Lady Gaga reveals cover art for 'Born This Way' album: Do you like Gaga as a machine?


On the heels of the leak of latest single “Judas,” Lady Gaga revealed the cover image for her forthcoming album Born This Way in a series of tweets yesterday and today.

(The reveal of Gaga’s album artwork has become something of an event in itself.) As you probably expect, the image, shown here, is one clearly intended to make you think and, maybe, wonder a bit: It depicts Gaga as something of a metal minotaur, part human and part…motorcycle? Yup, part motorcycle.

It’s a striking collage, and maybe not one that was very expected. But then again, what is the one thing you can expect with Gaga? Exactly: the unexpected. A follow-up tweet this morning revealed the cover for the deluxe edition of her album, too, which is basically just a close-up on Gaga’s face from the minotaur photo. It seems to project the idea of: Rarrr!

Do you like the Born This Way cover art? Think it’s scary? A joke? Too much? Not enough? Share your thoughts in the comments below, please.

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  • de


    • Pinoy Persuasion

      Yup, supersilly. As in born this way as a human-motorcycle. Bad album cover, bad album.

      • commentor

        Looks like someone in Basic Photoshop 101 did this. And the FONT!?! Really terrible. One might call it, CRAP.

      • Wha’ever

        I agree, it looks very amateurish, and it’s not very beautiful… :s

      • AK

        TERRIBLE album cover. And if the music is anything like “Judas,” it will be pretty bad album, too.

      • Tom

        Dastardly and Muttley from the Wacky Races give it a thumbs way up

      • Lee Harvey

        Tom FTW!

      • Jack

        I hope its a joke. I could’ve made that cover with word and paint.

      • Will

        seriously though, THAT FONT! Did they get someone who just started photoshop to do that?

      • Dais

        @AK, please shut up. “Judas” is amazing.

        Awesome album. Terrible cover.

      • LMFAO

        What exactly is “amazing” about it? Why not say you like it? Are you really amazed by it?

      • Bluto

        “It seems to project the idea of: Rarrr!”

        I hope EW didn’t pay too much for this story.

      • Mary Sue

        As a GaGa fan I have to admit – I never warmed up to BTW as a single, and I am not loving Judas either. I am hoping it will grow on me like some of her other songs. As for the cover – I absolutely HATE it – it’s cheesy, basic, and looks cheap (as in something a amateur artist/fan created). Sorry GaGa – it’s just not working.

      • DW

        I haven’t heard “Judas” yet. Which Madonna song does it rip off?

      • Me

        You know, it reminds me of an old 80’s hair band album cover, you know the ones feminists would have lost their minds over.

      • Judas sucks

        Judas copies Ukraine’s Loli Lux ‘Wannabe’.

        Check youtube…

    • Photoshop This Way

      Quick Tip: Make sure to take a picture of the album cover art with your cell phone to add texture!

      • SaraJeanQueen

        I like the motorcycle idea, but I just feel like she’s going too far into this gothic, black, dark place – she keeps trying to top herself and it’s not a good result. She’s too talented for all these shenanigans, it makes her look immature and stupid.. and I’m also alluding to her two new singles from the album. Too much, not quality.

      • True Blue

        @ SaraJeanQueen:

        100% agreed.

      • Your Queen

        It’s nice that the gays have something new to listen to.

    • Nick T

      I don’t have the right to dislike anything that can make me laugh that hard.

      • LOL

        Nick T is #Winning!

      • LM

        Just what the world needs — more info about this woman since you hardly ever hear anything about her.

      • SXiPPY

        For an album that is supposed to be the “best album in the last decade” or whatever she claims it to be, that is the most generically lame cover this side of the low-rent bootlegs you find at black markets. And stop using the word “minotaur” because it is completely misusing the word. She’s a f*cking motorcycle with a human face on it and it looks ridiculous. Had she actually done a minotaur pic of her head on a horse’s body, then maybe I wouldn’t think it to be as lame as this. Sadly she opted for this hideous cover.

      • Tajah

        Umm, not to be nit picky, but if her head was on a horse’s body, she would be a centaur. No idea where the minotaur came from. Minotaur is a giant bull with the head sort of humanish.

      • Meg

        Wrong again. A Minotaur is a fully formed human body with the HEAD of a bull.

      • Taka

        WRONG AGAIN PEOPLE! A Minotaur is the body of Marcia Cross and the head of Kristi Alley!

        I love both dearly :D As you can see, they are my favorite mythological creature.

      • Michael


    • Color Me Impressed

      Wow, this is absolutely awful. Not only were her first two singles crap (Born This Way is a catchy, but completely unoriginal Madonna rip-off; Judas simply repeats everything shes done before and makes if dull and unmemorable), but this cover is painfully awful. Gaga started out as an intelligent pop novelty, and shes going downhill fast.

      • Gaga = PSYCHO

        Um, she was actually never going anywhere.

    • razor

      Cheap fan art.

    • ph33

      Madonna must be rolling around in her grave.

      • wha

        Umm… Madonna’s not dead…

      • BarneyMosby


    • LD

      She S@CKS!!! Weird Al wanted to do a parody and she said no. She is a snob! No sense of humor. I can not stand her anymore!

  • HausOfHamza

    The cover is amazing! PURE ROCK’N’ROLL! Gaga does it once again!

    • Philipp

      Just exactly WHAT is rock’n’roll about her music though? The computer-sound music without genuine instruments?

      • Sam W

        Check out “You & I” on YouTube, that song is pur Rock ‘n’ Roll awesomeness. I hate the cover though.

      • Speedy

        I should never have taken that home-economics class. I don’t get it.

    • ks

      Rock? Really? I think this is a FAIL

  • Sam Lloyd

    What the actual f.
    I’m kinda hoping it’s a joke, because seriously look at it.

    • Joan

      Gagacycle was born this way from that egg.

    • Anya

      I thought maybe it was a joke at first too… this cover is at least 6 different kinds of terrible… but I’m pretty sure this is for real. Which is incredibly unfortunate for her.

  • deserae

    I dont like it i feel it should more calm she should smile than showin the beast of her monster.

  • Sam Lloyd

    Also: Are you thinking chimera? Because minotaurs are pretty specifically half-bull half-person.

    • Tajah

      Centaur. Half horse, half human.

    • Classy!

      Tajah is right.

      • Andie

        Too bad he said Chimera, not centaur.

        Which is part goat, part lion and part dragon.

        Just saying.

  • Pulak Kumar


    • Joe

      Not the word I would have chosen…. that is really one ugly woman.

      • Kyle

        She is most definitely not ugly! She is downright sexy! I swear the people who post negative comments on here are biased airheads who have nothing better to do than slam an amazing artist. Go listen to the synthesized voices of Britney and Rihanna and shut the hell up.

      • whatevs

        Kyle, sometimes a person is just ugly. Lady Gaga is that person, relax. If you think she’s sexy, that’s all that should matter to you.

      • icyndicey

        Hell yes she is UGLY! Type in Born a Horse Face in Youtube search. LOL!

      • Dais

        She’s actually really pretty, you just don’t see it under all the different home appliances and food dresses that she wears.

      • Anya

        Yeah she’s actually a lot prettier then she looks now. If you look at pictures of her before she was famous, she looks like a completely different person. She’s just choosing to look like a bit of a drag queen these days. Whatever, her prerogative, but she isn’t really ugly. She’s not all that pretty either, but I wouldn’t call her ugly.

      • Pinoy Persuasion

        She is worse than a drag queen, what with all those protruding bones on her face. what the hell are those?

  • Sparky

    Don’t be a drag, just be a race…?

    • Victor

      lol jaja :D

    • Classy!

      Hahahaha!!! Freakin brilliant!!!

    • I hear Ya !

      God that’s Genius ! :D

  • Doug

    The cover is intense and mind-bending. In other words, what more could you want from GaGa?

    • Scott

      Something a little less Transformery.

    • Ben

      In what way is it mind-bending?

    • Dave

      Mind-bending? Your mind is too flexible.

    • Mary Sue

      I don’t get intensity either – I get cheap fan art as someone mentioned above.

  • Scott

    And a new front-runner has emerged in “The Worst Album Cover Ever” category.

    • blaine

      Yeah, not a “hater” (figured I better pre-emptively put that out there) – but this is pretty cheese.

      If it wasn’t Gaga this would be mocked incessantly.

      • For one

        It should be mocked because it IS Gaga, and I for one expected better.

    • True Blue

      One of the worst album covers, but not THE worst. I think that title belongs to The Scorpions’ “Virgin Killer”. If you’re not at work or school, feel free to google it to know what I’m talking about.

      • ph33

        Virgin Killer was tasteless, yes, but Scorpions were just horny morons. This is a calculated attempt to produce something “edgy,” “mind-bending,” and “thought-provoking” that fails on every level, making this much worse.

      • BarneyMosby

        its pretty thought provoking in a “what the f**k was she thinking?!?!” kinda way.

  • ABC


  • joe

    It looks more like a rock and roll cover, than a pop one.

    • Cruz


      • xx100

        GaGa’s whole persona has become nothing but a joke so if that was what she was going for then she is #DUH WINNING

      • Nathan

        Shame the music isn’t, if I want to hear Madonna covers, I’ll just go to a Japanese karaoke bar.

  • will

    everything’s great about it except the font. they could’ve definetely chosen a better font.

  • Jon

    Totally awful. One of the worst album covers for a major release I have ever seen.

  • Ghost of Pia

    She’s a human/animal hybrid.

    • Wade

      Where’s the animal???

      Please, LG…don’t disappoint us with this album! There better be better singles than the first two.

      • Kyle

        Born This Way and Judas were amazing, she can’t sing about riding disco sticks amd dancing forever so its a nice change

      • Ben

        Do you equate amazing with unoriginal? Because the first single was a Madonna rip-off and the second single is a hybrid of Poker Face, Bad Romance, et al.

    • Orac

      Check YouTube for Lady Caca. Look for the “Bad Romance” cover. I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life.

  • Drew

    Hilarious that the album is called Born This Way and yet the cover is of her body as a motorcycle. I dont think she was born that way. I guess once again her incredible groundbreaking “Art” is just over my head…

    • Philipp

      Well if she was, the moment of her conception must’ve been one wild motorcycle ride for her mom (and giving birth an extraordinarily painful and loud experience).
      EPIC FAIL!

    • Loch Ness

      I thought she was built like a car with a hubcap diamond star halo. Instead, she’s a motorcycle.

      • True Blue

        + 1 on the T.Rex reference.

    • LMFAO

      That is actually my body with Gaga’s head and arms attached. Love, Sarah Lane

    • ph33

      It’s not over your head. She’s untalented.

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