Malaysia censors Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' over gay-friendly lyrics


Lady Gaga is celebrating her fifth week atop the Billboard Hot 100 with gay anthem “Born This Way,” but not everyone is getting the message. Radio stations in Malaysia are preemptively garbling lyrics in the song (“No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I’m on the right track, baby”) to avoid government fines for offending listeners with its message of acceptance. “The particular lyrics in ‘Born This Way’ may be considered as offensive when viewed against Malaysia’s social and religious observances,” AMP Radio Networks, Malaysia’s top private radio operator, said in a statement to The Associated Press. “The issue of being gay, lesbian or (bisexual) is still considered as a ‘taboo’ by general Malaysians.” Malaysian gay rights activist Pang Khee Teik tells the AP Lady Gaga should consider asking Malaysian stations not to air any of her songs in protest, Pang said. Gaga has yet to respond. On March 10, she tweeted, “The point, with ‘Born This Way,’ is to fight for something that not everyone believes in. To overcome adversity with a message.”

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  • KW

    Derek Zoolander can fix this…

    • JoeC

      Obey my dog!

      • Jessie

        I love her and TeacherDatingSite was amazing

    • Monty

      I don’t see how a center to help kids read good…and do other things good will help the situation. Unless you’re suggesting someone should put the prime minister and DZ in a room and play “Relax”?

      • Matt

        HA. Win.

  • Jay

    I think anyone with a condition that they were born with whether they are gay, bi, transgender, or mentally or physically challenged in any way have every right just like anyone to persue happiness without persecution

    • Jaywhat???

      I think anyone with a condition that they were born with, like being a moronic, illiterate, homophobic idiot like Jay, have every right just like anyone to persue happiness without persecution

      • matty

        Um? Jay’s comment was not at all homophobic. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

      • TQB

        Easy now Jaywhatt??, I think Jay was actually trying to be supportive. Tone is difficult in comments.

    • malaysian

      in malaysia,the “gay,lesbian or etc” sensitive to us,yes,they want to pursue happiness,but almost all malaysian people think it still it “inappropriate”,please understand our culture first and you will know about it.

  • TQB

    Now, had they censored it for being a lousy song, I could get behind that.

    • Cris

      Or for being a blatant ripoff of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

      • Expressing Myself

        Watch out Cris…Mama Monsters troops are going to go after you with pitchforks for daring to criticize. I totally agree with your comment. Why is Momma Monster getting away with portals/eggs and her wacky doings w/o anyone asking her tough questions. Nothing makes sense with her. She uses all Madonna imagery and sounds then thanks Whitney (!) at the Grammy’s. Then Momma Monster says she doesn’t want to duet with anyone else since she already did it with the biggest female on the planet…Beyonce! She always contradicts herself. 5 weeks and #1 and the song is a mishmash of sounds that she couldn’t even be original about. Her monsters can try and defend her, heck even Momma herself with the aforementioned but never substantiated Madonna approved email. Not all the gays love this woman nor do we anoit her our savior. Sure, she’s done some nice things but it kinda smacks of kissing major gay butt (can’t believe I wrote that!). Cris, you have some time to escape…follow me…they first have to yank those pitchforks off of Momma’s outfit.

      • DR

        @ Expressing Myself

        Wow, MAJOR butthurt from an old-school Madonna queen. Typical. Unoriginality plagued Madonna as well. Get off your high horse and take her for what she is: a pop star. Save the hard-hitting questions for the Japanese government for downplaying the nuclear threat in that country. So, stay pressed and remain relevant to the article.

        And speaking of which, shame on Malaysia. First as a gay young man and second as a lover of free speech.

    • Eriberto

      You know what TQB you are lousy. Lady Gaga’s new song is the best and better than any other artists new songs.

  • Juice

    What regressive idiots over there. It’s not like it is a cuss word – it’s a song of acceptance. If they won’t play it in its entirety, as the artist intended, they shouldn’t play it at all.

    • DR


    • whatevs

      It’s pretty judgmental to call an entire country “regressive idiots” when you know nothing about its culture or way of life. A person can be anti-homosexuality without being anti-homosexuals.

      • True Blue

        A country that censors a song because it promotes tolerance and acceptance towards homosexuals when said country itself still makes it a cultural taboo can rightly be called regressive. It sure as hell isn’t progression, is it?

    • Eriberto

      I agree with you in all the five senses?

    • pascha

      I’m offended by the censoring but I’m more disturbed that more people aren’t offended by the inclusion of the racist terms ‘Oriental’ and ‘Chola’ in the song.

      If they were going to censor anything it should’ve been those two words and not the stuff about sexual orientation.

  • Eriberto

    It’s ridiculous what Malaysia did to lady Gaga. Her Song just states the accepetance people should have toward gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

    • potshot

      yep. this is why adam is never coming back. and mama monster.. is never coming here.

  • Monster For Life

    Malaysian radio censors are proving the exact intent Lady Gaga had for making the song in the first place… acceptance of ALL no matter what the differences may be. At the end of the day we are all made of the same DNA. While they “garble” the line out of the song they are going to make some Malaysian listeners curious as to what they’re being kept from and why. So IMO I think this is going to backfire on the censors and cause everyone listening to really zoom in on those lyrics specifically, when they might have otherwise paid less attention if left untouched. The dynamics of censorship are ridiculous! Let the individual use their own critical thinking to decide whether they want to agree or disagree on a message. Telling me what I can or cannot listen to is one of the greatest insults to me and my guess is to a lot of Malaysians too.

  • Trini

    Culture will never be an excuse for censorship. Homophobia is a culture and it needs to stop. Malaysia’s censorship is sickening.

    It reminds me of the recent censorship of the Kurt-Blaine kiss in the Philippines.

    Please sign the petition at Change (dot) org titled “Tell Solar Entertainment in the Philippines to stop censoring gay scenes in Glee”

  • Chrishen

    gays should ther be allowed to marrY?? Chrishennation. com

  • malaysian

    mind your word!you say that lyric shoudnt be censor?i live in malaysia and i know all about my country.let me tell all of you,even kissing in public,consider as “inappropriate”behaviour!you don’t my country,so stop acting like you know about it!it still ok if the radio station only censor few part then banned her song!

  • malaysian

    huh,mmg pdn mke,lgi bek hrmkn je trus lgu lady gaga ni,bnyk unsur lucah yg mngglikan!dah la tu,ak ad bce artikel,lady gaga ajk remaje2 mmbrontak!dahla baju pon x snonoh,pndai nk “kuliahkn” remaje2 kite..ak mmg dri dulu x bkenan ngan die pde remaje2 malaysia,jgn sskali terpngaruh dgn lgu2 die yg jelas,brtentngan dgn hkum alam dan hukum Tuhan!

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