Lady Gaga blasted by Latino groups for portraying Mary Magdalene in 'Judas' video


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The single isn’t even released yet, but Lady Gaga is already getting heat for her upcoming “Judas” music video.

Three Arizona-based Latino Activist groups that are condemning “her message of racism and intolerance” in the still-unaired clip. (Although they are also calling her “Lady Rerun” and “Lady Caca” in their statements, so it is possible their next move could be nothing more than a series of “your momma’s so fat” jokes).

The 25-year-old pop star—who will portray prostitute-turned-disciple Mary Magdalene in  the video—is being accused of racial intolerance by virtue of her fixation on Catholicism.

“So, Lady Gaga is playing Mary Magdelene [sic] in her new video,” says Jorge Serrano of Take Back Aztlán, a group that believes much of the Southwestern United States was stolen from people of Aztec descent.

“In the video, she witnesses a crime, falls in love with a Black Jesus figure and ends up saving the person wrongly accused of the crime. Wait—didn’t Madonna do that before? At least Madonna made people question religion and race. Lady Gaga is just exploiting the Catholic religion, which many Latinos follow,” Serrano claims.

Before we go any further, let’s just point out that these groups are eviscerating her not only for a music video that has not yet been released (the song itself won’t be unleashed until next Tuesday), but there have been no official statements from her camp saying that this is in fact the plot of the video. And the lyrics, which are already online, don’t support that claim one way or another.

So unless these groups are stalking her film crew, these accusations are purely speculative. Of course, if “Judas” does follow the above-mentioned plot, it would be a clear rip-off of Madonna’s infamous 1989 video for “Like a Prayer,” but that’s simply information we don’t have (and it doesn’t look like Pepsi has anything to do with this video anyway).

Another Latino group took issue with Gaga’s portrayal of Magdalene. “Why can’t Lady Gaga pretend to be Muhammad? Now, that would be very brave!” said Cecilia Maldonado of Chicanos Unidos Arizona, echoing complaints that recently came from the Catholic League. “It’s so easy to knock Catholicism and Christianity these days, especially if you have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. Lady Gaga is Lady Caca.”

Playground taunts aside, there is a case to be made that Gaga may be less interested in exploring religious issues than she is in attention-seeking. But it’s a huge leap to say she is “racist and intolerant” simply because she’s turning a critical eye on a religion followed by many Latinos.

After all, wouldn’t that make her equally intolerant of the Irish? More significantly, many Italians are Catholics—including Madonna and Gaga, who were both raised in the faith.  So yes, it would be more surprising to see her “take on” Zoroastrianism or something like that, but she focuses on Catholicism because it’s what she knows.

Readers, what do you think?

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  • Emma

    You have got to be kidding me. There are real racists out there; shouldn’t we be doing something about that instead?

    • Amber

      Lady Gaga IS A CATHOLIC!!! How can people hate on an artist for using their craft to reflect on THEIR OWN religion?

      • c

        she obvs isn’t a catholic if she is willing to wear a habit with boob tape. so what if she was raised in the religion?

      • Your Queen

        Shut your dirty mouth, Amber. Shrew.

      • Queen shut your mouth whore

        Where was the Catholic’s outrage when the child abuse scandal came out?! To think they knew that priests were raping children and let them get away with it so it didn’t tarnish the image of the church. Yet THIS is what causes them to get so riled up? A freaking pop song?!! You Catholics are morons and lack any type of common sense. It really is unbelievable.

      • Judas

        To the comment above me…. EXACTLY!!!

      • Gaga is the noise

        Italian, Spanish, Zimbabwe, Russian or Taiwanese…This song sucks. It’s a flop and we all know it.

        The lyrics are elementary!

    • Kaitlyn

      Gaga might be a Catholic, but she is a blasphemer and attention-seeker. I say that as an Italian Catholic.

      • Tom

        when you mess with the bean you get the whole burrito

      • Your Queen

        Lady Gaga is for the gays. Let them enjoy it.

      • Rick

        What’s ironic is most nun porn comes from Italy, go figure.

    • Nene

      Excellent post. I was checking colnituousny this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info particularly the last section I deal with such information much. I used to be seeking this certain information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  • iAmElLay

    As A Latino, I give her permission to do what ever she pleases!

    • Cynthiamoles

      Well I find it to be silly she is trying to be madonna not bashing just simply relying the truth

      • JohnD

        Lady Gaga has many past inspirations. There’s more than just Madonna in Gaga’s performances. If all she was trying to do is be Madonna, she wouldn’t write, wouldn’t compose, nor would she produce all of her own songs. She wouldn’t go on a three year long tour on one single album either. Nor would Lady Gaga have created songs other than ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Alejandro’ …the only two songs that even vagely resembles Madonna. Gaga still these other songs you know like: ‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’, ‘Love Game’, ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Telephone’, ‘The Fame’, ‘Money Honey’, ‘Beautiful Dirty Rich’, ‘Dance In The Dark’, ‘So Happy I Could Die’, ‘Teeth’, ‘Eh Eh’, ‘Starstruck’, ‘Boys Boys Boys’, ‘Paper Gangsta’, ‘Brown Eyes’, ‘I Like It Rough’, ‘Summerboy’, ‘Disco Heaven’, ‘Speechless’, and so on that sounds absolutely nothing like Madonna. Oh and if she was trying to be like Madonna she would have never worried with a piano nor would she worry about having the talent of performing songs acoustically either. She also wouldn’t take such great interest in fashion either (can Madonna cite the designer of every single wardrobe she wears? i think not). Nor would Gaga choose outrageous over sexy when picking out the outfits she wears …again if she was trying to be like Madonna.

        Only people with ignorance or simple minds comes to those “simple” comparisons….

      • berlin

        How is she copying madonna?? Madonna is not the only one who has brought religious subjects into music. And besides, Lady Gaga attended a Catholic school with nuns growing up. That’s probably why it somewhat influences her music. AND NORMAN REEDUS is playing JUDAS in the video, Last time i checked he wasn’t black, he’s a sexy white man.

        These latino groups are stupid idios who should be more worried about their priests molesting little boys then what a pop star is doing. STUPID RELIGIOUS PEOPLE ALWAYS PLACE THEIR ATTENTION ON THE WRONG THINGS!

      • Rob


        Where do I start on your DUMB thesis? First of all, Madonna DOES indeed write her own material..ever heard of Vogue? Live to Tell? Like a Prayer?? Sure she might not have solo writing credit but my goodness…send her to the dungeon! Madonna also is 99% responsibe for producing or co-producing her work. Gag was RICH enough (with family money…shush…that’s a secret!) so she was ABLE to get piano lessons. I’m sure if she put her mind to it she’d learn it tomorrow. Also, Madonna has performed acousticly (most notebly on the Drowned World Tour). Then you have the NERVE to say the Madonna doesn’t know fashion designers?! Please look yourself in the mirror the next time you need to denigrate one artist to prop up another one. While your at it, look up information correctly and learn not to spout laughable falsehoods! Maybe your egg/vessel/module is just hatching?

    • Kelly Vals

      as a latin female, I disagree with the people who said that ab.ladygaga..

      • Speedy

        She is hurting my feelings :(

  • Drew

    Okay. These people know the video hasn’t been released yet right? They do know that GaGa routinely preaches tolerance for our differences right? They do know that GaGa herself is a religious person right? Just checking. I read everything about GaGa and I didn’t deduce the plot to Judas, how did they?

    • Classy!

      Cool post:) even though I’m a Britney fan lol. I like ur style.

  • Jeremy

    Okay, first of all Catholicism isn’t specifically a Latino religion, it’s an everyone religion. Second of all, Mary Magdalene and Judas are people of the biblical senses, meaning the represent figures from EVERY Christian denomination NOT just Catholic. I’m a Hispanic male myself but this group is just making the Latino community seem very egostistical. Lady GaGa isn’t out to offend you guys so go find something realistic to complain about. I bet you didn’t know that GaGa wrote a song called “Americano” which is AGAINST the Arizona Law SB1070, not to mention she praises the Latino community in some performances of Alejandro during the Monster Ball… They’re just picking on her for no good reason. I’m Mexican myself but I’m glad to not be part of this group.

    • cassie

      the biggest population of catholics in the world is from brazil. we r not stupid as a catholic no one needs to tell me that it isn`t only a religion for latinos or latin america. 1.6 billion of us live throughout the world

  • GagaXclusive

    The Judas song/video will kick ass! Its going to piss a lot of people off in the best way possible! I can’t wait :)

    • alvin


      • Cynthiamoles


      • Jin

        You gotta have buckteeth in order to reproduce “LIKE A PRAYER”.

      • Monster For Life

        YAY ‘Cynthiamoles’ gets to wear the cone of shame!

  • Eddie

    We’re ready for their stones.

    And duh she’ll do something that is related to Catholicsm because she grew up in a Catholic school! It’s what she knows. It doesn’t a genius to know she would’ve picked a Catholic theme.

    • Jeanpierre

      What?s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It peiltivosy helpful and it has helped me out loads. I’m hoping to give a contribution & help other users like its helped me. Great job.

  • GagaXclusive

    Some people are still blind. They don’t see gagas real message. honestly take the time to give her a chance instead of following people who judge. Gaga is doing something that no one else has the balls to do. she is my hero and i love her very much!

  • Evan

    I enjoy how pressed they are over a song/video that isn’t even out yet.

  • Drew

    Did the author speak to anyone in GaGa’s camp?

  • Evan

    Nicole must have tweeted this…

  • DRG

    Once again she must rely on controversy to sell her totally derivative and unremarkable “music.” What a sham. Pity so many people fall for it.

    • Bran

      “DRG” …HEY! I know you! Your the same troll/hater that post in EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE about Lady Gaga. She appreciates your obsession and fanboyism, that’s her whole intent of her artistry. Thanks for being living proof of her success. Have a nice day!

      • DRG

        “Artistry?” ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

      • Praying for DRG

        It might be that DRG is probably a closeted homosexual filled with self-loathing and fear. That’s okay, DRG. You might be forgiven. But probably not. You have a nice evening, Summer’s Eve…

      • Kyle

        DRG, you are COMPLETLY wrong. I love GaGa but I’m not fond of her so called “controversy” she tacks on to her music. I love her music for the message it sends. This woman is probably one of the most talented musicians in this generation writing and producing all of her songs, dancing, ACTUALLY singing live (which she has a phenomonal voice live) and now she’s writing for a magazine. This woman has done more in her life then most people ever have and she’s only in her 20s. To me, the woman isnt controversial in the slightest, she’s just speaking her mind and some people don’t like it.

  • Jaime

    Umm just got to say Kelly Clarkson has a song named JUDAS and I love it!!! Doubt it can be better than that one ;)~

  • DR

    It seems like these religious groups are either bored/desperate for attention, more so than Gaga. And portraying Mary Magdalene is so amorphous; it could mean anything. I doubt she’ll be dancing around in tattered Biblical clothing while gettin’ down with Jesus…although I wouldn’t hold it against her. Gaga’s going to do whatever she wants. Whether she’s blasting religion or promoting it, it’s none of our business.

    And besides, Madonna didn’t invent religious themes in music. Patti Smith did it first for women, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and tons more after and they’ve ALL done it BETTER.

    • DR

      Oh, and I love Gaga and Judas will snatch wigs like nobody’s business!


      • JUAN

        PAWS UP (“)(-_-)(“)

    • Anya

      There is no way that the video they described is the video for Lady Gaga’s Judas anyway. They pretty much just described Madonna’s video for Like A Prayer. Gaga may borrow a few ideas from Madonna every now and then but I don’t think she would do something as obvious as that.

    • seriously

      that’s the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard someone say. OF COURSE it’s our business. We’re the consumers. She’s doing this so that we’ll buy the song and she’ll get money. And supporting her means that you are–financially–at least, agreeing with her blasphemy.

  • Jeff Stanton

    The song is not even released yet, nor the video. If Latinos are that religious and don’t like it don’t watch it. I say false religions and false Gods, Catholics are outnumbered by Muslims, why do the catholics think they are right? Take Back Aztlan wants the US to hand over the Southwest to them because the Aztecs may have once owned it, fat chance, and Chicanos United Arizona whatever their agenda is? Lady Gaga is probably the most non-judgemental person there is, but she has millions of followers who will rabidly defend her against the haters. Be warned, Little Monsters are watching your actions! If your religion is so wonderful why are priests abusing little boys? At least 2 archdioces are bankrupt from lawsuits and the Church swept it under the rug for 2,000 years? The Catholic church says gay is immoral but a priest raping a little boy is OK cause you won’t let them marry. Maybe you religious nuts are wrong!

    • ger

      I really don’t get that Aztec group. Wasn’t the Aztec civilization wiped out by the Spanish who tried to turn the Aztec “heathens” into Catholic Christians?

      • Holly

        Yup. Which is why this group kinda confuses me.

      • loveline

        No Ger and Holly, you ignorant fools. No people or civilization can ever be whiped out. Aztec is a language spoke today, and millioins of descendants of Aztecs live on this continent today.

    • Monster For Life

      Jeff, I could not have put that better myself!!!!! Great post!

  • Patrick

    They are saying at least Madonna made people question things unlike Gaga, when back in 1989 many religious groups probably slammed Like a Prayer just as much as Judas.

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