Kelly Clarkson says new album 'supposedly' coming in March

Kelly-ClarksonImage Credit: Frederick Breedon/FilmMagic.comOn her Facebook page yesterday, Kelly Clarkson revealed when her latest album, May, is “supposedly” going to see the light of day. She replied to a fan’s question, “Kelly when does the new album drop?” with this response: “Supposedly March but who the heck knows haha! Just know that I am trying to get it to y’all asap!”

The exchange doesn’t currently appear on her Facebook page, but screen grabs of the banter are posted around the internet. The fact that there’s been little promotion for an album that would supposedly be out in as little as six weeks points to the fact that March is probably a little on the hopeful side, but weirder things have happened in the music industry. What’s even weirder? Why an album titled May wouldn’t be held until, you know, May in the first place. Right?

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  • Nat

    I love Kelly. Can’t wait

    • Lady Gaga4Ever

      New Title: “Kelly Clarkson, Fried Food and My Big Fat Enormous Bottom.” LOL!

      • kcfan

        How rude & untrue douche

      • kcfan

        Kelly’s new album WILL be the best album of 2011 period.

      • DP

        I hate how public complains that no one is average weight/size and that the industry puts so much pressure on being stick thin. Then, when a prominent entertainment figure is ACTUALLY average size, the jokes come and everyone says they are a cow. Kelly is beautiful and in-person is average size and not grossly obese. The camera makes EVERYONE look larger than they actually are. Even so, Kelly doesn’t look grossly obese on camera so why do ppl continually hit her with the fat jokes and comments. Society should be supportive that there is at least one female entertainer who isn’t stick thin.

        Also, most fat jokes are overdone and not really all that clever.

        In conclusion, Kelly should be whatever size she wants as long as it isn’t an unhealthy weight. You go, girl!

        xoxo Mac N Cheese Supporter

      • Nat

        so mature and clever

      • Allison

        Thank you, DP – someone needed to call out the size hypocrisy.

      • whatevs

        Kelly probably is average size, which is the problem. What’s considered as fat everywhere else shouldn’t be average here.

        I’m not making fun of her, but I am saying something that’s true.

      • Thalia

        oh shut up GagMe4ever. Kelly’s voice is 10x better than the UN lady-like GagGag.

      • Tyson

        Kelly Clarkson’s talent FAR surpasses Lady Gaga. I’m a Gaga fan too… but they’re just not comparable. That’s not even opinion- it’s fact. Watch some performances.

      • bobby

        “avergae size” hahahahhaha. hate to be a single guy living in your town…..mmmmmooooooooooooooo!!!!

      • u

        @ Lady Gaga4Ever:

        We can sit here, and talk all day about the gargoyle-looking creature that you call Lady Gaga, so don’t even go there.

      • Will J

        Gaga fans aren’t welcome on articles talking about actual women.

      • Michael

        Bobby, whatevs, and LG

        Post pictures of yourselves, and let’s see how out of your leagues she is.

        and whatevs, it’s only considered fat in Hollywood.

      • Brandon

        Excuse Me? I don’t think you are better stop calling other artists name.FREAK!

      • nick

        You are one of the reasons we all hate Lady Gaga fans… keep comments to yourself.. i guess its ok when you call artist names but when we say something about Gaga its not cool? do us all a favor and grow up.

    • Brett

      Kelly will have another hit single and album on her resume.

  • Phil

    If the title is “May” regardless of whether its the month or the term meaning what is to come, and she releases it in March, she is already setting herself up for disaster. And She is on the same label as Britney, who just released her single to massive first week digital sales, and the album is also still supposedly coming for March…I think Kelly should wait til May.
    The only noteworthy albums with street dates for 2011 so far:
    Ricky Martin “Musica+Alma+Sexo” 2.01.11
    Adele “21” 2.22.11
    Avril Lavigne “Goodbye Lullaby” 3.08.11
    Lupe Fiasco “Lasers” 3.08.11

    • Phil

      I also forgot to mention, she said her first single would be out before the end of 2010…but that duet with Jason Aldean is definitely not it…so, for anyone thinking this album is coming in March…as I said, think more along the lines of May.

    • ST

      Wow-Ricky Martin is still considered “noteworthy”?

      • Phil

        I’m a gay guy. Trying to be supportive even if the two new tunes from his album that are available on iTunes are dull & boring. If I didn’t mention him, I’d be considered hating ymself for being gay or some crap…

      • ST

        Haha, okay Phil. I gotcha. :-)

      • Dominic

        Ricky Martin is gay?

      • Thalia


    • David

      Britney’s on Jive, Kelly’s on RCA.

      • Phil

        both through Sony/BMG

      • Phil

        And in case I have to explain further, thats for the world wide roll out for both albums, not just the U.S.

      • David

        Oh I know but I wouldn’t think them both being on Sony would make a big difference?

  • Kelcie

    Looking forward to it either way… :)

  • Amy

    I was really disappointed the way her label handled “All I Ever Wanted” album. One of my favorites lots of great songs and hardly any radio play unless you listen to XM or Pandora. She’s my absolute favorite I hope she waits and gets the promotion she deserves.

    • Adam

      “My Life would Suck Without You” and “Already Gone” were both in heavy rotation on radio stations in my city. The album as a whole may have been somewhat under-promoted. But those two songs were definitely getting radio play.

    • Thalia

      All I Ever Wanted was a grrrreat album and I luvs most the songs on it but they did not promote it enough for Kelly. There were still many good songs to be released from it!!!

  • The Dolt

    Who cares about this? When does the next Chicago record come out?

    • Mark

      Err… if you’re going to read an article about Kelly Clarkson and then comment on Chicago, realize you are very much in the wrong place.

  • KBC

    I asked Kelly at the Benefit concert in Nashville about her new album, she mentioned March but that it was up in the air until they replaced the label executive in charge of her music. At the time (mid December), they were holding turning in the album until that had been settled. I supposed it’s possible that they might be working on a March release, but highly doubtful. For All I Ever Wanted, the CD came out March 10th, but the lead single had been released months beforehand. I’m guessing we can expect a single in March, with the album in maybe late April.

    • Michelle

      This poor girl is always going through management changes. I wish she can finally find a solid team that gives her the kind of treatment she deserves. I highly doubt her album will be released in march just b/c brit’s album will be released then and it’ll definitely not be released in May b/c that’s when Lady Gaga’s album comes out. This is gonna be tough for kelly from a sales P.o.v. Her label should’ve released her album around this time when things have been extra slow.

      • KBC

        I’m sure the album was on track for a release in the fall/winter before she had over 18 songs stolen from her laptop when she was recording and doing the All I Ever Wanted World Tour earlier last year.

      • anya

        She should release it in April or May. March is already loaded with pop artists coming out with new albums. And Lady Gaga’s album coming out in May will not necessarily hurt Kelly’s sales. It’s not like they have to come out on the same week.

  • The Dolt

    I’m boycotting the record store until some real musicians, like John Tesh or Hall & Oates, put out some music

    • Brett

      Thanks for the relevant comment.

  • kcfan

    “May” is not the title of Kelly’s album. She never mentioned that name ever. Where did you get that information?

  • D14

    Erm, where did you get the info that KC’s album is called May? There’s been no album title mentions at all, so if you got that from FB too… you didn’t read her FB because there’s no mention of that whatsoever.

    Also, KC ftw! :) <3

    • noam

      if i’m not mistaken, last fall on the rca website, there was a sidebar mention of the album being called “may.” however, now, there is nothing. but now that i’m looking at it again, it’s a pretty shoddy website all the way around…

    • Brett

      She even Tweeted that she had seen people calling it May, but that it was the “dumbest album name” and she was definitely not calling it that.

    • Brett

      What I think happened is that on the RCA website, people misunderstood the date of release (May) for the album title. May could actually be the month it’s released in, according to this very limited timeline.

  • me

    i’ll wait, as long as it’s good. “all i ever wanted” was a solid album.

  • Buddy

    Yeah. May is a more likely, and fitting, release period for May. I love that I am sensing the title alluding to My December (i.e. the happier, May time which follows). Perhaps this will be a more cohesive personal effort than her scattered previous pop disc.

  • sade

    RCA is a rubbish record label they do little to nothing in terms of promo for most of the artist under them.

    • fancypants

      that’s true. Christina Aguilera is on RCA and they barely promoted Bionic which was a solid album.

      • Jonathan

        Amen! Apparently they think artists should just sell themselves, but that’s utter crap.

      • Thalia

        Xtina’s I Lost You was an excellent record but it did not get enough promotion either what’s wrong with her label anyways!!!???

      • u

        That PR team should have been fired.

  • carolyn

    To LadyGaGa Fan

    Lady GaGA respects Kelly; Why can’t you?

  • Ty

    Nobody cares.

    • fancypants

      you’re incorrect.

  • Jonathan

    Cannot wait. Kelly gets so much crap; there could have been a good 3 more singles released from All I Ever Wanted, but her label screwed her over. Hoping that doesn’t happen again with this record.

    • Jonathan

      Oh, and Sober remains one of the best singles that never got radio love.

    • Tisha

      I Want You was a great song from AIEW, but it was never released. Dumb RCA label!

      • Jonathan

        Yeah! Save You, Don’t Let Me Stop You, Cry, and even Ready could’ve been great singles.

      • Thalia

        I luvs I Want You it sounded like records my grams used to play when I went over during Summer visits. Kelly can sang anything she wants and make it sound like it belongs to her!!!

    • Rob

      I concur- there so many more songs on AIEW that SHOULD have been singles. O well, at least those of us that love her music know what she can do (especially at live performances). Can’t wait for her new album to come out!

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