Taylor Swift's new 'Back to December' video: So cold, so very cold

back-to-decemberTaylor Lautner, your video apology has arrived. Well, you’re not in it (that would be some other, unknown actor with ridiculous cheekbones), but it’s here.

Unlike Swift’s smitten-kittens-and-happy-endings clip for previous single “Mine,” the clip for “Back to December” is fitted for a mood of melancholy and regret: Taylor in tank top and a ribbed cardigan made of sad, wandering the rooms of a sparely furnished house and mourning the love she let go, her misery manifesting as indoor snowflakes of the mind.

Meanwhile, her rejected, dejected paramour walks a wintry landscape, puffing out mouthfuls of cold air and despair. Good times! But actually, kind of lovely; watch it below:

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  • UGH

    My ears are bleeding.

    • yournightmare

      go see a doctor,du/mbass.

      • Jonathan

        Amen, yournightmare. Those cynical trolls are creeping up on every Taylor post.

      • UGH

        it’s not a troll when it’s true

      • u

        Would it be too much to ask for Taylor fans to disagree without having to resort to childish name-calling? Throwing a tantrum everytime someone says something less than positive about your idol won’t make people like her more. And you guys get mad every time it is pointed out how incredibly childish and stupid you guys are, but you do nothing to disprove that.

      • jayne

        @ U, maybe people that are not fans of Taylor should GET OFF HER POSTS. Why comment if all you are going to be is rude and mean. Use your time to comment on people you do like.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Very pretty, it fits the song. I like how they left it open ended rather than going for the happy ending, sometimes it is too late to fix things.

    I really like Taylor’s new look, she looks so pretty int he video with her bangs but I felt bad for the guy. He looks so cold!

    • Amy

      Of course he’s cold– That part was filmed in Binghamton, NY- My home town– It’s ALWAYS cold there! lol

      • Nancy

        My home town also. I live only a mile or so from some of the places filmed. It’s really neat to see it. Wondered who’s idea it was to come here, I know it’s cold but so are allot of other places. Glad they did though.

    • Cris

      Her songwriting is getting better, her voice not so much, abd her eagerness for guys, dating, getting dumped and writing/talking about her heartbreak is baffling and offputting. No wonder her exes dump her over the phone.

      • u


  • KC

    Forget this crap! Why not give Dev’s “Bass Down Low” some props instead?

    • yournightmare

      go suck a mean d/ick. ew gives props to those who actually make a impact.
      Your Dev is too marginal.

      • u

        yournightmare, you do a perfect job of living up to your moniker. And apparently you’re a hypocrite, too. Because if someone said the exact same thing about Taylor (and they’d be right), you would lose your mind, but you feel entitled to disrespect other artists.

    • Jonathan

      Too bad Bass Down Low is one of the most unoriginal songs ever. I doubt this Dev woman even wrote the track.

      • UGH

        and taylor swift is “original”?

      • Lydia

        So name an artist that’s she has copied? You’ll find it inordinately difficult finding one because she wrote all her songs and none of them are even remotely similar to anything anybody else has done. There you go.

      • Jonathan

        @UGH – while the subject matter is obviously not groundbreaking, Back to December is a heart-rending single bursting with sincerity. Sorry if you prefer faceless electro-pop like Bass Down Low.

  • Derek

    With her bangs, Taylor looks a lot like Julie Tayl . . . I mean, Aimee Teegarden, from Friday Night Lights.

  • Molly

    I love this video. It is very different and shows a vulnerable side to Taylor that we don’t really see. By the way, I wish I had her legs.

  • Ing

    I think its pretty fitting that the guy is walking around a school ground covered in snow since Taylor and Taylor met on the set of Valentine’s Day and they did most of their shots at a high school, esp in the track and field areas…

  • Wowza!

    Who is the guy in the video. He is very dreamy. Beautiful video!

    • Chumba1k

      The male actor is Guntars Amanis.

      • Lydia


  • Kalie

    I kept feeling bad for the poor guy outside in the snow. At least this one didn’t end with them running into each others’ arms.

  • sabrina

    hi i love your music i want to be like u


    Dang…..she actually looks like the young Kim Basinger with the bangs

  • sarah

    But Leah, how awesome would it have been if Taylor HAD starred in it and they could have reunited video shoot style a la Pink and Carey???

  • yournightmare

    Such a great new side of her…maturity shines through. More like this in the future,please!

  • kathy60

    Another piece of crap from this so-called singer.
    Now I know I am going to get responses from all you tone deaf Taylor fans but I have only three things to say….
    1. Not everyone likes Taylor Swift
    2. Taylor Swift cannot sing without the help of electronics.
    3. The last time I looked this was America and I can express my 1st amendment rights…freedom of speech.
    So, now you can hit me with your best shot but you know I am right.
    Have a nice day!!!!

    • Miranda

      And I’m sure that the husband you said you’ve been married to for 35 years feels the same about you Kathy and that why you get all anal about Taylor. How does it feel being old and unwanted?

      • kathy60

        I am not old and unwanted Miranda. You have NO IDEA how loved I am and how great music used to be in my younger days. At least my husband and I grew up listening to people who COULD ACTUALLY SING. I only hope that you little twerp can find the love of your life and live happily – like I did. So just go away!!!

      • Raymond

        I you were so “loved” and happy as you say, you wouldn’t be spreading hate on Taylor threads old bitty. Now go play with your atomizer because your hubby isn’t giving you any. ha!

    • Fitronic

      Life must be pretty good if you are so desperate for attention that you flamed Taylor Swift and her ‘tone deaf’ fans and stating it as facts.

    • Jonathan

      Oh poor Kathy; even people your age can be trolls. I would think by this point in your life you would have learned a little maturity and wouldn’t bring out school yard taunts against a girl probably a third of your age who has more maturity than you ever will. I feel sorry for you, really.

    • D Trotter

      Well, Kathy, taking your 3 points in order:

      1. Correct. Not everyone likes Swift. For example, there’s you.

      However, there are obviously MORE avid Swift fans than there are for ANYONE ELSE — as proven by her twin achievements as “best-selling” and “most played” Artist of the Year.

      2.Pay attention. Taylor has performed so many times in the last few months, unplugged, “un-autotuned”, and SOLO on her acoustic guitar — and sounded BETTER than her records — that your trite, constantly-repeated accusation has become the biggest joke on these pages.

      3. You’re entitled to opinion. But Taylor is at the very pinnacle of fame in the music world — and all you’re ever gonna be is mean.
      (And I’m sorry your world is so filled with emptiness and bitterness that you have to spend your time making negative and hateful posts on every story about Taylor).

      • jayne

        Exactly what i was going to say!!

    • nancy

      Very weird you would come on here just to spew a little vitriol, Kathy60. Why can’t you just find a site for someone you like, and spread a little sunshine instead? And BTW–there are many singers and bands who limit themselves primarily to studio recording.(Starting with the Beatles maybe? Sgt. Pepper? Rubber Soul? Etc?) Swift does live tours, and obviously people dig these or she wouldn’t be selling out. You can spew your nasty opinions–but why? All You Ever Are Is Mean.

  • Tisha

    Who’s the guy in the video? He sure is so much cuter than you know who. He’s the living end.

  • kathy60

    @ Raymond – sorry you are so unloved that you have to hate on people who actually are. I am not anal about Taylor, not am I hating on her..I am only speaking the truth and you can’t handle it. And, I get PLENTY!! Probably a lot more than you do.

    • Raymond

      People who talk about getting PLENTY never do you old lush bitty. Go back to dreamland again wishing you were young and talented like Taylor. Reality bites your behind doesn’t it?

    • Jonathan

      Why so bitter, Kathy? Really, what does you coming on these comments and bashing Taylor do for you? This could be a place where people can discuss whether or not they enjoyed this video and why, but you come in and taint it with your hateful and unnecessary comments. Looks like you need to find a little joy in your life and stop being so disrespectful to people with different opinions.

      • cookiecrumble

        Agree. but I do believe this toots called Kathy be one of your peers…not a happily or even unhappily matron in her 5th decade. vocab & speech analysis be my matronly forte…but refreshingly freedom of speech reigns and to her credit she not be a delusional snotsten…ohoh my prejudice is showing (snotstens are in the category of ” with fans like that who needs enemies”) Pretty vid. The French director said he based it on movie E.T.-what E.T. felt so did the kid (Eliot); what the guy freezing his tush off she feels (snowing in the house) and the I’m sorry note at the end…it’s his decision. Like someone said, outside scenes in NY, Swift scenes filmed in Nashville.

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