Britney Spears' 'Femme Fatale': A listening guide to all the leaked tracks and snippets!


Another day, another leak from Britney’s much-anticipated album Femme Fatale! Today, we’re getting the full versions of “(Drop Dead) Gorgeous” and “Inside Out,” plus a snippet (the Britney leaking team just loves a snippet!) of “Gasoline.” You can hear those three all over on Idolator. We here at EW are waiting for the full, mastered versions of everything before we weigh in too much, but I can say this: This album is already rocking my world, based on what we’ve heard. Our official review is forthcoming, of course, and will be timed to release. The interesting thing is that so many of the Femme Fatale tracks have leaked — in fact, some version of each track from the regular release is somewhere out there on the internet. So in the mean time while we wait for the album to drop on March 29 and for a little Friday fun, let’s recap what we’ve heard exactly and where you can listen, based on the official track listing:

1. “Till the World Ends”: Full song via
Produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Billboard

2. “Hold It Against Me”: Full song via
Produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Co-produced by Billboard

3. “Inside Out”: Full song via Idolator
Produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Billboard

4. “I Wanna Go”: Snippet via
Produced by Max Martin and Shellback

5. “How I Roll”: Snippet via Britney Spears’ Sound Cloud account
Produced by Bloodshy, Henrik Jonback and Magnus

6. “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” featuring Sabi: Full song via Idolator
Produced by Benny Blanco, Ammo, JMIKE and Billboard

7. “Seal It With a Kiss”: Snippet via Britney Spears’ Sound Cloud account
Produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Dream Machine

8. “Big Fat Bass” featuring Snippet via Britney Spears Sound Cloud account
Produced by

9. “Trouble for Me”: Full song via YouTube
Produced by Fraser T Smith

10. “Trip to Your Heart”: Full song via YouTube
Produced by Bloodshy, Henrik Jonback and Magnus

11. “Gasoline”: Snippet via
Produced by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco

12. “Criminal”: Snippet via Britney Spears’ Sound Cloud account
Produced by Max Martin and Shellback

And there are four tracks that’ll be on the deluxe version of the album. Haven’t seen them online anywhere yet, but peruse anyway:

13. “Up N’ Down”
Produced by Max Martin, Shellback and Oligee

14. “He About to Lose Me”
Produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins

15. “Selfish”
Produced by Stargate and Sandy Vee

16. “Don’t Keep Me Waiting”
Produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins

We’re only missing full releases or snippets from the deluxe album tracks. But this all certainly gives you a flavor of Femme Fatale (which I’m loving!). So the question becomes: What do you think? Good as Blackout? Where does it fall in the Britney Spears album spectrum? Lemme know below.

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  • Shane

    While the album is amazing and her best yet, it is just disapointing that it was leaked. I will still be buying the album on March 29.

    • SXiPPY

      Yeah, I too still intend to buy the album…even though I am already loving tracks 1-12. I listened to it today and felt it was completely on par with where she left with “Blackout”, with not so much as a single “Mmm Papi” tucked in the bunch (thank God, save that mess for the B-sides!). Standout tracks for me were the slutty “I Wanna Go” and “How I Roll”, “Gasoline” and the amazing “Criminal” which sounds as though it was left off of Madonna’s “Music” album. I would very much rate this among Brit’s best, however I notice that she shares writing credit on not a one, which is a bit disappointing. Britney is at the point in her career where she has worked with many strong songwriters and should have taken something away from that to write her own. That would be my strongest criticism here, because if an artist values career longevity, they should at least co-write a song.

      • travis

        This is Epic!

    • Mark

      Meh. Half the album sounds like throwback Diddy making the band Danity Kane bullshi$. Inside Out is timbaland in structure and is ok. I only really hear her two singles standing out. C+

      • Melissa

        She is so beautiful and lovely, I want to lick her all over and inside and PolygamyDate was amazing

    • Tom

      You can’t make any money on record sales anymore guys… All those kids have already downloaded it for free by now. You have concerts, and merch, and that’s all. Face reality.

  • Krissy Ladybelle

    I think this is one of Britney’s best albums yet so far- much better than Blackout but Circus is still my favorite <3 Probably because that's when I saw her on tour so I'm biased LoL But *How I Roll*, *I Wanna Go* & *(Drop Dead) Beautiful* are awesome!! I an't wait to hear the deluxe album stuff!!! Britney's back bytchesssss <3

  • Peep

    Thank you for posting the producer listings. Especially relevant information in today’s pop world.

    • SXiPPY

      I completely agree, as they are essentially the masterminds behind the song’s sound. I look forward to hearing her song “Scary” as well on the Japanese version of the CD. Thankfully I live in Japan, not so thankfully they’re currently experiencing seismic earthquakes that may cancel my Kylie Minogue concert. Now Britney, will never tour there either!

      • hank

        Sadly, it is a fact that the artist (and in this case I use the term very loosely) is irrelevant and it is the producer who matters. Any ‘vocalist’ could have been used – Britney, Rihanna, Miley, etc. – it doesn’t matter since it is all about the production and auto-tuning and processing the off-key vocals.

  • Flip

    I hope they push up the album release date—I can’t wait any longer!!!!!

  • tigger851

    she sux, just tryin to make money from ppl crazy enuf to fork it ova. this isn’t music, it is digital so called music, won’t be buyin this junk

    • Flip

      Hater, go to hell.

    • chris

      it’s not music to you, to other people it is. i’m so tired of people preferring one genre then dissing on others.

    • Leigh

      stay pressed.


    Just listened to it. In all honesty it sounds like a Ke$ha album and not a Britney Album. Most of the songs come across as slow. She might have been “crazy” when she made “Blackout” but that album is by far better than this one. This one is just ok.

    • May

      It sounds NOTHING like Kesha. The only track where I can see the similarities is on “Till the World Ends”, and that’s explainable since Kesha actually wrote it for Britney. All of the other tracks sound 100% like Britney.

      • EH I DUNNO

        OOOOOOOH you just said it sounds NOTHING like Ke$ha so that must mean your opinion is more valid than mine because you said it in caps!

      • MaryAnnJulie

        @Eh I Dunno. You are the stupid one here. The whole album nothing like Ke$ha. OMG! did u listened to Ke$ha album? LOL Only Till The World Ends wrote by Ke$ha.
        This album is extremely amazing.

      • EH I DUNNO

        @MaryAnnJulie OMG you are so right! Actually no your are not, you clearly are the stupid one who worships someone so blindly that you have to insult people who don’t agree with you. “OMG it’s goddess Britney and she can never do any wrong and you better agree with me or I will kill you and your family!” Get your own personality crazy a$$. I know what I said and why I said it, to me it sounds like a Ke$ha album period, don’t like my opinion? Well too bad for you!

      • Fatima

        If you don’t hear Kesha in Drop Dead Gorgeous you’re not listening.

  • Vivian

    Her voice is soooo auto tuned it is absurd. EH is right, it DOES sound like a Ke$ha cd.

    • carly

      It’s the thing I hate most about it. Her vocals are so over processed and autotuned. It would have been much better if they had just let her sing like she did on earlier albums. I realize she dosen’t have much of a vocal but she never did. You can do miracles in the studio with the vocals without having to autotune it. I’m also sick to death of club/techno songs but Britney will still sell a ton so good for her.

  • Jonathan

    I’m thinking this is gonna be the real successor to Blackout; Circus was good, but Blackout was amazing, and I think this will be its equal.

    • Ian

      Yeah, Blackout was a true artistic masterwork – the Rubber Soul of its era for sure.

  • HarkerJ

    Anyone who supports this talentless abortion should be put to sleep. You are wasting oxygen. Please don’t breed.

    • EH I DUNNO

      LMAO talk about being psychotic. Charlie Sheen, what are you doing here?

    • Tom

      I second that.

    • kat

      please stop saying such rude and uncalled for slanderous lies.

      • @Kat

        U need to be beatin with hammers as Brit needs to be strangled in front of her kids.

        Sleep well :)

  • Michael

    Wow, I cannot even WAIT! It’s going to be SO good!!!

  • AN

    I love Brit Brit! This album rocks! :)

  • justin

    I’m so upset it leaked in full so I’m hoping they bump up the release date. Everything I’ve heard so far though sounds like this might just be B’s best album to date!!!

    • Penelope


      • Ray

        Seriously? This is your definition of epic? Exactly how low are your standards (if you even have any)?

      • KFed

        WOW, what low standards u have. So when something epic actually comes around (like Brit eating sh*t) what word will u use? “bananas”?

        LOL, u moron

  • kat


  • Linn

    Soo glad I have spotify right now!!!

    and Amazing, only one I didn´t like was (were?) Inside out

    • AvantJee

      Surprisingly amazing! All tracks are just so amazing. Already pre-ordered.

  • mikel

    the songs are fantastic. “criminal” is my favorite. its wayy better than blackout!!! brits best yet! already pre-ordered it!! its absolute britney dance-pop, people are saying it sounds like kesha? it doesnt even compare! so shut up!

    • EH I DUNNO

      LOL such a toughie! Telling people to shut up because they think Britney’s new album sounds like a Ke$ha album. I am so scared now… NOT!

      • AYJ

        @ Eh|Dunno
        If you dont like Britney then why even bother commenting? It appears someone is craving attention. FAIL

      • Penelope

        She’s telling the truth. This album nothing like Ke$ha, now go buy Ke$ha albums and compare to this one.
        This is so epic!

      • EH I DUNNO

        @AYJ Uh who said I don’t like Britney? Are you mental or something? At what point in any of my postings did I ever say I don’t like Britney? Someone clearly needs glasses. You FAIL.

      • Martha

        It’s quite understandable why they are so oevtrctipe of Britney doing any unsupervised or edited interviews since For the Record . They can’t have their money wagon letting everyone know how depressed she really is.When a person can say things like: “I’ve been through a lot, and there’s a lot people don’t know. Sometimes it can get lonely ’cause you don’t open the gate. I’m stuck in this place, and I just cope every day.”“There’s no excitement, there’s no passion. Even when you go to jail, you know there’s the time when you’re gonna get out. But in this situation, it’s never-ending.”“If I wasn’t under the restraints I’m under, I’d feel so liberated.” – you know there is something truly wrong with the situation they are in.No wonder she is dead in the eyes.Give her a break. 0

    • Rosemary

      I agree with most people, this is my favourite Britney album with no Mmm Papi squeezed in anywhere, Britney did co-write a number of tracks but they were left off the final cut in the re-shuffle in January if you have been following. And Britney did co-write most of In The Zone, she perobably doesn’t have as much time now but she said she co-wrote some, It sounds like nobody else and even the Kesha song isn’t really like a typical kesha song. I love How I Roll & I Wanna Go and Drop D B.. This is a perfect follow up to Blackout with Circus an appropriate and brilliant album, in between. I love that Britney took a different road than any of her current comtemporaries, so few of her original comtemporaries left despite their “amazing voices and writing talents” eg amy winehouse, christina, KT Tunstall, Justin etc etc eh???

    • Mmmm(;

      I love the album, I can’t wait to see her in concert again. Not a huge fan of Ke$ha so I wouldn’t want to compare them.
      So Eh I Dunno….you should EH I DON’T KNOW go find something better to do and not make rude comments to others opinions.

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