Lady Gaga on '60 Minutes': 'I just didn't want to wear clothes today'

60-minutes-lady-gagaImage Credit: CBSLike “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga’s 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper has been hyped for months. But unlike “Born This Way,” it’s doubtful anyone will compare her Q&A with one of Madonna’s. Not only did she not affect a British accent while walking with Cooper along the Thames, but she was refreshingly unguarded talking about her Manhattan origins, her history of drug use, why she thinks people want to see her fail, and, of course, what she likes to be called in bed.

Cooper interviewed Gaga over several months, starting in London where they hit a pub together. Gaga, sporting Tim Burton-style Goth-chic, threw back whiskey while declaring “I’m a master of the art of fame.” But, after a brief montage of Monster Ball clips during which Cooper gave an overview of her career thus far for the uninitiated, the interview finally kicked into gear in Milan.

“I just didn’t want to wear clothes today,” Gaga said, wearing a flesh-toned leotard. This may also be the first time since achieving superstardom that she’s ever displayed her real hair, roots and all. With her new unvarnished look, she decided to open up about the inherent bloodlust of so much of today’s tabloid culture. When Cooper asked her about her blood-soaked 2009 VMAs performance of “Paparazzi,” she said, “That what everybody wants to know. ‘What’s she going to look like when she dies?’ Everyone wants to see the decay of the superstar. They want to see me vomiting at a nightclub….I’m not a vomit in a club kind of girl.”

But Mr. AC 360 was quick to point out that that could have been her—nice segue, Anderson! He got her to talk about her history of drug use. “I smoke a lot of pot when I write music,” she said. “I drink a lot of whiskey and I smoke weed when I write. What artists do wrong is they lie, and I’m not a liar.” Gaga definitely has a caffeine addiction, though. Fans have become accustomed to seeing her perform with a giant teacup atop her piano—but tonight she was drinking coffee, and took a gigantic swig that even provoked a chuckle from Cooper. Of course, she also had a diamond in her cup, which she nearly swallowed, to Anderson’s concern.

My favorite part of the interview? When she took Anderson to her old Manhattan apartment building from her days of trying to “make it” on the Lower East Side club scene. She buzzed in “New York-style,” which means hitting every button on the intercom until somebody’s willing to let her in. She took the ’60 Minutes’ crew up to her apartment, but the current occupant didn’t want to be photographed, so…that was that. See, not everybody wants to be famous, Andy Warhol and Lady Gaga’s claims to the contrary.

In short, this was the rarest kind of popstar interview: candid, playful, precocious, drenched in irony, even a little insightful.  What did you think of her interview, Music Mixers? Was Anderson Cooper the right man for the job? Do you feel like you got a glimpse of the “real” Gaga?

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  • DJ

    I can’t stand her. She is such an attention wh ore. Go away GaGA and take your lip synching with you. Do you even know how to sing live. She’s a freak.

    • Myle

      I agree! I hate celebrities who want people to pay attention to them…

      • shanika monika

        most of them do. you’re retarded.

    • LOL

      GOP fears Gaga.

    • Matt

      She does sing live, idiot.

      • ashleigh


    • jaja

      She is making money, you are making comments about her on a website hiding behind your computer. I think she wins!

    • Ty

      1. She always sings live…and sounds fantastic in person 2. I think she finds the word freak endearing and fully lets her freak flag fly….I like the interview it felt personal without giving to much away. On another not that resident did show off the apart to inside edition…she said she was sick when gaga came by…

    • Grayson Gaga

      Okay ur just jelous cause u are a freakso u can screw ur self shes amazing and ur a cow

  • jmcg

    So, she’s not a liar but she rips off other people’s music and personas? She totally believes her own BS. The first sign of a short-lived career.

    • tanika

      she doesn’t actually. do your homework.

  • Seymour

    Abort this abomination. How can anyone like this Madonna/David Bowie re-tread? Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is NYU dropout, and a talentless hack.Her shtick is old and tired. Her self-important eccentric shinanigans are annoying and the fact the press drivels all over her makes me want to vomit the meat dress I just ate.

    • amanda

      don’t call people talentless when you have a name like seymour and you sit at your computer critizing people that work alot harder than you.

    • william

      Seymour…..jealous you are

    • Dave

      Abort this Seymour abomination. How can anyone like this trolling re-tread? Seymour is a dropout from life, and a talentless hack. His shtick is old and tired. His self-important eccentric shinanigans are annoying and the fact that his momma hates him makes him want to cry.

    • Michelle

      If for no other reason, than Madonna/David Bowie were 20-30 years ago.

  • Dave

    What if Cooper just “didn’t want to interview her today”? It is so sad that the music industry seems to be less and less about music.

  • Kayla

    I love the Andy Warhol reference. It’s just like his muse Edie Sedgwick told him, “Nobody is doing anything like you right now and that is a sign of brillance, don’tcha think?” Gaga obviously succeeded in getting you and the rest of the attention – wether you like it or not. Go GAGA!!! <3

    • Jase

      That was a line from Factory Girl, not an actual quote. And that movie is so historically inaccurate it’s laughable.

  • AK

    So she smokes a lot of pot. No wonder she thinks every idea that comes across her is brilliant…

    • metronomic


  • Vivian

    Love this interview. She’s just so honest.

    • william

      and adorable

  • mike

    I used to like her, now she just seems increasingly desperate for attention. She should spend more time on music and less time creating costumes and cutesy photo ops. (I although I do chuckle at all the pictures of her falling on her ass from those shoes.)

  • Marvin R Reso

    yes Anderson is the right person and the Authority to do that interview. Lady Gaga is just so real. she is a superstar! hope everybody will just learn to love her the way she is..

  • Nick T

    Loved it. One of her best interviews.

  • jaja

    Love The Gaga!

  • caryn

    The way she behaves during interviews is one of the reasons I am a fan. She is so open and honest while still being private (something she pointed out in this interview) and I respect that. She can be however weird she wants to be and at the same time I don’t think she would judge me for blending with the crowd.

  • David D

    Not being a fan, I enjoyed the segment and admired her smarts and self-awareness, even though I kept thinking how much she looks like Meadow Soprano.

  • jase

    you know ur hate comments just fuels her… and u haters view her videos and pages and comment almost as much as her fans im not the biggest gaga fan but shes living her dream and you guys are probably just sitting behind your computer preoccupied while she goes on to win 3 grammys

    • william

      Brilliant response my friend

    • anna

      “you” is spelled y-o-u, not “u”. And she counts on people with “ur” level of maturity to support her because you don’t have the life experience yet to know total BS CA-CA when you see it. She’s living “her dream” on your money. She’s chuckling at you all the way to the bank. Thanks for the Rolls. I believe the term is “sucker”.

  • metronomic

    Bring on the haters! I love that they spend so much time reading and commenting about someone that they supposedly dislike so much. FAIL
    Gaga is a musical genius the likes of which the world of music hasn’t seen since Prince. Her crown will remain quite shiny for many, many years to come. She’s bringing the avant-garde to a larger audience.

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