ACM Awards: Miranda Lambert dominates, but Taylor Swift wins Entertainer of the Year

Miranda Lambert led the nominations going into the ACM Awards, and she left Las Vegas with the most trophies. Lambert took home Top Female Vocalist while her tearjerker “The House That Built Me” earned Single Record of the Year, Video of the Year, and Song of the Year. Taylor Swift, meanwhile, was crowned fan-voted Entertainer of the Year. Brad Paisley won his fifth consecutive ACM for Top Male Vocalist.

Entertainer of the Year: Taylor Swift
Top Male Vocalist: Brad Paisley
Top Female Vocalist: Miranda Lambert
Top Vocal Duo: Sugarland
Top Vocal Group: Lady Antebellum
Top New Solo Artist: Eric Church (previously announced)
Top New Vocal Duo or Group: The Band Perry (previously announced)
Top New Artist: The Band Perry
Album of the Year: Need You Now, Lady Antebellum
Single Record of the Year: “The House That Built Me,” Miranda Lambert
Song of the Year: “The House That Built Me,” Miranda Lambert
Video of the Year: “The House That Built Me,” Miranda Lambert
Vocal Event of the Year: “As She’s Walking Away,” Zac Brown Band and Alan Jackson

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  • Auds

    I don’t really understand the Miranda fad… so glad Taylor won SOMETHING, she’s the only one I like!

    • Karrah

      You should listen to her second album, 2007’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” In my opinion it’s a much better album than her latest, “Revolution” but I’m just happy she’s finally getting recognition. She is the real deal.

      • Samantha

        I totally agree. I have loved miranda from the first moment I heard her and she never received the recognition she deserved…UNTIL now!

      • Jill

        I’ve never been a huge Miranda Lambert fan (I don’t really dislike her music; I’m mostly just apathetic towards it), but The House That Built Me is an amazing song. I’m glad to see it got some love.

      • Ally

        LOVE Miranda!

    • Bob

      If she’s the only one you like, you don’t like Country music. Try pop instead

      • sarah

        thank you !!! exactly the way i feel

      • Nathan

        Exactly, Taylor Swift is about as country as Gwyneth Paltrow. A total Nashville Barbie.

      • Joe

        Ehm, when other tv networks don’t air rerun’s during the same time slot as the CMA awards it’s pretty clear not many people care about it… I for one am sick of constantly hearing Taylor this Taylor that…

      • Matt

        @ Joe: the CMA Awards were in November.

    • bruno

      sorry. way too tired of taylor swift pretending to be surprised when she wins something. so fake.

    • Kellie

      Are you kidding? There is no way that insipid, untalented barbie should have won anything. SHE CANNOT SING! I stopped watching these country shows because of her. The first one she showed teenage girls that it’s ok to have your clothes ripped from your body by guys and in the next show she did a pole dance that would have made an 80’s porn star envious. Not to mention, any time that girl moves from a seat with her guitar in her lap, she loses any ability to hit a note! I will give you that she can write some wonderful songs. Again, all of her songs are about getting laid while you’re still in high school. I am thankful that I don’t have teenage daughters that will want to emulate this awful waste of radio time.

      • Julie

        Lady Antebellum won Album of the Year? Seriously? They are one of the most overrated acts out there. Their songs are generic and dull, and the female vocalist can barely sing.

      • mikamiks

        it was fan voted, dumbass.

    • wow

      U are obviously not a country fan and probably 12 years old.

  • Justin K

    Taylor Swift shouldn’t have won. Her year was last year. She keeps up all this sympathy winning- people are going to start resenting her, if they don’t already….

    • Matt

      Totally disagree. She hasn’t been getting the airplay like last year, but Speak Now is by far (critically and commercially so far) her best.

      • Sara

        Speak Now SHOULD have won Album of the Year. If not her, then Jamey Johnson. Dierks and Zac Brown were great too. Kenny’s, while good, was the only one who I can’t really say should have beat Lady A….but any of the other four should. Lol I mean I like Lady A but come on!

      • fromjapan!

        Totally agree. I mean, ‘Need You Now’ is worst in nominees. Medicore at best. ‘

      • LIVEITUP

        I agree Matt! Speak Now is AMAZING! Songs like Enchanted and Haunted are wonderfuly written and beautiful. Taylor has grown vocally and as a song writter with this album!

      • LIVEITUP

        I agree Matt! Speak Now is AMAZING! Songs like Enchanted, Haunted, and Speak Now are beautifully written. Taylor has grown vocally and as a song writter with this album!

      • LIVEITUP

        ooops! Didn’t mean to post twice…

    • PN

      Some of the songs she did on soundtrack albums last year before Speak Now came out in October weren’t her best. Today Was A Fairytale sounded too boring to me. And I didn’t like Mine from Speak Now but the other songs from the album are better. But I don’t think she’s gotten as much airplay from Speak Now as she did on the hits heavy Fearless. She puts down men a lot on this album, without saying who the person is. This Speak Now album has done better on sales than the radio airplay. And I think pop radio is having Taylor Swift fatigue, not too crazy about her and playing Katy Perry, Lady Gaga,Rihanna and even Britney Spears more than her! The Speak Now songs sound more country than the poppish sounds on Fearless.

  • Sara

    I am SOOOOO ill Lady A won album of the year!!! I know it was a huge seller commercially but it was three good songs (at the most!) and the rest was filler! They are terrific vocalists but all of the albums in the category were far superior.

    • PN

      Liked Need You Now, the song, didn’t like the overplaying of it last year. I liked the playing-it- on-a-lonely-road-on-Saturday- afternoon sound of it the first few times, not this overwhelming praise for it on mainstream stations. Sorry, but that’s just how I feel about this song personally and differently than the multiple awards it’s won, the Grammys, ACMs, CMAs and other industry awards that it’s gotten.

    • @Sara

      So right about it not being a complete album. Should never have won.

  • Bryan

    Taylor swift cannot sing on key to save her life, and she is about as Country as Snoop Dog. I will never understand why people like her. All her songs are about tween love and boys, and she is bubble gum pop drivel to the core. Most. Over-rated Artist. Ever.

    • Sara

      Gosh a mighty, here we go again. It’s like Taylor, Gaga, Britney…it doesn’t matter the artist, haters always have the same complaints. blah blah blah. Will Taylor Swift ever be the best live singer? No. Will Taylor Swift ever be the female equivalent of George Strait? No. Will Taylor always have songs about love and boys? Yes. Okay, we’ve established that! She’s what, five or six years into her career and here we are still spilling out the same crap that’s been said since Day One. We know the kind of person/artist she is, her place in music, etc. etc. You hate her guts, good for you Bryan!!! Now, can we please move on?!?!

    • DeeDee

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I thought I was the only one hearing the terrible pitchy vocals. Why doesn’t Keith Urban ever win anything?

      • Trish

        I agree. Keith is an unbelievable performer. I don’t understand why he doesn’t receive the recognition that he deserves. And, boy can he play the guitar. Everyone should attend one of his shows!!

    • fromjapan!

      Did you see last night’s perfomance? smh
      Taylor can SING.

    • Taylor

      did you not listen to her last her recent acm performance that was good you must be deaf when it comes to talent and byran you might wana listen to her first album that might cahnge your might that girl is not pop she is country not all her songs but most and her songs are not about gettina laid come on really your just making an excuse to hate her almost eveyone i know relates to her music and obviously to dont hee enough of her songs to know that its not all about boys and love there is other songs about family and growing up which is not a crime to sing about

  • batonrouge

    Taylor Swift is the new Britney Spears mark my words kids..Not Miley Cyrus is the new Lindsay Lohan


      Taylor has been around lond enough that your theory is null and void…

  • TheIntersect

    Good. Taylor Swift won something. Need You Now really isn’t that great.

  • Brad


    • Samantha

      Have to disagree. Like them both, but together it was a train wreck.

  • PN

    Remarkable that Miranda Lambert won 4 awards! Taylor Swift got that Entertainer of the Year just months after her album came out.

  • kaydevo

    Letting the fans vote entertainer of the year is a bad idea.

    • PN

      I think letting the fans voting for entertainer of the year kept the industry people who selected the winner before from voting for Kenny Chesney over and over. It allowed other singers to win it. Chesney won it 4 straight years before they let the fans vote for it. I think they were gushing about his annual summer tours for years and only chose him.

    • Nathan

      Allowing the general public to choose anything is usually a pretty bad idea.

    • fromjapan!

      Whatever, Taylor deserves it. Sold out tour, Crazy selling & Critically acclaimed album, #1 singles etc etc

    • bradley

      letting the fans vote is a great idea, they are the ones who determine what is good and what stinks. so when all you haters get you “she cant sing” blown up in your face, it is hysterical! :)

      • Boo

        No, the fans determine what is POPULAR, not what is good. Big difference.

      • bradley

        no, wrong again!!! Good is subjective so when everyone likes it, it is GOOD! Your better off sticking with the hating, :)

    • Sarah

      Actually, this is completely false. Taylor probably would have won EOTY whether it was fan voted or not. Considering the Academy and Hall of Fame voted her EOTY in 2009 at the CMAs (much bigger deal and honor than the ACMs). So clearly the professionals and general public agree on this one.

    • Taylor

      omg Taylor is talented are you people fricken crazy shs down to earth writes all her songs she doesnt have the best voice all the time but she can really sing when she wants to and shes an amazing role model i dont getwhy everybody hates and frankly it getting really annoying and immature she won now dont complain although i love miranda too they both talened in my eyes and obviuosly she deserves cause her concerts are always sold out

  • BDJ

    country music has become a caricature of itself

    • Nathan

      It has been since Garth Brooks and Shania Twain hit it big, that was really where things started to go downhill. Thank god we still have artists like Miranda Lambert and Jamey Johnson around.

  • dan

    I like Swift but entertainer of the year, she should have won for album of the year. oh well cant do anything about it.

  • Dee

    Keith Urban and Brad Paisley have both paid their dues and either one should have won EOTY. Miranda has not paid her dues yet and Taylor couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.
    Country music has turned into a joke.

  • Jenelle

    I really don’t like that the fans vote EOTY now.

  • Maureen

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Taylor fan and all. But I hardly think she should have won Entertainer of the Year. Its not like when she won last year after she had won the Grammys and had the crazy sold out tour. Oh well.

    • Sarah

      Actually, she does have a sold out tour this year. She’s actually sold more tickets and more shows this year than she did back in 2009 when she won it. This is her first sold out world wide tour. Not to mention she sold out the Staples Center 4 nights in a row. This tour is MUCH bigger than the Fearless tour.

  • Nick

    I am honestly so happy Taylor Swift won. Shes honestly my all time favorite singer. Miranda Lambert second favorite.

    • dee dee1

      Sold out shows, top selling albums, has tons of fans, she is doing something right. Whether country or anyone else doesn’t like it, she’s doing pretty well. I’d like her bank account.

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