Slash talks about his tour with Ozzy, the search for Velvet Revolver's singer, and Axl's latest accolade

Break out the top hats and Les Pauls: Slash kicks off a tour with Ozzy Osbourne on Jan. 16 in Omaha, Neb. Read the full post.

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  • rurikvred

    I know Slash. When I first met him, he reminded me of a that kid on the block outside of school that was in your grade, but smoked cigarettes with the older guys hanging out on the corner. Heaven forbid you’d become his target.

    He’s mellowed out a lot since his GNR days… thanks to Matt Sorum (my old roommate) playing the diplomat in many areas of GNR and VR. I think that VR will return with a vengeance and blow the doors off the evil commerical vault of “ROCK IS DEAD AND WE HAVE ITS HEART IN HERE.”

    Go Slash, Duff, Matt, and whoever they bring on board soon for VR.

    • kevin

      you know slash?! you were roomates with sorum!? you lucky guy so were you afraid of him back in school the way you type it it sounds like he was scary back then lol

  • Fendi

    One thing I respect on Slash that he never held any grudge on his ex band members. It grow a little respect for Douche Rose that I agree he’s one of the best lyricist on a hard rock arena. But musically, Slash hold the crown.

  • KC

    You hear that? Glee sucks.

  • tyler

    ha ha he pretty much said glee is for homos not rock n roll

    • neetsie

      I know a lot of homos who think Glee is the worst thing on TV.

  • Rimshot

    I can understand not wanting other musicians using the original song. An Artist has a right to guide the way it is use. Glee is like the appreciation of the art of song and dance; it gave me a fresh view about music. It is not about the money or the fame just the spirit of watching people do what they love to do.

    • neetsie

      Yeah, but it still sucks…

  • Ffn

    Good to see slash is a professional and despite there differences can still admit wot a great frontman axl is

  • Chris L

    Hahaha love the comment about Fergie in her err.. attire right on the money you would’nt complain at all!! Slash ur a cool funny guy! Books amazing looking forward to new VR. Let It Roll!!!!!

  • Violetr

    Uh, so “Glee” is verboten but “American Idol” is okay? At least “Glee” is an original, scripted show. “AI” is just trashy reality TV – entertaining trash, sure. Anyway, Slash, hypocrite much?

    • kevin

      lol i think that slash felt like he was bringing a rock element to an over poppy American idol, he got to play guitar with the contestants and he seemed to have fun with it if you think that’s selling out(or think its anything like giving yur music to glee) you are very ignorant. glee would take music that he helped to create and makes it poppy and very wussy and he wouldnt have any say in what they did with it. him being on American Idol and his music being on glee are two entirely different things if you actually sit down and think about were he is coming from

  • mrkoe

    Slash is tired…. Why does he have to trash a bunch of talented kids who work 16 hour days acting, dancing and then belting out really good covers of songs in the recording studio?? Tell the truth Slash, in ALL Rock and Roll concerts, there is always a track to enhance vocals and cover live performance mistakes.

    • kevin

      lol you would say that XD. get over it i would bet my left nut that 99.9% of guns n roses fans back him up on his decision. no true gnr fan is going to want to see that beautiful nitty gritty rock music turned into poppy sugarcoated crap. what did you want him to say? that he loves it when a bunch of actors butcher his rock n roll? ps- true rockers dont need their vocals enhanced, ive never heard a show with slash were the singer needed any vocal enhancement thats something you made up to make a case lol. mabye bands like skillet or nickelback use vocal enhancements but true rock bands do not(a little reverb or distortion does not count im talking about vocal enhancements that the artists NEED to sound good)

    • Lyndsey

      Spoken by someone who has obviously never worked with live bands before!!!! Honey I’ve worked shows for God knows how many bands, mainly rock, and NONE of them have ever used vocal tracks in live performances. And that’s not just unsigned bands but also 30 Seconds to Mars, Theory of a Deadman, Tantric, Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, etc & I was friends with the house sound guy (& with several who worked for the bands) so believe me, I would have known if they had! If you’ve been around the music business then it’s always obvious when a band is using vocal tracks & those in the rock business have little respect for those who do. In fact, the only rock band I’ve seen do it was Saliva & bands on tour with them constantly joke about it.
      Moral of the story? Don’t try to make assumptions about something you have no idea about!!

  • David Whitten

    At least someone in Rock & Roll has standards.

  • Cat

    Slash, you’ve confirmed yourself as a complete legend in my eyes. I can’t for the life of me understand the appeal of this saccharin, unfunny show. Ugh, can you imagine what they would have done to Sweet Child of Mine? Paradise City? Welcome to the Jungle??? There isn’t enough autotune in the world for anyone to get those vocals right (except for Axl, talented nutbar that he is). Geez, I wish Jane Lynch would hurry up and find something better to do already. Seeing her comedic talents wasted on this insipid piece of crap is embarrassing.

  • Conman

    Slash Rules!!! Glee sucks!!! Fergie can’t sing Sweet Child of Mine!!!

  • pablo

    hola soy de argentina y pienso y siento que se tienen que dejar de romper las pelotas con sus diferendcias que tienen entre ellos los integrantes de guns n roses si se juntan van a ser los mejores como siempre ,slash axl, duff ,steven, izii,dizi.gilbi,nolose pero com on axl ,welcome to the guns n roses the original,again, becose are the best in the univers of rock n roll,see you,thanks you.pablo

  • Jimmy Prater

    See you in Reno!! W/ OZZY lets Rock….

  • viviennewestwood

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