Kim Kardashian's new single 'Jam': Listen to it here

This morning, reality TV mini-mogul Kim Kardashian confessed to Ryan Seacrest she had some butterflies about the impending world premiere of “Jam,” her first official single.

“I think it’s only normal for me to be nervous,” she said on Seacrest’s KISS FM show. “I’m only human. I’ve never sang [sic] before.” (She’s not counting the song’s unofficial premiere two months ago at a club in Las Vegas.)

Of course, whether or not “Jam” qualifies as a real singing debut is up to the listener:

While a thumping loop from überproducer The-Dream pounds in the foreground, Kardashian’s vocals sound a bit like the Auto-Tune the News guys took a crack at a pre-party voicemail she left for one of her sisters. “I’m goin’ out tonight/It’s goin’ down, headed straight to the front of the line,” she informs us in a matter-of-fact verse.

The beat shakes and grinds; Kim yawns and reapplies her lip gloss. It’s a testament to The-Dream’s skills that the whole thing still comes off as a radio-friendly, perfectly danceable ditty. And Kardashian, who looks suitably diva’d up on the single’s cover, has more than enough media savvy and self-confident gusto to promote the heck out of it.

But can their powers combined produce a hit single? Let us know if Kim’s “Jam” is going on your playlist.

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  • WTF?

    This is a prank, right?

    • LOL

      Does anyone care about this?

      • Jasmine

        then why are you reading anything about her??? you’re just a low life hater!

      • @Jasmine

        OMG I cannot stand when people say stuff like that. Stop!! People are always going to read articles about things that bother them and keep making comments. So don’t even bother… “you low life hater”

      • halloraj

        Trainwrecks are fun to look at.

      • Mark S

        Train wrecks are fun to look at and there is no doubt Kim got rear ended.

      • lori

        She sounds even more like a blowup doll than she looks. That’s saying something. At least this seems like an isolated incident… I highly doubt she’ll be dropping an album any time soon.

    • SXiPPY

      I wish I could have been sitting in the studio to hear her sing before being auto-tuned. I’ll bet that was one hilarious day in the life of The Game, although to be fair, if you are going to use that as your producer moniker; you too must be laughed at.

      • Brianne

        His name is the The Dream. The Game is a rapper, who had nothing to do with this song.

      • SXiPPY

        Eh, they’re equally queer names, and I mean that in the pre-1950’s sense of the word.

    • Ray Devine

      I like it. LOL!

      • dreck

        you would

    • shally

      Most definitely!

    • nicolioli

      I don’t watch any of her shows, I don’t wear any of her clothes. Not really a fan, but obviously she knows what she’s doing because she’s making a ton of money. That being said, she definately needs to keep her day job. Music is definately not how she’s going to maker her fortune.

      • DLK

        Hey Nic, if you ever watched, you would know that she isnt good at her day job either!!!! LOL If her father wasnt a famous lawyer (rest in peace) and her step wasnt Jenner, I doubt these girls would even be on the map. they are famous for being….what? Born?

      • Ty

        I love watching the Kardashian shows and really salute there hustle but it always kinda boggles my mind that she’s the more successful one she’s so boring…I really think that the rest of them are a riot…anyway I do love me some pop music and admittedly some terrible songs but this is not good…I had to try to listen 3 times but couldn’t make it through. You can’t even tell it’s her.

      • Lauren

        Day job?!!!

    • Dave

      It honestly sounds like she just spoke the words in the studio, and the producer just made it sound like she was “singing” with the help of Autotune. I mean really, this is so awful. Even Paris Hilton’s music was better than this nonsense.

    • Bluto

      Well if she spoke the words with something other than absolute boredom it might actually be a decent song. What would be awesome is when “artists” like KK put out new music, if someone would immediately cover it and run hers off the chart.

    • DLK

      Well, she can’t act so why would we expect her to be able to sing. thank God for sound effects or else I may have lost my hearing. Even at that, my dogs started barking!!!!

    • shakarum

      As much as I hate to say so… its not. :(

    • Becca


    • Danny Mac

      I clicked to hear music, but all I hear are random sounds. Anyone else having that problem? lol

    • Adam

      Sounds like every other over-synthesized piece of radio garbage that’s dominating music today. Completely unoriginal and indecipherable from Gaga, Ke$ha, Britney, and Rhianna.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Wow. This is awful. I’m sick of these spoiled b*tches and @$$holes like her and that real houswife who think that just because they’re rich and famous means that they can “make music”. There are so many truly talented musicians out there that are playing in bars and clubs, recording in basements, and working they’re a$$es off, and it makes me sick to my stomach to see this wh*re and her trash get any sort of promotion.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Also, its official: Auto-Tune is THE worst invention of all time.

    • Faye

      I like the way she rhymed “they play’in ma jam” with “they play’in ma jam they play’in ma jam” She had better be glad she is pretty because it is pretty much the only thing she has going. It would be hilarious if it was not so sad.

  • confidential

    She sings this as tone deaf and dead as she speaks and acts. I mean does she try at anything?

    • Valerie Va-Jay-Jay

      NOt likely, even in her sex tape with Ray J, she looked bored and just laid their cooing, “Baby” in that annoying sqeakish voice. This sounds like she queefed in a vocorder and they used it as her voice, because the two obviously sound alike and are both full of air.

      • Mica

        ^^^ LMAOOOO

      • DLK

        DANG LOL….You are giving her way too much credit. You think she cooed???!!!!!!

    • DLK

      Do you notice how incredibly boring these girls are? I mean good Lord, she is even deadpan in commercials. The other girl, whats her name, Scott’s girlfriend, umm…ummm… cant remember but she is boring as hell. no wonder he drinks or drank. lol

  • Mr. Devin!

    Wow…this sounds terrible

    • Alice

      This proves that there are some things Autotune can’t fix.

      • rose

        haha so true!

      • Karate Kid

        nothin can fix her face de wont decompose so plastic!!!!!!!!!!!

      • DR

        @ Alice +1

    • rose

      tell me about it! This is a sad excuse for a song. I’m sorry, but this is just horrible.

  • Tony

    hmmmm, sort of reminds me when Paris Hilton tried to be a singer…and we all know how that turned out.

    • Elle

      Stars Are Blind is better than this crap.

    • Nick T

      Um, that was ten times better than this.

      • Rich

        C’mon Banksy… This new KK is just screaming for your “magic touch”…

      • Dave

        Seriously, that music from Paris was not good, but it was still a whole lot better than this garbage.

  • ST

    It didn’t work for Paris so I doubt it will work for Kim. That being said, Kim’s empire has eclipsed Paris’ by now so she might be able to make this work.

    • Jonathan

      Not that I think Paris’ music career worked, because it didn’t overall, but ‘Stars Are Blind’ actually reached the Billboard Hot 100 top 20 (I know, God bless us all)
      In any case, does Kim ever do anything with gusto?? She sounds as disinterested as when she “danced” on DWTS

  • azr


  • GeeMoney

    The song is crap. Paris Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind” was a much better song.

    • kat

      EXCUSE ME?? This song is amazing. Best record of 2011. Sorry Britney, Gaga, Adele etc but KIM KARDASHIAN is blowing you and everybody else out of the water right here.

      • halloraj

        She’s blowin’ alright.

      • bitter gay mark

        Kat, are you perhaps mentally challenged? If not that, then audio challenged it would appear. Sorry, Kim. But when even autotune can’t make you sound like you can sing it’s time to stick to being a reality whore. Or better yet, go make another sex tape. Although even there your work was substandard and beyond inept.

      • kaykay

        Really? Just really? Is Kim paying you or did you hit your head this morning?

      • DR

        @ halloraj THIS. LMAO!!!!

      • vero

        Her claim to fame was smoking some dude’s pole. Who cares what she says/does/sings?

  • richard

    Proves once again she’s famous and rich for being famous and rich with absolutely no TALENT!!! Luckily she grew up as a spoiled rich brat and capitalized on a sex tape and her family’s connections. Id wish she’d think about the poor and use some of her fame and wealth for charity instead of buying expensive houses and cars and jewelry and such

    • Color Me Impressed

      Amen to that!!!

  • BeBe

    This is so horrible! She isnt even singing, not like she can, she’s just speaking the words with a beat in background. Terrible!

  • Keven Lewis

    Sounds about as good as Cassie!

    • stephen

      You mean Lassie??

  • Cole

    I am guessing this looks better than it sounds … not even sure who she is trying to be – Ke$ha?

    • halloraj

      She wishes.

  • confidential


  • Kat

    You know someone can’t sing when auto tune can’t even make their voice sound passable.

  • cautious

    Wow, that really SUCKS! It’s nothing but a lot of electronic noise.

  • armando

    i think paris hiton sings better then here

    • PN

      It sounds too repetitive. Her singing Jam over and over in the chorus. The music that The Dream produced and played on the song is good, but Kim’s voice is so buried in that processed Autotune and busy production that you don’t hear her real raw voice. She has a Kesha like voice that can do these dance pop numbers but it’s really average. But this fails to match with Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kesha or Britney Spears’ current hit singles. Not even close.

    • PN

      Paris Hilton actually sounded good back in 2006 wiht her album. But she had Scott Storch produce it and he gave her good songs for 7 of the album’s 11 songs. This song would have worked best for Paris instead of Kim. Kim just doesn’t ride on the dance song.

      • Color Me Impressed

        Are you actually talking about Kim and Paris like they’re actual musicians? Neither of them know the first f*cking thing about music nor do they have any talent to back it up at all!!!!

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