Liam Gallagher slams Radiohead: 'Writing a song about a tree? Give me a break!'

Liam-thomImage Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images; Nick Pickles/WireImage.comAs the lead singer of Oasis, Liam Gallagher was famous for speaking his mind even/especially if that meant sticking the boot in to his rock star peers. Has his attitude changed now that he is the frontman for Beady Eye? It most definitely has not.

The website Quietus has just published an interview with Gallagher in which he reveals his thoughts on the recent output of his fellow Brit rockers Radiohead—notably their single, “Lotus Flower”—although Thom Yorke fans may well question my use of the word “thoughts.”

“I heard that f—ing Radiohead record and I just go, ‘What?!'” Gallagher declared. “I like to think that what we do, we do f—-ing well. Them writing a song about a f—ing tree? Give me a f—-ing break! A thousand year old tree? Go f— yourself! You’d have thought he’d have written a song about a modern tree or one that was planted last week. You know what I mean?”

The debut Beady Eye CD—Different Gear, Still Speeding— was released yesterday. You can read Entertainment Weekly‘s own interview with Liam Gallagher in the current issue of EW. Check back to the Music Mix next week for a longer version our chat.

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  • Wil

    What a blatant publicity stunt…

    • Robert

      Who are people going to remember in 20 years time? Radiohead or some band called Beady Eye?

      • Oddball


      • Pittner

        Definitely, Maybe and Morning Glory are better albums than anything Radiohead has put out. And that’s coming from a Radiohead fan.

      • Liza

        I agree that Oasis has put out great albums and I love Morning Glory but nothing they have done can come close to Ok Computer, sure it’s an older album but even In Rainbows gives Oasis some competition.

      • marshal

        im thinking they’ll remember a band called Oasis

      • Chris

        Morning Glory hasn’t aged well. Ok Computer, on the other hand, has aged beautifully.

      • Sara

        The best Oasis albums aren’t nearly as good as Radiohead’s worst. Radiohead’s albums get better with age and the same can’t be said about Oasis. They were britpop and stayed there. Radiohead evolved.

      • Frank

        KID A and OK COMPUTER are better than anything Oasis has put out. IN RAINBOWS too…

      • Josh

        pittner i think you have confused yourself with someone that has actually heard radiohead’s music, or perhaps someone with functioning ears

      • Spendlove

        Probably neither while also forgetting Oasis equally as well..

      • Color Me Impressed

        Probably not, but they will remember Oasis. Sure, Liam is being an ass, but Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory are phenomanal albums right up on par with Kid A and OK Computer.

      • lol what

        Nobody is going to care about either of these bands in 20 years, bro.

      • just mw

        Actually NEITHER will be remembered other than garage bands

      • Angie

        Can you see the future? If Radiohead won’t be remembered who will? At least from this generation.

      • doug

        radiohead isn’t a band of this generation. they’re a band of ten years ago.

        but that aside, this generation is pretty awful.

      • Jonesey

        Yes, people will certainly remember the Beatles before Radiohead. Who’s Oasis? Liam = Loser

      • PEdro

        I don’t think Oasis was a bad band, but ripping off the Stones and the Beatles with a cute petulant frontman doesn’t make you a musical genius, just savvy. Moving musical paradigms forward with someone as weird looking as Thom Yorke in front, now that’s a trick for musical geniuses.

    • Jean Genie

      It’s bad enough the UK is still infatuated with Liam Gallagher. I was hoping Beady Eye wouldn’t make it here – no such luck?

      • Angie

        @Steve: Your mistaking an opinion for a fact. AGAIN.

      • Omar

        What a sad bastard. Every member of Radiohead have more talent in their little fingers than he has in his whole body.

    • Angie

      @Pittner: No it’s coming from an Oasis fan who also likes Radiohead. But that’s your mere opinion:)

      • Steve

        LOL, the truth hurts doesn’t it Radiohead fans. Morning Glory by itself is better than the whole Radiohead catalog.

      • Liza

        How is that the truth? It’s just personal preference, nothing I’ve heard from Oasis has come anywhere near the brilliance of Ok Computer, it was named album of the year by numerous publications the year it was released. Even years later it has stayed popular and been included in lists for the greatest albums of all time, even topping a list from a Q magazine readers poll. So, I’m not the only one who agrees it’s amazing and it was ahead of it’s time. You might sit there and say that doesn’t matter but it does matter. It’s rare when any band can create something so well regarded that can stand the test of time.
        Just to give some perspective, when Rolling Stone magazine released their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time they put Ok Computer at number 162 and Morning Glory at 376.Kid A was ranked at number 428, and The Bends was ranked 111. Definitely, Maybe has also won it’s own share of accolades even being called greatest of all time by NME, but that’s just one album. Pitchfork Media, Spin magazine, and chose Ok Computer as the best album of the 90’s. Also, Kid A and Funeral by Arcade Fire appeared on more best of lists in the 2000’s than other albums. Oasis was pretty much absent during that entire decade, at least when it comes to accolades.
        That’s the truth, now tell me how much it hurts.

      • O

        Actually Whats the Story won the best album of the past 25 years at the Q awards last year, and Dont Believe the Truth as well as Dig out your Soul were both highly praised and took several awards in themselves. Go listen to The Masterplan – all Oasis B- sides crush KID A and ok computer. Thats the truth

    • Bluto

      Could he be any more unlikable?

      • Candice

        Radiohead probably won’t comment cuz they’re classy men like that. And not to mention Liam is a waste of breath so might as well ignore the fool.

  • Sam

    I do not like Radio Head and I always feel like I’m the only one. I think their lyrics are annoying and their music is pretentious and extremely boring.

    • sad but true

      Oh no… you are NOT the only one.

      I f#$cking HATE Radiohead

      • Malcolm

        Just curious, who do you like?

      • sad but true

        Limp Bizkit, Nickelback, and 30 Seconds to Mars are my top 3. They all rock harder than Radiodud.

      • Justice

        Sam likes “Breaking the law, breaking the law, clang, clang, breaking the law, breaking the law…”

      • Justice

        Nickleback, tee hee.

      • TT

        sad but true: Damn you must be trollin.’ You just named 3 of the worst bands in history. No wonder Radiohead are way over your head. Keep crankin’ to Limp Bizkit, those guys are a joke.

      • mjsmoke

        really, Limp Bizkit??? what is this, 1999??? and don’t even get me started on Nickleback…

      • sad but true

        just for the record…. the post above is an imposter. Funny, though

      • Jean Genie

        @sadbuttrue – You probably still like the overrated Metallica, too, judging by your clever screenname. Those other bands you like show what a stupid American you are.

      • darthwilson

        LOL at sad but true! Limp Bizkit and Nickleback? Are you serious????

      • sad but true

        I have given no indication of my music tastes other than my distaste for Radiohead so.. uhm… what are you talking about?
        You make about as much sense as Charlie Sheen :D

      • sad but true

        @Darthwilson: those bands are Awful (yes, even worse than Radiohead)
        Some clever little boy with a laptop thought it would be funny to impersonate my screen name that post an idiotic reply

      • Angie

        sad but true: By not indicating your personal tastes you make yourself look like a coward. Come on, who do you like? I promise not to rip you to shreds. Ok, I can’t really promise that.

      • sad but true

        Personally, I’m a metal-head. My current faves are Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, and my old-school faves NIN, Tool, System of a Down & Korn

        But I saw Radiohead at Bonnaroo several years ago, and I fell asleep on the lawn.


    • Steve

      You’re absolutely right. Radiohead is a bunch of pretentious posers, passing themselves off as “serious” musicians. Pure junk!

      • Matt

        Well, I suppose Beethoven was pretentious too, but there is no denying his genuis. You may not like the music Radiohead has made recently, but you cannot seriously claim that they are not brilliant artists and musicians. Have you even heard OK Computer!?

      • Val

        LOL. I only like a few Radiohead songs but I guess I don’t agree with all the hype this band gets. I think MOST of the time, this band can be dreadfully boring. I feel like I’m the only one sometimes too. But hey, to each is own. This guy was clearly kidding with his remarks because if he wasn’t, that’s the stupidest “slam” I’ve ever heard.

      • Angie

        Steve – I’m tired of people calling music pretentious because music CANNOT be pretentious. It’s usually code for “I have an attention span of a five year old child or I simply don’t comprehend the hype.” They pass themselves off as serious musicians. And so what? That’s because they are massively respected and they’ve earned the hearts of many dedicated fans. Pink Floyd was serious. What do you think of them?

      • Jean Genie

        One of the reasons I like Radiohead is Thom Yorke isn’t a self-serving AW like LG. @Val – I doubt Liam’s kidding – he loves to abuse every fellow rocker he can find.

    • T

      Do you even know what the word pretentious means? Making music cannot be pretentious. Stating that the music you make is better than someone else’s is pretentious. Learn the definition of a word before you start throwing it around.

      • Ashley

        You know he means that the they are pretentious, therefore it is reflected through their music.

    • Color Me Impressed

      The only Radiohead I had ever heard up until recently was Kid A, which I hated because it was so d*mn pretentious and void of any concrete musical ideas, so for the past several years of my life I’ve been avoiding Radiohead like the plauge. That is until recently when I actually heard OK Computer for the first time; man, have I been missing out! That is such a phenomenal album, and it totally got me listening to The Bends and In Rainbows, which are both pretty good as well. That being said, I’m still not really a fan of Kid A, and even though Liam is being an @ss, at least he has the talent and cred to back it up. Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory was also phenomenal albums, right up on par with OK Computer. Therefore, it IS possible to like both Radiohead AND Oasis.

      • just saying…

        i dont get why people think oasis is so phenomenal musically. they’ve had some catchy hits and i liked the band well enough, but musically innovative they are NOT. one does not have to like radiohead to appreciate their attempt to add something new to the musical conversation. it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s not just the same three chords. (and i have no problem with a song with a basic chord progression- some of the most memorable songs are the most simplistic ones. but comparing oasis and radiohead is Apples and Oranges)

  • Larry

    I hate the Gallagher brothers but he’s 100% correct.

    • Andrew

      I think Gallagher calling a band pretentious is the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Yrain

        I think calling Radiohead music is a being overly generous

    • Angie

      How is he correct?
      It’s okay to criticize if one has valid points and can express them in a reasonable manner but saying “F*** that, they wrote a song about a tree? AN OLD TREE?!?!?! That’s dumb!!!” is neither. He just makes himself sound like a crybaby.

      • just saying…

        agreed. if he actually wanted to criticize their MUSIC, it’d be one thing, but he had nothing better to say than this inane comment. I have the feeling drugs destroyed what little there was of his brain many years ago. That and/or he’s just desperate for any kind of publicity which is just pathetic.

    • Sara

      You think Liam is correct because he wants Thom to write about “young trees” and not “old trees”??? Because that is what he is saying.

  • Well…

    Did the Beatles slam Radiohead already and do it like, way way better? That’s the only reason I can think Liam thought to say such things.

  • outside agitator

    amen…Radiohead is a pretentious, machinated yawn.

  • Chris

    Liam’s also the frontman of the group Has Been.

  • UGH

    Man Bob Dylan looks terrible….

    • Nathan

      I know, I think Dylan’s actually looking younger than Yorke these days. That goofy dance must have taken it’s toll on poor Thom.

      • Marie Lua

        Aw, that’s not the best pic of thom but I still think he looks cute..

  • nicholaspaul

    Gallagher as eloquent and informed as usual.

    Thom Yorke replied ” “I like to think that what we do, we do f—-ing well. Them writing a song about a f—ing wall? Give me a f—-ing break! Go f— yourself! You’d have thought he’d have written a song about a modern wall or one that was built last week. You know what I mean?”

    • stl

      That was excellent.

      • Sue1

        Yes it was.

    • Claire

      Well…to be fair it WAS a Wonderwall.

  • Jay

    Oasis and Radiohead are both simply awful. Give me Blur any day.

    • Rose

      Blur are mediocre at best. But staying on topic, his jealousy just seeps through. He and his brother are always taking jabs at Radiohead which leads me to believe they are just green with envy.

      • Finch

        “Blur are mediocre at best”??!!?? Thems fightin’ woids!

      • Larry

        “Blur are mediocre at best” Not surprising coming from an idiotic Radiohead fan.

      • chloe

        Are you implying that liking Radiohead makes people idiotic or just the person in general is idiotic? If it’s the latter, then you’re making a generalized statement based on no facts.

    • ®ustymustdie

      right after you get your daily dose of man paste?

      • lauren


      • Overratedasis

        Liam mainlines man paste. Hey Liam, Emo Phillips just called, he wants his haircut back.

        Malcom McDowell should kick his monkey ass for making that hat look gay. Ultraviolence style even.

  • Tim

    He’s such a pathetic individual. Yes, Liam, we know you’re jealous and bitter about the fact that Radiohead have remained relevant and successful while Oasis seize to exist and need publicity by attacking a band much more talented than you will ever be.

    • Steve

      Radiohead relevant? In what world?

      • jason.

        This one. Probably several alternate ones as well.

        Whether it’s how they’ve managed to be so successful by doing their own thing (when a lot of people who have no interest in anything “different” would’ve liked them to’ve kept on making radio-friendly rock) or the way they sold “In Rainbows” when it debuted, they’re relevant, son.

        Just because you don’t like the sound doesn’t make it so.

        And as for Liam, well, for a guy who kept insisting his band wasn’t trying to be the Beatles while doing everything short of changing his name to Lennon, it takes some desperate stones to just start slagging Radiohead for their songs.

        Seriously. Can he even tell us what a “wonderwall” is?

        But look at me, potentially feeding some trolls. Got to go, then.

      • Arnold

        @ Steve: Of course Radiohead are relevant. Do you know how many bands want to sound like them, want to be them? I just heard a new b-side from the Strokes. Guess who it sounds like? That’s right, Radiohead. But I guess in your own delusional little mind you think Oasis are still relevant.

  • Sam

    Liam is in need of headlines. using Radiohead’s name is a good way to start it. Wanker.

  • Chris

    Bitter, party of one. Radiohead will go down as one of the most original and influential rock bands of their era. What was the name of that band that Gallagher “sang” for? I forgot because they were horrible

    • MM

      “Radiohead will go down as one of the most original and influential rock bands of their era.” Please put the crack pipe down before posting.

      • Angie

        The above statement sounds pretty correct to me. If they won’t go down in history who will? Please do tell.

      • MattyB

        Yeah, MM. If not Radiohead, then who do you believe will be revered from this era? Or are you one of those wankers who feels that there is no good music being made anymore? In either case, you’re off base, son. Radiohead are the standard for forward-thinking rock bands and have been for a long while now. But seriously, who do YOU think is more original or influential right now?

  • alex

    ha ha. am i the only one who feels nostaligic when oasis is hating on another british band? brings me back to the days of blur vs. oasis or when noel gallagher said he had to move because james blunt lived down the street and he couldn’t stand the idea of him making terrible music so close by. I mean.. they’re ridiculous.. but it’s funny.

    • Chris

      Yeah I agree, I think everyone takes things too seriously. I for one like both bands. Liam is being Liam, how soon everyone forgets.

      • Wally

        Exactly he’s just being himself a.k.a. an utter prick.

      • MattyB


  • E.B. Berman

    I know EXACTLY what Liam means! That 1,000 year old tree has had its day in the sun! What about all the new, modern trees photosynthesizing in obscurity? Who’s beating the drum for them? I just had my lawn re-sodded; where’s my lawn’s f—-ing song? Thom Yorke has A LOT to answer for, if you ask me!

    • Nathan

      bravo good sir, bravo!

    • Katyo

      Best comment on here, hands down. Hilarious!

    • Melanie

      too funny!!!

      • badaran

        Really good but sounds like an older’ song from the Kid A recigdonrs.At first I thought it sounded like someone trying to be Radiohead until the vocals and then I thought it sounded over-dubbed with an old vocal track.Let the speculation commence.

  • ®ustymustdie

    every time this limey opens his mouth i get the douche chills. didn’t his band write a song about a wall? a wonder wall?

    • lol what

      Wonderwall was the name of a film that George Harrison supplied the soundtrack for.

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