Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' leaks early: What do you think?

hold-it-against-me“If I said I want your body would you hold it against me?” Britney Spears asks coyly on her new single, “Hold It Against Me.” Nope. The track wasn’t supposed to hit the airwaves until tomorrow, but I’m sure that her fans streaming it on Z100’s site won’t be holding it against her, either. Max Martin and Dr. Luke, the cut’s producers, likely will be opening 2011 with another hit record. “Against Me” is classic Britney — that is to say the vocal performance is far from stellar, but it serves as a nice accessory to the duo’s thumping Euro techno groove.

“You feel like paradise/ And I need a vacation tonight,” Britney coos on the hook. Lyrically, she’s not treading on any new territory here. Try listening to “…Baby One More Time” or “I’m a Slave 4 U” and finding growth. “Against Me” falls somewhere between those two hits from yesteryear. Really though, who am I kidding? Club-goers will be less concerned about Britney’s artistic maturation and more about how this one encourages rump shaking. That, it will do.

Have you listened to “Hold It Against Me” yet? What do you think of it? Where does it rank among her biggest hits to you? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Duane

    LOVE IT!! BRITNEY IS BACK!!!! This song will debut at No.1 next. Mark my words.

    • Miss Talk

      The song is boring and generic. Nothing new to hear here. Is that all that TeamBritney could come up with? Britney is my girl, I grew up with her catalogue but Lady Gaga has stepped up the game last year. I haven’t listened to “Born this Way” yet but Lady Gaga is gonna shut it down, we all know that.

      • LOL

        It’s, uh, well, um, not good.

      • Duane

        Boring and generic?! LOL. Um… Keep telling yourself that. Whatever helps u sleep at night! ;) What I heard was another UNDENIABLE smash hit from the incomparable MISS Britney Spears!! A living legend. :-)

      • Carrie

        Right, because Gaga’s rehashed late-90’s Ace of Base throwbacks certainly aren’t generic. People just think her music is groundbreaking because she dresses like a crazy person. Listen with your ears, not your eyes.

      • Aunt Sassy

        Good lord. Is Britt turining into the next Janet? Don’t either of them realize there are more topics to sing about than “Oh baby your hot, blah, blah, blah”? I mean really. It’s like the 40 year old guy that keeps telling the same d!ck jokes over and over and over and over again. Grow up already Brittany. Sorry, but if you want to be taken seriously please lay off the auto-tune and sing about something with some substance (and that goes for you too Ms. Jackson).

      • Jonah

        I agree with Miss Talk and Aunt Sassy. Britney’s songs are all interchangeable and her sound hasn’t evolved one little bit in almost thirteen years. A decade and a half and she has yet to express a genuine or substantial emotion in her music. One would think that, as she approaches thirty, she would move toward stripping away the pretense and the bells and whistles and reveal the human being beneath. Um . . . guess not.

      • Ty

        LMAO another pressed GaGa stan. Stay mad gurl

      • Hahaha

        GaGa better than Britney? Girl BYE!

      • Rachel

        it over produced

      • Courtney

        Oh my gosh, Carrie, thank you! The first time I heard Alejandro, I thought “This must be the Ace of Base comeback song”. It made me extremely annoyed to realize it was Gaga and she was ripping off their sound.

      • fyhfgjh

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      • Auds

        Say whatever you want, Britt’s new song is the most boring, generic piece of crap I’ve heard in a while. It’s not even real music! Sorry, but having a loud base beat doesn’t mean a song is good. I’ll take The Black Key’s amazing style over this crap ANY DAY!

      • Pillow Pants

        The Black Keys don’t exactly make club anthems. That’s like comparing ice cream to a salad, or, more to the point, a club to a coffee house. They serve completely different purposes.

      • Razor

        “The incomparable MiSS Britney Spears?”

        Bleah. Even the stuff from “Blackout” sung in a drunken haze is better than this drivel.

      • Ali

        Gaga is never going to shut it down, are you serious with that comment? Don’t even.

        Also, Razor, Blackout is Britney’s best album. Try harder.

      • E

        Razor: “Even the stuff from “Blackout” sung in a drunken haze is better than this drivel.”
        Ali: “Razor, Blackout is Britney’s best album. Try harder.”

        Seeing as Razor thinks Blackout is better than drivel, and according to you Blackout is Britney’s best…that doesn’t count for much. Odd argument…

        Pop music is supposed to be fun. Can it be convoluted? Yes. But mostly it’s fun music that you can dance and have a good time to – so for the Britney fans that bash Ke$ha and Gaga’s music and praise this, it’s ironic. This Europop has been in America’s pop scene for years, but just because there are a lot more artists with this sound. No need to bring “Born This Way” into this when we haven’t heard it yet. ‘Hold it Against Me’ will likely do fine on radio. The bashing and comparing is ridiculous.

      • Jason

        The verses are pretty generic, but that’s about it. The rest of the song is unique, at least for an American mainstream artists.
        And Jonah – you say Britney is “yet to express a genuine or substantial emotion in her music”?? Um, have you actually listened to more than one of her songs?
        Try: Let Go, Baby Boy, Where Are You Now, Shadow, Everytime, Someday (I Will Understand), Rebellion, Girl in the Mirror, Heart, I’m Not A Girl (Not Yet A Woman), Heaven On Earth, Out From Under, My Baby, Unusual You, All That She Wants, Luv The Hurt Away, State Of Grace, Sometimes, Born To Make You Happy, From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart, Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know, Breathe On Me…

    • Mike

      Generic? It’s the first mainstream track ever to use dubstep. She’s never done anything boring, and is anything but a follower. You might not like her, but she knows what she’s doing when it comes to music.

      • Andrew

        Agreed with Mike. You can hate on it, but with that bridge alone, you definitely can’t call it generic.

      • Krissy

        “She knows what she is doing when it comes to music”…You REALLY think that???? You don’t think that her producers had anything to do with it? Talk about naive!

      • Mise, Ireland

        I like it only because it’s Britney but this is quite old for here in Europe, I thought they said this was gonna be fresh. The whole dubstep bit in the middle has been over here for the past few years.

      • Mise, Ireland

        Also I’m not looking forward to everyone jumping on the bandwagon and ruining my favourite genre :(

      • Mandrew

        I think a song whose lyrics basically amount to a bunch of pick up lines from Clubbing For Dummies strung together is the very definition of generic. So hell yeah, IT’S GENERIC.

      • M

        Love Britney. Always have, always will. This song isn’t quite up to her best potential, but I’m digging it anyhow, because, well, I love the girl.

      • Joey

        Generic?! Boring?! You’re kidding. This sounds like nothing else out there and regardless of how much work the producers put into it, no one can deny she’s on the cusp over every new trend in music. Hence why she’s the most successful music artist in the past TWENTY years.

    • Krissy

      I think this is a really BORING dance track. Dr. Luke seems like he ran out of ideas. Once again it doesn’t sound like her singing the hook of the song.

      With all the hype, I was expecting something MUCH more fun.

    • Razor

      Boring melody. It doesn’t sound like a particularly fun or “gotta dance to it” song.

    • Tonic

      Total paint-by-numbers. The beat is great, but Britney is interchangeable and uninspired, the lyrics are insipid.

  • Reno

    It’s okay. In clubs it’ll be fun, but its definitely not something I’d listen to outside of them. I don’t know why Britney can’t seem to make music that is actually listenable!

    • Duane

      Britney DOES have songs that are listenable both older and new. Ever hear Toxic. Or Womanizer. Piece of Me. Or 3? her last No 1 from 2009. Britney was doing electro pop WAYY back in 2004 BEFORE anyone knew of a Ke$ha or a Lady Gaga. Not to mention older tracks that were never released as singles. Her albums ALWAYS contain hidden gems that are never given single treatment but show how wide and diverse her musical scope really is. I am so sick of non fans or fake observers NOT givng Britney her due credit as a pop star and comparing her to RECENT phenomenons like GagMe or Tra$ha. Her new sound just expands on what she been doing since 1999 befor the new singers.

      • LIVEITUP

        (tears)_LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE_(more tears)

      • Nathan

        I agree every cd has single worthy songs and they do vary but its all britney. She has her own sound I think. it doesn’t sound like anything else on the radio. Its all boring crap these days and this song I plugged in to my car with my auxilery cable…i got chills. There are so many different parts to it I don’t go out much anymore but I hope to go out soon and dance to this hot song! And btw don’t judge until you see the video!

      • jj

        ooh. doing electropop with autotune is now the new standard of “good” music? what are you smoking? and nathan, this song gave you chills? seriously, can i get some of those drugs you are on? this kind of dreck (along with the gaga, kesha, and katy perry stuff) may be fine to bop your head to in your car or shake you butt to in the club. but don’t act like it’s any kind of artistic and creative success. if the world exists 100 years from now, heck even 20 years from now, all of this crap will be interchangeable. like it if you want but don’t tell yourself it’s anything more than what it is.

      • Say What?

        HA HA Nathan, you got chills?????? OMFG, darlin’ you probably have the flu. Take some theraflu and go to bed. You will feel better and hopefully the fever will break and you will come to your senses.

    • Aunt Sassy

      OK Duane, we get it – you work for Brittany as the Pres. of her fan club and that’s OK. But FYI – we can have different thoughts and opinions than you.

      • Duane

        Everyone can EXCEPT YOU Miss Sassy. STFU!!

      • Aunt Sassy

        Oh poor Duane – get your feelings hurt honey? Are we going to see you on You Tube having a melt down, tears streaming while you scream “Leave Brittany ALONE!!”? Good god freak.

    • Ptr

      Such a generic song, I expect more from team Britney

  • kec

    i love it! it’s fantastic!

    • kat

      Yes i agree. So flawless <3

  • Other Mel

    The Bellamy Brothers used the same lyrical hook in 1979. Is this really the best the music industry can do? Songwriting fail.

    • PN

      That’s actually a Bellamy Brothers’ song title, but maybe the writers didn’t think about it when they wrote and composed Britney’s new song. They might have been following the passage of the song and didn’t think about an older song.

    • ‘k

      Thanks, I was trying to place which song used that same line first. I’ve always thought the line sounds like a bad pun, which gives it a novelty song vibe. And, in this case, it’s not even an original bad pun.

    • Brett

      Are you serious? I doubt anyone ACTUALLY remembers that song. You clearly did some research to try and prove that Britney “stole” an idea or something. That song only reached #1 on the country charts, not the overall charts. Seems like someone is reaching for a comparison here…

      • Me

        I grew up listeming to all kinds of music and the first thing I thought of when I heard this song was of the Bellamy Brothers song. I did not have to research anything. It was a popular song.

      • ‘k

        I remembered the song right away. Just couldn’t place who did it. I have no doubt that “Me” remembered the song without research. You wouldn’t know to research something if you did’t already know it exists.

      • @Brett

        Belamy Brothers song: “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me?”

        Britney’s song: “If I Said I Want Your Body Would You Hold it Against Me?”

        How is that “reaching” for a comparison? Seems more like that’s exactly where the idea came from. nough not to get sued.

  • laura

    I love the track, it is exactly what Britney music is supposed to be – catchy, addictive and fun.

  • mae

    its a fun song. after i listened to it it was stuck in my head. i just cant see how this is her what? third comeback? she had the circus album and the blackout album and that threesome song…i guess you just gotta keep trying til something sticks.

    • justin

      That’s just it, everything she does “sticks”. That’s why she always #1.

      • the truth

        she’s not always #1.

      • Krissy

        Justin, check out how Circus sold compared with Beyonce’s “I Am” and Gaga’s “The Fame”…which came out within weeks of Circus. Britney’s cd sank like a rock. It disappeared from the top 200 in a very short amount of time. Gaga and Beyonce sold 3x as many cds, charted more songs, and stayed in the Top 20 for nearly 2 years! Britney couldn’t even stay in the top 200 for 1 year.

      • Cilla

        And how much promo did Britney do???? One GMA performance and still sold 4 million ww. Her tour out grossed both Bey and Gaga. Poor Beyonce and Gaga have to promote everyday of the year. With a reissue beyonce’s i am has only sold 6 million ww.Gaga has sold 12 million ww but it’s her first album. By her sixth album she will not be selling that much. Remember Britney’s first album sold 25 million WW.

    • Quinn

      Comeback is seriously the most overused word of the moment. This isn’t a comeback. She took two years off, had a #1 album and two #1 singles, and now she’s releasing new music. There’s nothing to “come back” from. “Blackout” was a comeback because she’d been gone for a long time, and “Circus” was maybe a comeback since it was her first album post-breakdown. “3” was from a Greatest Hits collection. This is just a new album.

      • Classy

        @Krissy Britney’s tour out sold theirs, and that’s where the real money is and the true test of star power. If people are willing to pay big money to see her perform, who cares whether they burn or buy the album? People just don’t buy records anymore, and the bulk of Gaga and Beyonce’s CDs are bought up by kids. Even though Britney is a dance pop artist, I don’t know many kids that are into her anymore. Kids buy CDs and adults buy concert tickets. That’s why gaga/bey sell albums well and Britney has best-selling tours.

      • mae

        that was my point exactly Quinn! ew doesnt say it but online people are trying to sell it as one. p.s i looooved blackout.

  • JoeC

    I’ve always looked Britney’s music, even though I’m not a member of her target demo. I’m sure I’ll like this song as well…

  • AN

    LOVE IT! It’s a great Brit Brit song! :)

  • sally

    Not feeling it at all. Sounds just like everything Kesha has already done. It’ll be a hit though cause Britney fans don’t care if she puts out crap. They still download it.

    • PN

      I don’t think it sounds like Kesha at all. Kesha would sing about glitter and partying all night over that music and it wouldn’t work. Here, Britney is just singing on the song and the song works great on her.

    • Quinn

      I’m honestly curious where people are hearing a Ke$ha song. There is no rapping, no glitter, no booze. Britney was doing this LONG before Ke$ha.

    • andrea

      well said sally

    • Clarice

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Pillow Pants

      Actually it sounds like everything Britney has already done so the only person she’s really ripping off is herself. Kesha’s just a dirtier retread of the typical blond pop princess. She’s to Britney ‘n co. now what Willa Ford was to Britney ‘n co. in the 90s.

      Songs from Blackout have more in common with Ke$ha’s sound, and those predate Ke$ha.

  • Allen


  • Alyssa

    I LOVE IT! I have all her albums. She is just addictive in her music. I have been listening to her music since I was 8 or 9 with Baby One More Time. And I know she went through a tough time, but she is only human and I have had troubles of my own so I know how she feels. I definitely will be buying her new album to add to her other 6.

  • Jenny

    It sounds a lot like a Ke$ha song. It’s very generic. I was expecting Britney Spears to return harder.

  • RT

    Kesha’s back!

    • Jane

      LOL – good one!

  • Flip

    Totally fun, and it actually sounds different from her recent sound on Blackout and Circus.

  • dayrest

    it’s awesome and it’s a Gaga killer.!

    • Lisa Simpson

      seriously, a Gaga killer. dayrest you must be one paint huffing blonde to even think that. or better yet, you stupid cvnt!

    • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

      A Gaga killer? Ha, you wish!

      • Brett

        I’m sick of people pitting these two against each other. “Baby One More Time”, Britney’s first single, is STILL played on the radio over a decade after being released. Will we hear “Just Dance” on the radio in a decade? No. End of story.

      • monee

        no…but we will probably hear Poker Face.

      • anya

        We’ll probably still hear Poker Face and Just Dance. And Baby One More Time and Toxic. I think both Lady Gaga and Britney Spears will be recognizable names 20 years from now.

      • anya

        Or 10 years… you said end of the decade, my bad!

      • u

        Are people seriously trying to argue the longevity of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga based on who will still be played on the radio years from now? “Ice, Ice Baby” is still played on the radio to this day, and where is Vanilla Ice now? Exactly…

      • Sam

        Yes, a GaGa killer

        As Britney has been doing what Gaga does for years, and to be honest it’s really tedious that Gaga’s made out to be so superior.
        Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera etc. get compared to Gaga and accused of imitating her and/or not being as good, despite having proven talent and doing the same things BEFORE Gaga popped up

      • Aunt Sassy

        Yeah Sam except that Gaga writes her own music and can play instruments – and so far as I can tell the only thing Brittany plays well is the role of victim.

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