Katy Perry's 'E.T.' video feat. Kanye West: Watch the bizarro sci-fi fest here!

Post-apocalyptic landscape, Kanye West floating in zero gravity, the kiss of a woman turning a robot into flesh-and-blood… it can only mean one thing: Katy Perry is officially in orbit for her “E.T.” music video.

This spacey, robotic jam might not have been an album highlight, but thanks to Kanye West’s verses concerning his commitment to alien sex, the song is currently a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as fodder for this awesomely bizzare sci-fi video, which impressively resists any obvious Spielberg references. Watch it here:

Floating through space and looking like a cross between Queens Amidala and Of Sheba, Katy-alien descends to earth, where she suddenly sprouts spots that bring to mind Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (No, I’m not a geek).

What do you think of this video? Did surprise end reveal get you? (It did me: I always thought she waxed.) Or are you disappointed that at no point in this video did lasers shoot out of her breasts?

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  • Reena

    So Im prob gonna get some s**t for this but I LOVE LOVE this song I blast it in my office every chance I get…I really liked the video too I cant help it I like Katy think her songs are fun and girly but like i said I am prob gonna get some flack for this…

    • Danielle

      Why would get s**t for saying that? LOL. There have to be other people who feel the same way. After all, “E.T.” is now her 4th NUMBER ONE song from the “Teenage Dream” album. Obviously, others are digging Katy Perry 2010-2011!

      • pretty solid song once you skip Kanye

        love kanye, just not his best work here… the song was fine w/o him, and 10 times better remixed by NOISIA (search soundcloud)

      • Rebecca

        I love her body and beautiful mounds and TallPeopleMatch was amazing

    • Color Me Impressed

      Finally a video where she doesn’t shoot something out of her breasts. I actually kindof like this song. Sure Kanye’s verse isn’t his best lyricism, but his delivery always has so much d*mn attitude, and that totally makes this song worth it.

    • Reena

      @ Danielle sometimes on EW comments I get some nasty stuff said when I like things…but Im glad there are other who are loving it just as much :-)

  • Joe

    I LOVE this video and song (i prefer the album version though)! And she’s now the first female since Mariah in 1991 to have 4 consecutive #1 hits from an album! I kind of the Hot N Cold would be about the last we’d hear from her, and now she’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

    • Valerie Va-Jay-Jay

      I hate Kanye being on this because he adds nothing to it. It’s like his lame rap on Madonna’s “Beat Goes On”, self indulgent and corny, but whatevs. I was hoping for some lasers to shoot out the va jay jay, but cosmic queefs may not be a terrain even aliens wish to explore. Katy honestly could have had another hit with “If You Can Afford Me” off her first album, but it never got single treatment. I hope this isn’t the end of her singles from Teenage Dream, I’d like to see the vapid slut-jam “T.G.I.F. (Last Friday Night)” get released as well, but with fickle record labels these days, who can say that’ll happen. Good video though overall.

  • Kris

    Not an album highlight? This WAS the album highlight for me. I actually prefer the album version.

    • Bob

      I’m sure the album version is good, but I doubt she would have got number 1 with it -hence the bringing-in of West (a guy who not too long ago, she didn’t like but ultimately is arguably one of the greatest ever -certainly has one of the highest rated albums ever).

      • Joe

        The album version is #2 on iTunes and higher than the remix. The song is good enough she would have gotten there without him.

      • Bob

        Actually make that a couple of great albums -critically very-well received albums.

    • Ty

      My thoughts exactly…When she was releasing a track a week leading up the album release this was the song that got me interested in the album. I really don’t like the Kanye version at all.

  • LM

    I like this song the best out of the four #1s from this album. Don’t know why…maybe the beat?

  • BeBe

    I like the song but not sure what i think of the video. Kinda wierd but kinda cool… It really reminded me of something GaGa would do

    • Allison

      For some reason I keep thinking it’s TATU, until I hear “extraterrestrial” and realize it’s Katy.

      • Maureen

        Wow I remember TATU from back in the day! This song does remind me of their “sound.”

      • beb

        I agree with Maureen that it has that same beat-driven synthesizer “sound” of T.A.T.U., who were compared to Ace of Base when they came out. Katy mentioned in a interview with Billboard that she wanted to have that AoB influence in her songs (she is almost ready to break their record for most consecutive weeks in the Top 10) and Ulf from AoB was not only flattered, but complementary of her work. As for the video, I think this is one of her best yet. Maybe they included the bridge as not to “alienate” those who preferred the original…

      • Anya

        It does sound a lot like “All the Things She Said”. That was actually the first thing I said when I heard it. But I still love ET anyway.

  • james

    With massive hits after massive hits, I wonder why the Teenage Dream album didn’t sell as well as it was expected to. It doesn’t make sense to say that the reason is because album is full of fillers when she has 4 #1 singles with it. Katy herself has a pleasant personality so I don’t see why she doesn’t sell more albums…

    • Regina

      I don’t know. I love buying pop albums but “Teenage Dream” is one I’ve held off on. It’s just too much filler. The singles are amazing as well as “Last Friday Night,” “Hummingbird Heartbeat,” etc., but it’s a little too much “Pear” and “Who Am I Living For” that held the album back from being terrific. Still great though!

      • Regina

        “Pearl” NOT “Pear” lol

    • Meg

      Dude, nobody is selling albums nowadays. Even people like Eminem and Gaga herself are selling badly. in spite of hit after hit. The only ones who are selling decently are Susan Boyle and Taylor Swift. But I’m not shocked…younger people who make Katy Perry and Gaga radio queens download illegally or if they do it legally, they just get the songs. Just funny thinking that if Katy Perry or Gaga had released Teenage Dream and The Fame in the eighties (or even nineties and early 2000s) they probably would have sold in the 5 million-8 million album range…

      • Jack V

        Having 12 to 15 million fans on tweeter and/ or facebook helps establish followers to market to, to encourage to buy the songs. I think this would be more difficult in the 80’s and 90’s without the tweeter and facebo network

    • Anya

      Katy is just more of a “singles artist”. She sells a lot of digital singles but not a lot of albums.

  • Regina

    You know, when you think of music videos in 2011, the first person that people bring up is Gaga and while she’s great I got to say Katy has really bought it with the “Teenage Dream” videos. I’ve loved all four of them equally and this one is by far the best…I’m sorry, I love Gaga and Katy, but this one beats “Born This Way.”

    • DR

      GWORL, BYE. This video looks cool but it’s boring as balls. The song would be better WITHOUT Kanye and I don’t see how this chick with a flop album gets #1 singles.

      That being said: her best video and song.

      • True Blue

        Are you Dr. Fenty?

  • miss k

    Wow, that was weird. I love it!!!

  • Ldawg


  • Erin Haase

    Love the video, took some real talent on the computer to do some of the things they did! I mean did you see those cat eyes?!? Wow, really great job. Love the song, deffinitally worth listening to aside from my other favorite music genre.

  • kelsey

    It was too weird for me, but I like that it was different from what she usually does. Hated the Kanye rap, but only because I prefer the original version.

  • sahara


    • ur mom

      …stfu please

  • Allison

    So, is that Johny Weir in the video? Looks like him.

  • John Charles

    I really love this song! I don’t think the track needed Kanye West on it though. I also really like the look of the video, but it’s a little too slow and not enough going on. Also I think the deer legs at the end is just weird to be weird.

    • Anya

      I agree. Love the song, it’s one of my favorites off the album, and loved the look of the video, and the parts with her eyes and the clips of animals, but otherwise it was a little boring.

  • True Blue

    It sounds a LOT like t.A.t.U.’s “All The Things She Said”.

    Very cool video, though. Her best since “Thinking Of You”.

    • Meredith

      That’s what it is! I heard this on the radio and I thought it sounded really familiar but I couldn’t remember the name of the song. It sounds so much like “All the Things She Said” I’m surprised more people aren’t coming out to accuse her of copying, since that seems to be the fad these days.

      • Andrea

        I love the song: however, the video is only ok. I saw on the web a few videos with Twilight’s Edward, Bella, and Jacob to this song. Those videos were great. This video is a letdown after those videos.

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