Lady Gaga's Grammys arrival is predictably weird: See it here

grammys-lady-gaga_510.jpg Image Credit: Chris Pizzello/AP Images How do you top a meat dress? Lady Gaga just arrived at this year’s Grammys inside a giant, alien-like egg pod, carried by what EW red-carpet reporter Carrie Bell describes as “dudes in gold speedo type Rocky Horror man diapers and chicks in pharoah gold pants and white shirts.” Gaga never actually came out of the egg, but occassionally her black-gloved hands were visible.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s latest stunt? Cooler than the meat dress? Or trying way too hard?

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  • pinkshades

    she needs to be stopped. we get it. you’re eccentric. point proven.

    • JackieB

      So she should stop being eccentric? That doesn’t make sense.
      I’m sure it will explain itself as part of her performance. At least she’s creative, unlike every other female copy cat on the red carpet.

      • Candace

        Michael Jackson was eccentric and look what happened to him. Next thing you know, she’ll be a recluse sleeping with young children at the Neverland Ranch.

      • James D

        Not all eccentric people turn out to be perverts. Hey it was never proven that michael jackson slept with those children.

      • @Candace

        Michael Jackson was innocent of all those charges leveled against him. You sound like a fool spreading misinformation like that.

      • DRS

        Once again Lady Ca Ca has to draw attention to her appearance to overshadow the fact that her “music” completely devoid of any substance. It’s a pity that so many, EW included, continue to fall for it.

      • bill bill

        She is great.

      • LOL

        ahahahaha…so exactly what drugs is she on???? She needs to calm down a little bit!!!!!:)

      • ew-bot

        pretty effin epic

      • oh wow

        I take it she wants to make a statement that she’s “born this way” or “break out of the shell”. The egg is so genius….NOT. Come on GaGa the egg is nothing clever. What is the point of doing that on the red carpet?

      • Ramone

        Agreed!! Gaga is in a class of her own. A force. Not to many artists that can get with that!

      • Lmao

        This is why they say never do drugs. Gaga learn how to get self control.

      • alex white

        youre retarded sally.

      • Kelly

        I think it is great. It is all about performance. The audience wants a show and she gives it. Ozzy and Alice Cooper used to do crazy things too and they are legends!

      • For Real??

        She has an amazing voice, so much talent! There is no need to distract audiences with her over the top, attention grabbing gimmicks.

    • sally

      When her people told Ryan on the red carpet she was in embryonic stage and was dilating and would be born from the egg on stage I thought thats the stupidest entrance I’ve ever seen. Stop the weirdness and just show some talent. Thats all gotten lost in the being bizarre.

      • Michael

        All this creativity she’s showing us is talent. Clearly all the naysayers are just averse to talent and would rather see a Bieber clone or a Britney clone or a Ri-Ri clone. Sorry, but Gaga is not only a songwriter, not only a singer, not only a performer, but an artist and entertainer. And this is ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!

      • gataroo

        Are all gaga fans drinking the same koolaid? Her “talent” is just blatantly ripping off Madonna.

      • sara

        someone really needs to tell her desperation is neither creative nor cool. It’s just rather pathetic.

      • Tarc

        Gaga has shown us oodles of talent, and that has been reflected in hits, appearances, a smash concert series, and invariably memorable live appearances on TV and award shows. And yeah, Born This Way sounds a little like Express Yourself (a little). It’s vastly unlike every single R&B or rap song on the planet – all of which are essentially identical. Heck, most of the rap is both identical *and* unintelliglible. It was great the Grammy’s picke Eminem and Dre because they, at least, are usually understandable. Pop music is all about universal themes and specific styles – and Gaga has done plenty of songs that are essentially unique.

    • Stephen

      In 1976, Bette Midler came out of a clamshell.

      • Tom

        Love it

      • aj


      • ellie66

        yes yes she did A View from a Broad wasnt it?

      • Moni

        Look, if it worked in “Spinal Tap”, it can work for GaGa…

        Not original, but hey, she, Nicki Minaj & Cee-Lo keep it interesting…

    • Alex

      Is she really eccentric, or is she pretending to play a person who is eccentric…her team of media/marketing consultants who look at research are making VERY calculated moves in BRANDING her as an eccentric performer

      • scott

        I’ve wondered that myself. Compare her to Bjork, Prince, Kate Bush, David Bowie, or Michael Jackson. Those artists really seemed to be from another planet. It wasn’t only about weird costumes. I don’t think they could have been normal if they tried. Incidentally, those artists’ music, in their heydeys, was much more innovative. Gaga still beats Spears of Ke$ha, though. She has her gimmicks, but at least she has talent too. I just don’t think she’ll have the influence or longevity of other genuine, mad geniuses.

      • Kaye

        I agree everything with her seems like a calculated marketing ploy. Even her 60 minutes interview… stating she didn’t feel like wearing clothes, or that she smokes a lot of pot and drinks a lot of whiskey… it’s so contrived. The truly eccentric artist doesn’t need to point out their “eccentricities”, if you know what I mean.

      • icyndicey

        Smartest thing I’ve ever heard. At least someone else can see it as well. She is a complete marketing gimmick.

    • LOL

      So she wasn’t really born (this way), she was hatched?

    • CHEECH


    • agrimshaw

      go go gaga!!!! always refreshing and pushing boundaries…always a surprise….viva gaga

      • rose

        More power to ya! Love gaga and every little monster like me!

    • sainsa

      eh, it’s for the little monsters, which eat it up. as long as we realize that, what’s the harm? but i agree with you in principle.


      Oh puhleeze – get a clue already! As someone who is creative – I totally support Lady Gaga in pushing the boundaries of creativity and self-expression. Nothing is more tragic than the lemming mentality and a stagnation in creativity. Lady Gaga has constantly come up with fresh presentation and I applaud her boldness, inventiveness, and fun spirit. And of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions – including the ones that are devolving and stagnating.

    • Rachel

      Gaga is now ripping off a scene from Spinal Tap. That’s a comedy, so it proves what a joke she is.


      I think Lady Gaga blew the opportunity of showing everyone what she means by “born this way”…thought for sure she was going to give us all an anatomy lesson on this…since she brought it up…sorta getting the feeling though if this is the gimmick she is using its like going to the carnival and seeing the strange fascinations behind the curtain…it takes away from her talent ..Madonna chose the gimmick route when she ran out of songs that mattered..Lady Gaga has got a lot of talent she should go with that and quit milking she a..?

    • Tyler

      Gaga’s lastest entrance reeked of desperate famewhore. As usual, the live performance didn’t live up to the hype. She is extremely overrated in my opinion.

    • rose

      Excuse me! If u dont like gaga,dont watch her! Wen ur famous do wat u want!

    • Ching

      she’s not eccentric; she’s just trying to break the rules

  • cam3150

    She’s too weird for me. I’m over it.

    • Candacetx

      she’s trying to hard to out-madonna Madonna. gah

  • sam

    If we ignore her, maybe she’ll go away.

    • Jim

      If you’re trying to ignore her into going away, might I suggest not adding page views and comments to posts about how she arrives to an awards ceremony? Her goal was to call attention to herself. Attention? Called.

      • Ramone

        Lmao @ jim! Well said! Haters goodbye

      • aj

        All haters, please read Jim’s statement and STFU.

  • cam3150

    Also, she’s talented enough that she does not need to resort to this type of stuff. Ugh.

    • AK

      Agreed. This latest stunt was actually a bigger turn-off than that disappointing new single of hers. She’s following a Kanye-like trajectory in my book, but she needs to follow his lead and take it back to the music.

  • harry

    That’s extremely funny. I laughed out loud!

    • SaraJ

      Me too!! Love Gaga. So awesome.

      • tony

        I think he meant laughing at her… least I did….she’s a joke

      • LOL

        ;) You’re funny Sara

    • Alex

      What’s funny is that men are carrying her…she is really in a warped reality…last I checked, men still run this world…or at least the occupations that matter: finance, engineering, military, law enforcement, politics, business in general

      • Claire

        You clearly have issues with women.

    • Jim

      I did as well. People seem not to understand that she has a sense of humor. If this was intended as a serious, deep, artistic statement, I’d say she was full of herself. But she knows people keep waiting for her to top herself, and she appears to want to give people what they’re looking for–flash and gimmicks and fun dance music. She has the voice to back it up, the nerve to go there, and the sense of playfulness to never take something like a red carpet too seriously.

  • Hilaryy

    Trying way too hard. Why not just skip the carpet if all that’s visible of you from your “artistic” pod is your hands?

    • Ryan

      Well, if you used some lateral thinking you could surmise that she is setting up for her performance later this evening, and for the music video she’s releasing. It’s all about the imagery as a whole.

      • Linney17

        Yeah, that didn’t really pan out. I mean, I get it. Born this way. Right. Kudos, lady. It wasn’t especially impressive, though. Predictable? Check.

    • Swerds

      Perhaps she did.

  • Heather

    Lame!!! Epic fail Miss I Cant Just Be Myself!!!!!

    • Howie

      Isn’t she expressing herself through this? That’s considered ‘being herself.’

      • Candace

        She’s not expressing herself. Just trying to beat the last hideous get-up to keep her in the spotlight. Her talent should be enough that she doesn’t need all the crazy get-ups to get attention.

      • Ktct

        Funny how how everyone keeps bringing in the phrase, “express yourself”…

      • Will

        Ktct: You nailed it and made me smile. I wonder if Madonna will make a surprise visit to Gaga’s performance tonight…

      • Rich

        Madonna “Soy Bomb”-ing Gaga’s performance = EPIC WIN.

  • Michelle

    trying too hard. Gimmicks are tired already.

  • Ryan

    It’s called performance art, you haters.

    • sam

      Performance art requires talent and something that hasn’t been done to death already.

      • googie

        Performance art has no rules! Period!

      • MissVampireDiaries

        Oops, I forgot the last artists to arrive to an award show in an egg. Who was s/he again?

      • gokarm

        No, Performance art does NOT require any special talent, just an idea. Besides, Gaga has a talent for getting people to talk about her. Case in point.

    • googie

      Yes! I love it!

    • Alex

      She’s having fun with her celebrity, and she’s bringing her audience along for the ride. These people are artists, let them run with it. This is the Grammys, not the G8 summit.

  • Ashley

    baby i was hatched this way…

    • Nelle

      That’s kind of it! BORN this way? You come out of an egg… I get the idea… :o

    • Nick T

      Hilarious. Love it!

  • shann

    she’s lost it. or did she ever have it!?
    just plain weird!

  • EB

    EW needs to use spell-check

  • Jom_s

    I just love it. It’s different. It’s entertaining.

  • Meghan

    I am so tired of her. I would live on an island just so that I didn’t have to hear “news” like this.

    • Zach

      um, hence the “entertainment weekly news”… This is what the website/mag is for.

    • MissVampireDiaries

      Why are you even on this site then? None of the “news” here will actually impact your life, it’s just entertainment.

      • Val D

        I stumbled on this site…

        And no, i dont find this entertaining at all, its just a stunt to get attention. I think the grammy’s, golden globes, and the Oscar’s have all lost its credibility because of its constant elitest point of view. For instance, people would say what goo goo gaa gaa is wearing is entertaining, interesting, cool, or uniqe (and yes there are those who bash her too, such as me) but then there are those who wear just a tuxido or a verry nice dress and gets trashed for it. They obviously arnt trying to get attention, but this clown of a performer is. The only reason why she does these stupid stunts is ONLY for attention. Not because of “creativity” or “expressing yourself”, its for attention, and she obviously has a problem.

      • Will

        How the hell does one “stumble into” a website? Did you trip on your wires and somehow landed on top of your keyboard, with your fingers in the exact keys that would take you not only to the EW site but to this particular article? Please enlighten us…

      • Cat

        @Val D
        Gaga doesn’t have a problem. This is marketing plain and simple. The more people talk about her, the more $$$ she makes. I agree with what you said about other performers though.

      • Saphron

        @Will – people like you on these boards need to get a freaking grip. You nitpick what people say in these idiotic attempts to insult and to seem smart, and you just look STUPID. The child clearly meant she stumbled onto this site, FIGURATIVELY, probably by way of Google. If this is the stupid crap you spend your time doing, I seriously, seriously pity you. And yes, I’m aware there is a possibility someone ELSE will reply to me in a lame, sad attempt to insult my comment and make themselves appear wildly logical and relevant.

      • @Saphron

        Oh, get off your high horse. Jeez…

  • Zach

    I like it. At least it’s different. Gaga is a living show that never disappoints. Is this the way we treat people who are different?(other comments..) Another reason why artists branch out to other countries. A little bit more of respect.

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