out this year. Her last album sounded good–she needs to keep up the momentum with the quality pop songs. But most artists don’t really announce their new album releases in January. They wait until later, like Feb. or Mar.

      • Flip

        No, she needs to make another My December. All I Ever Wanted was pure crap put out to satisfy her label.

      • Kelcie

        Well, that “pure crap” performed a lot better commercially than My December. Personally, I like All I Ever Wanted uch better.

      • Flip

        Actually, MD sold better than AIEW. But it doesn’t matter—My December is the better album full of better songs. The real Kelly can be heard on My December, not that bulls**t AIEW.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Flip, I find it interesting that you prefer the pop of Britney over Lady Gaga’s self-written oevre BUT you prefer the dark Kelly over the “lightweight” feel of All I Ever Wanted. Interesting!

      • Kelcie

        Actually, which is better is an opinion, but it doesn’t matter.

      • canhear

        Kelly’s release date is in limbo because of the Barry Weiss leaving RCA/Jive situation. I don’t get why people diss Britney, Gaga, and other pop stars..they are keeping the industry alive. I mean, Gaga’s stuff has sold like 13 million plus WW and Britney always does well WW. Kelly sings pop music, so she has to work with the best writers and producers to get on the radio. She is not the type of artist that can afford an album full of non-radio singles. As for David Cook, I hope he has some better radio songs than the ones on his first album. The Idol winner hype will no longer help him sell…he needs real top 40/hot ac/ac hits or at least one hit song of that status.

  • No More, No More

    Born this way. Yeah, the pedophiles in NAMBLA say they they’re just “born this way”. It must be okay then.

    • LOL

      What a sad life for you.

    • AcaseofGeo

      There is a WORLD of difference in someone who is born with a tendency to emotionally and physically desire a member of the same sex and the predators of NAMBLA. Would you also compare people who say “God told me to kill my child” to Abraham almost sacrificing his son Isaac in the name of God? Just explain please.

  • Luna

    I’m excited for Vanessa Carlton’s release (Rabbit’s Run) Lady Gaga’s, and I heard David Cook is releasing an album this year too.

  • ashley

    can’t wait! i agree she’s much better than BS- writing and producing her own stuff, as well as having an actual voice…i am said we have to wait so long, though!

    • Flip

      You’re disgusting. Britney has a fantastic voice dating all the way back to Star Search and MMC. FOAD.

      • Kelcie

        I wouldn’t say Ashley’s disgusting. I like a more raw, powerful voice better than a breathy one. Just a difference in opinion.

      • Trip

        Flip, you’re disgusting.

      • Flip

        Trip, you’re sickening. FOAD.

      • What?

        Flip…don’t you have anything better to do than to go down the entire list of comments defending Britney Spears and putting down other peoples’ opinions? People are entitled to their opinions in the exact same way you are entitled to yours!
        Also, your abbreviated insults aren’t really that offensive…because you abbreviated them…and you’re insulting people on a comment feed…

      • Kelcie

        @What? HA!!!! :)

  • PN

    Smart timing to build up the album from the single debut at the Grammy Awards Feb 23rd show to the 90 to 100 day marathon leading up to the album’s May 23rd release. It’s about time. You don’t want to milk up the Fame Monster album’s singles too much. And I’m ready to hear Lady Gaga’s new music and album!

  • Yogi

    Britney and Gaga. 2011 is shaping up to be a good year musically. Next:Beyonce!!

  • fanatic

    As soon as I saw the link I thought: May 23, 2010 Lost finale.


    • Casey

      Is it sad to say I thought the same exact thing?

  • Sonia

    Should’nt we call it “Porn This Way” instead? Majorly disappointed fan here. Mademoiselle Gaga has already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that her vocals are effortless and killer, so why does she have to degrade herself and do a snapshot like that? Her a$$ets are in her talent songwriting and vocals and now she’s feeding right into the trap that you need to sell your body in order to further validate your music. I’m sad. I thought she would do herself much better than that. Oh well, I’ll still buy it, but I don’t like the direction she’s taking now.

  • Soldier

    I’ve heard some of the new material (or so she says) in concert – disappointing. But the lyrics for “Born this Way” are incredible. As for her look, she needs to show her face more – “a la naturel” – (granted it would help if she were prettier) and she needs to let go of her Madonna impersonation. It is wearing thin and costing her credibility.

  • littlemonster13

    britneys voice is awful, its fake. atleast Gaga can sings live and doesnt lip sync, next time britney shaves her head maybe Gaga can lend her one of her wings. ;)

  • Classy

    Aside from “Speechless” The Fame Monster has some of the most overproduced, unlistenable, generic crap I’ve ever heard. Just b/c she throws in a few snarky quips about religion and some “risqué” sexual overtones does not make her a great artist. To me, her wacky outfits are way more interesting than any music she’s put out. At least there’s no pretense with Britney. She just drops her record and whoever buys it, buys it. There’s no “best album of the decade”

    • Elle

      All the dance routines and whatnot in her videos, the “overproduced, generic” singles that are hyped up as having “fresh beats” lacks pretense? Ok.

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