Chris Brown flips out, walks off set on 'Good Morning America': What happened?


Image Credit: ABC

Chris Brown flew into a rage on the set of Good Morning America earlier today, smashing a window and storming out of the studio shirtless […] Read the full post.

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  • Me

    Well, at least this time he beat up the window instead of the woman…I suppose that’s an improvement.

  • JimmyH

    Brown is 100% in the wrong here. If he’s not man enough to take some tough questions, maybe he should look for another line of work. Too bad he doesn’t have any skills to do anything else.

    • Coco

      Exactly, every celebrity gets asked questions they would rather not have to answer. I am sure Jennifer Anniston is sick of discussing her divorce from Brad Pitt, but I doubt she would ever flip out and trash her dressing room.

  • DS

    There are a lot classier (not to mention calmer!) ways to handle uncomfortable questions. Zillions of celebs deal with this constantly and don’t resort to trashing TV studios. He’s obviously still got serious personalilty issues. Why are so many young women attracted to this jerk?

  • Jenn

    “It’s not really a big deal to me now, that situation…”

    see… that’s the problem. I’ve never gotten the impression from him that he thought it was a ‘big deal’.

    • K_Sull


    • orville

      Exactly. And that’s why it should never be “let go.”

    • Rebekah


    • Cherish

      Got to add that agree as well. Never seemed contrite and apologetic for his actions.

    • True Blue

      I’m sure if he said he wants to hang himself for it, he still wouldn’t be sorry enough for you.

      • McMc

        Some genuine remorse would be sufficient.

    • RJ

      Ditto. I’ve not gotten even the slightest impression that he was sorry but his actions, just sorry he got caught & was getting shunned.

      Even in this interview, Robin’s questions aren’t even that tough. She asked about the lifting of the restraining order, he deflected. She moved onto the album, and asked what the Enemies in F.A.M.E stood for. He said, “Haters, naysayers.” And her response – which I’m sure TONS of people were wondering was “Enemies? But do you understand that some people may have been bothered by the serious nature of what you did?” I guess thats the problem, he really doesn’t get it.

  • joplin

    Sematow, my damie! Bust it up fresh.

  • lynn

    The guys promoting an album and she is asking question about the past These reporters just don’t stop .Papparazzi

  • Jack

    What happened? How about this answer: He’s a jerk. A spoiled, selfish, pampered, talent-free, woman-beating, self-aggrandizing, celebrity who’s never actually done anything worth celebrating, a boil on the nether end of the universe, a schuck, a putz, a nauseating excuse for a human being.

    • the realist

      jack,that should be stamped on the cover of every one of his crap cd’s

  • K_Sull

    If he didn’t want to answer questions about physically abusing someone two years ago, he shouldn’t have committed the crime.

    • steph

      do you even know how dumb that sounds?

      • McMc

        What, you think it’s dumb that people should think about consequences??

      • steph

        @ McMc: no I think it’s dumb that Americans have a sick twisted fascination with knowing EVERYTHING about a celebrity’s personal life. I mean, it’s no longer newsworthy, he said he didn’t want to talk about it and she kept prodding, and it’s just GMA wanting ratings.

        So in two years are we going to keep hounding Charlie Sheen for beating his wife? Everyone seems to be treating Eminem with kid gloves…he sure beat his wife.

  • Sarah

    Good to know those anger management classes helped. Clearly he’s still a violent and abusive person.

  • Irene

    he should be cool with the topic and said something like i was not mature 2 years ago but i want to change. i am desperate to change. something along that line. this will not only give him a new image but good PR for his new album as well. He needs a better PR person to help him script what to say…hahahhaa

  • orville

    I wonder how long it will be before SNL cancels his upcoming performance?

    • maggie

      Never mind SNL, I wonder how long it will take “family-oriented” show Dancing With the Stars to cancel his upcoming appearance next week.

      • orville

        Ooh, I forgot about that. Blinded by the glitter and sequins I guess!

  • Lisa

    So much for those anger management classes

  • Helen

    Anger issues do not just “go away” from attending an anger management course – it is much more deep rooted. Like a drug, people with anger issues “relapse”. You have to understand that when people have anger issues, they were taught to deal with their frustrations in an unhealthy manner – for them it’s “natural” to react that way. The hardest thing to modify is behavior. it doesn’t happen overnight, unfortunately. It’s a life long issue that they must constantly maintain.

  • kerry cale

    What a loser, learn how to control your temper boy. Then MAYBE someone will consider you a man.

  • DEZZ

    Chris keep doing your thing, no body can take that away from you, let the pass go, he serve his time, who would not get mad over the same thing questions, its over, keep your head up Chris two up two down

    • Jon

      This reads like one of Chris Brown’s tweets.

      • Coco


    • the realist

      dezz,it’s not’s past.and you are trash.i hope you don’t have kids because they’ll be garbage like you.

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