Lady Gaga's explicit photo shoot with Terry Richardson: Behind-the-scenes video released. And you thought the pictures were naughty...

Lady Gaga is not shy about putting her ta-tas on display, but in this NSFW behind-the-scenes video from her photo shoot with Terry Richardson (the same person who took risqué photos of the Glee cast last year), she shows that she’s got a lot more to share.

The photos, taken for a Supreme advertisement to appear in Purple Magazine, were apparently shot at the same time Richardson took the meaty photos of Gaga for Vogue Hommes Japan. But the now-released video from the shoot is more revealing than any of the photos produced or so far shown to the public.

For those of you reading this at work, in church (best place to read, by the way), at school, or any other place where someone can judge you for watching semi-pornographic grinding, I will briefly recap the one-minute video:

We begin in a room with a white backdrop, where Gaga is standing in a white t-shirt, salmon-colored shoes that are not as extreme as the armadillo ones, and little else. By the 20-second mark, she’s already given one of her gagas a friendly squeeze, suggestively licked her bicep  (talented!), stretched her shirt over her lady parts in attempt to compensate for her lack of underpants, and used a skateboard to cover, well, everything. The other 40 seconds is basically the same thing, plus or minus some fishnets, a garish necklace, a large purse, and a child. Yes, a child. Maybe four years old by my estimate. And no, I have no idea what he was doing there besides looking totally confused. (But I want to find out…)

If you happen to find yourself in a position to watch this video now, do so with caution. Once you do, tell us what you think, Mixers. (Oh, and before you accidentally kill your eardrums later, the audio has been removed by the copyright police. So there’s no sound.)

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  • Felix

    Okay, did they do a search for the sketchiest camera guys they could find or what? Tattoos and neckbeards, awesome. Also, love the little kid’s WTF face.

    • LG

      long as she isn’t bloated britney spears…lol. She reminds me of brittany murphey actually..

    • tina

      awesome!!! i love her.

    • Teresa

      I swear to God this woman has a Madonna:Guide To Being A Pop Star book that she follows it to a T.
      She’s already done the Express Yourself, Vogue, and Like A Prayer personas. This is closing in on the Erotica period. When will we see Gaga doing crappy films, doing an album about spirituality/yoga/kabbalah and then adopting a child from an African country?

  • Jeeze

    She’s definitely a “neck-down” kind of girl.

    • LG

      she looks great here….

  • JPX

    Lady Gaga is so sad. She is clearly trying to make up for a lifetime of being homely. There’s really not much else she can to to be “outrageous” at this point. She’s about 2 videos away from shooting porn. I think her 15 minutes is just about up.

    • K8

      You are my hero

    • Qwerty

      OK, you’re being ridiculous. Porn? 1)SHE’S NOT EXPLOITING HERSELF! 2)It’s strong and feminine, and as a woman, sex is obviously part of the equation, especially in art, and 3) This isn’t about the man. Sex industry is completely devised around a man’s desires, and trust me, as one of her fans, I can tell you most of us don’t sexually desire her, or any woman for that matter. And clearly if so many prudes are whining about it, then this isn’t why she’s famous, then, only why she hasn’t managed to capture the entire mass market. And believe me, her 15 minutes aren’t almost up, and if you knew anything about Warhol, you’d know that the phrase isn’t applied in the manner of the lifespan of one’s fame, simply that everybody will become famous. So maybe you’re the sad one, for attempting to appear artistic and intelligent for critiquing a pop star, when you’ve already displayed an archaic thought process that is made up of misogyny, oppression, and ignorance. She’ll do what she wants, and it won’t be pornographic. Would you call a photo of a naked baby pornographic? Demi Moore’s pregnancy cover? Get a grip!

      • whatevs

        Geez, relax. Do you give every person who doesn’t like her this lecture? A person who thinks Gaga is just trying to get attention is ignorant? You’re not making much of a case for yourself with the way you’re expressing your opinion. Besides, you can think what you want but there’s nothing strong about this or her.

      • Kayla

        Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Qwerty, the typical garden variety Lady Gaga fan. Thank you Qwerty for showing everyone why I feel numb for you and this corporate thing. I just want it over.

    • Berlin

      She’s been at for 3 years and getting Stronger.

      You people with your “15 minutes of fame” crap now only come off as Pathetic!

      • LG

        QUEEN GAGA!!!!!!!

  • H

    I think you oversold the video. Not such a big deal.

    • LOL

      EW way oversold this. Not a big deal at all.

  • damm

    terry richardson is VILE. isn’t gaga about 10 years too old for him to be taking naked pictures of?

    • whatevs

      Vile is right. Hollywood glorifies the lowest of the low.

    • kat

      Seriously. I don’t understand how he still gets work. There are far more talented photographers out there that also aren’t super creepy.

  • ia

    LADY GAGA is a beautiful woman…and, yes you haters, she IS A WOMAN. Her face is gorgeous…so what if it isn’t the typical 8 x 10 glossy of a super model. GAGA reminds of CHER before CHER tampered with her facial looks. I LOVE LADY GAGA! My only complaint is: why the kid with her? This may be going a tad to far (ie. exploiting a child in the photo shoot). LADY GAGA is not homely…she is a woman with a very ethnic Italian face. STOP WITH THE HOMELINESS COMMENTS!!!!

    • Ian

      I find her extremely homely, and have found many VERY Italian women beautiful. But all looks aside, her music is a joke, she has dress as a condom/nun or in a meat dress in order to get attention (and when that doesn’t work she’ll go to a Mets game in her underwear and give the finger to baseball fans for attention), and feels the need to be in her underwear with someone else’s child for a photo shoot. It’s amazing someone can sell so many records and never get headlines for her actual “music”. She’s a fad, she’s bad for the music industry as far as actual talented musicians are concerned, and her clock is ticking very quickly towards the expiration date on her relevancy. Plus, she seriously is HOMELY. She could eat an apple through a fence.

  • faris

    nude photo with a child involved. What a disapointment.
    EW!! doesn’t your website have a sensorship over showing porn videos like this?

  • Jon

    She sure is one hideous-looking animal.

  • The

    They want more? WELL I’LL GIVE THEM MORE.

  • CLEO2U

    UNbelievable how low this “star” will go to get attention.
    WHO was the idiot that thought letting a very young child anywhere near her! Should be some form of child abuse for a kid to be in that shoot.
    I mean really–playing with yourself in front of a camera? (I suppose this is going to be called “art”!)
    The only “job” she should have is on a street corner!

  • Rob

    ****EW BREAKING NEWS****

    Lady Gaga breaks wind.

    Just wait…it’ll be here soon!

  • Asheila

    She’s just a younger, drug addicted version of Madonna. Someday she will joint the 27 Club along with Jim, Kurt & Janis. I don’t like her music so I couldn’t care less what happens to her. The higher you fly, the harder you fall. She’s a Lindsay Lohan waiting to happen.

    • Nicole

      You’re disgusting and I hope that something tragic happens to you soon :)

  • randall

    it seems to me like gaga has become the sarah palin of pop music where everything she does and i mean litterary everything is made into a big deal and put on this site now i like some of her songs but it seems like she would rather be a attention seeker with her crazy outfits and gimmicks then with her actual music. let me give ya a example of a pop singer who is all substance and thats adele her new album is fantastic shes everything i wished gaga could be which is just let the music be the attention seeker and not all the other bells and whistles.

  • Antney

    I find it funny that you all say that no attention is paid to her music. If so, then explain why her single “Born This Way” was the most downloaded song on I tunes ever? Plus she has sold millions of albums, and numerous #1’s. If no attention is paid to her music, then why is it so successful? Stop hating on someone just because you are not a fan. There is a simple solution, don’t read articles about her, don’t watch her videos, and don’t pay attention to her at all! Geez. American society is so sad right now. Pay attention to your own short comings, and your own “ugliness” and stop hating on people and artists you don’t know.

    • Rob


      Your arguement is stupid. First of all, iTunes is only a couple of years old. Of course, any recent artist would break history when said history is a decade or so old. Oy!

      • Lola

        Mr. Rob.. First of all.. iTunes has been there more than 10 years ago and has been the no. 1 online music retail store in the US. If you consider a decade to break history.. Then gaga did it. Now if you just climb out under your rock 2 years ago then I’m sorry to say your “arguement” is worse than stupid.

    • LG

      QUEEN GAGA!!!!!!

  • jpratm

    shes disgusting.

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