Liam Gallagher criticizes statue of Michael Jackson (and height of Justin Bieber)

Oasis and Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher has derided a statue of Michael Jackson erected in Britain earlier this month, describing it as “ridiculous.” The statue stands outside Craven Cottage, the ground of British soccer team Fulham F.C. The team’s chairman Mohammed Al Fayed knew Jackson and in 1999 invited him to watch Fulham play Wigan Athletic.

Al Fayed was criticized by some Fulham fans when he unveiled the tribute. Fayed responded by saying that anyone who didn’t appreciate Jackson could “go to hell.”

Liam Gallagher was asked what he thought of the statue while giving match result predictions on the BBC soccer show Football Focus. “Yeah, it’s ridiculous, innit?” replied the singer. “But, you know, it could be worse. Could be Justin Bieber. But that wouldn’t be that high then, would it?”

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  • why is this news… he’s right

    radiohead sucks.

    • Poppy

      Is that you Liam? I bet you cry yourself to sleep knowing Thom Yorke’s nail clippings have more talent then you possess in your entire body.

      • why is this news… he’s right

        oasis sucks too, it’s just that people don’t pretend it doesn’t.

      • Slim Pickens

        What a TWIT !

      • Posit

        Everyone knows the Gallagher brothers are combative wankers. Nothing new.

      • Your Queen

        How is this newsworthy, Collis, you HACK?

    • Tori

      What does Radiohead have to do with anything?

      • why is this news… he’s right

        the last time liam was quoted, he was talking about how dreadful King of Limbs was while trying to promote his own crappy record.

    • brian

      Yet another example of Oasis attacking some of the biggest, most successful musical acts to compensate for their own failed desires to join the ranks. The list thus far (that I know of): The Beatles, Radiohead, and now Michael Jackson. Go play in a roundabout, Liam.

      • why is this news… he’s right

        ure so smart + cool.

    • dipshat

      Agreed,radiohead sucks!

      P.S. I’m aware of the fact that this is not about radiohead.

    • David T

      Stay classy Liam

  • Alex

    Oasis sucks.

  • psychoanalyzer

    why does this guy’s opinion even matter?

  • sad

    Too true. Does anyone really care what this whiny, long-past-his-prime Beatle wanna-be thinks about anything?

    • D’s Advocate

      …said the anonymous person posting on a message board who cared enough to click and comment.

      • Casey


  • Kevin

    You don’t like the guy’s music. Fine. But don’t criticize him for height, something he can’t really control. *Speaks for all the short guys out there*

    • jack

      It's a joke. Chill

  • Anon R

    Noel > Liam.

  • LOL

    Rebecca Black > Radiohead > Oasis

    • Big Bill


  • Cris

    A desperate attempt to stay relevant … no, wait, Oasis was NEVER relevant.

    • JC

      That’s ridiculous…they were relevant fifteen years ago.

  • Liz


  • kaydevo

    Is there anything or anyone that this muddleheaded ego-maniac WON’T criticize? Oh wait, HIMSELF. Ugh. Stop giving him publicity.

  • Jon

    Hey guys did you hear the news?! That guy no one cares about from Oasis doesn’t like some things!!

    Seriously must be a very slow news day right EW? Do you guys have a stupid non story quota to fill?

  • Jon

    And putting a Michael Jackson statue outside a sports arena is pretty stupid.

    • DT


  • True Blue

    Is he really that bitter and hate-filled to trash just about EVERYONE? Damn Liam, grow the f***k up. It’s not Radiohead’s, Michael Jackson’s or Justin Bieber’s fault that your band are no longer the apple of everyone’s eye. He must have some deep-seated personal issues, because Noel doesn’t act like this.

    • Von Titleton

      He’s right about a Michael Jackson statue outside a sports arena though. It’s pretty stupid. It doesn’t come across as bitter or hate-filled at all. I think that you are an idiot for posting that stupid comment. So there.

      • @ Von Titleton

        I think you’re an idiot for coming to the aid of a whiny, washed-up wannabe rock star.

      • True Blue

        @ Von Titleton:

        Makes sense that you would defend Liam by needlessly insulting me. Birds of a feather flock together, eh? You could very well be Liam himself for all we know.

      • Michael

        @@Von…I think you are an idiot for supporting the erection of a statue of a man who, most likely, diddled children.

    • Casey

      Really? He has issues? I would have said the same thing so I have issues too, huh? Thanks.

  • Live 4Ever

    You all are ridiculous. Liam was asked is opinion and responded in a funny and truthful way. Liam is always ready with an entertaining quote!

    • Mia

      Honestly. I don’t understand why everyone bashes him for it.

      • DT

        Exactly!!!!! Not real sure how his comment caused British rock bashing???? Kinda confused on that one.

      • Jean Genie

        Reading what easily entertained Oasis fanbots have to say is pretty darn entertaining in itself. Liam is about as funny as a car smash.

  • Clint Dempsey

    Not only that, but in this case he’s spot-on. If anything, he held back. Craven Cottage is arguably the prettyiest football ground in all of England. Certainly in the Premier League. To muck it up with this steaming pile of eyesore borders on the criminal. Fulham supporters hate it. Fayed obviously doesn’t a rats shag what the fans who pay the clubs freight think.

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