'American Idol' to release Greatest Hits album. It's predictable. It shouldn't have been.

Kelly-Clarkson-UnderwoodImage Credit: Frederick Breedon/FilmMagic.com; Bob Charlotte/PRThe good folks at American Idol just announced they are releasing a compilation album to mark the show’s 10th anniversary this year. Fittingly, it’s called “American Idol 10th Anniversary — The Hits” and drops March 15.

Here’s the set list:

“Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

“Superstar” by Ruben Studdard

“Invisible” by Clay Aiken

“When I See You” by Fantasia

“Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood

“Takin’ It To The Streets” by Taylor Hicks

“Home” by Daughtry

“No Air” by Jordin Sparks (with Chris Brown)

“Light On” by David Cook

“Live Like We’re Dying” by Kris Allen

“Whataya Want From Me” by Adam Lambert

“Sweet Serendipity” by Lee DeWyze

A few things:

1. Taylor Hicks? Seriously. So sad (and fitting) that the producers had to use an show performance instead of a single. The less said about his  post-Idol career, the better. (Okay, I’ll say one thing: He was literally on Regis & Kelly at one point looking for a date like it was an episode of The Bachelor.)

2. Where is Jennifer Hudson?

3. Rather than releasing a “Hits” album — honestly, who doesn’t own “Before He Cheats” at this point? — Idol could have used this opportunity to expose the public to some great B-sides that were never released as singles. (I’m thinking: “You Found Me” on Kelly Clarkson’s album Breakaway and “Lessons Learned” from Carrie Underwood’s album Some Hearts.) It would have certainly goosed sales of these titles.

4. Don’t you wish Jordin Sparks would re-record “No Air” to remove the Chris Brown stank? Paging Usher!

What do you think of the set list? Is it dead on? What songs would you have liked to see included?

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  • Jasmine

    4. Don’t you wish Jordin Sparks would re-record “No Air” to remove the Chris Brown stank? Paging Usher!


    I don’t even like Chris Brown. But no.

    • chrisB

      Chris sounds great on that song. why would u ever redo it. a voice doesn’t symbolize actions, hes not singing about abuse or anything. the guy has a good voice!

    • Benoreno

      The singing’s fine. You’re going down a slippery slope when you talk about redoing songs based on a singer’s personal action(s). No one’s pure as the driven snow.

      • Jen

        But most people don’t beat their girlfriends. You have to draw the line somewhere. What if he was a murderer? I think drawing the line at abuse is fine.

    • Me

      Exactly. Give it a rest.

    • bruno

      what did you just write? “the chris brown stank”..? WTF dude? it’s been 2 years, the guys been on his road. he’s a talented individual. let’s give the bashign a rest already.

      • deedee

        Yeah…it’s all good. He can sing, doesnt matter that he is a violent batterer.

      • Kalie

        Oh, please. Who cares that two years have passed? He put his girlfriend in the hospital because they had a disagreement. A couple days later he was vacationing in Florida. He’s a creep. Maybe if he showed some actual remorse for what he did, people would start to cut him some slack.

      • matt

        I can separate the music from the person, but he is and always will be a d-bag as far as I’m concerned.

      • Henri

        Not only have two years past but the dude has made one stupid move after another since. With the latest gay bashing, homophobic slurs during a immature twitter fight just being the latest transgression. I have no problem giving people second chances if they are sincere, Chris Brown is not sincere.

    • Amy

      yeah, I really really dislike chris brown but I thought that comment was sooo distasteful. no matter what cb has done or how he choses to live his life, the song stands apart from that.

      also, usher is just a stupid, stupid choice.

    • HD

      -I was listening to “No Air” the other day and thought Jordan should replace Chris Brown. First he’s a nasally whiner, not a singer and two, his stank made me want to hit fast-forward which is a shame because she was killing it vocally.

      -Jennifer Hudson has yet to really have a breakout hit, or any kind of hit really.

      -Surprised by the cut they picked for Fantasia, though I love the song was it considered a hit?

      • Cleetus Bellamy

        Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” was a hit single on R&B and Dance charts for weeks.

      • pookie

        That Fantasia track spent like 14 weeks at #1 on R&B Billboard tracks

      • MikeFromMontreal

        Regarding Jennifer Hudson: Was Spotlight released under the same label as Idol? For Carrie, I would have chosen one of her “Idol Gives Back” songs.

      • PN

        Fantasia’s When I See You was No.1 on the R&B chart for numerous weeks. It was on the Billboard R&B/hip-hop singles chart for over a year, about 55 weeks or so!

    • PN

      I thought that Jordin and Chris sounded great together on No Air. They still play it on the radio a strong 3 1/2 years later!

      • kahuna

        It’s a great song, and they sound beautiful together.

    • Vivi

      See, I can’t respect writers/reviewers that can not separate personal life from music. They end up stating inane comments like “Don’t you wish Jordin Sparks would re-record “No Air” to remove the Chris Brown stank? Paging Usher!”
      This song is still being played after 4 years. There is a reason for it. The collaboration between Jordin and Chris was instant. They made the song. In the video, they had chemistry. When something works, it works.

    • PN

      I would have wanted Battlefield, with its big Bon Jovi-ish anthemic choruses and loud rock guitars on the album. And I love her voice on that song! It’s just as much a strong song as No Air is.

    • kellybelly

      Seems that they only did the winners. And I won’t be buying it. I own Carrie, Kelly and Chris’s albums already. Probably just download individual tunes.

      • RaRa

        Daughtry didn’t win but he is on there.

      • Jen

        Adam lambert and clay aiken were also 2nd

  • LOL

    Music for people who hate music.

    • Aunt Sassy

      I don’t hate these songs, but if I liked them when they were released I already own them. Also, I thought the songs were supposed to be “hits” – “Sweet Serendipity” is just straight up poo.

      • Lunna

        Exactly. We don’t have “Spotlight” by Jennifer Hudson, but we have “Sweet Serendipity”. WTF?

      • PN

        I think because Lee just was on there last year, they had to include him. It’s not one of his best songs, but it’s decent.

  • Devin

    I don’t like Chris Brown either, but that “No Air” comment was stupid.

  • Lauren

    Some of us still love Taylor Hicks. I wish he had a better post Idol career, but I still love his sound and wish him much success in the future. And I would have picked “In the Ghetto” from his AI days if they couldn’t find a post AI single that worked. Soul Patrol!

    • Cat

      I don’t get all the hate either.

    • Madison

      Love Taylor Hicks…Soul Patrol all the way!!

    • RaRa

      He’s currently working on another album.

  • Ron

    Where is Jennifer Hudson? I know they like to push Idol winners but when a Top 10 Idol finalist has all the awards she does, Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, etc., how do you not include her?

    • daisyj

      I’m going to guess that as a non-winner/runner up 19 didn’t have her under contract when she made her album. Presumably, they already own the rights to all these songs.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a good point. I wonder if that accounts for a lot of the choices on this album.

    • PN

      Jennifer should have been on the album, even if she records on a different label.

  • LD

    “Crush” by David Archuleta is a shocking omission from this list. That song was a huge pop hit!

    • keith

      I agree. But I’m not surprised. It was a bigger “hit” than the Hicks song for sure.

      • tori

        I’m with you on this one. And also, where’s Elliott Yamin? “Wait for You” was huge!

      • Lunna

        @tori I too was asking myself where was “Wait for You”.

      • Mysti Adams

        it had to be from a WINNER of AI, not a runner up. Elliott, David Arch, Jennifer Hudson did not WIN AI.

      • Eric

        Misty, Chris Daughtry didn’t win Idol and he’s on there.

      • Eric

        Mysti sorry for misspelling your name. :)

      • Jen

        A.lambert and Clay Aiken didn’t win either Misti

  • AC

    Jennifer Hudson didn’t win American Idol, therefore she’s not on the soundtrack. Did you consider that?

    • whatevs

      Neither did Clay or Adam. The difference is that she doesn’t have loonie fans.

    • mmmmmmm

      Neither Daughtry. Or Adam Lambert. Or Clay Aiken. Did you consider that?

    • keith

      Neither did Clay Aiken or Adam Lambert or Chris Daughtry.

    • ST

      Neither did Daughtry, Clay Aiken or Adam Lambert… they’re all on the disc.

    • WJA

      Neither did Chris or Clay win but they are on the allbum…it isn’t just a winners album it is an anniversary album

      • PN

        I think that because Idol is in its 10th season now, they wanted to put it out rather that coast through the season and not do anything. It makes people look back and remember how those singers started out that led them to hear their current albums and go to their live concerts now. That we, the TV viewing public, had a hand in launching their music careers with the voting on TV, not the slick dressed execs of a record label! Anytime something reaches a 5th or 10th or 20th anniversary, you’ll get these kinds of splashy tributes.

      • forrest

        after watching the 10th season premiere of A.I., I noticed the recording contract is offered by a different producer / label / company than in years past. This Greatest Hits may just be the swan song / final farewell by the old recording company.

    • ?

      Adam Lamber, Clay Aiken and Daughtry are all on the album and none of them won, Daughtry didn’t even make the finale…. so considering all 3 are featured but did not win, it’s not weird to ask were J Hudson is..

    • kat

      hey did anyone tell you yet that adam lambert and clay aiken and daughtry also didn’t win? i’m not sure

    • Ktct

      Clay, Adam and Daughtry are all signed to RCA, who is releasing the disc.

    • jessica

      just because everyone else is doing it…clay…adam…daughtry…

    • Jen


  • Me

    Blake Lewis – “You Give Love A Bad Name”

    • Andrew

      You’ve got to be kidding me?! Why would that be on there?

      • anonymous

        why would you think they were kidding? blake rocked that performance, dawg, it was hot!

      • ethel merman

        Blake’s version would be on there because it was the first time a contestant really played with the arrangment.

      • AcaseofGeo

        If we’d include a Blake Lewis track I’d suggest something from his fantastic yet sadly overlooked sophomore CD, “Heartbreak On Vinyl”. The title went to #1 on the Dance Club list.

      • duranmom

        Because it was AWESOME! That was a great Idol moment — especially the look on JBJ’s face when he was mentoring and Blake told him what he was going to do. Classic!!!!!

    • lenscrafter

      Blake Lewis has some awesome songs!!! “Heartbreak On Highland” is a hit that should have been. I wish he had been included, CD’s have so many songs now, I agree that Archuleta and J Hud were also shafted!

      Elliott Yamin did his CD independently, so they don’t stand to gain anything by including it, but as far as I know, Clay also got out of his contract . . .

      Sad that Ruben has no single, other than a cover . . .

  • keith

    Insanely predictable. My grandmother could have come up with this list. Why on earth would I buy this? Surely by now I have the songs from this I’d want anyway.

  • Erika

    There are other non winners so leaving Jennifer off seems odd. Maybe she didn’t give them permission?

  • darclyte

    I would rather have Idol put out an “All Star” album to benefit Idol Gives Back. The duet of Carrie and David Cook performing Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” should be included. Heck, they could do an Idol Duets album, and pair up “All Stars” as well. Daughtry and Allison Iraheta. Kelly and Adam Lambert. Reuben and Fantasia. Carrie and Josh Gracin. There are lots of better options out there than what they put on this album.

    • darclyte

      BTW, Sweet Serendipity blows. It got booed at the NFL halftime show in Lee’s hometown of Chicago. They could have used The Boxer, or his reworking of Beautiful Day (not the version he did on the show, but the version he did elsewhere.)

      • Laura

        You are WRONG!It has already been proven that Lee WAS NOT BOOED at the NFL game! They were booing the Packers team as they were going back on the field just as he was ending his song!

      • Aunt Sassy

        I would have booed him if I was there – that song blows.

    • darclyte

      Live Like You’re Dying also stinks. The song he did with the guy from Train would have been a better choice.

    • Anna

      I agree I really liked David and Carrie’s duet.

    • PN

      They should have done an Idol Gives Back album as a lead in to their annual telethon special. Pair former Idols with other former Idols or established artists and 100 percent the proceeds from the sales would have gone to Idol Gives Back. Ruben and Fantasia I would have loved to see a duet as well as maybe Kris Allen and Adam Levine of Maroon 5 since they each play guitar. Or Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert to do a song together.

  • JesDC

    Im so tired of the Taylor Hicks bashing. That season was the best ever and he was always entertaining. There was a moment during Hollywood Week I think, where he sang “The First Cut is the Deepest” and it was so amazing. Ive never been able to find that since. Ive always been a Taylor fan and I always will be.

    • Lauren

      Me too, JesDC. I honestly don’t hear people bash him in real life all the time. Just the haters at ew.com that dismiss him at every single opportunity. I loved him and voted for him numerous times. Season 5 was one of my favorites.

    • Madison

      Taylor Hicks has a lot of fans. Every one of his concerts is a sell out, his live performances are amazing. Quit bashing someone with natural talent and move on!!! Yeah Soul Patrol!!!

  • B-

    If you’re going to include people who Almost Won “Idol”, why not include Katharine McPhee and Elliot Yamin. Katharine had a good song called “I Lost You” and another called “Not Your Girl”. Elliot’s whole album was solid and “Wait For You” was a hit. Finally the Chris Brown remark was stupid. The song stands on it’s own and his voice works. Plus her and Jordan were age appropriate at the time of the recording. You suggest Usher to re-record a Chris Brown song? Usher is a veteran superstar who couldn’t be bothered to do something silly.

    • mar g

      Katharine’s Better Off Alone is the best song on her first album. Would have been a great addition to an Idol album

    • Vivi

      But Usher has been doing silly ever since his “Confessions” album. Trust me, if the song was recorded today, he would hop on it. “Anything to sell a record.” That’s Usher’s unofficial motto these days.

  • me

    they should have done a little better. like the now! series they could have put 20 songs on it and picked some better songs. oh well, i won’t be buying it.

    • PN

      Good idea–they could have made a 20-song compilation with 20 of the best singers that came from Idol but maybe they didn’t want listeners to feel bored for 73 minutes if they made uneven song choices.

  • Karen

    Glad to see Fantasia’s song on there great great song!

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