'Glee': Darren Criss and the Warblers cover Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know': Hear it here


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I bet you can’t listen to this cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” from the Warblers’ upcoming album just once. It’s impossible. I’m coming up on my 10th time (although at least two of those were for the purpose of writing this post).

Still, even if this wasn’t one of my favorite songs, I’d be pressing repeat. The first 30 seconds particularly give me chill bumps—the kind I thought were reserved for supergroups and anything that reminds me of the music on Friday Night Lights. Take a listen for yourself below, Mixers, and join me in a collective whine that we have to wait until April 19 to get our eager hands on the full album:

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  • Maddi

    Still not sure why we shouldn’t just buy a Bubs album.

    • Shannon

      Amen to that!

      • HumoSomo


      • Firemen Frank

        They are such beautiful lovers and FiremenDate was amazing

    • Jackson

      Because the Glee people want you to think that the reason these songs sell so well is the overrated talent that is Darren Criss. And the poor Bubs, who actually makes these songs good, don’t get any credit.

      • Brenda

        Love the Bubs! Hopefully they got a good licensing deal.

      • Tam

        Actually, the man with the flawless vocals, Darren Criss, has gone out of his way to give credit to the Tufts Bubs for their incredible arrangements starting with Teenage Dream. Before one speaks, one should research…or at least read an interview or tweet :)

        Honestly, I found out via an interview Darren did with Billy Bush that the Bubs were responsible for the songs.

      • Tarc

        Actually, the Bubs get LOTS of (well deserved) credit. And that doesn’t diminish how good Darren is – it’s not a zero sum game.

      • Jo

        Not sure why you don’t think that the Bubs aren’t getting the credit…ask any Glee fan who does the Warblers’ arrangements and backup and they will tell you it’s the Bubs from Tufts. As Tam said…maybe do some research before you make such statements.

      • Sen

        I actually had no idea who the group was or what their involvement was until I read these comments, so I don’t think they’re doing a very good job at giving proper credit.

      • jane

        I’m with Sen. This is the first time I’ve heard of them. Thanks for the info though. Now I’ll just go to the source.

      • Lucy

        You guys do realize that the ND cast is doing backup on this song too?

      • tommymommy

        Love Blaine Warbler. I want to hear him sing The Reason by Hoobastank when he ends up breaking up with Kurt.

    • Meli

      Isn’t it interesting some people so hate the show they can’t even give props to a superior version of a modern classic, one that retains all the emotion of the original song and doesn’t sound overly-processed (as it can sometimes with with the cast recordings). So instead they have to nitpick and find reasons to hate it. I guess who sang what on this song is the easiest excuse.

    • Cygnus

      When are they going to do away with the Warblers? Every time the show deviates away from the main cast, then it feels like a huge hiccup. I realize there isnt much storyline with the main cast, but taking 5 minute breaks to listen to Warblers just takes away any more opportunities to develop some sort of coherence with the main characters’ stories. Send Curt back to McKinley, and axe the Warblers from the show finally.

      • Emma

        Well, isn’t this your lucky day? This is the warblers’ goodbye song to Kurt.

    • megan

      Better yet, Keane’s Hopes and Fears.

    • Tom

      They haven’t had a hit in years..

  • Hannah

    Love it! Been listening to it non stop since yesterday<3

  • Don

    I’m sorry, I love Keane but I absolutely hate this cover. Glee, please don’t mess with classics.

    • Molly

      I like it, but it does not compare to the original at all.

      • Don

        Don’t get me wrong, Glee makes well made songs, but a lot of them I don’t like. Most I feel just ruin the original.

      • Au

        so, so true
        Darren Criss’s voice is beautiful, and I love him as a person – I’ll even say that the steady, true quality in his singing here makes this a very good rendition. But nothing can compare with Tom Chaplin’s voice…it’s controlled, and still wild with just about any emotion imaginable

      • sk

        I agree. It’s good but not at the level of the original. Still, it’s a great song so will be exposed to people who may not know it.

      • Gazza

        Glee covers, while sometimes dimming in comparison to absolute classic originals, totally rock when the original songs aren’t that great (eg: Katy Perry- Firework, etc)

    • Mindy

      This is an okay cover. But it isn’t as good as Keane’s original. I love the piano and Tom Chaplin’s soaring vocals that have so much depth. Auto-tune’d Darren Criss could never approach that kind of vocal quality. I’d be interested in hearing it live, though.

      • hannah86

        I’m still confused as to why Darren Criss’ voice is auto-tuned on EVERY song. I thought he was a decent singer. Well, every live performance I’ve watched on youtube sucks, but I thought since everyone’s raving about Darren Criss’ voice, he can sing. Glee needs to lay off the auto-tune. Even if it’s a bit off, they should really let it go.

      • Josh

        I curse the day auto-tune was invented.

      • Anya

        This show wayyy overuses autotune, they’ve got some talented singers, I don’t see why they use so much autotune. I’d love it if they’d actually perform some of the songs live on the show.

      • Mindy

        hannah86, I too am confused as to why Darren Criss’s voice is auto tuned all the time. I heard his live version of “Teenage Dream” and he was a pretty good singer. So, why the auto-tune? I wish Glee would lay off this since the show is supposed to be about a choir.

    • avenger

      So true, they’re trying to ruin one of my favorite songs for me, it really creeps me out for some reason

      • Soho

        If you listen you’ll realize it’s a beautiful blend of voices, very beautiful, and a nice companion to Keane’s. Still prefer Keane’s, this one has a bit less heart than Keane’s.

    • Heidi

      Now I’m afraid to listen – this is one of my all time favorite songs. Can’t believe no one at AI has done it before.

      • David

        Someone at AI has covered Somewhere Only We know. Blake Lewis did. Back in season 6.

    • deedee

      nice cover, but it doesn’t compare to Keane

    • Lea

      It’s good, but the original is better. By the article I was prepared to be wowed. Meh.

  • Ron

    Keane with Glee?? Can’t get any better!!! Pure heaven!!!! WOW!

  • Hill

    I feel like such a cheeseball because its the songs like these where I can’t help smile. They keep me watching even when my type-A self literally can’t handle how the show has no plot.

  • Monica jones


    • Don

      You go Monica! I am completely on your side on this!

    • Kate

      Seriously. There’s no emotional connection… It’s just singing. The original, on the other hand, makes you want to weep for some unknown reason.

      Glee needs to quit. I almost wish they would just do original songs from now on (which suck btw) just so they would stop butchering classics.

      • avenger

        yep, I think Glee is thisclose to jumping the shark

      • Shawnuel

        Agreed, Kate. And I just can’t call Darren Criss’ voice “great”. Pleasant, sure.

      • Ali

        I’ll never get why you people get so riled up from covers. Nobody is forcing you to listen, the ARTIST who owns the song isn’t bothered. People who have a connection to the characters this song is sung between do feel the emotion, just because you and other like-minded people don’t feel it doesn’t mean nobody does. Should we all be deprived of such a beautiful song on the show we love just because some people don’t want them “butchering classics”? When those people can just as easily turn the other cheek and ignore it? Yeah, no.

      • Jo

        @avenger….do you even know what it means when a show “jumps the shark”…it isn’t because they are covering a song that you don’t like!!

        And as Ali said — Keane is getting well compensated for this cover so it isn’t like Glee has stolen it or whatever you all think they’ve done.

      • Heidi

        I heard a rumor from an entertainment reporter in Toronto that this was a really hard song for Jennifer Aniston – it meant something to her and Brad right before they split. (True Story)

      • Cara

        Are you freaking kidding me? Listening to Darren sing this gives me chills from the overwhelming emotion in his voice as he sings it, especially once he gets to the chorus.

        Sure, you’re always going to find the original version better, but that doesn’t change the fact that Darren (and the bubs) did an INCREDIBLE job on this cover.

      • Rachel

        I think a lot of the emotion in these songs comes out in the actor’s (and actress’s) performance of them on the show. Yes, there may not be as much emotion in this as the original, but that doesn’t mean that when it’s used in the show that’ll be the same. Darren Criss puts a lot into his acting, and I have a feeling that will come out on the screen with this song.

    • sk

      I agree. Great voice but no emotional variation which is so key to what made the original great. Doesn’t move me like Keane’s version.

    • cla

      Completely agree with you. Tom Chaplin’s vocals practically move me to tears on this song. The music from Glee is so factory manufactured, it lacks soul and spirit.

      • Kelly

        Factory manufactured? Lacks soul and spirit? Are we even listening to the same song here?

    • Ali

      Honestly, nobody died in the covering of this song. Chill.

      • Pablo

        yesss, please Chill! Its a SONG!

    • MikeyNYC

      Are you kidding? Keane and Tom Chaplin are absolutely THRILLED that their song is being covered on Glee! No amount of advertising money their record company could spend compares to having one of their songs sung on a top television show! In addition to the exposure that the song and Keane are getting, they also get PAID! Stop whining and be happy for Keane – this is more exposure than a video on MTV!

    • Brandy

      Actually, the original is just as boring. I like the Warblers but I have never really liked this song. The lyrics may be ok but the music for it sucks.

  • thattgyrl

    Too much auto-tune!

    • Jen

      Lol. I love how people are constantly complaining about auto-tune. I bet if you heard this without auto-tune, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. And I bet that if/when Darren performs this live, it’ll sound just as good, if not better.

  • Ashley


  • Sarah

    BOOOOOO. I can’t stand this. And the Warblers have long overstayed their welcome. Give me the original any day.

  • sofi

    I like the song and Darren but the truth is that this is one of the most beautifuls songs ever written. And tom sings it so personal and the sound of his voice is so amazing that I’m not that excited about this cover

  • HS

    I’ve heard it done much better by a college a capella group just last week – live and auto tune free!

    • Shawnuel

      Coincidentally, this version IS by a college Acappella group: The Bubs. Criss’ vocals are dubbed in later.

      • CA

        Actually…Darren Criss voice is not dubbed in…watch an interview once in a while and you will find that Darren is in the studio with the Bubs when doing the songs.

  • ^ totally agree

    Tom’s voice and range is majestic; absolutely soaring with emotional depth. Darren is a perfectly fine singer, but there’s no comparison to Tom. Good for the Bubs though for using Glee as a vehicle for their talents.

  • melanie

    I think the folks who always complain that Glee “ruins” the original need to keep two things in mind:
    1. The artists must give the show the right to use their songs. I doubt they would do that if they felt it was going to be so horribly ruined.

    2. These Glee “kids” record these songs at a lightning pace. There’s no spending weeks and weeks trying to get a song just so. I think they do quite well considering how quickly they have to churn these songs out.

    • Tarc

      LOL! Covers don’t ‘ruin’ anything. In fact, many of the 1950’s songs we have come to love were covers! If a song was good, it was not uncommon for several people to cut it, and the best one rose to the top. And honestly, any Glee cover isa good thing for the original artist – since it brings a large rush of sales of the original!

  • Georgia

    I agree that the original is better than this. But if you think Darren Criss is just overrated and not that talented, I’d suggest checking out his stuff that he wrote for Starkid. Particularly “Not Alone”.

    • Emma

      “Not Alone” is amazing. I wish he’d sing that on Glee!

  • Lilikoiluv

    Whoa. I LOVE this rendition of SOWK–so emotional and beautiful. Darren and the Bubs did an amazing job. CANNOT WAIT to see this performed withing the context of the show’s storyline.

    • Lily

      Just saw the spoiler, bawl bawl bawl.. Blaine and Kurt looking at each other, those Warblers, Furt and Kurtcedes hugs… bawl bawl bawl…

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