Chris Medina's 'What Are Words' music video: Grab the Kleenex!

If you found yourself sobbing in the fetal position watching Chris Medina’s story play out on American Idol this season, just wait until you see his just-released music video for “What Are Words.” The video — a tribute to his fiancée Juliana Ramos, who suffered brain injuries in a car accident just two months before their wedding — is primarily made up of old and new footage of Juliana, shots of Chris crying, and footage of Chris crying looking at old pictures of his fiancée. (Some of the shots indeed appear to be from Medina’s audition package on Idol, which would make sense, since the record and music video are from 19 Recordings, part of Idol production company 19 Entertainment.) Whatever you may think about the choices he made for the video, there’s no denying the genuine emotion in Chris’ lyrics: “Every single promise, I’ll keep / Because what kind of guy would I be / if I was to leave when you need me most?” Watch the video embedded after the jump. Warning: Prepare to break down, Jennifer Lopez-style.

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  • Tom

    I’m really getting tired of this guy exploiting his girlfriend for his own fame. I find it disgusting.

    • Cee

      No, Tom… you are disgusting. What’s Chris supposed to do when 19 Entertainment offers him a chance to make a song and video about the love he has for his brain-damaged fiance… say no thanks and walk away? This was an opportunity for him to make a little money towards her constant care… but, I don’t suppose you even thought about that. No.. you’re too busy being offended. What a douche.

      • Tom

        Actually I did think about that, Cee. Do we know that his brain-damaged fiancee is consenting to this? No, we don’t. Because 19 Entertainment and Chris Medina are both exploiting her image and situation, and I doubt it’s just for her constant care.
        Did you ever think of that?

        You are the one that is disgusting when you go and call people “douches”. If you can’t respond without resorting to name-calling, then I think that speaks volumes about you.

      • tan

        i sense sexual tension between tom and cee hahaha

    • yawn

      And you know these people so you can speak for either of them? Stfu already.

    • JD

      Considering ALL proceeds from sales go to her fund, I’d have to say he isn’t exploiting her.

    • Ellen Eskridge

      What are words-ugly when they come form you Tom. Pray none of your loved ones ever have to face such a hardship. YOU HAVE NO CLUE!

    • Jana

      Tom, I just today heard of Chris’ story when turning on the TV and caught him on the Today Show. I started to sob over the words of his song thinking how fitting it is to my own life right now. I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic this last May after having a miscarriage. I have changed my families life upside down. My husband is just as wonderful as this man Chris! I think you just maybe need to start living life more! Stop watching so much TV and spending time on your computer. Get out and LIVE LIFE! I think you need more love in your life to recognize how amazing this life changing event for Chris and his fiance is!

    • Catrina

      Tom, first of all he didn’t even want to bring up the fact that he had a fiancée that is disable they asked for his personal story and he had to tell them. He didn’t want this singing to be about her even though she was the one who told him to go and audition, he only wanted to be there for his talent not his story. So get your facts straight before accusing someone of exploitation.

    • Justin

      The chance of a lifetime to give the love of your life more than you ever thought you could comes your way, would you be selfish and pass it up?

  • DJ

    Couldn’t agree more with your comment Tom. It’s becoming too much.

  • Joe

    You know when you turn the TV on, all you see is crime, people shooting each other, etc, What you are seeing is love, and I am glad he is showing to the world how much he loves her. Just be glad somebody is showing love in the media.

  • Leighton

    I can’t believe you guys are turning on this guy. He’s not exploiting his girlfriend for fame…the guy is sticking by his love through thick and thin…this guy is one in a million. His song is about what he felt the most.

  • Karyn

    I would bet Tom wouldnt stand by his dog let alone a loved one. Why are you here reading & listening if youre sick of him? Chris is a rare breed of man, a true angel to his girlfriend.

  • @Tom

    are you that much of a loser to keep tuning in to something that “tires” you. what, are you STUPID!? just change the channel or dont look it up, moron.

    Maybe your lover (your own unkle most likely)should make a song on your “low brow” way of thinking…how ’bout them apples, son

    • Angel

      First off I think Tom is a lonely man for no woman, real woman would want to be with such a cold hearted jerk. I think Chris is a one of a kind man. He didn’t have to stand by her, he did due to the fact he loves her. When offered to make a video and tell his fiancees story he thought of her, medical bills, and the expenses to come. This is not a selfish man at all, this a REAL MAN!

  • Jeff

    Men like Tom give us good guys a bad name. Makes women think all men are nothing but dogs. Please ladies know that he isn’t a man he is a jerk! I hope to know love that Chris and his lady has found one day. That my friends is the true meaning of ‘True Love’!

  • Christina

    Although Chris and his fiance have had mega media coverage, I believe with all my heart that Chris is clearly a man with heart full of True Love.
    His commitment to his fiance is a great sign of the love he has for her.
    If it was all publicity just for Chris, don’t you think her mother would have stepped in and stopped it. So what if Chris makes some extra money to help with her care. I’m sure there isn’t enough government assistance or medical insurance to provide all she needs for a long road of recovery. For all those who are against Chris – will you help the family with $$$???

  • Virginia Roth

    Wow! The humanity. Unless you have had a son or daughter or loved one injured in an accident that has left them with a brain injury—you can’t possibly understand…which is sad. I am a mother with a child who was injured in a car accident at 15. He spent 5 months in a coma and two years in a hospital trying to recover his cognitive abilities. Chris Medina is providing for his fiance the best he can, we believe his truth, because our family has lived it. Sadly, most brain injury survivors DO NOT receive the extensive therapies necessary to help them recover as much as possible. We were lucky. Our insurance company paid almost one million dollars in benefits for my son…there was a time when his arm was drawn up like Chris’ fiance; there was a time when he was wheelchair bound and couldnt walk, talk, read, write, brush his teeth, eat, or do any of the things we take for granted each day. The reason my son can now do those necessary human actions is due to one thing—money. And when the insurance would pay no more, that did not mean my son was “healed”. You do not ever recover completely from brain injury–it is a lifelong struggle to make small gains. Chris’ fiance has a chance to make huge leaps in her recovery, but only with money for the therapies necessary. So..while the rest of you idiots who obviously have hearts of ice make ridiculuous claims of exploitation–I’m going to itune and buying the single and recommending everyone buys the single…there should be more men in the world like Chris Medina who aren’t willing to take the easy road and leave a loved one when they are hurt or ill or broken. And, in the world of brain injury survivors and their caregivers==ANYTHING that brings attention to this epidemic is important, and ANYONE who puts a public face on the struggles of brain injury survivors is a HERO. Thanks, Chris! God bless and love you and your family!

    • Ang

      God Bless you and your family. People just don’t understand what it’s like to go throught such things. Most wouldn’t they woul walk away because that is the kind of cowards they are!

    • Diane

      Good post! I can’t believe how many people are saying he is exploiting his girlfriend. If he can raise money for her care, and let more people understand about TBI, then so much the better. He has stuck by her for well over a year after her injuries. Her mother’s blog on Facebook praises for Chris for all he has done. She said that her daughter was very excited about everything that happened at the audition. I think the bottom line is a lot of people would rather not see people that have gone through something like this as it makes THEM uncomfortable. Good for Chris for staying with his girlfriend, and for not hiding her away.

    • midou

      ^^…I totally agree with U and believe me, I send my best wishes to your child :)

  • Gabu

    I’m a woman and I completely agree with Tom. No one is knocking the fact that he started with her but he is exploiting her. When he told the judges that meeting them had made her so happy and blah blah, I was just like wtf. So putting her out there in the media is ok , since he’s making money out of it?

    • Gabu


    • Kyle

      That’s your definition of exploiting? Really? Tons of the auditioners bring their loved ones with them, was he supposed to hide her at home just to make you happy?

    • sogagirl

      He is making money to care for her! You have no idea how expensive it is to care for someone with a TBI. If your loved one was in this situation, you would do ANYTHING to provide what is needed to care for them. This was a dream of theirs before the accident, did you not hear, he audition of AI BEFORE the accident as well.

    • Cece

      You and Tom need to just go and hide from the rest of the world. No one needs to hear about you guys accusing someone of exploiting when you guys don’t even know his whole story,

  • Tammy

    Idol missed the mark on this one. This guy is destined to be a star. He has a great voice. Love this song but it is already getting old. Hope he has some new material soon.

    • sogagirl

      AMEN! They really missed a star, inside and out.

  • Eric

    I think some (incredibly ignorant) people have it all wrong. I don’t beleive in any way that Chris is tying to exploit Juli for fame. Just the opposite. I think this plan was to exploit fame to help Juli. A one in a million person, I am very sorry to say.

  • PN

    This is a beautiful ballad. Very simple with the piano arrangement. And Chris Medina sounds fabulous vocally.

  • Breeze

    I kno them personally. he’s truly a great guy who is sticking by her side. Hes is dedicated 2 her growth & recovery. U guys can only speculate.

  • Wendy

    This takes me back quite a few years. I was in a 2mo coma

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