Pink tweets on Christina Aguilera's drinking bust: 'Didn't everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker?'

Pink-Christina-AguileraImage Credit: Todd Duffey/PR Photos; Christopher Polk/Getty ImagesOnce upon a time, there was beef between our Ladies of the Marmalade.

More recently, a certain kind of tweet-y peace had seemingly been brokered between Christina Aguilera and Pink. Still, the latter is not above a good-natured 140-character poke at her former rival in aughties pop supremacy—two rivals, actually.

Today, following Aguilera’s detainment for public intoxication, she posted to her official Twitter: “Out of Myself, Britney, and Christina—didn’t everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker? LOOK MA!!! No CUFFS!!”

It’s true that the original don’t-let-me-get-me girl does seem to have settled happily into married-and-expecting adulthood, raising her glass to rebellion largely in her music, and leaving the thornier tabloid adventures to Brit and Xtina. Is Pink right to say that’s not how we all expected it to play out? Tell us what you think in the comments, below.

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    Someone’s jealous they didn’t make front page news and have to make a snide comment. No offense to Pink but I never thought she would be the trouble make but just a one hit wonder…xoxo

    • Jan

      How can calling her a “one hit wonder” not be offensive? She’s had a LOT of hit songs.

      • LindsayReid/TaraLohan

        Ummmmmm If she could do a movie with us maybe her career will be hot again. I know it will.

      • mell


    • davon

      are u kidding me? pink has more hits than christina agulera. i like christina but pink is more talented than she is and pink doesnt have to be in the tabloids eye to be on top.

      • Joyce

        I agree, pink has more hits than christina.

      • Will

        Yes, but Christina is 1000x more relevant. Pink and her fans think she is something amazing, but all her songs sound exactly like everything else on radio.

        Xtina had more number ones in 1 album than Pink has in her whole career. And Beautiful is better and bigger than So What or Raise Your Glass ever will be.

      • sarah d

        Xtina more relevant? Methinks not. Pink has an actual song on the radio right now, Xtina has an “I got bored with the whole Mommy/Wife thing divorce”. She’s hasn’t been relevant since before Back To Basics.

    • confidential

      I love Pink to death but her pouncing on Christina in today is just all wrong. What happened to Christina last night didn’t have to do with anyone. She wasn’t with her child, she wasn’t driving and she didn’t intend on hurting anyone. Christina will make right with this as best she can and then move on. Whatever she is going through is personal. Pink just needs to back off and quit being so self rightous. The bun in her oven could prove her a hypocrite if she keeps this up.

      • Sean

        It needs to be emphasized though the lesson of getting in the car with someone who is behind the wheel. When it comes to intoxication, front seat often is the death seat, and because she’s a celebrity she made the statement it was OK to get in the car with a drunk driver/with no DD. Not hating, but that’s the first thing I thought. Glad charges weren’t pressed and hope things work out OK for her w/the rest of 2011.

      • anya

        I love Pink too but doesn’t she remember what it was like when she got divorced?? Heck she wrote an album about it. Christina’s going through a rough patch, no need for Pink to kick her when shes down.

      • Justin K

        OH SHUT UP

      • anonymous

        Pink didn’t get divorced….they worked out their differences and she is expecting a baby girl soon.

    • Nick

      Um… Raise Your Glass went to #1 and F$$kin’ Perfect is lodged in the Top 10. Where are Xtina’s hits from Bionic and Burlesque?

    • Heidi

      Pink is not called the latter in that sentence. She was listed first and so should be called the former….
      I’ve never corrected a mistake before on this site but just had to say it!

    • mell

      yeah, a 1 hit wonder who has had more hits than either Aguilera or Spears. Try checking Billboard Charts once in a while instead of gossip columns.

    • SXiPPY

      First, I agree with that statement, for I too thought she would be a one-hit wonder WHEN SHE FIRST CAME OUT! Obviously others missed that detail to the post above. I thought “Ew, look at this poser white girl, trying to act all urban-thug” back in ’99. However, when “Get The Party Started” came out, followed by its parent album; I drank a smoldering hot cup of “Shut the Fvck Up” and throughout her career I’ve come to realize that Pink is highly underrated and makes THE best music, substance-wise, out of all the pop-tartlets of the late 90’s. Her snarky attitude makes me love her more and once she started being true to herself (starting with album 2), I took her seriously. As I am sure that that’s what the statement above eluded to.

    • idontevenknow

      Pink? A one hit wonder? Vocally underrated maybe, but she is not a one hit wonder. She’s had a lot of hits and is a great singer. Her vocals may not be up to par with those of Christina, but I can assure you that Pink dominates over Christina in every other category that exists.

  • Jase

    I like Pinks music, she has a great voice, and her Funhouse tour was amazing. But she puts down her peers A LOT, and it makes her look really immature.

    • Kelcie

      Enough said. If she has so many hits, then she should let those speak for themselves.

  • jt

    LOVE Pink!! Glad she said what she did because it’s true. And she’s definitely the most talented of the bunch.

    • MichaelBama

      By talented you mean butched looking and “tries” to be rock and always seems like a pretentious b**** then yes she’s got that talent down to a t. But number ones or grammys or album sells? I say she’s the bottom actually she IS the bottom. And don’t even say “Bionic” flopped, the reason it did is because perez said she copied gaga’s style and we live in a stupid world where anything you say or write on the internet people will follow you like some stupid dog on a leash and Im calling gaga fans who shunned xtina’s bionic even though it sounds NOTHING like gaga. YET Gaga sounds like madonna and even Grace Jones and people just brush it off but when Bionic came out even EW comment on how xtina is trying to keep up with gaga. WHO ISN’T NOW A DAYS keeping up with each other?! say what you want about Britnet or christina but PINK IS NOT AN INNOVATOR. BRITNEY AND CHRISTINA’s album always changed whereas pinks Mizzundastood was her best and only one that was different.

      • davon

        ur wrong. her funhouse album and her im not dead album was different and were her best also.

      • Kristen

        @MichaelBama – you’re just a jealous, spiteful Xtina fan. It’s time to move on from her since her career has plummeted and her talent has been destroyed by her horrid personality :]

      • Sean

        LOL @ MichaelBama. Damn I didn’t know having all of Christina’s other albums and not choosing this one was in some Kevin Bacon 6 Degrees (if you are not biased enough to even get the joke) way related to Perez Hilton. I shake my head….

      • boxer

        Looks like a certain defensive little someone has a little crush on Christina! You’re just another fool who confuses you being attracted to someone with that person being talented. Christina’s just mass-produced tripe for stupid girls and horny boys.

      • anya

        I love Christina but her new album flopped because it was mediocre at best. And Pink has been making hits for some 11 years. Who cares if she isn’t exactly Christina or Britney? She’s still topping the charts.

    • cathir

      What Pink said was…Surprise Mom it wasn’t me this time…cool it guys. Xtina was caught this time. Got her out of the car before she got hurt. Relax. Nobody said anything about her voice.

  • True Blue

    The drama surrounding Christina is blown waaaaay out of proportion. She got arrested for public intoxication, not a DUI or a drug bust. Granted, it’s still nothing to be proud of and I hope this doesn’t get any worse than this (especially since she has a child), but that hardly makes her an outlaw who needs to be tamed. Britney has never been arrested, but we can all agree that her personal turmoil was far worse and more serious. Pink herself had run-ins with the law as a teen, so she shouldn’t be the one to talk….just saying.

  • LOSTY396

    You know, it’s just like us poking fun at tabloid slipups… and since P!nk has avoided most of these I think she has a right to revel in what she’s accomplished. Still, I hope it doesn’t escalate into a full-blown stupid feud.

    • Renaton

      It already did. Pink attacks every other pop artist when given the chance, so she can sell it to her fans as “attitude”, along with cheesy motivational songs.

      You know what takes real attitude? Being a class act. Instead of putting down an artist because she is seen as “competition” when given the chance, get off your high horse and keep your (offensive) thoughts to yourself.

      By the way, I don’t like them both, think they are both overrated, but yeah, Pink is being a B*tch.

      • lulu

        i couldnt agree more!!! pink is a wannabee and i can’t stand her!!!

  • Jonathan

    That was kinda uncalled for. Weird, because in spite of her pseudo-rebellious rocker image, I always thought Pink was a classy lady. Not cool to kick someone when she/he is down, you know…

    • JK

      SHUT UP

    • Renaton

      The whole rebellious thing was very clear to be marketing, so she could sell herself as some kind of pre-Gaga (who is also overrated by the way) messiah for the geeks/losers/freaks, but she doesn’t really have a rebellious bone in her body.
      She’s just being b*tchy because she can. And like I said before, not a fan of any of these girls, but I think Pink needs to stop with the whole “I’m so superior” schtick.

  • Ziggy

    Christina seems to be on a downward spiral. She needs to wipe off the 6 layers of makeup, put on some sweats, retreat to a peaceful, undisclosed location and just spend time being a mom to her little one. She’s an amazing talent, but she needs to corale her h00chier leanings.

  • ;)

    Im pregnant!

  • crazzedog

    Well, if you look at Pink’s past, you can see that she did all that stuff before she was even famous. So it’s never a surprise when people who weren’t famous yet that stayed out of trouble get into trouble while they’re famous.

  • Michelle

    This is what keeps from fully loving pink. Why does she always put other artsists down just because she doesn’t agree or like what others do? Does she not forget the mistakes that she allegedly made during her earlier years when she was not famous? I’m sure the media would’ve been all over her had she been famous then. I don’t even think this is a big deal. This is the media aiming at their next victim to profit from. I wish the media would stop being so hard on Christina and let her be during these rough times she’s going through.

  • Dave

    That’s hilarious! Not her tweet, that she thinks she’s at the same level as Britney or Christina.

    • Cantu


    • gato


    • D2


    • Kim

      Her hype or fame isn’t at the same level, yes. But I’d say she definitely beats them both out of the water when it comes to overall talent (though I’d say Christina probably has the strongest voice of the three).

    • mell

      She meant that in the sense that they all debuted around the same time, but no I wouldnt put them in the same category because those 2 are industry puppets and don’t have half of P!nk’s talent

      • Kelcie

        I wouldn’t say Christina’s an “industry puppet” at all.

      • May

        Actually Britney has written more stuff than Christina and in her current album she has written everything… so no she isn’t a puppet

    • lulu

      LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon


  • Catherine

    Pink is an ugly biaaatch.

    • asdfe


  • dee123

    She like a Kylie Minogue or a Robbie Willams, millions & millons of record sales just not in America.

    • mell

      haha are you serious? She has sold 12 million albums and slightly less than 25 million singles in AMERICA. She was also the #1 Pop song artists of the decade according to Billboard which is an AMERICAN chart…Kylie Mingoue or Robbie Williams are strictly European Acts. WTF

  • dee123

    That should be “She’s”. Stupid phone.

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