Glenn Beck calls Muse's Grammys performance 'a call for revolution'

beck-museImage Credit: Ted Axelrod/Fox News; Michael Caulfield/WireImage.comMuse fan Glenn Beck, who labeled the band as “libertarian” on his Twitter after the release of The Resistance, has once again taken to name-checking the group, this time during his radio show. Following the group’s performance at the Grammys last night — which highlighted a famous photo of Prince Charles and Camilla getting mobbed by protesters in December — the right-wing radio host suggested “Uprising” was inciting revolution. “You have basically a call for revolution by this group,” Beck said. “Now, you have to remember these are Europeans, and they have been degraded for a very long time. Really, since the beginning of time. They have had very few glimpses of real freedom, even when England won the Second World War. They didn’t go into freedom. That’s where the Road to Serfdom came from.” (EW’s Adam Markovitz, who graded the performances, didn’t quite think anyone watching would be driven to raise their defiant voices: “The band’s anti-establishment, ‘Down with the Man’ message was a welcome dose of outsider energy for the usually staid Grammys, though their heavy handed delivery isn’t likely to inspire any off-stage revolutions.”)

Muse has yet to respond to EW’s request for comment. (Back in 2010, the band dismissed Beck as a “crazy right-winger.”) But the radio host, who also mentioned that he based his own theme song off of the band’s “Uprising,” is not necessarily hoping many caught the performance: “Anybody who was watching the Grammys last night, you should have your head examined,” he said.

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  • Devin Faraci

    Such a crazy mo fo.

    • A European

      You know what, I’d rather live in an oppressed country than have Glenn Beck as one of my fellow countrymen.

      • Spoopty

        Lol ::applauds “A European”:: Well said

    • LOL

      The men in the white coats are at his door.

    • jon derek

      Think about what ur saying genius.

    • darclyte

      “Anybody who watches Glenn Beck any night, you should have your head examined,” he said.
      Fixed it.

      • Jeff

        “Anybody who was watching the Grammys last night, you should have your head examined,” [Beck] said.

        Beck clearly watched the Grammys, thus Beck has admitted that he needs his head examined.

  • zippity doo da day

    Is Glenn Beck an undercover Radiohead fan trying to sabotage Muse? WTF?

    • Goof

      What do you mean undercover Radiohead fan?
      Stupid Muse fans always think that Radiohead is their competition or something.
      I love BOTH bands, but all this talk about which is better is idiotic and moronic.
      Having said that, without any biased judgement, I have to say that Radiohead is the better band.
      But they are still both amazing.

      • Sparky

        Agreed. The Radiohead vs. Muse ship sailed a LONG TIME AGO.

      • zippity doo da day

        It was a joke. A JOKE.

      • Adam

        Yeah, I’m sick of the comparisons. I love both Muse and Radiohead. There is room for both of them in the music industry.

      • jaja

        So the band MUSE’s song sounded like the Blondie song “Call Me”. They have the same thumping bass line and the occasional lead guitar riff. It also sounds like the Black Sabbath song “Children of the Grave”. It also sounds like the British television series Doctor Who. Also, parts of the synth line sound similar to Billy Idol’s White Wedding and Gary Numan’s Cars.

        I mean come on, If they want to call Gaga out for a song sounding like another (I don’t hear it) then they should should hold everyone to the same criticism.

      • True Blue

        @ jaja:

        There is a difference between being inspired and being a ripoff. Gaga CLEARLY ripped off Madonna with Born This Way. Muse didn’t rip off ANYONE because their song doesn’t sound like a carbon copy of every artist you just named. Learn the difference, you dolt. Also, I agree with previous posts, the Muse-Radiohead comparisons need to STOP.

  • jj6


  • Meli Parker

    Hey Glenn Beck, the 1930s ended over 70 years ago.

  • Sparky

    I’m loling over the fact that the band called him a crazy right-winger. XD

  • Callie

    Thank God Muse isn’t encouraging Beck’s words. He should stay out of the music scene and stick to the crazy talk America loves to laugh at.

    On another note, Muse rocked the Grammys!

  • shar

    Wow EW, two articles in a row where you get the title of this song wrong. It’s called “Uprising” not “Victorious. Do some research.

  • Some Guy

    I think it says everything about Glenn Beck that he thinks name-checking Muse is in any way relevant.

    No one in this country with an ounce of sense listens to that band.

    • U MAD?

      Let me guess. You’re mad that they slayed your faves with their performance last night, right?

    • mrswinchester248920

      Hm, what sort of logic do you have behind your claim “no one with an ounce of sense listens to that band” there is no basis for this caim. Therefore, it is void. I’m guessing U MAD? was spot on! Muse rocked out because no one has to auto-tune their voices unlike so many on the radio these days.

    • Ruby

      Go back to enjoying your Lady Gaga, troll…

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Everyone knows exactly what Glenn Beck is. Pity his family.

  • keith

    hahahahahahaha!!! This guy is a riot.

  • Kana

    I think Glenn Beck has a brain tumor and needs to see his doctor ASAP.

  • Tom Sawyer

    Muse inspired me to store up over 20,000 rounds of ammo. Beck inspires me not to use it.

    • Orac

      But I thought you were a modern day warrior with a mean, mean stride. You really should use some of that ammo on Beck.

  • ethel merman

    These Europeans…very few glimpses of freedom, even when England won WWII…WTH? How abouts the Beckster gets a glimpse of reality.

  • Origin of Symmetry

    I wonder what Glenn would think of Muse’s last album, which featured anti-war songs such as “A Soldier’s Poem” and “Take a Bow” (referring to either Bush or Blair: “You bring death and destruction to all that you touch…. You will risk all their lives and their souls…. You’ll burn in hell for your sins.”).

    By the way, “The Resistance” is Muse’s worst album by far.

    • Shannon

      “Take A Bow” is such an awesome song.
      It sounded more and more anti-Bush each time I heard it.

    • Mindy

      Hee hee. Yeah, I am not sure Glenn Beck has listened to *all* the songs on that album.
      And it definitely isn’t my favorite Muse album either.

      • Ruby

        Agreed. Origin of Symmetry is their best by far.

      • Adam

        I think all of their albums are at least good. My favorite is Absolution.

    • Whoa

      Wait, so you assume that conservatives/capitalists/libertarians are somehow all pro-war? That’s rather presumptious of you, do you think?

      Also, Glenn Beck is not a GWB fan. Looks like you made another wrong assumption.

      Origin of Symmetry is their best album, though. Looks like you got that one right. Maybe you should stick to pop culture and leave the politicking to the big boys.

  • Handsome Smitty

    Liberty is dead, and the idiots attacking Beck prove it. When we turn into Somalia, you’ll think being like Mexico was Heaven, which is Hell right now. You fools live long enough, you’ll see.

    • DTO

      We get it. You don’t like the current administration, but nobody asked for your orgasm of stupid and baseless hyperbole, Smitty. Eat a fat one.

      • jon derek

        Like the one u just ate!

    • Cathy in San Diego

      Ah, Smitty, thank you for the laugh. I’d really rather be with the group that doesn’t like Beck then with someone like you. Doom and disaster, predictable behavior!

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