'Glee': Hear the New Directions' haunting cover of 'Pure Imagination' -- EXCLUSIVE


Last week’s episode of Glee definitely tugged at the heart strings, particularly the crowning of Kurt as Prom Queen and Blaine asking Kurt to dance. (My eyes are welling up just thinking about it again!)

Now, I’m told that next Tuesday’s installment, ominously titled “Funeral,” is one of Glee‘s most emotional hours to date. Uh oh.

Clearly something intense happens based on this cover of “Pure Imagination,” which EW is exclusively premiering today. New Directions puts their own spin on the track, originally sung in the 1971 classic Will Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, for the episode which has been rumored to feature the death of someone or something.  Listen below to the haunting version:

“Pure Imagination” is just one of the songs featured on Glee: The Music, Vol. 6,  which drops on May 23. To hear more music from “Funeral,” go to gleethemusic.com.

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  • Ann

    I have a feeling the death would be that of the closeted football player, after he ran off during Prom. Hopefully this will put an end to Kurt’s storyline.

    • Marcus

      The producers already denied this, and all the spoilers state that the death is a female.

      • Emma

        Maybe it’s Lauren. It’s time to stop championing obesity in this country.

      • Ann

        Oh…well then, I hope it’s Lauren too. I don’t like her character.

      • lester

        Honestly the only female dispensable is Finn’s mom. I’m thinking her.

      • Jackie

        It’s definitely not Lauren. They showed her in the behind-the-scenes pics of the episode they filmed in New York a couple of weeks ago.

      • TayMads

        It isn’t anyone from the Glee club that dies. So you can rule Lauren out.

      • RP

        It’s Becky. (I think)

      • Paige

        @ Emma: It’s time to stop championing obesity? Some people just are never going to be a size 2, 4, or 6. I hope you learn to love all people, not just those who look like you.

      • Zach

        I was thinking Becky or Terri. Along with the person being female, it was said that Sue is at the funeral. I can’t see it being anyone but her right-hand gal, or the honey-badger, if Sue is going to be there. Possibly Sue’s sister, but I would think less likely.

      • @ Paige

        I think Emma is trying to say that it’s unhealthy to be that weight, and it’s not okay for a show to make that okay. I’m all for promoting being comfortable in your own body, but not when a young girl is obsese. It’s just not healthy, and it goes past being a size whatever and wanting to fit in.

      • The Horn

        Well, these are the facts.
        The death is:
        NOT FINN’S MOM.
        The female death victim had close ties to a new directions member.
        The female victim has to be important enough for Sue to attend her funeral.
        The death could possibly be Becky, the producers have casted someone has Becky’s mother.

      • Mick

        Emma – are you kidding me? Maybe the show should stop making light of teenage boys sleeping with women their mom’s age (Puck), maybe they should kill off Mercedes as well – she’s obese too. Stop with the nanny-state mentality when it comes to Lauren. She’s comfortable in her own skin, so I say leave her alone. Healthy or not – it’s a huge stretch to say a happy, confident overweight teen on the show is promoting teen obesity. The PC police strike again…

      • Rush

        @The Horn: Sue is often in scenes her character has no business being in.

      • anon

        I think it’s the football coach, Dotty Beist. We haven’t seen her in forever. All the guys loved her, since she helped the football team become successful.

      • Andy

        @The Horn

        I guess you were wrong.

    • Mikey M

      And why do we want to put an end to it? Because it makes you uncomfortable or turned when you aren’t suppose to??????

    • Gael

      has anyone else noticed that all the kids in the choir have a solo except lea michele?

      possible sign?

    • bfd

      I hope it’s not Becky.

    • Matt

      I gotta say, the decision to devote more episodes to “very special” storylines cheapened the show, and the characters (which were kinda stock to begin with). I like Kurt, and I think it’s important to give him relationships and growth, especially amid the recent suicide crisis afflicting gay youths, but the show has devoted so much time to it, and has become so heavy-handed about it, that it feels like a cheesy after-school special. Maybe I’m being nitpicky.

    • Cant Wait

      Have already pre-ordered the album on iTunes !!!

  • shawn

    It will be either Karofsky by suicide or Puck’s girlfriend by a heart attack. Then Charice will come back to join the Gleeks just in time for Nationals.

    • nathan

      They AREN’T going to have Karofsky commit suicide – that would entirely miss the point of the gay-teen suicides that drove this plotline in the first place. They killed themselves because of bullying making their lives hell, not because THEY couldn’t accept their orientation. Karofsky killing himself at this point would send entirely the wrong message.

      • Mikey M

        They should have Karofosky wearing dresses next year. Embrace your inner Queen.

      • Cheri

        Wow…YOU are missing the point. More GLBT kill themselves every year because they can’t accept who they are and how society will treat them than because of a single bully. Homophobia happens even when there isn’t a specific person attacking this community. My money is on Karofsky. He is in misery – he can’t accept himself as gay and he can’t go back to pretending it isn’t real. This would be the real message of the season…not some bully storyline.

      • Luddite

        Sorry, Cheri. Having Karovsky kill himself would be a message, but it would be the wrong message. They’re clearly trying to send POSITIVE messages to GLBT kids. Having the gay jock kill himself because he doesn’t believe he can ever be happy? Not exactly a positive message.

  • jack hart

    hmm .. the female football coach?

  • E

    I think its Coach Beiste.

    • Woot

      Doubt it. She hasn’t been on the show in a while…

  • Maddies Mom

    I think it is going to be Sue’s sister

    • Andre

      I’ve heard this rumour as well as it being Becky. Apparently there was a casting call for Becky’s mom some time back.

      • M

        Oh please oh please not Becky!!

      • Tye-Grr

        Ditto, M! It’ll be sad enough if it’s Sue’s sister, but dear lord, not Becky! :(

      • mamimo

        I know Glee isn’t real life but my daughter lost a special ed classmate during sophomore year and they just dedicated prom to him. Yes there is cruelty amoung teens (they are changing and finding their true selves) but there is also kindness. Please not Becky

    • Kacey

      I agree, Sue’s sister.

    • Webby

      Can’t be Sue’s sister. It has been said that the deceased is close to a Glee member. Do any of them even know Sue HAS a sister??

  • ajay

    It could be someone totally random but it wouldn’t make sense for it to be emotional…what if it’s one of their parents? That would suck if Finn’s mom died or something.

  • Em

    I hope it’s not Bieste. I’m going with @Maddie’sMom though and thinking that it might be Sue’s sister. It would really give Jane Lynch something to sink her teeth into because lately her character has been rather one note.

    • Mikey M

      I agree. Sue is not fun anymore. She is boring. Get her something else to do other than trying to bring down the Glee club. The joke is not funny anymore. Make the character movie forward or get rid of her.

  • goat

    so I definitely have been wanting to buy the Willy Wonka version of this song…but you can’t unless you buy the whole album on iTunes…

    • me

      itunes usually offers the individual songs for sale once the episode has aired.

    • Melissa

      the kenny loggins version is pretty nice as an alt to the original…

  • jets

    that’s really pretty. Glee covers are always best when they re-work & re-imagine songs. Listening to this, it’s remarkable this song hasn’t been covered more. Taken out of the Willie-Wonka Gene Wilder context, it really is great. …as for who dies.. don’t want to sound mean but I’m hoping it’s Lauren. …but then that wouldn’t be all that sad for me.

  • West Coast Laura

    Gorgeous. I teared up just listening to it.

  • jerome

    Its NOT Lauren because she goes to NYC in the finale the following week. I’ve seen her in the press photos. Karosky would be QUITE a statement on teen gay suicides. And Lynch’s sister, yes, would give her character SOMETHING to do this season because so far I see NO Emmy episode. Kurt’s dad? Heart again?

    • Mikey M

      They really need to get her weight down before she dies. Same with Amber. Obesity is not a good thing. It can kill you.

      • Laura

        Oh for heaven’s sake, lots of things can kill you. No, obesity isn’t healthy, but why do you care if it’s not your body?

      • Ann

        We care because once Obama Care goes into affect, we’ll be paying for all the obese kids and their medical problems.

      • Marcus

        Ann, if you have private health insurance, you’re already subsidizing a bunch of fatties who stuff their faces with McDonalds all day, in addition to alcoholics and smokers who know they’re slowly killing themselves. “ObamaCare” just gives private insurance even more power. And thanks for bringing your (stupid, misguided, retarded) political opinions into a post about Glee. Go teabag John Boehner.

      • Rachel

        OMFG. Fat teenagers do not die from being fat unless they’re too fat to walk. Amber isn’t even fat enough to be truly unhealthy. Have you seen her dance? What’s wrong with you people?

      • Brody

        Oh, please. Lea Michele’s smoking is going to cost “us” a lot more than Amber’s extra 25 pounds.

  • AliciaJo

    I wonder if they brought back Jesse St. James just to kill him off? I love JG so I hope not.

  • Mary

    Tina and Kurt sound great in this song!

  • MJ

    WOW! That was the most beautiful song they’ve done in a long time. No one “belting it out” or straining to hit tough notes. Just pure, simple, sweet notes done impeccably. See, I knew they had it in them. Just sorry they waited so long to do something like this. As far as the death, I think it will be Finn’s mom but since there are so many cast members, it probably won’t stand out that much. Unlike Bones, when 1 person will leave a bigger hole.

    • Mellissa

      Off topic, I know, but I am going to miss Mr. Nigel-Murrey so much.

  • Laura

    Really pretty cover. This is what I wish Glee would get back to more–thoughtful arrangements that showcase the natural talents of its stars, instead of overly autotuned replays of pop songs.
    As for the death, I’m not sure who it will be. Maybe Sue’s sister? Coach Beiste?

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