Black Eyed Peas perform at Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show: Missing the feeling

black-eyed-peas_320.jpg Image Credit: Patrick Semansky/AP Images In theory, the Black Eyed Peas are the perfect band to play at the Super Bowl halftime show. They’re glitzy, entertaining, and it’s hard to believe that any sporting event of the last five years hasn’t played a song by the group at some point during play. Yet, they seemed to fall short during the halftime show — standing up in front of a live crowd of more than 100,000 people, the Black Eyed Peas seemed… well, as small as peas themselves. The dancers surrounding them might have had to adhere to strict choreography, but the Peas, merely standing next to each other in a line, looked awkward, as if they didn’t have a concrete plan for what would happen after they descended from the sky (a cool effect, I’ll admit) at the beginning of the show. No matter how many awesome LED effects they could distract us with, you couldn’t mistake the fact that we were watching a small pack of four musicians — with plenty of sound problems.

The foursome began singing their feel-good hit, “I Gotta Feeling” and were quickly set off-balance as soon as Fergie’s mic cut off as she began her portion of the song. They followed up with a shrug-worthy “Boom Boom Pow,” and then shifted gears a tad: Out came Slash, playing “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” (The Super Bowl halftime show isn’t the Super Bowl halftime show without an aging rock star!) The guitarist, however, did add some much-needed musicality to the event — that is, until Fergie began singing. As stellar a vocalist the Black Eyes Peas singer might be, classic rock certainly is not her strong suit.

Then came “Pump It” and “Let’s Get It Started,” but the Black Eyed Peas didn’t quite hit their stride, strangely enough, until they began the politically-charged “Where Is the Love,” performed against the backdrop of Valentine’s Day-appropriate red hearts that experienced some technical difficulties of their own — part of that pesky “V” refused to light up. (And, surprise surprise, changed the lyrics to the tune during the show.) Usher came along to play as well, handling his “OMG” song-and-dance routine much better than he has in previous live performances. And, shockingly, the band sounded best performing what might just be their worst song to date, “The Time (Dirty Bit).”

But tell me, football and Black Eyed Peas fans: What did you think of the halftime show? Time of your life? Or time to make them stop?

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  • Leadah

    Fergie’s mic didn’t cut out, it wasn’t on to begin with. The show was bad bad bad, the effects were cool though (when they worked). Usher was useless, he didn’t even sing.

    • Francis

      One of the worst half-time shows I’ve seen.
      As an American, I am ashamed and disgusted. They should have brought a rock band. No one likes this new ‘techno’ wave. Only dumb teenagers, who don’t know music, enjoy this type of music.
      I’m ashamed and disappointed in the NFL for hiring the Black Eyed Peas.
      Again, it was horrible.

      • Nick

        This generation lacks wholesome/organic music in the mainstream. That was embarrassing.

      • Josh

        Um, excuse me, dumb teenagers? You know, I get really tired of all the ridiculous stereotypes out there. Everybody likes different music. Personally I prefer rock and some hip-hop. Techno isn’t that bad as long as it’s done right. But The Black Eyed Peas just need to stop. They used to be kinda good, but now they just sound terrible. They lost their touch when Fergie and Will.I.Am went solo. And don’t even get me started on Usher’s sucky live performances…

      • Angela

        Sorry you feel that way about the music featured tonight. It is unfortunate there were technical difficulties causing the show to not be as great as it could’ve been.

        I am well past my teen years and I love this music. It seems to me that old fogies are the only ones that don’t enjoy this type of music.

      • Flick

        you sound pretty ignorant. “who don’t know music” and my favorite “No one likes this new ‘techno’ wave.” well, I’m not a teenager, and I certainly dont enjoy the BEPs music. but i do appreciate the irony of your statement.
        Just to reiterate, you’re dumb.

      • sdf

        you’re dumb.

      • 57y/odumbteenager

        Loved it. Great show. Black Eyed Peas super. Fergie looked darling. Liked the TRON theme. Sound techs blew it, and, as usual, camera crew blows it by not panning-back for longer periods – so WE can see the show too.

      • KIA

        Your music was once that “trash mainstream music” too and everyone used to think you listened to crappy music. I’m not a fan of BEP but to insult music just cause you don’t like it is ignorant.

      • Logan

        You’re just an ignorant old fart. I love the BEP’s, Im a teenager, and even though I do agree they didn’t do to good tonight, this new Techno wave is the shiz. I love it. It makes me wanna take off my clothes and dance.
        OMG, I GOTTA FEELING its just a BAD ROMANCE!!!!

      • j

        teenagers are not dumb. You are so rude to call them that if you don’t like the music than why don’t u stop watching tv and maybe the radio also?

      • Gabriel

        You must be from the 70’s era. I’ll bet you can hardly move

      • krissi

        i thought it was good! i don’t get why everyone is saying it was sooooo bad. it really wasn’t that bad. not everyone likes to see old guys on their guitars. and i love usher and i think he did good.

      • joseph

        fransic i know that this performance was bad but you don’t need to call teenagers stupid and im not even a teenager i like this type of music so don’t hate on teenagers ,but some of them are actually dumb like my sister don’t let me get started on her

      • “dumb teenager”

        my facebook homepage is littered with comments like “well now i know to never buy tickets to the black eyed peas live” and “why the peas?!?!” don’t worry about the future generations… we all agree the show was as awful and atrocious as you do. but really, someday we’ll be old too and we won’t always agree with the younger generations music tastes as well. but theres no excuse for acting high and mighty with supreme music judging abilities and the audacity to scorn younger generations who will–yes its hard to believe–be taking care of YOU someday! lighten up and enjoy the ride :)

      • shine

        Well…the lights and dancers were extremely fantastic…I can’t say the same about the Peas performance, that’s all I’m going to say…I don’t want to be too mean.

      • Max

        I agree. I’m 14 and I hate this crap. I like 60s 70s and 80s much better. I mean, I don’t get how people like this. The music is just a synth that repeats, and the singers suck!

      • Max

        I won’t say teens are stupid, since I am one, but their choice in music makes me wanna puke, I mean, it sucks. And music today. What used to be great music on MTV is now Jersey shore and Justin bieber crap. Whats happened to this world?

      • Rod D

        Stupid teenagers. Are you the one who graduated two years early from high school? ARe you the one who is going to have an associates degree by this May at age 18? Do explain how I am a stupid teenager. I like the Black Eyed Peas and I’m sure I’m not stupid since I got a 33 on my ACTs. It’s not our fault you do not enjoy what is hiting big for our generations. Do us a favor and change the channel if you do not wish to hear our music. We aren’t going to wait to you die in order to enjoy our lives and listen to what we wish to listen. How ignorant to call teenagers stupid. Try to act mature and be an example to us teenagers. Who really is the dumb one.

      • angela

        I agree the performance was not a “Super Bowl quality” performance, however, the Black Eyed Peas are stellar performers. This performance was poor and there were sound difficulties…It obviously needed better choreography and sound …they never seemed in sync with each other. I would not say this was an average performance for them…too bad a poor performance had to happen on a world wide stage.

      • Josh

        @”dumb teenager” I don’t even know you, yet I love you. No need to be scared, I’m not a stalker. Haha. But I completely agree with what you said.

      • Really?

        @rod d:

        For someone that smart your spelling and grammar really suck.

        Slash was awesome as usual, rest of show blew goats.

      • Nia

        Dumb teenager? Really? I happen to fall into this classification and would like to inform you that i do like the Peas, but also classic rock, like Guns n’ Roses. Thanks for the incredible amount of tolerance you show.

      • John

        I was kinda hoping for the Vienna Philharmonic or at least the London Symphony for halftime.

        Some Mahler and maybe Bartok or Beethoven.

        What a rip.

      • Kate

        Um,excuse me I am a teenager and I mainly like rock and classic rock so don’t use ridiculous stereotypes.

      • nb

        It’s obvious BEP didn’t play a good show, but it was better than previous years. I’d take a handful of new singers that get the crowd pumped over bruce springsteen who tried to look cool and slid his crotch right into the camara.
        I’m not disagreeing that they played a not so nice sounding show, but I wasn’t yawning through it like past years. I think most of us dumb teenagers would agree that we’d like to see performers who don’t look like their about to keel over, like earlier years.

      • Antuan E.

        I argue for somehow coercing Metallica to do the halftime show. They will refuse to comply with gimmickry, will play live and loud, and have an arsenal of songs that most will recognize. Anyone got my back?

      • Rich

        Don’t blame teenagers. There’s always been terrible disposable pop music… from Milli Vanilli to Color Me Badd to Ace Of Base to the damn Macarena. Unfortunately, this is the first era when we CHAMPION disposable music… with Super Bowl halftime shows and Grammy nominations and the sort of praise the Black Eyed Peas should NEVER warrant.

        Speaking of “new techno wave”… If Daft Punk had done the halftime show, it would have been AMAZING. Most of the audience would’ve left scratching their heads, but it would’ve been a million times better than the train wreck we just witnessed tonight.

        Glad Slash is still getting work, though.

      • Jason

        Uh, excuse me, it’s our generation that sucks. I’m 16 and I hate the mainstream wave. It really is brainwashed teenagers, not an ignorant old fart. All of you cool mainstream people can get out, because this generation sucks.

      • sinister

        Um, the black eyed peas have been around for 16 years. So, some of those teenagers are 35 now. And it’s not new techno wave, it sounded more like 80’s music to me. This is not representative of current music, which generally sucks just as much.

      • patch

        “new ‘techno’ wave?!” Uhm, I believe a musical style that traces its mainstream pop roots at LEAST to Kraftwerk’s eponymous album released 41 years ago is a far cry from new to the scene.

      • Razor

        Ashamed and disgusted? Jesus—what a d-bag.

      • kpatt

        Yeah, because that the Who, Paul McCartney, and Tom Petty performances of recent years have been SO good.

        I’m no BEP fan, but I don’t mind top 40 artists doing these performances when they actually bring their A or let’s face it, B game.

      • Dan

        Now where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. “Kids these days and their ‘rock’. They should listen to some real music, not that loud trash.”

        Never fails. Every generation has its own music, and previous generations never get it.

      • luca

        While yes the whole thing was blah, don’t put all the blame on the Peas, Slash or Usher. Apparently the whole Super Bowl organization team is no longer trusting the performers to design their own routines. The organization is requiring their approval on everything down to the last detail.

      • John Cannavo

        Im a 17 year old my man. I enjoy techno, trance, dubstep and all of that jazz. Don’t write us off however, I -love- classic rock. Deep Purple being one of my favorite groups. We teens are able to distinguish ‘techno’ and its variants from Rock n’ Roll. They’re both great music, but they’re made in two completely different ways, so its hard to say one is better than the other.

        As to the show…damn man, BEP is a studio band as they call em, live gigs arent their thing.

      • ggeorge

        I liked the Black Eyed Peas…techno punk rock stuff and I’m 63. Maybe the acoustics were bad in that big stadium????

      • SPin

        Hey Francis – Lighten up!

        Your TV does have an OFF button, right?

        USE IT

        Haters just wanna hate.

      • FSUnole

        I may not be far off from being a teen (21) but claiming all teenagers are dumb is, well, dumb. I’m very much into the new “techno wave” (it’s actually referred to as house or dubstep now, but I’d have to agree that tonight’s performance by BEP was sub-par, regardless of the technical difficulties. Usher simply being there made the show marginally better even though I’m not sure he sang an entire line all together and had Fergie not murdered Sweet Child O’ Mine, Slash might have been the highlight of the show. As for the lighting effects, they were a respectable attempt. The choreography was cool but the few dancers who’s suits would either blink the wrong color, off-beat, or just not light up at all stood out too much.


      • kenzie

        not even teenagers like this crap

      • Rick

        “… I like the Black Eyed Peas and I’m sure I’m not stupid since I got a 33 on my ACTs.”

        No. You’re stupid.

      • Tanner

        “Dumb teenagers who don’t know music”? Really? That is pathetically ignorant to say. And I even hate the black eyed peas too. People used to think teenagers were “dumb” for liking rock and roll. And look how far it’s come. Times change, deal with it.

      • Dean

        I’m 21, and I agree that some kids don’t know what good music is, including many of the whiny ones posting in response to you, Francis. There are GOOD techno-esc bands out there, but the Black Eyed Peas are not one of them. They’re the equivalent of N-Sync, or other top charters of past decades that no one will remember 30 years from now. It’s just dance, escapist music that is in no way innovative or truly moving in a real sense, not to mention they aren’t true musicians. It’s just ear/eye candy, which every generation has. Even the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. would heavily compete to be in the top 20, with others no one has ever heard of today. That said, they should have booked Radiohead,Kings of Leon, Beyonce, Gaga, Bruno Mars and Travie Mccoy, etc. Just someone who can truly put on a show :).

      • gawagai

        Techno IS american.

      • jim

        Rod D. You sound like such a moron. Just such a unbelievable, unbelievable moron. My god, I hope life slaps you in the face so hard that it jolts you out of your woefully deep stupor.

      • jz

        i am a teenager and i dont car much for techno get me rock any day, now go and start to stop being such a stereotype

      • Todd

        I Enjoyed the show, although I would have left Slash and Usher out, as they weren’t necessary. BEP’s are great on their own.

      • drew

        I’m 14 and I kind of have to agree with the dumb teenagers comment. I think that pretty much all music today is awful, not just the black eyed peas.

      • yes

        It was obviously the audio and visual technicians at the root of the problem. Usher was useless and sang nothing. Slash? Really? Wasnt he at superbowl XX, 25 years ago? It wasnt just one mic, it was all of them. they werent cutting out, the audio techs kept dropping the volume when the owner of the mic wasn’t singing. Rookies.

      • Susanne

        It’s a half time SHOW not a half time CONCERT. And the SHOW was fine…

      • AlysabethInAustin

        MY Teenager….she has some taste….I don’t know what teens you are subjected to,but MY teen loves the Black Keys, Broken Bells, Grizzly Bear, The Dirty Projectors, Vampire Weekend, OkGo,& many many more….and yes, The Beatles,Stones,David Bowie,Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis….teach your children well,people.

      • Nathan

        I’m an 18 year old college student and I would’ve much rather Poison or some other crappy hair metal band than BEP, and I HATE hair metal.

      • Chris

        Generalizing isn’t a good idea, I’m a teenager and absolutely despise the BEP (and the halftime show was a mockery of music), and I”m sure there’s older people who enjoy them. G

      • Mike Marx-Gibbons

        For everyone saying music is horrible today, you are mistaken. Every genre is alive and well–and in the main stream. Don’t believe me? Just watch any movie and listen to the sound track, attend any rock concert of a band of your choosing. Go to a rave, go to a club, go to a jazz festival, or a symphony orchestra. And for people who like good old classic rock and roll, you can’t complain, its been featured in consecutive years in past super bowls. Personally, I do not like the BEPs, and wasn’t moved by the half time show, but I’m sure people who connect with their music enjoyed it. The awesome thing about music is that it reflects our individuality as people. Everyone’s tastes are different. I am a rock drummer in a band called ALICE ANNA, and I am proud to be part of contemporary music. Shame on anyone who says music is dead.

      • Lisa Simpson

        THE worst half-time show ever. With the horrible screeching and over-emoting of Xtina and the Glee chick, it was musically the worst Super Bowl ever.

      • Rin

        Lol! “Dumb teenagers”? That’s what your parents said about you, theirs about them, and what the outraged teenagers who’ve commented here will be saying about the generation behind them. Get over it.

      • Metal head

        @Francis. Dude I agree with every word u said. This music does suck and Slash made himself look like an idiot for playing with them. Im 15 and I am the only person in my school who loves metal/ rock. I get made fun of all the time for it. BuT who cares. Keep the Metal alive people. (AND I HATE POSER METAL BANDS SUCH AS BMTH,ADTR ETC.)

      • jthunders

        Don’t blame teens. There are plenty of adults that like that garbage also. Fergie is an average singer at best & had no business trying to do Sweet Child.

      • sarah

        Francis, I bet your parents said the same thing about you back in the 1860s. I mean 1960s.

      • BP

        Ashamed and disgusted? You need to get over yourself.

      • Sima

        Most of it was caused by Technical difficulties and it wasn’t BEP’s fault

      • Ihatetechno

        I agree with Fracis, and all of you who want to defend stupid, ignorant teenagers, YOU are the reason our society is failing!

      • Tripsy

        Ahahaha get with the times you old hag. It isn’t 1970 anymore sorry.

      • Charmagne

        I’m 45 and love the Peas. I enjoyed the half-time show in spite of the technical difficulties. I do, however, remember my dad hating my rock music in the 70’s and 80’s. There are always going to be seniors who don’t like current music trends. I personally would like to see Metallica do the show. I’ve seen them live twice. Back in 1992 and last year when I took my 23 yr old daughter to see their concert. Trust me, they have absolutely no problems with live performances!

      • MaryJaneWatslive.comon

        @Josh- BEP lost their cred when Fergie joined them. They were so awesome before she joined them and they started playing tween music. What a waste.

      • ani

        ahahahaha. I am laughing at the fool who started quote his ACT scores. For one, his score wasn’t even stellar. And on top of that, the ACT exam is totally irrelevant to anyone over the age of 19.

        And as smart as I was in high school, I was an oblivious moron. So, I’d almost agree that there are a lot of dumb teenagers out there…and a lot more morally sketch ones.

      • Dumb Teenager

        I grew up in an era where i can get, in the click of a button, the amount of music you heard throughout your entire childhood, you ageist old prick.

      • Cerebus

        I’m in my 40s and I love the BEP. I was disappointed with their show, but hey, they *were* better the Who last year. (I’m an even bigger fan of the Who, and I’ll man up and say they sucked last year.) As for techno, I’m not a major fan of it, but I do like it.

        In the last year, I’ve come to find good stuff to listen among today’s artists. I hope to continue to do so, rather than stagnate, listening to only the songs of years ago.

      • JayJ

        Musical choices are not relative. You would never say “some people believe the Earth is flat and we must respect that point-of-view.”

      • kellybelly

        Francis – you’re hilarious! I was watching with my 60yr old parents and they LOVE the Peas.
        This performance however, was just, blah, blah. Some okay moments. But just blah. Sound was awful.

      • dane

        I don’t even get why everyone bases their idea of ‘popular’ music off of radio and singles charts. Last week’s #1 album was from Amos Lee and the week before that was the Decemberists. Just ’cause its on the radio doesn’t mean its what most people are listening to.

      • Leyah

        I hated the show. It was ridiculous. But “dumb teenagers”??? WHO are YOU to use a stereotype like that? So I guess you can call us “dumb teenagers” but we can’t all just assume that old people hog the road and drive at 4 miles an hour… Isn’t that right? I have to say, of all of the stereotypes givin to old people, you must feel pretty high and mighty to insult all teenagers because of YOUR stupid opinion. I HATED the performence. What really pissed me off is YOU.

      • vtm

        Please, go drink you another 12-pack of Bud Lite, blare your local 70’s Hits station, and stop polluting the Internets with your incessant inability to adapt to the evolution of media.

        kthx. I, as an American, am disgusted by this redneck musical agenda that you seem to harbor against all things aurally-inclined.

      • michelle

        I thought it was a hell of a lot better than the last at least five crappy shows. They are still making millions and you probably work at a fast food place.

      • Tracy

        I agree with Francis, MetalHead and Max. I am worn of all the over produced music. It would be nice to see some new bands that actually make and PLAY their music live. I would love to see someone like Clutch (they would be excellent to see at such an event), Killswitch Engage, or Maiden (I am fully aware however, that Iron Maiden and Killswitch will never play at the Super Bowl)but a change of genre would be nice. It’s pop, hip hop, and R&B all over the place. I’m not knocking anyone for their musical tastes, but variety would be nice.

      • Steve Stouffer

        Why would you refer to teenagers as “dumb”? And why would you think teenagers do not know music? I do personally like the Black Eyed Peas. And I am a 54 years old, white male. But that doesn’t matter at all. I like the upbeat, lively, energetic, and messaging music. Just because someone doesn’t prefer a particular style music doesn’t make the music itself bad! Or the teenagers dumb.

      • Julio

        Wow, you guys…alright everybodys different and have their own opinions, so all you guys are dumb, unless you agree. Don’t try to sound smater with some high vocabulary cause it doesnt work,to be smart you gotta say somethin smart. Yeah i agree, jersey shore is plain stupid, you basically waste your life watching other people live theirs, GO LIVE A LIFE. Yeah i’m a teen and i dont get other teens today, plus i like all music techno, dubstep, electronic, rock, metal,old school rock, rap, underground rap,hip hop, everything you name it, i love music…BOOM

      • sherry

        WTH, does having to be an American have to be with the black eyed peas performing? They r Americans! Get a Life or better yet go crawl back under your trailer and please don’t breed!

      • DJ Elevate

        Why? Because he could actually play the instrument he is famous for.
        BEP’s??–mainstream illuminati garbage group
        Usher–WTF was he there for?
        I don’t know about you guys, but I would have preferred the Foo Fighters or Metallica or even Muse, all of which have Kicka** Live performances. Go Packers, Badgers,Brewers,Bucks, Real Madrid!!!! Ps.. BEP’s aren’t Techno.. Its insulting, its like saying NSYNC is rock and roll. Listen to 009 soundsystem, Crystal Castles, Tiesto, Dash Berlin, Cosmic Gate, Daft Punk, Passion Pit… BRO BTW I’m 19, I love Music(Led,Metallica,rolling Stones-from your era-from mine especially foreign..Not Garbage like Gaga, BEP’s,Beyonce,spears,monroe,manson, whatever brain washed people listen to,even Justin Beiber is alright, because the little dude could actually sing.. To finish it off… Axel Rose should have popped out on stage and smashed fergie with a guitar and take over the vocals.. That would have been Metal.

      • jledbetternv

        I am not a dumb teenager and I enjoy the Black Eyed Peas. I also enjoy the Beatles, the Stones, and Queen, as well as Pendulum, Crystal Castles, Eric Prydz, the Streets, and Eminem.

        Music is like food. Sometimes, I’m in the mood for a fine steak, like Bohemian Rhapsody or the White Album. Sometimes I crave a greasy burger, like the BEP or Kesha. Pop music isn’t supposed to have depth to it. It’s pop music. It’s supposed to have a beat you can dance to and catchy lyrics. The BEP have certainly done that and made boatloads of money in the process.

        People don’t always want steak.

      • JacobH

        The Peas sucked, but then so did the Who when they played it.

        @Antuan E. – You hit the nail on the head brother. Metallica would kill it. They’ve been around for over 2 decades. Plus, it’s a football game… nothing would set the mood like some good old fashioned metal!

      • JacobH

        If the NFL really wanted to put on a good halftime show… they’d shovel out enough money to get the remaining members of Led Zeppelin back together. Those are 3 old farts that haven’t lost a beat.

      • Kelli

        Ashamed & disgusted as an American? Wow, really? It was that bad? Not to mention, that important to the country?

      • Ted in Canada

        I conducted sort of an ‘informal poll’ of the comments posted here so far …. 96% disliked the Peas performance to varying degree… versus… 4% blind and/or tone-deaf commentors who ‘chimed in’ possitively for the Peas.

      • Jim Bob

        “… I like the Black Eyed Peas and I’m sure I’m not stupid since I got a 33 on my ACTs.”

        You should of translated that 33 into your horrible writing!

      • Randy

        I’m not an old man but that music, if you can call it that, does suck. Anyone can set up lame beats on a Sanyo keyboard…

      • Deborah Leabo

        I agree – worst half-time show ever. It was totally bad, disgusting, confusing + annoying. Bad, bad, bad, yuck.
        Where was John Fogerty or any other real rocker?

      • KC

        The poster is totally correct when he says that music of this type is awful, and that people that follow it don’t know music.

        Fact is, people who cannot play an instrument should not be called Musicians.

        They are singers – at best. Most can’t even do that without electronic adjusting of their voice. TRUE singers – think Etta James or Frank Sinatra – never had their voices adjusted. They were on EVERY night. Period. That takes an enormous amount of talent and rehearsal and dedication to their craft.

        “Artists” (and I use the term loosely) such as the Black Eyed Peas have no heart, no soul, and no real talent. Fergie is the talent of the bunch, and it certainly isn’t for her singing and dancing.

        Bring back BANDS. Bring back MUSIC by people that know how to play an instrument. This is why Slash was the class of the bunch on Super Bowl Sunday.

      • Ashley

        I have to say this is one of the most pathetic arguments ever. That’s because everyone is technically arguing about nothing. The half time show is something so minute to the real world and whats really going on in America and people shouldnt spend their time arguing about something that is inevitable to be in the first place. Every year the Super Bowl hires new performers for the half time show and year after year a lot of people ALWAYS have something negative to say. Like i said inevitable.So why dont we try to focus on real matters at hand like our economy instead of some stupid half time show that people are going to complain about anyway!

      • smasheduprr

        You unironically described a band who’s genre you didn’t know as “techno” just because it likely had a digital element in it’s production (just like every song in the last 20 years). You win the prize :)

      • mari

        oh please! not everybody likes rock!! just like not everybody has to like the black eyed peas!

      • co.lor.ful

        what an ignorant marginalising comment.

      • Michael

        I know! If only the younger generation had the fine-tuned and discriminating tastes of the generations that came before them. We need some more Achy, Breaky Heart.

        Go complain to the other members of your retirement home. Sweeping judgments like the one you posit about teenagers today are a waste of all our time.

      • Ern

        That was not “techno.” I don’t even like the BEP and I’m not defending them, but don’t say that they only appeal to people who don’t like music and then call them “techno” you obviously don’t know what “techno” sounds like.
        Ok, rant over, I’ll get off your lawn now.

      • Mikee

        I thought it was a lousy halftime show. I don’t like their music. That aside the sound problems hurt the show. I thought the commercials were lousy too. I was disappointed with the entertainment but thought the game was great.

      • warpig

        “Lighten up, Francis”

      • Stephanie

        I think Francis has now been thoroughly shamed that BEP is in no way techno, and even citing a “new techno wave” pretty much sums up that he or she is not so informed about music.

        I don’t care for BEP, I think they produce some of the weakest sounding, generic music out there right now (doesn’t it seem like their songs are flat and lack a fullness? I can’t get over it) but I could also tell they were having sound problems, which is too bad for them. Standing there awkwardly didn’t help either. Maybe a big setting like that is not for them.

      • Joe

        I agree with your techno comment. Most of America is not ready for the techno genre of music. Big cities like Miami, NYC, and cities in Michigan are true trance/techno/dance cities, playing REAL music by DJ’s such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, John Dahlback, Deadmau5, etc. Black Eyed Peas are a blend of pop/dance, trying to do something to capture both markets. I have never listened to them before, but their half-time show was painful. How can they perform live when all of their songs use that voice modulator? It sounded so fake and forced. Personally, I think Keith Urban should have played. As much as I hate country music, a lot of people seem to like it and he does have a great stage performance.

      • cush

        Successful troll Francis! Touche. No amount of auto tone could have saved that pile of crap show. BTW, this generation’s music is complete garbage. :)

      • Todd C. Wiggins

        People in the 60’s said the same thing about the Beatles and Elvis as many were resistant to music they didn’t know.
        Black Eyed Peas are a very talented group, capable of extraordinary performances. They tried to do too much on this show. There was no need for Slash or Usher as they are versatile enough to handle a variety of genres. Otherwise, they still have my vote a visionary futuristic superstars!

      • Music Lover

        For those who liked the super bowl show…did you have your sound off and just watch the dancing? I turned it down after the first 3 mins. I did turn it back up to hear Slash but then Fergie put her mic up to sing and I muted again. To be honest most bands like BEP only sound good on cds. After they go back and edit the bad singing and off notes. I will say that I do sometime listen to there music when if comes onto the radio when I can’t find anything else on to listen to. I am in the 30 year old range and pick and choose what I listen to. I remember when I was younger and listened to some music I think is crap now. If you had any ear for music any one could see most bands now days use the same beats and same rhythms and just add or take away some to say you didn’t steal it. Same stuff every time I turn on the radio. To the stupid teenager comment.. was a bit harsh. I would say more like miss informed teenagers. Their friends think it is cool so it passes on like a plaque.

      • Madchill

        Since when were the black eyed peas considered techno?? They started as a hip hop group a long time ago…if anything I’d call their music Hip-Pop. Or just Sh*t they play in the club. For me the major short falls of this superbowl fell soley on the production of the event. Sound and Lighting guys were terrible. It wouldn’t have mattered what artist they got to perform with all of the production mishaps.

      • Todd C. Wiggins

        Black Eyed Peas are truly a talented and entertaining music group. Having seen them in concert in DC, they can be awesome with the right technical support. No need for cameos from others, as they have the talent to provide a great show. Would see them in concert again!

      • Todd C. Wiggins

        I’ve seen the best of the 70’s from Clapton to Diana Ross, and the BEP’s have the magic formula.

      • katie

        i could be still considered one of those dumb teenagers bieng 22 im often lumped in with them but its an unfair generalization. i and some of my friends listin 2 everything from the newwst country 2 garth brooks from oldies like old time rock n roll 2 bon jovi its my life. with even some religious, celtic thunder & abba mixed in so b4 u go making generlizations think of people like me & my friends!

      • Kris

        BEP used to be awesome when they were actually creative and put thought into their songs (Where is the Love?, Let’s Get It Started, etc.) After Monkey Business, the new dance/techno crap isn’t cutting it. I don’t understand why they’re changing their style..How do people like it? Music was good 5 years ago when the beats were different and auto-tune didn’t drown the entire song. Seriously, I’m a teenager and I like dance music at dances and clubs, etc., but come on BEP, it’s not your thing. Wake up and make some real music again!

    • Razor

      I concur that the sound was DREADFUL and what the hell was Usher even doing there? He would sing 2 or 3 words of each sentence (I guess he was concentrating on counting his money or something). The visuals were nice—outsource the whole damn thing to the Chinese next year.

      • pulice

        black history month – usher makes his appearance ‘in chains’…. what is wrong with this picture? bad show, too much ‘auto-tune’. boring.

      • luca

        be glad they didn’t drop the Bieb in there also. I mean he and Usher are tight.

        Personally I think a very appropriate, given that it was a sports event, to use a championship cheerleading team as the centerpiece. One of those ones that is all high flying stunts, tumbling, hip hop dance moves.

      • Dan

        I hear next year it’s going to be Flavor Flav and Vanilla Ice. Plus Keith Richards in a wheelchair.

      • JJ

        Dan, good one.

      • Dave

        Nothing against the Peas, but they should have gone the obvious route for a Super Bowl in Texas… ZZ TOP! They would have KILLED! No group is more experienced at performing in arena venues, and they have showmanship to burn. Maybe next time……

      • Charmagne

        I agree with Dave. I would love to see Metallica in a future show but when I found out that the Bowl was being played in Texas I assumed ZZ would be performing. I’ve seen them 3 times and every show they did was awesome.

      • Brian

        It was a trainwreck from the start. To their credit, the Peas didn’t lip sync, but the only singer was Fergie. Will I am can only sing when his voice is highly processed with electronic effects. Usher lip synced and wasn’t in sync. This was the worst half time show in years.

      • Ern

        I think he gave up singing because his mic was jacked up. ZZ Top would have been a good choice though, I mean it is Texas.

    • LOL

      Gawd awful. A train wreck. Embarrassing. Hideous.

      • Drew

        I, for one, am thrilled that I got to witness the beginning of the end of the Black Eyed Peas. That was just atrocious.

      • UGH

        Doritos should’ve used Fergie in some of their ads. She looked like she ate a couple of bags before the show.

      • Dan

        No, really… it was worse than that.

      • Anne

        They stunk up the joint. I was in another room and all I heard was unorganized noise coming from my TV during half time.

        I think Lea Michele did a classy job singing. What’s louder than a Howler monkey? = Christine Aguilera. She couldn’t even remember the words to her own National Anthem! What an embarrassment. She tried to sing 17 notes where there should be one.

      • The Other Anne

        UGH, thanks for the laugh. I remarked that Fergie looked a bit thick for someone who said she loved the Super Bowl because it was the one day of the year she could eat seven layer dip!

      • noodles

        agreed the show was terrible, BEP is a group that is only good in the studio and suck when they do live

    • Agent


      • sherry

        Hay Agent, what time do you start your shift at wal-mart?

      • Kelli

        Is that English?

    • Bella

      Worst halftime show I’ve seen yet. More like a tribute to airport scanners everywhere. Tragic.

      • Sarai31

        You would rather see Paul McCartney with his tales from the crypt performance? Spare me from geezers(or anyone) wearing spandex!

      • Kate

        @Sarai – you WOULDN’T rather see Paul McCartney than the Black Eyed Peas? Oh man, get thee to a music store stat and buy some real music.

      • Cliff

        Airport scanners–hah hah! Good one! And as far as Paul McCartney goes at least he’s a real musician who can sing and play several instruments. Among the Black Eyed Peas, you have one singer, with all of the other members essentially lackluster dancers who are able to play with a computer to sample stuff (in a mediocre way compared to so many of the much better techno bands at there)–and not a real musician who can play a single instrument among them! I’ll take McCartney any day.

    • hehe

      Would have been better if the microphone never came on! There was something very wrong with Fergie’s voice tonight – she sounded like a man. A tone-deaf man.

      • luca

        they all sounded off. my guess, the guy in charge of the auto tuning didn’t know what he was doing.

      • Cliff

        Yes, while I’m no fan of the BEPs I do think that Fergie’s definitely a better singer than that–it’s horrible being on a stage where you can’t even hear yourself due to an incompetent sound engineer who’s not working the monitors properly. You’d think there would have been a soundcheck prior to the event to sort that stuff out…

      • Madchill

        It was the mic levels weren’t checked b4 their performance. you could here audio adjusting the levels during the first song. The last 2 songs sounded way better. Fergie was not auto-tuned…otherwise she would have sounded way better when she sang with slash. BTW I hate the auto-tunner. What ever happened to just being able to sing….Production dropped the ball…plain and simple. Wouldn’t have matter who they had performing in my opinion. I Have worked in the music industry for almost 15 years, and all the f*ck-ups were on the side of the production, which most people don’t ever consider, or understands what goes into shows like this. This production would have made anyone sound terrible.

      • Cigar

        You’re all high. And you definitely don’t work in audio. She definitely had in=ears, hearing herself was not a problem. They’re just terrible performers. Studio magic will make anyone sound amazing. Blaming engineers for not working on auto-tune? How about doing it right so an engineer doesn’t have to cover your ass? And yes, I’m sure a multi-million dollar production of a Super Bowl Halftime show didn’t get a sound check or a line check…

    • Greg

      The worst halftime show ever. Absolutely horrific … and it was really just 4 singers and tracks. No band. Basically techno karaoke and they couldn’t even pull that off. Seriously .. how was that OK with anybody regardless of your choice of genre.

      • maggie

        4 singers? Fergie is the only one of the BEP that can sing, and she wasn’t good last night. The other guys can’t sing, and should buy stock in autotune because his career depends on it. Terrible show.

      • Cliff

        Yeah–1 singer who had an off night (probably, to be fair to Fergie, because she couldn’t hear herself). And 3 other guys who are non-singers, mediocre dancers at best, and don’t have the musical knowledge between them to know how to play even a single musical instrument! I’m not familiar with their earlier stuff but have heard that it’s better than the what they’re putting out now. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt to think that at some point they at least had some song writing ability…

      • Madchill

        Yeah Cliff their earlier stuff was way better…then they added fergie and the indian guy and went totally mainstream. Seems like some producer created the new BEP’s image….that sells to young kids who watch MTV(what happened to the music on the network) and people who listen to top 40 radio. They used to be more underground style hip-hop. Now they’re ok, but musically their is much to be desired.

    • Dan

      This is one show where ripping her top off might have helped.

      • Nickoli

        My thoughts exactly… The only thing that would have helped the performance was if Fergie pulled a Janet Jackson!!

      • Ted in Canada

        Not likely.. Fergie is ghastly!!.. who smashed her face in??

      • Stephanie

        I was shocked to find out she’s only in her early 30s. I thought she was at least over 40 and had some bad plastic surgery. Seriously shocked.

    • Chris

      I loved the halftime show. It’s about time they got someone relevant and not some old-aged rock star/band. And I’m 33 by the way.

      • Bobby

        Obviously you are tone deaf as well.

      • Pittner

        I hated the halftime show. I thought it was going to be awful and then it turned out to be even worse than that. I’m 26 by the way.

      • maggie

        Relevant? hahahahaha
        The BEP are a joke.

      • Cliff

        Relevant and talented would have been good…

      • OldAsDirt

        Does anyone else think the BEP’s are too old for their own music? Sound issues aside, I thought seeing them live and in HD highlighted how “adult” they are. They look my age (30’s). “I Gotta Feeling” is a cute song, but when people who have been past the legal limit for a decade are saying, “Drink! Whooooo! Party! Break Stuff! Yeeeaaaah!” it looks kinda lame.

      • Jane

        A 33 yr. old retard. You need better taste in music lad. oh and by the way I would rather had watched an aging rock star than the peas. The peas might be relavent but the aging rockstar would have had talent. booya

    • BB

      Absolutely terrible. The Black Eyed Peas are NOT a live performance group, they’re music is perfectly engineered for radio play, I wish they would realize this. I think this was the worst show in like, 5 years or so.

      Bring back Prince. And Fergie should never have attempted ‘Sweet Child’…bleh.

    • FromChicago

      We know that they were performing for the TV audience and not the stadium audience, because the aud. was probably blinded by all the LEDs flashing.
      From the TV standpoint, it was pretty good special effects. The Peas have never been a “dancing” crew, and maybe it would be better if they tried to move and work the stage.
      It could also be that the whole effects were staged by someone like a music video director who didn’t know the way it would look in the stadium.
      I give them a B.
      and Usher was awesome, but he should have been on the stage a lot longer.

      • amanda

        They really should have let Usher do his thing, he was killing it! He doesn’t need to sing the song live, just play the full song and let the man dance!

    • 1970

      Does anybody else out there realize that it had more to do with all the sound and lighting technical problems than with the peas themselves. Wil I am’s mic was turned up way to high, the rest of the mice as well as the music was way to low. The lights didn’t work. Personally I didn’t think the Peas themselves were all that bad. For a game that makes as much money as the superbowl, yow would think this level of technical difficulties could have been worked out

      • michelle

        Ageed. Everyone is missing the fact that the technical difficulties detracted from the performance.

      • Mike

        Did they change Fergie’s horrible singing?

      • Cliff

        Probably to some extent… it’s hard to sing well on a stage when you can’t hear yourself at all because an incompetent sound guy hasn’t adjusted the monitors properly. But honestly, she’s the only one of them that has a voice to begin with. The rest of them need all of the effects to mask the fact that they have no-better-than-average karaoke-level voices. And there’s also again the fact that there’s not a single musician with the ability to play an instrument among them.

      • Ted in Canada

        WOW!!.. “technical difficulties” she says….. are ALL you people completely under the influence??… the PEAS STINK!!!.. NO talent AT ALL!!! NADA!! ZERO!! ZILCH!!!!

      • Tom

        I work for a live entertainment company and everyone in our sound department was saying the same thing. They were like – “we do this all the time and do it well, and this was the superbowl for heavens sake (actually those weren’t their exact words), but you get the point.

        It’s a shame the performance did not go well. I fear it will mean a retreat to lip synched older acts that have definitely seen better days, no matter how good they once were. I can count on one finger the superstars who have hit the superbowl stage in their prime (actively promoting a hit album)and done a good job.

      • Denny

        Usher performed at a private party in Dallas the night before and I was about 5 feet from the stage. It was a killer show (this coming from a guy who’s mostly into metal). So I’m pretty sure that given the difference between what I saw the night before and the halftime show, that the fault for the bad show should be laid squarely at the feet of the sound crew.

      • Madchill

        Agree 100%!! It seems like they never had a rehersal to me. The lighting error was prob. just a connection issue that they didn’t have time to solve. The sound though was inexcusable.

    • Amanda

      It appeared Usher’s mic wasn’t working, so he danced instead!

      • Cliff

        Good thing he can actually dance!

    • tennisfan

      My 6 year-old sat through 2 1/2 hours of ballet with a live symphony orchestra Sunday afternoon and loved every minute of it, she’s still talking about it today. She’s not in to football at all, but can sit and watch a game with us. She normally LOVES pop singing performances. The halftime show yesterday? After about a minute or two, she started asking “When’s it going to be over?” like she wanted to just end the misery of it all. It was NOT good. They should have just lip-synched it.

      • JoeC

        What does the ballet story have to do with anything?

      • Lisa

        I believe she is making a point that even her 6 year old knows the difference between good and bad music. Smart girl!

      • tennisfan

        My point is, my 6 year-old is able to sit through 2 1/2 hours of ballet/symphony (which many small children may not be able to do) as well as through hours of a football game that’s she’s not particularly interested in without getting antsy at all. However, she could not stand the 15 minute half time show and was extremely impatient for it to be over — actually asking “when is it going to be over?” — even though she normally loves pop performances (not necessarily high brow, she’s loved many performances on American Idol, awards shows, Taylor Swift, etc.). I think that says something about just how terrible it was.

    • Marin

      The sound was awful. They were shouting. Even autotune didn’t help.

    • Dan

      I really like the BEPs, but that halftime show was beyond bad. I would have rather seen a marching band than the crapfest they spewed. Very disappointing

      • Georgia

        excuse me! Don’t you go insulting marching band!

      • Casey

        Go to BOA Grand Nats. Way more talent. Way more dignity. Way better music.

    • James

      Worst. Super. Bowl. Performance. Ever…Ever. One effect was cool: the arrows. The rest were pathetic, and didn’t work right. Usher, really? Isn’t there another girly-boy he has to exploit, somewhere? Stay off of my TV.

      • sherry

        Hay James, I bet it makes you real mad that your such a loser. Only self hating ppl like yourself look at other successful ppl helping each other as explotation

    • RobNJ

      First off I am not a country fan, but for god’s sake the game was in Texas. Bring out Carrie Underwood or some other popular country acts and allow the hosting city to shine a bit.

    • yella’

      I knew it! After Usher got done I asked did he even sing the song other than the chorus??

    • Jam I am

      What no humps? ..was dying to hear that song..and the wiggling of 500 glow in the dark women

    • Marlene

      All we could do at home was sit and look at each other in total disbelief. I was already BEP Challenged, but this really sealed the deal. And if Techno is lights on an outdated leather outfit, then good god, where is the real talent? Oh, and Usher? Useless in the ill fitting pants. Come dude, act your age will ya.

    • KP

      I agree with Francis on very first comment. What a horrible non-talent show. Awful to watch I had to leave the room. Its getting worse you idiots who put this stuff together.

    • steve

      The worst superbowl half time show i have ever seen.

    • Ron

      The Black Eyed Peas are was better than that. I think their Mix on stage must have been just as bad. The mix was all vocals. The sound man should be fired!!!

    • Deon

      I have always thought performers use the techno enhancements when they can’t sing. The only way to describe the Black eyed Peas performance is pitiful. The only talent was the girl from Glee.

    • Reanna

      I have never seen Fergie look and sound as bad as she did during the half time show. I am a fan but was embarassed for her. What was she thinking even attempting Guns and Roses, that was horrifying! I love Usher but he may well have just not shown up at all, he didnt bring anything to the show.

      • Kim

        judgemental much, How about you perform and we’ll judge you?

    • Leighann Seidelman


    • Ted in Canada

      The ‘Black Eyed Peas’ have ZERO talent. What did you expect people?… I mean really.

    • captain obvious

      Usher was a waste of time/space/white clothes.

    • Robert

      Game was good, commercials interesting, then the half time show, a little into that and I went to another station.

    • Rowzdower

      Madonna is going to play at halftime next year =^)

  • Michelle

    they were truly awful

  • Ivan

    They were amazing

    • andrea

      wow you’re stupid they all sounded horrible!!!!!!! you have no taste in music and are obviously DEAF!

      • laura

        Ok, I didn’t like their half time show and no, I didn’t think they were good, but geez Andrea, let the man like what he likes. Calling a person deaf and stupid for liking something you did not, especially over something as silly as a superbowl half time show, is, well, stupid…

      • Kayla

        I agree with laura. And personally, it’s people like you who disgust me.

      • Leighann Seidelman

        Yes, to each his own…I didn’t like them either, but jeez, lighten up!

    • Razor

      Apparently the new meaning of “amazing” is “mostly mediocre.”

      • LOL

        “Amazing” is used by a-holes who can’t explain why they like something.

      • Simon

        And “LOL” as a username is not much better…
        According to “LOL”, Ivan you should have written an essay divided in three parts explaining “Why you loved it”, because “LOL” genuinely wants to know why -_-“

      • David

        kudos for channeling Soft Cell’s 2002 “Monoculture” lyrics, sung appropriately to droning techno; defines modern music

    • Nathan

      amazingly terrible.

    • J. Williams

      I loved the show too! Everyone at my house was singing and dancing. I don’t know why all of these old farts are complaining…the Superbowl needed someone who was fresh and current. They should have Green Day or Britney for next year’s Superbowl.

      • Kira

        I have to disagree here. I’m an 18 year old college student, and I find the Peas a disgrace to the music industry. They are too synthesized to be “singers”.
        I mean…It’s not like any of them are actually “singers” anyway. I’m sorry to all of you that like this kind of music, but standing there and fast-talking/screaming into a microphone is NOT talent.
        But i do agree with you on Green Day, the older, traditional green bay. Not their new “music”. But as for Britney, she needs to stop performing and actually take care of her kids. It would be different if she was still good at what she does, but she just tries too hard.

      • Tony

        I’m a 22-year-old college senior, and I speak for myself and my four other housemates when I say the Black Eyed Peas (and Christina Aguleira before the game) made me absolutely ashamed to be from America. It wasn’t the worst music I have ever heard because I don’t think you can possibly consider that to be music.

    • Dieter

      Must have too many Buds

    • Kat

      I enjoyed them too. I will admit, it was not their best performance ever, but you have to take them for what they are. They are entertainers whether you like their music or not. I have been to 2 of their concerts and had a blast at both of them!

    • Shadow

      Love to see your music collection.

    • Gramma Sue

      I agree! I love the Peas & I imagine anyone would be challenged putting a show on at a stadium like that. Don’t like all the disparaging remarks here. A 63 old teenager. (I love all kinds of music but this is probably the only techno stuff I’ll listen to)

      • D

        Actually Gramma, you sound open minded enough to like other techno music!

  • Moviefan2

    I thought it would never end. Bring back The Who

    • Fog cue

      Why the hell would I want to hear a band that spun-off “Let My Love Open The Door”?!

      • Reanna

        I love that song

    • Brett

      I agree. They should have cut the live feed and gone to tape of last year’s performance. Maybe see if they could fly Pete Townshend in to sing “Let My Love Open the Door,” which is superior to 90 percent of the BEP’s song catalog.

  • Alex

    Fergie sounded like a goat being murdered. The only thing good about that halftime show was the dancers in light suits.

    Halftime shows just aren’t the same without partially exposed breast tissue.

    • Sunshine

      I agree and have been posting about this. Sweet Child O’ Mine, one of my favorites, was ruined by Fergie. The best thing about the whole show were the dancers–they may not have been perfect, but were a wonderful distraction from the less than perfect vocal performances.

      • Diana Sloderbeck

        I thought the music was good, and we loved the light dancers…Fergie tried too hard, but it was way better than a lot of the past half-time shows!

      • J

        Ruined Sweet Child O’mine, I believe that is an understatement. I think I actually felt Slash and Axl Rose die a little bit while it was being performed.

      • FromChicago

        Fergie shouldn’t have sang SCOM and just let Slash play.

      • Brett

        I never thought anybody would make me long for the screeching, nails-on-chalkboard vocalizing of Axl Rose, but Fergie did it.

      • G

        I think that is a song that only Axl Rose can sing. It just fits his strange vocal style. Sheryl Crow did a version of it a few years ago and it was awful as well.

      • JWolfPDX

        Watch this to see how Sweet Child O Mine should be done live:

        This was from the night before the superbowl in Tacoma Washingon. I was fortunate enough to be there. Myles Kennedy absolutely nailed it and did it way more justice than Fergie could ever hope to.

        Tell me you wouldn’t rather have seen this than that abomination they put on TV.

      • Ern

        I remember a Diary about Pink and she was sitting in her car and SCOM was on the radio and she sang it better. Fergie was doing an Axel Rose impression or something, it was bad.

    • anonymously

      That is entirely unfair to murdered goats, who probably could hold a tune significantly better………

      • Kira

        This. ^

    • av

      Genius! Hahahaha. They sucked. Motley Crue needs to come on and kill it! There hasn’t been a good halftime show that I can remember. It’s always some old crappy rocker/group or some over-bloated band that only the critics and everyone OUTSIDE of the US loves.

      • Razor

        “t’s always some old crappy rocker/group…”

        Yes, like Motley Cruë.

      • Slim Pickens

        THE BLACK KEYS might have worked.

  • Greydog

    I must have seen a different show than you did. This was the BEST half time show in many years.

    • YoureWrong

      Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. What do you think Charles Barkley?

      Charles: Turrible.

      • Ally

        The Peas are knuckleheads.

    • T_baggedlunchbox

      you must have.. the show was hard to even sit through.. i dont mind the black eyed pes.. but wow.. absolutely horrid!

      • Heather P

        I like the Black Eyed Peas too. But I agree. The show sucked. Their vocals were off, technical difficulties and Tron?

    • Hank Scorelli

      You are an idiot!

    • mb

      BEST HALFTIME SHOW IN YEARS is right. Family friendly, visually spectacular and all together a feel good performance. People need to lighten up. The point of the performance was not to be technically perfect, it was to make people DANCE! Amazing job BEP. Thank you for bringing the world some much needed positivity.

      • Rich

        Haha… The 25 people at our Super Bowl party were definitely NOT dancing. Making snide comments, stuffing their eardrums, running to the bathroom to vomit… Yes. Dancing… No.

      • Evelyn

        I am a child of the ’60 and still enjoy all kinds of music. We were going straight to the devil for the music we listened to. I have followed rock and other kinds
        of music up through the years and really like the BLACK EYED PEAS.
        I didn’t think this was their best
        but think they were very distracted by all the dancers! I still like them and I don’t think teenages are stupid! I have several teenage grandchildren and
        they are all on the National Honor
        Society as are many in this country! None are stupid! By the way I am 69 years old and I completely agree with mb/

      • bbqbob

        It appears to me that you younger critics have more stringent standards than those of us who are condemned as ‘old farts.’ I loved every second of the BEP performance, and I think that the crowd’s standing ovation at the end confirms that they were more than pleased..

      • Kat

        Agree! They are a feel good group that had an off night. Everyone needs to seriously just stop with the bashing. The show was entertaining.

      • Datherine

        CXTJVC Real brain power on dsilpay. Thanks for that answer!

    • fireflystare221

      I’m sorry but there is no way anyone can look someone in the eye and say that they believe that performance was better than Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, or Bruce. Bruce can rock a stadium better than BEPs ever could. Just…no.

      • metalchick45

        I totally agree…I loved it when Tom Petty and the Stones played the half time.
        I’m 21 and personally think that the majority of today’s music is pretty horrible. Everything is done in the studio…you can make the worst possible singer sound like a freaking god just by messing around with all the stuff in the studio. That kind of stuff compared with all the incredible musicians from the 60s 70s 80s and even into some of the 90s is just terrible. Those older bands posses so much more talent than is needed today to become a famous “singer”. And as far as I’m concerned…those “old crappy rockstars/bands” can tear it up just as good today as they did 20+ years ago. I’ve seen it.

      • Jo

        The Rolling Stones and Prince need to show the BEP’s how it’s supposed to be done. For those saying, “We don’t need any old, aging rock stars up there,” the Stones have a lead singer (Mick Jagger for those of you who don’t know) who can run around that stage and sing LIVE better than any 20 year old. Oh, and I’m not an old hag either. I’m 38. I like the BEP’s, but this performance was terrible and I’ve heard so many good things about their live shows from friends who have attended. Too bad they weren’t on their game because they could have gained an even bigger fan base had they given a stellar performance last night.

      • Ern

        Heck yeah, Tom Petty is awesome. I’ve seen him in concert twice now and they fricking rock. Maybe people forget how great those old school acts are because to be around that long you have to be great live so it’s a given that they are going to rock.

    • nb

      I agree. It appealed to a younger audience, which in my opinion is better than appealing to older people. Music is moving forward, so old rock bands were making everyone yawn. The audio wasn’t amazing, but it still was exciting.

      • nb

        oh and i meant i agree that it was a GOOD show. not with the first comment.

      • Leighann Seidelman

        I agree about the older bands being much better live. They actually had to be able to sing, none of this corrected crap for the CD’s (records) that made them sound good. They can actually sing! I saw Iron Maiden last summer and it was just like listening to the albums. That’s rare these days…

    • Nathan

      Greydog, substitute “worst” for “best” and you’re getting closer.

    • madeleine

      I agree. Great show, enjoyed them.

      • Jane

        Are you a masochist????

    • Dan

      You must have been VERY high, dude.

    • yes

      mmmm sarcasm at its finest.

    • Nickoli

      @GreyDog – You must have had your Ray Charles on! LOL

    • Agreed

      @GreyDog: I totally agree! The BEPs have such peppy music, it made me bounce in my chair. I could have done without Slash, but overall, the best performance since Prince.

      • Nathan


      • neetsie

        Prince had the best halftime show. Ever.

  • Connor

    They were the best performance of all time! :D

    • Sanford Florida

      this must be your first super bowl and you must be about 15 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sunshine


      • Jake

        thats kind of messed up… you don’t know who this is but you are insulting him/her…

      • Jonny

        Jake – Welcome to the internet… dumbass.

      • Get Real

        @Jake…you’re a d-bag on top of being a dumbass and a dipsh*it.

    • Christian Landsverk

      Than I would Hate to see the worst

    • george alfonso

      Connor; lay off the drugs. These people have no talent.

    • Van

      I wouldn’t say it was the best halftime show ever, but it was definitely the best in recent years. My favorite halftime shows would have to be Michael Jackson in ’93, Diana Ross in ’96, Prince in ’07 and this year’s show. Definitely a much better show than that terrible performance by Bruce Spingstein a couple years ago.

      • JLa

        I agree !! Where did the good music go?? I am in my late twenties some of the music they play now on stations like Kiss are all electronic crap none of these singers can really sing and perform theses days. I love the music of the 80’s and 90’s.

    • Hazel

      Connor, I got the joke. Some people need to get a sense of humor.

    • @Connor

      What you did right there… I see it ;)

  • Michael

    Fergie’s mic wasn’t turned on at the right time because she was the only member that wasn’t autotune, but needed it the most!

    • Jill

      Was I the only one who thought it sounded better when Fergie’s mic was turned off?

      • Stephanie

        No, you are not alone! Am I the only one who thought she looked pathetic trying to dance sexy, leaning up against Slash?

      • katy


  • Tony

    I think you could have had the inventor of modern sound technology running audio and it still wouldn’t have changed the fact that the Peas barely qualify as human, never mind as musicians.

    • tew snayke


  • SummerC

    I think we watched two different shows! The one I watched made me get up and dance!! Wheeeee!! Black Eyed Peas ROCKED It AND me!!!

    • sue

      you must have been was a nightmare

    • Maryl

      They did great!!! . I was smiling and dancing! Mics could have been turned up so we could hear the vocals better.

      • Barry

        They weren’t singing live. Where was their band?

      • Nathan

        So we could hear the lip syncing better?

    • joan

      The sound didn’t work on the mikes for most of the songs, and evidently, usher’s as well. It was kind of disappointing.


    They were great!!!

  • Shanna

    It was AWFUL….so bad, my ears are still bleeding…

    • Leyah

      I agree! the effects were decent at the begininning, but the visuals (dancing) SUCKED and the music was TERRIBLE.

  • amanda

    i thought they killed it. it was highly entertaining. exactly what a halftime show should be. fergie ferg is badass and got the job done. people moaning and groaning about it can’t appreciate a good time.

    • Tyler

      Fergy Ferg? Are you six?

      • amanda

        it’s FERGIE. not FERGY. and no, i’m 26, thank you very much.

      • Get Real

        @Amanda…you are a pitiful dumbass…

      • Doremifah Solatido

        You’re welcom. And a low-grade moron.

    • Baco Noir

      Killed, all right. They left music lying, squirming and bleeding on the ground. Gack!

      • Charles

        Very clever. I agree.

    • Kat

      I’m with you Amanda!

    • Tony

      Fergie killed it? Sigh. I wish only people who had the volume up would post.

  • Amanda

    Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL


    • Get Real

      Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!! Beatch….

    • Brian

      It was awful! How can you saw Awesome? You must have had the volume down.

  • buddymoore

    Their halftime show was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Not one of the worst halftime shows, not one of the worst live performances, but just one of the worst things in general.

    • Ken

      Relax people, it’s just a half-time show to keep viewers that have no need to use the restroom entertained and sell commercials. Let’s just all get along, go with it and enjoy the game.

      • buddymoore

        Thanks for reminding me, I thought we were supposed to express our opinions about the halftime show in here.

    • Jim

      And, it was one long advertisement for ‘Tron.’ Horrible music and an ad for a movie. Absurd.

      • D-Rob

        I think we all need to revisit history to understand what happened last night. Every generations music has been hated by generations before. Remeber how bad rock-n-roll was or how evil jazz was. That’s how it goes people… bot matter what type of music they play nationally their will be a few generations to say “I HATE THIS”… If you really understood the Peas you would know that they understand this and tried to appeal to all with a variety of songs for all people… hence Slash and Usher… Maybe next year the NFL will bring back some old dudes to make all the claasic rock fans happy and all of the mainstream fans turn the channel for 20 minutes. In my opinion it was a classic performance in today’s pop/RnB world (good for some bad for others).

      • yari

        Well said D-Rob… I rather listen to BEP or musicians from MY GENERATION than some old ass musician from 30, 40 yrs ago. The old dudes that want to see OLD musicians,let them change the channel cause I seriously doubt they are going to be changing tunes and put up a musician who belongs to the AARP club

      • generation doesn’t matter

        Good music is good music, no matter what generation you are. You may not care for country,swing, techno, or whatever, but you can still appreciate the skill of the musicians. That being said, THIS particular performance by the BEP was terrible.

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