Radiohead's new album and single released early today: Watch the video for 'Lotus Flower' here

Lotus-FlowerAll you had to do, Radiohead fans, was hurry up and wait.

Only days after announcing the imminent arrival of new album The King of Limbs—and three-plus years since their last, 2007’s In Rainbows—England’s indie-rock godheads have returned, releasing Limbs a full day early, along with a video for first single “Lotus Flower.”

Unlike Rainbows‘ choose-your-own-adventure price, Limbs (available digitally here) is fixed at $9 for an MP3 download, $14 for the CD-quality WAV version, and $48 or $53 for corresponding versions of the so-called Newspaper Album, which includes two vinyl 10-inches, the physical disc, a full digital download, artwork, and the possibility of winning a signed two-track 12-inch—though everything but the digital download will not be shipped until May 9.

Find our full review of the album in next week’s print magazine, and in the meantime, watch the just-uploaded video for “Lotus Flower,” in which a bowler-hatted, uncharacteristically caffeinated Thom Yorke instigates a one-man dance dance revolution:

UPDATE: The album will be streaming in full today at 2pm EST on NPR; click here to listen and join a web chat with All Songs Considered hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton.

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  • outside agitator

    ignored the video and listened to the song. after two minutes I began to slip into a coma. these guys are an over-rated bore. a musical anesthetic.

    • Mike

      What a dumbed-down world we live when opinions like this are prevalent.

      • outside agitator

        actually, that song was dumbed down. just computerized scribbles. complete nonsense in a mask of magnificense.

    • Melis772727

      @outside agitator

      You obviously have no taste in music and I pity your very existence.

      • Mandi


      • outside agitator

        really? not liking that snoozefest makes my existence woth pitying? your argument would be more compelling if a single person who’s upset about my(and others) view of Ambienhead would say what they like about this song. melody, lyric, arrangement and vocal. be my guest.

    • RustyHinges

      Totally agree-who needs sleeping pills when you can listen to these guys. YAWN

    • Jaz

      outside agitator
      you are living up to your name, and unlike RH have already bored everyone

    • Trollspotter


    • dipshat

      SERIOUSLY what is so great about this band? All their music is tinny and gimmicky. Weird.

      • ryan

        Have you listened to their full catalogue? You’re nuts

    • tybliss

      Weird like me. I love it. Another trance inducing masterpiece. Thanks for the trip RH

    • ryan

      I’d like to here who you prefer….Radiohead might not always write music you like. Please don’t say Nickelback ….

    • Color Me Impressed

      I’m a huge indie/underground fan and I think Radiohead is vastly overrated. Give me Animal Collective, Cloud Cult, Regina Spektor, or Sonic Youth over this egotist anyday.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Also, EW you still have said absolutely nothing about the new Strokes single, album and spot on SNL in a couple weeks. One of the greatest rock bands of the 21st century is releasing their first album in 5 years and you guys don’t even care? What the f*ck gives?!

  • JPX

    I have nnever understood the popularity of this overrated group. The music is boring and the lead singer’s voice is out of key and awful. This song just sounds like someone whining.

    • dlauthor

      Actually, the only whining around here seems to be coming from you.

      • JPX

        Nah, I’m not whining, I just have better taste.

      • T-Bone

        Yeah I totally agree. I think everyone should listen to JPX. He seems to be the expert on this comment thread. I mean he seems to know when lead singers are off key so…

      • PicklePancakes

        Methinks JPX has zero musical knowledge whatsoever. He must to make such a statement. Thom Yorke has one of the most beautiful male voices in pop music.

      • Dogboy

        Thom Yorke is a sloth-eyed c**t. He cannot sing. Simple.

    • Klint

      If you’re going to say that, at least say who you think’s better. (and please don’t say Arcade Fire!)

      • Claire

        Hey! I’m a huge Radiohead fan AND Arcade Fire fan :). Music is art and art is subjective to all those who don’t like it get off this thread and go listen to the music you do like. That wasn’t directed at you Klint (btw).

    • Mandi

      Out of key? Please go study music and learn what you just said means. And then realize that you’re wrong. Thanks.

  • Robert

    Agh, haters gonna hate. Go back to listening to Gaga and Beiber.

    • Dark Dot

      Why can’t one listen to Gaga and Beiber AND Radiohead? Your eye-roll inducing comment shows that you’re naught but a small-minded music snob, no better than the “haters” you rail against.

      • Moira

        “naught,” really?

  • Don C.

    Ever since Thom & Jonny were the only members of Radiohead to perform at last year;s Grammy’s I’ve seen the music become more of Thom & his back up band. Where are the drums, bass & guitar? Lovely album, but… a Thom Yorke project or Radiohead? I really feel badly for Phil, Ed, & Colin.

    • Klint

      There is LOTS of bass on the album. In fact it might be Colin Greenwood’s best work.

      • Don C.

        You’re right about the bass, Klint. Its probably due to my negative first listen syndrome.

    • Scott

      I agree with this comment, and I am a huge RH fan. I just listened to the whole album, and it definitely seems to be missing something. Much less grit and angst, and really very little guitar in general. Still, this song is growing on me.

  • Wayne Green

    Radiohead are not over-rated they just don’t write music for your tastes. Their new album is beautiful.

    • Jeremy

      Absolutely agreed Wayne. It is a beautiful album. Its too funny that all the people who don’t like Radiohead are posting here. They must be as boring as the radiohead listen was with nothing better to do

  • Frank from

    Just finished listening to the whole album. It’s solid Radiohead, though a LOT more experimental (and that’s saying a lot given the artist we’re talking about here) than I expected. They’re definitely back in Kid A/Amnesiac territory. I wouldn’t call it their best album, but it’s still worth the download.

    • rowan729

      I totally agree-only heard this song and it soooo reminded of the Kid A days….interested to hear the rest. They are somewhat of an acquired taste, but once acquired, never lost! Love Radiohead, may they make music until the day they die!

    • Stephanie

      I am a huge HUGE radiohead fan and haven’t had a chance to listen to the new album yet, but your comment made my heart skip a beat! I love Kid A/Amnesiac and now I am even more excited to give this a listen.

  • outside agitator

    don’t listen to Gaga or Bieber. this AM I listened to some Little Feat. that said, Radiohead’s so called song sounded like it was made on an iPad. zero musicianship and/or compositional talent. just computer noodlings passed off as “experimental”.

    • Jane

      But we already KNOW that they’re very good at playing ‘real’ instruments. Why do you need it proven over and over again? Is your memory that short?

      • outside agitator

        real instruments aren’t the issue. no melody, no lyric, bad vocals and cheeseball computer sounds are. but playing real instruments isn’t about “proving” you can. people have been playing “real” instruments for thousands of years. what I heard here is a band with no ideas trying to hide that behind computers.

    • Jon

      Little Feat? Sounds like you hate anything that even comes close to electronic music, then. Welcome to the 21st century, love it or hate it.

      • outside agitator

        no…I dislike bad music, which this is. Little Feat had/have strong melodies, clever lyrics, great arrangments and musicianship. Radiohead’s “song” has none of those.

      • T-Bone

        HAHA! Dude what are you like 45? Little Feat is definitely a bit off from what one would call modern, forward thinking music.

        I actually am very surprised by the lack of dignity you have saying these things. I mean really? You sound like a grumpy hillbilly.

      • Chris

        agitator is rocking the 8 track.

    • Chaz

      Little Feat?! LOL

      • Chris

        Maybe some Kansas, a little Grand Funk Railroad, and don’t forget ELO!

    • T-Bone

      No offense dude. But I think the only reason you mention noodling on an ipad is because that’s most likely the only electronic music tech. you’ve ever really seen or played with. Besides, given the specs on hardware in a touch pad these days most of the digital processing software can be easily run on one. That includes most professional DAWs. So saying that isn’t really saying anything except that you somehow think that making music on a i-pad is in your mind “not as good”. Which actually doesn’t really make any sense..

      To be honest anyone who even has just a little experience with electronic and sound processing in general can see obvious amounts of effort in this album. If you’re really having trouble hearing it then I would suggest maybe a better playback system.

      Finally, before attempting to educate us with your enlightened viewpoint I suggest that you provide some logical reasoning behind why you think the characteristics of Radiohead’s music are poorly composed. Just because you’ve heard the words melody, and musicianshipship, arrangment, etc. and can spit them out on a comment list doesn’t mean that you actually know what your’e talking about. You haven’t provided one defensible argument as to why any of these characteristics of the music are sub par. All I can hear from you thus far is I don’t like apples because I don’t like apples. Being vague and just saying something is bad doesn’t say anything at all.

      Melodically Radiohead consistently uses dissonance and in ways that make it appealing to the layman. This is present is much of their music. Making minor music attractive is actually quite the feat especially to the untrained listener. Arrangement wise the layering of rhythms on this album is actually quite complex and technically proficient. There’s rhythm derivations from many different styles of music as well.

      My point is say something that’s credible if you’re trying to point out flaws in Radiohead’s music. Most of the musical community sees them as pioneers in the mainstream industry. I mean really get a grip no one cares about your juvenile opinions.

      • outside agitator

        if you didn’t care about my comment, why’d you spend an hour typing a response? Melodic dissonance? this song has no melody at all. it’d be easier to hum the buzz coming from my old fridge. you’ve been drinking the kool-aid that passes this pretentious crap off as deep. what’s juvenile isn’t my dislike of their aural thorazine but this truly, truly Freshman 101 poetry they call a lyric “I will slip myself into your pocket
        Invisible, do what you want, do what you want
        I will sink and I will disappear
        I will slip into the groove and cut me up and cut me up

        There’s an empty space inside my heart
        Where the wings take root
        So now I’ll set you free
        I’ll set you free
        There’s an empty space inside my heart
        And it won’t take root
        Tonight I’ll set you free
        I’ll set you free”

        if this computerized drivel is considered great music these days, rock n roll is dead, buried and covered with the dry leaves of drum machines.

      • T-Bone

        Obviously I care, just no one else does. I’m trying to help you see how silly you look. Otherwise I wouldn’t be trolling like this.

        And again you haven’t actually used any defensible arguments. You posted Thom Yorke’s lyrics on a page about his band’s music.

        Good job.

        Oh and yeah thank god you knew how long it took me to write that post. Luckily I can full hand type so it wasn’t too much of a struggle.

      • T-Bone

        And dude wake up. New rock music has been dead for while. Just because something is different doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance.

      • T-Bone

        And finally just to rub it in.

        I want to point out that you wrote:

        “this song has no melody at all. it’d be easier to hum the buzz coming from my old fridge.”

        This is probably because the melodies they use are too complicated for you to hum. Just a heads up a “good” melody is not necessarily defined by its simplicity. Simple melodies generally are used to make money they don’t define good art.

        Secondly i’m pretty sure trying to emulate the white noise your fridge makes is nearly impossible. BUT you know what, hell with it, pop a bud get your cap on and grunt away friend.

      • Bozz

        But it sux

    • PicklePancakes

      Perhaps you should take a listen to OK Computer. Wait, no. I think it’d be so far over your head musically you’d automatically tune out. I think Radiohead is simply too good for you.

      • Dogboy

        Typical patronising comment from an RH fanboy.

  • henry

    cant wait to hear the rest of the album..

  • Zaviar Wun

    Lotus Flower is the best track on the album – most direct while still making room for Radiohead’s sonic experimentation. I’d rank King of Limbs tentatively fifth in their discography, after OK Comp, Kid A, In Rainbows, and maybe Bends. Also, Colin Greenwood definitely gets MVP status for his bass work on this LP (at times its seems like some of the songs are about to fall apart until his pulsing bass reenters the mix).

  • Buster Cretin

    that video is awful. I was able to listen up to minute 4 of the song before the boredom became too much. I get all the radiohead gushers, but I’d like too see someone defend that dumb video.

  • ossie

    I wish the physical cd was out sooner. March 29th, ouch.

  • architecture89

    love the song. beautiful!

  • Newspaper Purchaser

    For those unaware, the album is available now. The article does not do a good job of explaining that. Either go through your order confrimation (if already preordered) or buy it from their site.

    • Newspaper Purchaser

      Must have misread this the first time. Oh well.

  • John Berggren

    I want a simple CD release. I don’t want digital and I don’t want the $50 Uber-kit. Where’s my package?

    • Brian

      In stores 3/29.

      • John Berggren

        I shall exercise patience :). Wish EW informed me as well as you did!

    • PicklePancakes

      Even though you can get CD-quality WAV tracks right now? Or do you just like the feel of a plastic case and disc? Either way is cool with me.

  • Alex

    So odd for EW to be so far behind the curve on this. The download has already been available for about 10hrs now.
    And it’s Lotus Flower – 2 words.

    • PicklePancakes

      Except on the album it’s written “LotusFlower.” One word, two capitals…

      • Alex

        Really? Coz I don’t think anyone’s actually seen the CD yet, since it’s only releasing March. And according to my download of the song it’s 2 words.

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