Lady Gaga gets nearly naked, slams haters, and defends 'Born This Way' in new interview

Lady Gaga has a message for anyone who thinks her image is contrived or fake: “F— off.” In the latest issue of NME, Gaga stood up for herself and her artisctic integrity. Though she’s known for her wild outfits and crazy style, they don’t define her. Mail Online found some potty-mouthed quotes from the interview.

“Let me tell you something,” she began. “If you f—ing rip my hairbow and my wig off my f—ing head, my shoes, my bra, every single thing on my body, and you throw me on a piano with a microphone, I will f—ing make you cry.”

“I feel I have been probed endlessly about who the f— I am,” Gaga continued. “I have been quite open about it. And still nobody seems to have a clue.” The pop star’s often questioned about her identity. Last month at Google, a fan asked Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta), “How do you find time for Stefani?”

“I love this question. Who are you looking for? I’m right here,” she answered. “Stefani is also who I am. Gaga is my nickname. It’s like when you’re a kid and your mom calls you ‘Skip.’ I really make no separation between Stefani and Gaga.”

Of the infamously divisive lead single from her upcoming third album, she says: “The worst mistake I could have made was not putting out ‘Born This Way’ as the first record. It’s completely balls-to-the-wall, love-it-or-hate-it… Get in or get off the f—ing boat. I gained a lot of new fans.”

Still, she adds, “I am perpetually unhappy with what I create. Even though I might tell you that ‘Edge of Glory’ is a pop masterpiece, when it’s all said and finished there will be things I dread, and every time I listen to it I’ll hear them … “In John Lennon’s [1980] Playboy interview he talked about how he hated certain songs because of the way they were finished. And they might be my favorite songs, but Lennon couldn’t listen to them.”

The piece also provides a small amount of new info on her upcoming “Judas” video, which Gaga is set to co-direct with her choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson: it involves “motorbikes, death and, in the final seconds, a strong spoken-word sequence about Gaga being beyond repentance.”

So there you have it, folks. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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    • Color Me Impressed

      Screw this, she thinks shes so d*mn “artistic”, when she’s really a generic pop musician with a large amount of stock in shock value. I’ll go back to listening to Animal Collective and the Pixies now.

      • Amber

        I love Animal Collective AND Lady Gaga. I find it odd when people are so pretencious about what music they listen too…as if listening to Animal Collective makes you a better person. Lame.

        Gaga writes very accessable music and meshes it with challenging visuals. She completely challenges the idea of a female ideal, aiming to be interesting rather than pretty.

      • Joe

        @Amber- i’m sorry but she HAS to be “interesting rather than pretty” because she’s unattractive. If she were pretty trust me she would play that card.

      • Tiffany

        Joe, I disagree completely. She looks kind of like Whitney Port from ‘The City’, and has a great body. She could very easily try to look hot, and she choses not to. Men like you think every woman should bend over backwards to decorate their world.

      • Joe

        @Tiffany- You must be blind if you think she looks like Whitney. And great body? She’s emaciated at this point. She looked much better when she had more meat on her. And for the record, I would much rather have a man decorate my world ;)

      • David

        Nah, she is drop dead sexy. I think you need to grow a penis before you open that mouth Joe.

      • Bob

        I like the songs. I don’t like how she uses drugs and alcoholism as a gimmick sometimes. That’s a big turn off.

    • LOL

      Who cares if she shaves her eyebrows or sticks her head on a motorcycle and uses cheesy fonts b/c it’s a way to say #### you to the haters. She was born this way!

      • Eric

        She’s bringing on a gay apocalypse.
        We’re all doomed.

      • Oops…

        I thought this was the 90’s and Marilyn Manson made the cover of NME again.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        She’s no Madonna, that’s why her star is getting dimmer in her third album.

      • mein gheist kampf

        She’s not bring on the gay armegeddon,they r bringing it apon us. They try to spread gayness. Sometimes “……They are like a virus”

      • Jay

        @mein gheist kampf I hope you’re joking. That’s a ridiculous, hateful comment. Grow up.

      • mein gheist kampf

        Jay@ its a quote from a movie. My apologies

    • Sam

      You’re smelling your face.

    • Tiffany

      Ya’ll can talk smack about Gaga all you want…but JUDAS is a REALLY fun song! She is great at writing hooks!

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Fun song for the ignorant.

      • Jay

        @Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen (wow could you make a longer name) And it’s a fun song for anyone with ears and are not overly pretentious like yourself.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        @Jay, I have ears, and I really enjoyed Poker Face, but this Judas Song is really unlistenable, sorry.

    • do u care?

      Seriously people
      It was just Easter.
      Go to church.
      Over and out.

  • lol comparing herself to lennon

    both suck tho and both just ripped off blink-182

    • bruceben9

      john lennon ripped off blunk132? what planet are you from?

    • Color Me Impressed

      This doesn’t even make sense. Travis Barker was still in diapers when Lennon penned his first #1 hit!

    • PN

      John Lennon came WAY before Blink-182! Blink started in the late ’90s while John Lennon had hits as a solo artist between 1971 and 1980.

    • Kat

      gotta be a joke, you guys…

  • Shane

    Superstar artist.

  • blink

    I cannot wait, “Judas” might not be greatest song, and the “BTW” album might dissapoint me to a level, but out of artist and performers right now she keeps me entertained and looking forward to whats she’ll release next, plus she can put on a show live! Love GaGa!!

    • Lana

      Took the words out of my mouth!!! She might not be the greatest artist to walk our planet… But to me, no one right now is as interesting and entertaining as Gaga is!!!

  • No Dice For Denny

    14:57; 14:58; 14:59……

    • HFV

      ch.. You can’t spell.

      • No Dice For Denny

        What are you talking about? My spelling with numbers is spot on.

    • JohnD

      14:57; 14:58; 14:59; 15:00
      105120 15 minutes of fame so far (3 years now)
      00:01; 00:02; 00:03
      and it keeps on going

  • Yiyi

    I smill CaCa

    • HFV

      Doesn’t typo suck? Lmao.

    • HFV

      THAT IS WHO THE HELL SHE IS. You will deal or GTFO.

  • Yiyi


    • snatcherz

      You showed your true intelligence earlier, no need to try and make up for it.

      We know Gaga haters have small brains….


      • mein gheist kampf

        And we all know have something else that is small, but they r too shamed to admit it….

      • mein gheist kampf

        Spell check time.
        I meant that all gagistis have something else too small for socitey……

      • Pillow Pants

        Yes, because fandom is a measure of one’s intellect. Silly schools. They should just do away testing, have students listen to Gaga and pass out diplomas accordingly.

      • :)

        “Look Mom! I passed history class because I memorized rhe lurics to Judas! Are u Proud?”

  • whatevs

    The chorus in Judas is identical to the chorus in Bad Romance except for the last couple of notes.

    • Didi

      What are you talking about? The rhythm and notes are COMPLETELY different! Obviously music class was absent at your school.

      • Pillow Pants

        Would it blow your mind if I told you Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABCs were the same song?

  • DRG

    Here we go again with EW’s almost hourly posting “stories” about the move overhyped, overexposed “artists” in recent memory. She brushes her teeth and EW is all over it.

    • Well…

      And we’re so glad you’re there to jump in on every one of those article, post the same anti-Gaga stuff, and probably check back endlessly when a fan responds to you. A pretty futile existence no?

      Don’t worry, Gaga doesn’t care… she gains two new fans for every one she’s lost, and solidifies the ones she has with your pointless negative obsession. Cheers mate!

    • Chris

      And every story they post, you apparently read.

    • HFV

      Death @ you know about her ‘stories’ more than me. Can you share with me some?

      • Darren

        @Well — I don’t know. Given her comments quoted in the article it sounds like she does care. Just sayin’

    • Bran

      Hey again DRG, I see your hate obsession with Lady Gaga still isn’t over. I suggest professional medical help, that might make you get over her someday. (and psst, just know she’ll still be dominating the world stage even AFTER you finally get over her)


    Defends her “artistry.”

    Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in ages!

    As for her complaining about criticism if she can’t stand the hear she needs to get out of the kitchen.

    • davey

      I’m pretty sure that’s not quite the way that quote goes :)

      • AznGurl

        I’m also a fan of Gaga, and you can’t just judge her by her outside.

    • AznGurl

      I was referring to ROTFLMAO

    • JohnD

      She has every right to defend her artistry. How many other successful pop artist do you know that writes and composes all of their work?

      Madonna? Nope.
      *more crickets*

      • Stephanie

        Nice try, almost all of her songs are cowritten (including all of her biggest hits). Most are cowritten with RedOne, and I doubt she’d be half as big without him.

      • Xavier

        I wonder why people always assumed that Madonna didnt write her own music. Do people not research where composers names are written and you will notice that with the exception of 10 songs, Madonna has written or co-written all the others

      • mein gheist kampf

        Slash the *crickets*

        I, ay not be a big fan of him but………
        doesn’t snoop dawg produce hos own music/lurics on his Iphone?

        *mysterious absence of crickets*

      • Pillow Pants

        Prince, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tom Petty, Mark Heard, Lucinda Williams, Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, Kate Bush, Rickie Lee Jones, Stevie Nicks, Tracy Chapman, k.d. lang, Shania Twain, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Lisa Loeb, Joan Osborne, Tori Amos, Norah Jones, Jewel, Taylor Swift, John Mayer, just to name a few. Singer-songwriter is even a subgenre of pop music. It’s not that rare an occurrence…unless your view of pop music is so limited it only includes Italian women with their hair dyed blond.

      • Pillow Pants

        More on Prince in particular: he produced ten platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles during his career.[2] Prince founded his own recording studio and label, writing, self-producing and playing most, or all, of the instruments on his recordings.[2] In addition, Prince has been a “talent promoter” for the careers of Sheila E., Carmen Electra, The Time and Vanity 6,[2] and has written songs for these artists and others (including Chaka Khan, The Bangles, and Sinéad O’Connor).

  • PStomcat

    Why are you all reading this article and investing time if you hate her so much? Leave her be and let those of us who love her music enjoy it peacefully!

    • Monster For Life

      Thank you!!!!!!!!! Straight and to the point. Haters need to get over it and go listen to whomever it is they DO like.

  • berlin

    and here go the haters adding more fuel to her massive attention. And you seriousy wonder why she gets so much attention?? It’s not rocket science for christ sakes! Leave her alone if you’re uninterested!

    • Robyn

      Exactly! Their complaining gives her the most commented stories on EW…that is why they keep posting about her. You love to hate her, just admit it silly people!

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Yes. We love to hate her. She gets the attention and YouTube hits not because she is that great, but because she is a fad. Look at Rebecca Black’s Friday YouTube hits over 100 million hits! The sad fact is, the Gaga curiousity is waning, as what the YouTube hits of BTW are showing. Katy Perry’s ET just released 3 weeks ago is set to overtake BTW’s YouTube hits which has been released 2 months already. Won’t surprised if next year people would ask Lady Gaga who?

  • UGH

    I like Gaga but I have to say that so far I’m very unimpressed with the 2 new songs and crappy album cover.

    • mein gheist kampf

      Yeah. I hope that public indecency is a law against her because a gimp suspender over the vally of the femine area is considered a crime. May not always be inforce in italy but now we know whereshe gets it from.

      • Monster For Life

        All your hateful posts against Gaga are so bizarre and grammatically challenged. Do you proofread before you hit the “Post Comment” button?

      • do u care?

        I’m sorry for my grammer. I have some english issues that I have explained with my other conversations.:-p

  • Ziggy

    The songs so far from her 2nd album are derivative and boring. I MUCH prefer Katy Perry’s and Rihanna’s pop songs right now. They are not pretentious, they’re simply putting out fun, poppy, dance music to get people to move!

    • malcom

      ….justin bieber, and my fave – britney sucks.

    • KC

      Katy Perry? Really?
      God-Awful hearing her yelp her way through a song. I feel like I’m at the dog pound when I hear her drone.

      • Cat

        That’s a very apt description of Perry’s “singing”. At least Gaga can carry a tune.

      • Angie

        Amen, KC. Katy’s voice is very shrill. After hearing Kelly Clarkson sing some Katy Perry songs on her last album, I have come to the conclusion that Katy should just let Kelly sing ALL of her songs.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Katy’s voice awful? Her awful voice set Billboard history last week by having four no.1 hits from one album. I’d rather have that awful voice!

    • Nicole

      How can you say Judas is boring??? I thought it was good when I first heard it on my crappy computer speakers, but after hearing it on the radio, it is really good! I actually like it a lot more than Bad Romance. There are like 3 different hooks that are very catchy in it.

    • cyn

      Just throught you should know aswell that Katy Perry and Rihanna does put out anything. The only thing they do is sing (with autotone) whats put out for them by true behind the scene artist.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Katy and Rihanna just sing and they sing songs easy on the ears. LG, on the other hand, writes, produces, sings a song like Judas that is so unlistenable. Poor Gaga, on the way to oblivion.

  • lah

    She is over-hyped and over-produced. She has some good songs, she is an average singer and her videos are violent and exploitive and she shows too much skin. Here videos don’t really match the true meaning of her songs. She is outrageouse just to get attention. At some point if she is a true artist she shouldn’t need all the extra crap to sell her music.

    • Sasha

      Honey the only over-hyped and over-produced thing about her is all the internet trolls and haters.
      *looks around*

      • Barry

        You’re not nearly as clever as you think you are.

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