Rebecca Black's 'Friday' will find a home on 'Glee'; which seat should she take?


In Hollywood, you know you’ve reached critical mass when you’re asked to appear on The Simpsons. In the music world, another Fox show provides the same stamp of transcendence (just as long as it’s not performed by Foo Fighters or Kings of Leon).

Glee is that show, and its latest adoption is Rebecca Black’s viral behemoth “Friday,” which recently surpassed 100 million views on YouTube,

According to, the song will appear an upcoming episode that centers around the prom, and will either be sung by Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet and Mark Salling, or the combination of Salling and returning guest star Jonathan Groff, reprising his role as Vocal Adrenaline leader Jesse St. James.

At this point, both Black and Glee have faced so many backlashes (and, uh, frontlashes) that it’s impossible to tell whether it’s OK to still like them, or whether you should try to be ironic about it or not. What do you think, readers—are you ready for the fun fun fun fun? Should Black make a cameo? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Oprah

    This is all wrong.

    • Flip

      Jesus H. Christ, Glee. Have some self-respect. Don’t waste your time on this trashy, awful song!

      • Monty

        While i do not like the idea of this song getting any more attention than it already has, it would be funny if a younger, non glee club student at the school achieved national attention with a crappy youtube viral hit song. Its the fame that the glee kids want, and a slap in the face to their egos and their talent…

      • Soho

        You know I checked and in fact Tuesday comes before Wednesday. So the episode would have to air on Thursday in order to come before Friday. Unless it airs on Sunday in which case it would air after Saturday. Wait, I forget; which one is my left hand and which one is my right hand? Seriously this song is the Muad’dib of ear worm, once it gets in your head you will be it’s beeyotch. Listen at your own peril.

      • John

        Is anyone really surprised? Ryan Murphy has already shown that he will do anything for ratings (Bieber). The only thing I’m surprised about is that there are still fans out there who haven’t given up on the show.

      • anna

        Dont worry everyone. I heard that they are going to make fun of it. One possibility that I heard was that Brittany will sing it because its her favorite song…it makes more sense that she would sing it.

      • Lily

        Wishful thinking, the article says that GLee boys will tackle the song

      • Jason C.

        Wow, Glee jumped the shark and it wasn’t even on the air…

      • Bernie

        I think Glee should embrace this wonderful song known as “Friday”. It is your destiny.

      • Jack

        Glee is a comedy. Chill out people.

    • Tarc

      OK, when the lyrics of your song make Ke$sha sound intelligent, there is a greviously serious problem. Plus, Black’s vocals are *horiffic*. No, no, no covers of this garbage – ever.

      • Yankee28

        Jimmy Fallon/Stephen Colbert/Taylor Hicks. ONLY cover i will watch.

      • J

        Have you actually listened to Ke$ha lyrics? I thought her songs were cr@p for a while…and then I actually bothered to listen to the lyrics and they are actually better written then probably 75% of the Top 40 music. The girl actually knows how to write, and if you read up on her you will find that she’s actually really smart as well.

      • Rick

        Rebecca didn’t write the lyrics to the song “Friday”. The producer of Ark Music Factory did, which is why it has sort of a rapper tinge to it and sounds wierd when a 13 year old girl sings it.

        “we we we so excited, we so excited”. Whitey doesn’t talk like that ya know.

    • LOL

      Rebecca Black > Kings of Leon

      • Bernie

        Well that’s not saying much guys.

    • I don’t like Glee

      But will make this episode my first one that I watch in full. Friday is like crack, and I am now addicted.

    • Tom

      Rent Styx to perform Friday as it was intended.

  • Fangirl23

    Ugh. Who still watches this show?

    • David

      Millions of people, trolling idiot.

    • Tristam

      Um… You’re an idiot.(: js.

      • ej

        nice comeback

    • Nancy

      OMG.. You don’t even know. It’s like the only good show left on TV almost. Even the reruns are better than half of the new stories you guys have come up with in years.

  • jets

    I do! Sounds really fun.

  • JCHicks

    No, Glee! Say it ain’t so.

    • Reena

      If this is true and Im afraid it is Im with you on this I cant believe they are going to an ALL time low by choosing this song…wait its not even a song its a DISGRACE to what music use to be GOOD! I am so dissapointed in this season of Glee and now after reading this im not even sure if I am going to watch again…;-(

      • TC

        Maybe you can now use this spare hour to learn how to use commas and apostrophes?

      • Tom Bergeron

        Bahahaha! Awesome comment TC!

      • Jenny

        I agree. If this is true, it is definitely a low point for Glee. The show has become about singing the newest big song and getting big guest stars. That’s why it has suffered in quality this season. Glad Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters aren’t giving in to it.

      • Judy


      • Nicole

        I have the same feelings exactly, Reena

    • Bernie

      Hire Styx to do Friday!

  • Bobby’s Robot

    And the steady decline of a once-good show continues its downward spiral.

  • Roxy

    NOOOOO! Rebecca Black has NO talent. Glee is way to good for her! I might have just lost all my respect for this show.

    • J

      Remember that Rebecca didn’t write the song…for a 13 year old, her singing really isn’t all that bad. The song lyrics are awful, yes, but then she didn’t write them! Im tired of seeing all these undeserved insults against her

      • The Truth

        Correct, she didn’t write the song. But she posted the video of her singing the song for the entire world to see and make judgement on. It does not matter if she sang a terrible song or butchered a great song, the actual posting of the song for the world to comment and judge was her biggest mistake. If you can’t take criticism, warranted or not, don’t post your activities for the entire world to see.

  • Kris

    This would be awesome if it was sung by Brittany cause you know that she wouldn’t sing it ironicly.

    • Spiderman

      That’s actually not a funny idea.

      • Steve

        I can see that idea working…

    • other Kris

      That might actually make this situation slightly less horrible.

  • Liz

    I’m hoping that EW just forgot to publish this 2 weeks ago with all the other April fools day pranks

    • Rachel

      Yeah really!

  • Cami

    Wait a minute. Gwyneth isn’t singing Friday? I thought she was their go-to-girl for singing these days. And it would be within her range.

    • Cat


    • Jenny

      She is much better suited for Friday than covering anything by Adele

      • Bernie

        My vote is for Styx to cover it.

  • Dena

    Are you f***ing with me? Is this Ryan Murphy’s further hissy fit because Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters would allow their music to be on the show? I like Glee, but I might have to skip that episode if it happens. That is just wrong

  • Bob

    Oh, please, enough of Rebecca Black. She has no talent. She promoted her way into the limelight through YouTube, but she’s not Bieber.

    • Lizzie

      WHY is Rebecca Black being REWARDED because of this song? Is it because she mentioned the fact people were “cyber-bullying” her because of the video so we can try and have her sympathy? Is this why it was put on my favorite show, to show her sympathy for being cyber-bullied?

  • Scott

    Who really gives…the show sucks anyway.

    • Bernie

      Why are there so many negative nancies in this world?

      • inscrutable

        Alternate views on a topic advance understanding of the whole issue. Nothing should be spared criticism. Negative is just as valuable as positive. We need both.

  • Mary

    Call me crazy, but I think this just might work. Come on, Glee is at its best when it stops taking itself so seriously. Having one of the guys sing “Friday”? Hilarious! Look at how many people bought it with Rebecca singing, imagine one of the Glee kids…

  • Scott

    Ugggggggh, I’m definitely not gonna catch up on the episodes I haven’t watched yet now. First more obnoxious Paltrow and now this horrible craptastic song. What happened to this show?

    • shanghaifanny

      I love Glee — but I think they have worshipping at the alter of Auto Tune more & more.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Agree on both counts.

  • whatevs

    Now I see why some artists don’t want to do the show. It really is hard to keep your artistic integrity when you share a similar stage with a song like this.

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