Rebecca Black recording 'LOL' single to follow 'Friday'; Miley Cyrus is not a fan


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Although deciding whether to sit in the front or back seat of a car has proven difficult for viral video star Rebecca Black, she isn’t showing any indecisiveness when it comes to the next step in her career. The 13-year-old Californian is already working on a follow-up single to her much-parodied “Friday” music video, called “LOL.”

When we spoke with her the funfunfun enthusiast was just beginning to vet song choices, and apparently in the week since then, she’s already commenced working on numerous tracks in an Orange County studio, although she remains unsigned.

An Internet-borne slang term certainly seems an appropriate title to succeed a song that the web community catapulted from a kid’s vanity project to an unavoidable viral sensation.

But are people ready to extend the young Ms. Black’s 15 minutes of fame long enough to see if she might actually have any singing talent once you strip away the Auto-Tune and fascinatingly bad video production? I’m actually quite interested to see what she will do next, but then again, sequels to viral videos are usually very underwhelming.

Even if Black does finagle a music career out of this meme, Miley Cyrus certainly doesn’t seem to think she deserves one. Although Hannah Montana didn’t specifically name Black, the 18-year-old starving artist was probably thinking “Friday Friday Friday” when she said, “It should be harder to be an artist… You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour.”

She has a point, of course. Fame should be merit-based—being the daughter of someone famous, for instance, would be a great prerequisite. After all, if the parent has what it takes, how could their child be anything but good for us?

What do you think about the prospect of more music from Rebecca Black? Will you be listening (even if you don’t admit it to others)? Has she had her moment in the sun, or does the fact that we’re talking about her still prove that she has more longevity than your typical viral video star?

Or are you disappointed her discography won’t be following in the footsteps of the Friday film series, meaning her next singles would be titled “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next” and feature guest raps from Ice Cube?

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  • Duderonomy

    Gettin’ saucy with the links! Love it.

    • crispy

      No doubt! Is this guy new here? I kinda like him!

      • Clara

        OH NO! I wanted her next single to be “Saturday”…

        But then again she could’ve started doing the months, how about an early start on “June”?

    • Tom

      Let’s turn unintentional crap into gold.

    • LOL

      Rebecca Black > Chris Brown

      • brittani

        wow i hate rebecca black but sorry rb i dont like ur voice and ur song does not make since all off them dont dont take it personally i just dont like the song ur ok though but u seem cool and nice

      • David

        ikr … i really hate chris brown.

    • Krissy

      After hearing Miley being catty, I am getting the urge to buy a single from Ms. Black just to make her mad. ;) Miley is such a mean-girl!

      • victoria


    • Color Me Impressed

      When Miley Frickin’ Cyrus starts preaching about how the music industry was better in the “good ol’ days”, you know we’re in trouble.

      • Tough

        yea! forget all you who have it easy getting famous! Miley had to work hard at it… and I’m sure having a celebrity-singer father had NOTHING to do with her success… it’s not fair if everyone doesn’t have to pay their dues on a Disney TV show first!

        anyway… the friday song is stupid.

      • Jean Guy Levesque

        Ugly Horseface Miley is jealous some other no talent is making money like she used to. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • steph

      i love snarky links!

    • Chris P.

      Oh, I like this guy. He’s knows actually adds humor to the review.

  • Robert

    can she disappear please? At first I thought it was humorous that she was garnering all this fame. But now I’m just annoyed by it. And a song called “LOL”? How contrived can you get? Is this one going to be a repetition of letters now because repeating the words “friday” and “fun” over and over were too much for her? PASS.

    • jack

      Wow the link to Flying Pig Productions is a lot like

    • Justice

      She was adorable on Leno, and is perfectly harmless, although her fans are probably even younger than Bieber toddlers; maybe even just a twinkle in their parent’s eye at this point. Her song is silly but compared to pole dancing Miley I think parents would prefer funfunfun to trainwreck Miley.

      • Courtney


      • Rick

        I think a lot of people forgot about the 1980s phenoms of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, who got their start singing in shopping malls.
        Tweens need entertainment too, grumpy old people forget that. Sorry, but 11 year olds will not enjoy your Bruce Springsteen albums.

      • aparna

        Ricky…..what BS. I loved actually talented artists much like Sting and Bruce Springsteen at 11. Hell, I even still appreciate Elvis and Louis Armstrong. Its not “embarrassing” to like that kind of music. One should be freaking hanged for actually wanting this trash that the industry is putting out today. You think just because this the the generation they are growing up in, that kids should automatically like what is currently being produced? FAIL.

    • Rick

      If a girl can get famous for a song called BlahBlahBlah (Ke$ha), then a girl can get famous for a song called LOL.

      • Danny

        Btw Ke$ha was huge WAY (relatively) before BlahBlahBlah.. Tik Tok is about half a year older and Right Round is a year and a month older..

  • Barrack Obummer

    Can Miley Cyrus disappear, too please?

    • Carrie

      Yes, please. She really has no business judging another singer when she barely has any talent herself.

      • Courtney

        Not to mention the fact that shes like ‘it shouldn’t be so easy to be famous’
        she got fame HANDED to her, so she cant say anything about it being too easy for RB.
        oh how i hate miley.

    • Ally

      Seriously! Not that I am supporting this youtube girl- but like Miley has any room to talk? I really wish someone would shut her up. She’s awfully pretentious to be a teen sensation and talk about this and twilight like she’s she above it all. So annoying!

    • Well…

      You spelled “Obama” wrong.

      • ron


    • Rick

      I think Miley lost any ability to criticize others the moment she started regularly sucking on a water pipe.


    In all honesty, I was hoping her next song would be about weather, but LOL sounds just as promising. I still can’t believe her use of the word “afterwards” … that song is so Satanically bad that it’s good. I’ve had it in my head every single day for the past three weeks… nobody will stop quoting it–it has so much utility.

    • Justice

      First I laughed at it. Then I laughed some more. Then one day I found myself singing it without even knowing what I was doing. I had to stop before I forget which day it was. It’s infectious silly fun, I look forward to a very funny LOL.

  • UGH

    Haha. I like how in that original link how Miley is trying to develop a pout in her picture and it makes her look like a duck.

    • Chet


  • Nick

    Please! Miley has no talent. And its not like she just cant sing but her voice literally hurts my ears. Lets face it Miley, if it weren’t for your dad or Disney you’d have no career you brat! AND there are some artists on Youtube who aren’t famous who are 10x better than anything you’ll ever release!

    • Rick

      No talent, and lately the only reason people want to see her on the internet is for camel toe.

  • ®ustymustdie

    miley cyrus is a hillbilly douche

  • Kris

    I love how Miley is talking about how it should be harder to be famous when she only got her Disney show because of her father and her friend Justin Beiber is one of those “Post a video on You Tube and go on tour” stars.

  • Ange

    When artists stop letting their producers program the same Korg M3 on every song, I’ll start listening to Pop again.

  • E.B. Berman

    “Or are you disappointed her discography won’t be following in the footsteps of the Friday film series, meaning her next singles would be titled “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next” and feature guest raps from Ice Cube?”

    I am . . . Now.

  • Stacie

    The album should be called Sunday Comes Afterward.

  • Juice

    I want to put Miley, Lindsay, Beiber, Kate Gosselin, all Kardashians and all Real Housewives on a boat and blow it up!

    • Ryan

      ^^You forgot Paris Hilton


    And Jersey Shore cast and the Palins

    • Cat

      And Britney Spears

      • Rick

        Who? Never heard of her.

  • Kay

    Can Miley really fault a 13-year-old who found fame easily for taking advantage of it? Any teenager would do so. Also, I refuse to believe Miley would have landed Hannah Montana without her father’s help, and therefore would not be famous today. Girl is all kinds of bitter.

  • Anno

    Wow… I was actually starting to become of fan of Cyrus after she appeared on SNL. She’s right that it “should be harder to be an artist” but, if it was, we’d all be deprived of Miley’s genius as well as those two Smith kids.

    • Meli

      And Angelina Jolie, btw. Another who got her big break due to family connections.

      • Buzz Orf

        C’mon! No one could play down their family connections more than Angelina.

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