Lady Gaga tweets that 'Born This Way' single will now debut this Friday, Feb. 11

lady-gagaImage Credit: Faustine/Dalle/startraksphoto.comLady Gaga has decided she can’t wait until the Grammys this coming Sunday as planned to debut her much-anticipated single, “Born This Way.” The diva tweeted about three hours ago that the single will instead see the light of day on Friday, although its unclear if that means a release on iTunes or a debut on a radio station or through some other means. “Can’t wait any longer, single coming Friday,” Gaga wrote rather cryptically. Details about the single have been shrouded in secrecy, but Gaga did release the credits and the full lyrics to the song about two weeks ago. Folks who have heard the track—from Perez Hilton to Elton John—have showered praise on the song.

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  • Jonathan

    This is gonna be epic. I’m predicting straight to number one on iTunes; cannot WAIT to hear it!

    • DRG

      Lady Ca Ca. Your 15 minutes will be up before long, and it won’t be a second too soon.

      • dennis

        what’s your problem? you are so pathetic DRG. have you had 7 chart topping hits? i don’t think so. have you won numerous music awards? who do you think you are? no. so just shut up!

      • DRG

        Dennis — what is your problem? Do you get upset just because people don’t like the same kind of “music” you do?

      • TobeyMonster

        15 minutes? Gaga has been famous since 2008 #fail

      • James

        …15 minutes? Try 3 years & counting.

      • grodelreal

        Idiots have been saying this since 2008, it is now 2011. Gaga is not going anywhere.

      • LoganwilkinsonALE

        15 minutes? You meant to say 15,000,000+ albums sold and counting, and that’s just 8 songs.

      • Kieran Bonilla

        People said this about Madonna…

      • Tiffany

        I can’t wait to hear the song!!!!

    • sigh

      As much as I want to like the song, all the praise from people like Perez makes me nervous.

      • Rihanna

        Perez is irrelevant!
        He is gay, Elton is gay and Gaga??
        …a new gay icon!

      • jack

        I’m sure it”ll be a good song but too much build up– it is still just a pop song. Not gonna change the world or anything

      • Kelcie

        Me too. I don’t take him or his opinions seriously. I’m hoping this song doesn’t underwhelm, because the video for Bad Romance and the song itself was AMAZING to me and set the bar high, then the Telephone video came out and I was like, “It’s cool, but just okay.”

    • SXiPPY

      It’s going to be bigger than Britney’s single and last on the charts longer for that matter. While I am not trying to pit the two against each other, as they likely share the same fan base, Britney’s single dropped quickly from the top 10 and this tease leading up to her video release is more annoying than it is something to savor and look forward to. I admire Lady Gaga’s unpredictability, deciding on any random day to just drop her new single because she doesn’t like waiting. If Britney had the same tenacity, maybe her music would stay afloat longer and she wouldn’t be showing signs of losing relevance.

  • PN

    I think that Lady Gaga just wants her new music to be out there on the 11th rather that wait for us to see her perform it on the Grammys on the 13th. I think it will be good promotion and buildup for the upcoming new album in May and a strong first week in sales.

    • Jess

      The real is,…is Perez relevant?
      last time he toured with Britney in Circus-era. This time he praises Gaga like she’s everything.
      and after this?…maybe a newcomer or whatever comes into the industry..and he gonna praise them like hell.

    • Kyron

      like some people already said before, this song will hugely be banned in eastern-countries. This is the GAY-anthem and Elton commented that the song is a ‘gay-anthem’. That’s why gay-Perez love it so much.
      Please don’t drag Britney into these stupid things. Leave Britney alone. Her single, Hold It Against Me already topped Hot 100 and sold almost 1M. She’s already 14 years in pop-culture.

      • kate

        Femme Fatale is going to be a great pop album.
        born this way suppose to be released in 1/1/2011. But gaga postponed after Britney decided to release HIAM in 11/1/11.
        I think Gaga will study on Femme Fatale and try to bring Britney down.
        Well,..Femme Fatale will release in March and Born This Way will be in May.

      • Rihanna

        no worries.
        Britney has a huge fan base.
        look at HIAM, it was impressive!
        it’s true, a gay anthem will banned in several countries. especially in Muslim countries.

  • Ash

    Can’t wait!!!!!! Reviews of the song have all been really positive and I’m excited to finally hear it!!!! Nice to have a song that doesn’t cop out with general ‘acceptance’ lyrics.

  • Damon

    I think she wants it out there since Britney is releasing her video soon..

    • Jack

      Me too.

      • kent

        Britney is the coolest artist ever.
        She only tweeted her new single as a promotion, and it went to #1 on Billboard.
        love it,..cant wait for femme fatale & born this way.
        Love them both.

    • Bradd Bradd

      same thought exactly

      • ES

        shut up. why are u guys even on here?believe it or not i dont think lady gaga spends every moment of her life thinking how she can top britney.shes obviously doing it for her fans. i for one am glad shes releasing it earlier.this just made my week.

      • Jay

        “shut up. why are u guys even on here?”ES, can you or another Little Monster tell me why Lady Gaga’s fans are the biggest bullies on the internet? Why are you such horrible mean people?

    • TobeyMonster

      I love how Britney’s video will be directed by Jonas Åkerlund because of the success of telephone + paparazzi. and i love how she out of nowhere started to tweet things like ”this is for you my fans, i love you” lalala.

      so happy britney left that ”im better than you” thing. Love that she’s inspired by gaga, she’ll go far with that :)

      • Jay

        I love how telephone + paparazzi were directed by Jonas Akerlund because of the success of Madonna’s “Music,” “American Life” and “Jump” and Xtina’s “Beautiful.”
        So happy that Gaga is inspired by better artists like Madonna and Xtina, she’ll go far with that.

      • kent

        Most people think that Telephone vid is nonsense and pointless.
        Lets hope Britney will get better ideas from that director.

    • Ryan

      The single was always going to be released before BS’ music video.

    • LoganwilkinsonALE

      Or because she wants us to have our first impression of the song be a studio version, so we can focus more on the performance on Grammy night

    • Monxter

      LOL, like if she needs to worry about Britney. Her single is already like what, not even Top 10? And if she’s top 10 she’s probably about to NOT be.

  • anya

    Last week it was reported on my local radio station that the new single would debut this Friday, and Gaga herself had said it would debut on the radio on Friday in some interview too. So idk, is it gonna come out on Itunes that day or is it just premiering on the radio?

  • Ryan

    I’m sorry…didn’t YOU GUYS report that the single was being moved up about a month ago? Like…I already knew this. This isn’t news.

  • Stephen

    Gaga is ready to unleash the next chapter of her vision. I can’t wait!

  • fancypants

    didn’t she sing a snippet of this song at the VMAs last year when she was accepting an award? so we have an idea what it may sound like.

    • True Blue

      We’ll have an idea of what the vocals may sound like, but we’ve never heard her play a snippet with the music, have we?

      And in the time she has since given us an acapella preview, she may have very well reworked the song. You have no idea what it will actually sound like.

  • Flip

    Old news. We’ve known for weeks that she moved the date up.

  • Skippy


    I hope it’s not a lame ballad though.

    • Ash

      well, her BF tweeted it’s fun to dance to, so i guess it won’t be a slow ballad

      • Jay

        Perez Hilton is not her BF, he’s her lackey.

    • Monxter

      It’s not a ballad, Pop Justice already heard the track and said through twitter that the song WILL be played at dance clubs.

  • Miss Talk

    That’s what Britney’s management gets from their pointless countdown…Just drop the video already !

    • Bradd Bradd

      a 5 second teaser has over 1.7 million views in 3 days… it’s brilliant marketing and builds up anticipation that it’s not just a music video. We have to wait to be privaleged to see it.

      • Ryan

        LOL – Nice try.

      • fancypants

        but it is just a music video.

  • Irwin

    Can’t wait. She’s the best. Also I’m soooooo fed up with all this Bieber fever. He’s a cute kid but…. Go MOMMA MONSTER!!

  • Agustin

    The hype is soooo high, I am afraid it may disappoint,

    • justin

      so am i

    • True Blue

      Yeah, I feel the same way, too.

    • Jay

      I sure hope it disappoints

      • True Blue

        That’s quite mean.

      • Jay

        No, “mean” is when Lady Gaga’s handlers forget to put her feed bag on her face. That poor little horsey needs to eat

  • tew snayke

    Elton John and Perez Hilton have showered praise on it? Must be great in that case…

    • DRG

      I was assuming that the new song was going to be crap, but if Perez Hilton likes it, well gosh…

      • For DRG

        Your comments are stupid!

        If you don’t like Gaga, don’t search or see news about her!

      • Gaga’s wife

        What the hell are you doing on this page if you don’t like Gaga ? Oh I know wasting your time because you don’t have a life;)

      • DRG

        Don’t have a life? Oh, you mean like people who see Lady Ca Ca as some sort of goddess?

  • Dennis

    Yipee! Maybe she will finally reveal she is a guy now.Batwanger

    • Ryan

      Wow. Clever.

      She probably has bigger balls than you do to get up there and perform and piss people off. You, on the other hand, are hiding behind some computer.

      • Jay

        Wow! You totally showed Dennis! Cause you are not…. hiding …behind… a computer

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