Lady Gaga performs with 10-year-old YouTube sensation Maria Aragon-VIDEO

lady-gaga-fanImage Credit: Stephen Fernandez/Splash NewsGreyson Chance, you have competition! At Thursday night’s Monster Ball concert in Toronto, Lady Gaga welcomed onstage Maria Aragon, the 10-year-old sensation who catapulted to YouTube celebrity with a piano cover of “Born This Way.”

Even though the original song has only been out for three weeks, Aragon’s rendition already has well over 17 million views, earning her a February 21 trip to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. At last night’s concert, Gaga let Maria sit on her lap, and together they plunked out an adorable piano duet of the chart-topping smash. Check it out:

Could little Maria, sock monkey in tow, be any more adorable? Gaga’s show is hardly geared for 10-year-olds, but I love how sweet she is to this truly Little Monster, picking her up and twirling her around. And that’s not easy wearing a latex bikini! Realizing that Maria could be a little overwhelmed—you don’t just go from obscurity to performing in front of 30,000 screaming fans overnight—Gaga clearly tried her best to be attentive and make her feel comfortable, asking Maria if she wanted to use the pedal and providing her with backup vocals. Still, Aragon worked the crowd like a seasoned pro, thanking her supporters and giving a shout-out to her hometown of Winnipeg. A star is born.

My favorite moment: When Her Gaganess asked her, “Who styled you today?” Expect the stuffed monkey to be the next Haus of Gaga-endorsed fashion accessory.

Are you not thoroughly charmed?

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  • Ryan

    She is clearly headed down the same path as Michael Jackson. This is sad.

    • Sideways Jack

      I TOTALLY agree! Any grown up who decides to help a kid should automatically be assumed to be a pedophile. What is she thinking?

      • James

        @Sideways Jack You’re also a Pedophile you moron.

      • Hule

        I’m pretty sure morons are people who are incapable of recognizing sarcasm – even when the sarcasm is far from subtle…

      • DRG

        Lady Ca Ca farts and EW covers it. Welcome to EW whee it is all Ca Ca all the time!

      • Jae

        This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

      • Tom

        See through dress covered in blood. Breast milk ice cream treats. And small children. Sounds like you guys have your new Michael Jackson right there!

      • janebarleycorn

        how old are you? GaGa I s an artist! Dont listen if you dont like her! I have to wonder where your thoughts r coming from, truth is most adults love to help out children! Gods Children are beautiful and should be allowed to keep their innosence. Im sorry if some adult took that from you!Please see a guidence counselor, teacher that u trust. & dont be watching expliset video’s.

    • Melissa

      So as legendary and grateful to the fans? why would that be sad?

    • Oprah

      Ryan…ahem….YOU are sad. You obviously know very little about humanity and people in general. Go Little Monsters!!!

      • janebarleycorn

        What is wrong w/you people? Why r u all bashing Lady Gaga? She did a wonderful thing by bringing Maria to “stage”! You go girls!!!

    • Peter


    • Keith

      Ryan & Sideways Jack -s pull your head out of your asses!

      • e4ia

        I think Sideways Jack was being sarcastic to show how ridiculous Ryan’s comment was.

    • LG

      Ryan, we should worry about YOU!

      GAGA is so nice!

    • Raoul

      I just think your comment is stoops… booo

    • James

      Hey Ryan you’re a pedophile thanks for letting us know that idiot.

    • Bull of Pitt

      with that way of thinking, how many times have you been accused of pederasty?

    • Diane

      Man Caca is a big fake. She is fake crying. Her new song Government Hooker steals from Blue Monday from New Order.

      • Brian

        F*ck You Man Diane, You’re a big fake you ugly ass dirty disgusting filthy tranny man. Gaga does not steal from any artist. Government Hooker does not steal from that stupi retarded Blue Monday song from New Order. so go die in a hole you ugly ass shemale.

      • LOL@Brian

        Brian, calm down before you have a stroke.

    • punkybrewster

      don’t worry haters..Lady Gaga would still love you because you were born this way.

      • Simon Peter for GaGa

        As She has stated, She will die for her fans, so I am sure we will find her on the cross, crucified for our sins. You see, she loves us so.

    • jan

      You, sir, are an idiot.

    • Tom

      A dress covered in blood, ice cream made from human breast milk, and small children.. Gosh, Michael Jackson ain’t got nothing on this wierdo.

  • Andra

    It was amazing!

  • Sharon

    I loved that performance!

  • Reena

    @ Ryan I have no idea what that has to do with this she was bringing up a FAN thats it!! Anyways I love this video atleast it shows how much she appreciates all her fans that little girl is so cute :-)

  • Melissa

    Bless Gaga, what an amazing moment for Maria!

  • lindsey

    So precious…I would of been so nervous if I was in maria’s position :O

    • Flip

      would have*


    Impeach the one termer who has ruined our gulf, our military, our political unity, and our great, great economy!

    • Stef

      lol no. Obama for a second term!

    • QJ201

      But GW Bush served two terms

    • WhitneyD

      But GWB is already out of office… how can you impeach him? ;)

    • Tarc

      So, in other words, Reagan, GH Bush, and GW Bush should be impeached. Too late – they already killed the economy & the country..

    • jaja

      Obama 2012!

    • Tiffanie

      Amen to that!!! My husband works in the gulf inspecting new pipelines that are layed. In the 13 years that he has done this line of work we have never struggled until oboma screwed that up!!!!

      • @Tiffanie

        probably it was your idiot husband that screwed up the pipelines..since he’s the one that actually works there..

    • BRUCE Ogilvie


    • #1SUZIEQ

      Ditto on ALL of that and everything else this “American President” has done.

  • Indiana

    Such a lovely Lady (:

  • tom

    Lady Gaga is already a freak show just the same as MJ was. It’s not about music but style and garbage to these people. Good on her for helping a kid to shine though, I’ll give her that.

    • Brian

      F*ck You tom you’re mom is a freak show not Lady Gaga. her music is amazing not garage like you.

    • LG

      LADY GAGA would love you compared her to the brilliance our beloved Michael Jackson.

  • Jake

    Lady Gaga is seriously the Artist of our generation. She keeps amazing me. You gotta love her.

    • Bobby

      No, she’s a white trash crack whore doing a lousy Madonna impersonation

      • armando

        F*ck You a**hole, you’re mom is a white trash crack whore. Lady Gaga is not a Madonna impersonation. Gaga is far better than that no talent hack Madonna.

      • James

        Hey Bobby I’m gonna break into your house and slaughter you with a mother f*cking chainsaw you f*cking worthless useless dumbass piece of sh*t.

      • Tarc

        But your impression of a complete imbecile is spot on, Bobby.

      • Danielle

        Oh please. Lazy Caca cries everyday. It loses it’s effect after a while. As for Madonna, a hack doesn’t manage a 30 year career (that’s still going btw)selling out multiple nights of stadiums holding 100,000+. Funny you mention that when this very song they’re featuring was likened to said “hack’s” classic.

        That said, it IS nice that she brought that little girl on stage to sing with her. She ain’t my idol, but if I got to meet mine I’d be stoked.

      • Jaimie

        Madonna hasn’t had 30 years of endless success though. She’s had her flops, and she may of sold over 100 million albums, but gaga has sold 1/5th of that in almost 1/6th the career span. Madonna is a legend, but gaga is a shining star, and this act was so sweet, and SO sincere. She just put this kid on the map.

    • Lee

      I liked her better when she was known as Madonna.

  • tom

    ps- we’re Canadian dude, take your US politics and stuff em where your US policies come from.

    • Julie

      “we’re Canadian dude” You have my sympathies.

      • Flip

        Eww, an American hillbilly! I didn’t know you could type, let alone afford a computer…

    • Bull of Pitt

      jeeezus christ eh, yur from candida

      dirty joser

      • canuck

        Candida? Joser? Could your American fingers be too fat to hit the proper keys?

      • ktownmessiah

        Now where did I leave my American money to wipe my ass with???

      • Anna

        @canuck and @ktownmessiah FTW!!

  • Marilyn

    I was at the concert; Gaga was supposed to come on at 8:50 pm and finally appeared at 10:30 pm. She also used a lot of profanity…hardly appropriate for her new 10 year old prodigy right?

    • Reena

      if you have ever seen her interviews she clearly states that she does not want to be a role model if a childs PARENTS choose to let THEIR child listen to her music or take her to a concert that is their choice as a parent not her choice as an artist

      • Natacha Soleski

        I agree it is the parents responsibility to be watchful of content for their children if they choose to bring 8 or 10 yr old children (which I did see) to the concert it is up to them and their beliefs! There may have been profanity but also underlaying message of strenth and pride in who you are as a person and not to believe in propaganda to be something you aren’t and I commend Lady GaGa for upholding her true self and encouraging people to do the same!

    • Tami

      Really?? Do you honestly believe kids don’t hear profanity at home or from their friends? It has become a regular part of language, especially for young people. I took my daughter last summer to a Lady Gaga concert for her 13th birthday and it was the thrill of her life. All her friends thought she was so lucky! She can hear profanity at home from her teenage brothers that’s worse that at that concert. So sweet that Gaga inspired that little girl and vice versa!!

    • Jaimie

      There’s a lot worse on tv than a couple of minor profanities, and her message of love and equality clearly outshines anything that is ‘inappropriate’. I do ask why you would go to a Lady Gaga concert if it offends YOU so much. Maria clearly didn’t have a problem with it, considering she was a gaga fan prior to becoming famous, so what are you basing that on?

    • Tiffanie

      I would have been pissed. But shes not my kid.

  • Jeremy

    Bless that little girl’s “orient” heart

    • Stephanie

      You stole the words from my mouth. ;)

    • alan of montreal

      ugh, “orient” is our “n” word

      • Miguel

        Oh please, get real. “Oriental” is not an offensive term and its roots are not seeded in years of violence and hatred.

      • Lee

        Actually, Oriental is offensive in the Western Hemisphere for a variety of reasons dating back to the early 1900s. You might want to read up on it.

  • Natacha Soleski

    I was at the concert in Toronto last night and saw this preformance it was so good and original it made me tear up! This girl is so talented and even Lady GaGa was tearing up and proud that she had touched someone personally with her sensational song!

  • HausOfHamza


    • Leonard


      • Brian


    • Jaimie

      Brian, that guy is a troll, chill out.
      Secondly, Lady Gaga would not approve of homophobic slurs. Don’t stoop to that ignorant pricks level.

    • Tiffanie

      She will never be queen of pop. Shes just a phase, thats all. But I do give her credit, look at her followers!!!!

      • MaDONEa

        madonna?????…….forget her!!

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