Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' again 99 cents, but how many albums will she sell?


On Monday, when Lady Gaga’s Born This Way could be had for a mere 99 cents in the Amazon download store, demand for it actually crashed the online retailer’s servers.

In order to make it up to people who missed out, Amazon will once again be featuring the new release at the 99 cent price all day today.

“We’re doing it again,” the Amazon MP3 store dispatched in a Twitter post, “and this time we’re ready.”

The new discount will give Gaga a big sales push late in the week (according to Billboard, the Amazon sale may have shifted as many as 300,000 copies of the album on Monday) just as reports of sales projections are starting to surface. How close is Gaga to following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift and Lil Wayne in selling a million albums in a week?

The current low end of the projections place Born This Way at about 800,000 copies in its first week. That’s certainly a formidable number, especially considering the mixed reaction that the singles have received and the worry that Gaga’s full-court media press would create backlash among the more casual fans who are vital to selling albums with that sort of volume.

But there are some predictions that inch Gaga even closer to the elusive seven-figure mark. Citing both the Amazon sale and the retail saturation of Born This Way, Hits Daily Double believes the album will finish with closer to 950,000 copies sold. Considering that report was filed before Amazon opened the doors on the 99-cent sale for a second day, it’s easy to believe that she’ll be up over a million by the time the charts are tallied next week.

If it did pull it off, Born This Way would become the 14th album in history to sell one million copies in the first week of release. Taylor Swift was the last artist to pull it off; she sold over a million copies of her third album Speak Now when it dropped last year. Other members of that elite club include Eminem, 50 Cent, Britney Spears and Usher. And NSYNC remain the undisputed champion of first-week sales, having shifted 2.4 million copies of their second album No Strings Attached in 2000.

Do you think Born This Way has what it takes to join that elite class? Does it deserve to be counted among those greats? Let us know what you think of Lady Gaga’s sales prowess in the comments below.

Update: Billboard is now projecting Born This Way will sell over a million in it’s first week, and would have done so even without the second day of the Amazon sale.

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  • Dante

    This is a *ucking disgrace to the music industry and other artists! They, including myself will laugh if she gets recognized for selling 1 million of her crappy album, when we all know that in reality she sold way less than that!! I read this article that the executives of billboard estimated that she would sell 800000. This is the number excluding albums given for free when buying products(how lame). However, they decided that they were still gonna count the amazon 99c sales. I guess that’s why her ppl decided to do this again! UGH, this is a sad day for the music industry! HER SALES WILL DROP LIKE LEAD IN WATER IN THE 2ND WEEK!! Let’s see how long she’ll stay at #1.

    • Um…

      the album is HOT!! FU idiot breath.

      • Dante

        So if someone doesn’t like her music you get offended? LMFAO! I can’t with y’all lil delusional monsters!

      • Pete

        Well at least she’s selling it for what it’s worth: 99 cents. I still think that’s 98 cents too much.

      • Tony

        The reason to count the amazon purchases is because it is an actual sold product in the retail market. Why is that hard to understand? The one at best buy are free give aways when purchasing a phone plan, so they do not count. Cost money to best buy, but is it not fair that they don’t count towards her sales because the record label sold units to Best Buy. Wasn’t really interested in what she did but kind of digging the sound of this album. You can say I wasted my money but I say its much appreciated music to my ears.

      • TinaUk

        Born This Way is a D+ album…lets hope they will keep 99cents forever !!! Amen…

      • Lady DudeGa

        Conservative music with an unchallenging message, from a conservative voice – samey young, samey blonde, samey photo friendly, samey work ethic, samey marketed, samey military, samey machinic, samey diva – from a highly conservative and de-natured nation. Anything goes, so long as it fits and reflects the capitalist engine like another dumpy cog; so long as it breaks rules using the rule-breaker operating manual, so long as it runs on self-disgust, self-colonisation and self-domination.

        No more partner abuse anthems, no more pro military campaigns and Catholic flag-waving. What about a pro abortion song, Gaga. Be daring. One teenie little pro-abortion ditty. Not sorrow. Not mixed feelings. Just “Had the scrape and feel like dancing”. Be different, Gaga.

      • Beyonce fans



      • Amazon Help Me

        ***cheaper than my Tampax***

      • BUT BUT BUT…

        Why don’t we ask other artists who sold normally-priced album what they think? That would make for a much more interesting story.

      • BUT BUT BUT…

        Can’t wait to see how much further down the charts “Edge Of Glory” falls in its next week. #3 to #19. Where did all those fans go?

      • Shes a Cheater!

        I think it’s cheating the way she’s selling her album. I know many people who were not planning to buy her album, but since it was only 99 cents, they decided to get it. She does not deserve to get credit for selling an album at such a low cost. NSYNC, Britney Spears, 50 Cent and Taylor Swift all sold their albums at regular price, and sold over a million each. I’m sure if they made their albums for that price they would sell twice as many albums if they had. It’s not fair to the other more talented, less gimmick-y artists and how hard they worked to sell that many albums. Lady Gaga just wants to be known for selling a million in one week. It would be the same as a baseball player getting to the hall of fame by using steroids.

      • To SHE’S A CHEATER

        “She’s a cheater” you are a MORON! Lady Gaga’s record company is selling the cd full price. It is AMAZON who is taking a loss on the cd. They buy the cd from the label, and then sell it at a discount to advertise their new cloud system. It says a LOT that Amazon chose Gaga’s cd to promote their new system with. They know she is the most popular artist out there right now, even if sad people like you try to hate.

      • THE TRUTH

        Lady Gaga put out a fantastic Album. It’s not her fault the media, the hater drones (aka madonna fans), and the internet trolls are still obsessing over everything Lady Gaga does and doesn’t do. Thanks for taking time of your lives to post here about her and thus making her even more successful. LOL @ THE IGNORANTS!

      • Hodge

        Fuc$ the haters, Gaga is queen! This album is 20 times better than this crap on the market!

      • Kaleb

        She is desperate to sell more than any other artist out there (exp: Adele & Britney). In 2011, the highest first-week-sales are Adele (21) and Britney Spears (Femme Fatale).. obviously Gaga really needs that No.1 title. Look at The Fame and The Fame Monster…first-week sales were just less than 300k. If you look at the trend of Gaga-album-sales,…The Fame sold over than 12M, but The Fame Monster sold less than 6M. It was a very huge drop.

        So, with mixed reviews and most people think Born This Way is an over-hyped-low-music-quality album, her team try to boost the sales with GIANT promo like talk shows, Awards, Glee, SNL, American Idol and many others. Then, they use Amazon (0.99 cents)and Best Buy (as a free gift). For both Amazon and Best Buy, the sum-up would be around 400k-500k. Can u imagine that???
        What if Amazon and Best Buy didnt offer that price??

        This album will just be around 300k-350k for the first week sales (according to HDD prediction).

        At these days, I still impress with Adele and Britney fans,…they had little promo, but managed to sell over than 250k for the first week “with normal price”.

        P/s: I’ve listen to the CD, the most amazing track would be Hair..and the album maybe has 3-4 great tracks..the rest are just ‘filler’ for me. Gaga loses her creativity in making good music.

        I would recommend you to get Adele’s 21 and Britney’s Femme Fatale. These two albums sure gonna blow your mind!

        ~80’s music in 2011?? Is it relevant? #damn

      • Flakey Gaga


      • Nancy

        It’s better than anything Green Day ever put out, and that’s for sure!

    • Austin

      Funny how you were the first one to comment. You must like her. And no matter how much it costs, if it is sold legally it counts for the Billboard tally. And she and her ppl do not decide how much to sell the album on Amazon. Amazon does that. And showing that ppl can still sell 1 million records in a week is sad? I dont see the logic there. And reality she will SELL over 850,000 copies, whether it be on Amazon, iTunes, or Best Buy.

      • Dante

        Give me a break!!! If you truly think that her ppl had no influence whatsoever on Amazon deciding to do the 99c lame sale then you’re really gullible. Selling 800000 includes the first day of the 99c sale, so no I’m not impressed. Selling 1 million is a great accomplishment if done fairly.

      • Melissa

        Dante, it sounds like you are sucking on some HUGE sour grapes. What the heck does “done fairly” mean when it comes to music downloads? People are buying what she is offering. Amazon knows that there is huge demand for her cd, and so AMAZON is cashing in on her music in an effort to promote their cloud system.

        Gaga’s cd is really fun, I love it. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. Quite simple, really.

      • gazmo

        Do you work for Amazon or Gaga Dante? If not, Please shut the F up. You sound like a bitter Britney queen!

      • Gaga4573

        Gaga does not determine how much retailers sell her album for – Amazon is doing this to increase competition with iTunes, which has dominated the music industry for the past 7 years.

      • Sad sad sad

        We are not impressed. It is called sales manipulation.

        Sad era and Billboard is another trophy for delusional fans of hers to cheer about & be proud of this Madonna copycat.

      • Sad sad truly sad industry

        Someone should write to Billboard. I am sure Gaga wants is called ‘management buy- out’!

      • Namemia

        She is the flake of the year. The biggest whiniest at the moment and the worst copycat USA has ever produced.

      • idol

        Did you guys see her performance on American Idol? Sorry but there is no music artist today with a shred of Gaga’s talent. Her album is amazing, best of the year.

      • RANDYBlu

        Another DELUSIONAL FAN…99CENTS isnt fair and her team DECIDES Everything from promo to where (Target)she sells her album! She will be forever known for the girl who tried to be Madonna, the .99 cent album girl, the one album wonder, the gimmick girl- poor thing. If you went to perez website he was encouraging “lil monsters” to buy more than 1 copy of the “cheapest album of the decade”! Is that CHEATING YES IT IS!

    • gazmo

      Simmer down…I think you will live regardless.

      • Romeo

        Feb26hank Keep it pop and do the tina teurnr thing baby – you fit the bill perfectly.

    • Randy

      you’re so lame dude. no one is attacking you for not liking her music. you just said that and admitted to everyone right here that there is something you like about her cause of your irate, unnecessary hostility.The fact that they can predict she will sell that many album EXCLUDING give-aways and including a 99 cents says a lot about her selling power and promise.

      • Inscrutable

        Yes, she will live up to her promise of selling many copies of terrible “music” to the mindless herds who enjoy disposable items made in China out of oil. By the way, she personally has no selling power. Without a bloated and obnoxious team of PHD credentialed psychologist/Ad people who hype up her “music” to those who are susceptible to hypnosis, she would sell zero. How many people buy worthless products that they don’t need? Lady Garbage is the Slap Chop of the music industry; ineffective and poorly made. Perfect for those in our country to consume.

      • Patti

        Inscrutable, not only are you factually wrong, but Amazon is proving it! To say she has “no selling power” is absurd. Amazon bought her cd at full price and is selling at a LOSS because they know that Gaga alone will drive tons of attention to their new cloud system. It really says a lot about how much faith they have in her “selling power” that they chose her cd to do their big roll out with. They could have chosen Britney or Beyonce, but they chose Gaga. Finally, she wouldn’t be ranked at #1 on Forbes Most Powerful list if she didn’t have selling power. You are delusional!

      • Inscrutable

        Yes, Patti, Amazon is proving that Lady Gaga’s record company’s bloated brainwashing/ad comapaign is working. And they are helping push the soon to be deleted mp3s. You miss the point that without a giant staff of pop culture pushers, this garbage would not sell. If you enjoy Lady Gaga and think you know what quality music is, you are the delusional one. Anyone with half a brain knows that the country has been pre conditioned to accept her as a star via Psychologist tested media techniques, as well as using worn out dance rhythms that no one remembers as being popular and calling them her own. I stand by my claim that alone, without staff, Lady Gaga has ZERO selling power. If she was so incredibly huge, she would not need to publicize herself or hire a staff to do so. You’ve been bamboozled into buying the “Jupiter Jack” of pop stars. Ineffective despite the hype and stale wind of acceptance eminating from American mass media.

      • THE TRUTH

        Thanks for taking the time out of your day to continually post and making long types about how much your dedication and foaming to the mouth over Lady Gaga, Inscrutable. The Mother Monster appreciates you directly helping out her selling power. LOL @ YOUR UNINTENDED FAILURE!

    • Backa

      You’re all silly. Amazon subsidizes the 99 cent sales. The record company gets what they would regardless of price. Amazon did this with books for a long time to get the Kindle off the ground: they took a loss on every book, paying the hardcover discounted wholesale price that was more than the Kindle download price. GaGa is still getting her money from the Amazon sales that they’re taking a loss on to sell their cloud service before Apple starts theirs. God bless her. It’s a great idea.

      • Monster For Life

        Thank you, Backa! I just now read the article and hoped there would be someone to point this out in the comment section.

      • Ben

        The fact that the record company and artist are getting their full share is not the point. The point is that most of the people who bought the album for .99 would never have paid full price, so it is unfair to count those sales as full album sales. They should tabulate all of the .99 sales and then divide by ten.

      • windrider2

        Wrong as usual, Ben. I bought the cds for myself, family and friends. I took advantage of the amazon sale to send gifts to another set of friends. Everyone I know is doing the same thing.

        Amazon has discounted other artists’ albums, as well as books, in the past, in order to market new products like the kindle and new services like their Cloud server. ALL RETAILERS use a loss leader marketing strategy, including most big box stores and grocery retailers. They buy the products at regular cost and deep discount them to bring in customers who will buy more products. The manufacturers of those products, whether they are records or books or a box of Tide detergent, do NOT get consulted on how much the retailer will sell it for.

        People like you want Billboard to create a new policy to exclude Gaga’s DL sales, and ONLY Gaga’s DL sales. Billboard isn’t going to do that, not for Gaga, not for Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna or any other artist whose sales figures benefit from deep mark-downs and discounts as loss leader products.

    • barnell

      I can’t stand it when idiots try and talk about something they know nothing about. If you don’t like her, that’s fine, but you’re just being down right hateful and ignorant. Born This Way is an amazing album and it is what the music industry really needs. Also, GaGa does not pick how much the cd sells for. Amazon made this decision so their music player could compete with Itunes. As people pointed out, the album is currently at number 1 on Itunes where people are paying full price. Also, many tradition stores are sold out. Get a life and learn to realize that not everyone is supposed to have the same taste in music as you do.

      • Jabar

        Ok listened to it somewhere else. It’s sounds like a crap version of Madonna’s Express yourself produced by the people that did the Teletubbies track. She’s not even gay. She was born straight.

      • Inscrutable

        The industry needs horrible dance music circa 1991? Should we bring back MC Hammer too?

      • Xx

        Get back to us Jabar & Inscrutable (madonna fans) when Buckdonna actually produces “good” music.

      • Taylor

        An artist can choose who can sell their album and at what price. For example the Beatles would not let iTunes sell their album until they could agree on the price. The fact is that selling an album that was said to be the “album of the decade” for 99 cents goes to show that her people knew that to sell it at full price would bring small numbers. It’s basic economics really when you lower the price the demand is greater. Gaga is not artistic, she just has great marketing.

    • JUSTIN

      Im sorry but you are misinformed. The 99 cent sales count because it shows buyers content. The only thing that won’t count will be the albums that are given away at best buy with smart phone sales.. so the 99 cent sales will count as they should. Its brilliant marketing.

    • Amy

      You are on point! It is ridculous,and the sales should NOT count,since the cloud service is included,that is a bundled sale and should not count….it is a travesty!

      • RoyalT

        amy is right. when they sell Lady Gaga’s album it includes the cloud service, and since it is only 99 cents more people will buy it than usual. it doesn’t matter how much gaga is getting paid for the album it matters on how much it cost because that helps determine how many albums an artist will sell. so in my opinion it should not be included in the tally for billboard, regardless everyone knows that the album will be number one so i don’t see why they would do something like this to boost sales, and maybe this wasn’t to boost sales but that is my opinion. Now here comes the little monsters to defend GaGa

      • jeanes

        Why would little monsters try and defend something Amazon did?

        Why would little monsters try and defend her album is freakin awesome?

        Why would little monsters try to defend the fact its not just number one on amazon, but number one in retail everywhere?

        Why would little monsters try to defend the fact that 90% of all the negative post TOWARDS Gaga in a subject thats pointed to Amazon are really just 2-3 gaga hater/trolls?

        That’s why there is no reason to “defend”.

    • Matt

      You do know that Gaga’s $1 download from Amazon is still paying Gaga $5-8 a download for the album, right? It’s a big promotion for Amazon to get users of the Cloud service they now offer (a $20 service/yr for $1 at that).

      • Lisa

        Again, that is beside the point – no one cares what Gaga is making. The point is that the .99 price does not equal a kosher sale.

      • windrider2

        I guess, Lisa, that you will hold that same position when one of YOUR favorite artists benefits from a retailer’s mark-down, loss-leader sale. Odds are, in fact, that at least one of your artist already has benefited, as amazon features at least one record a week marked down to push volume of DL sales.

        Amazon chose Born This Way because of the enormous volume of pre-orders the record had. It was a reasonable gamble that with massive pre-orders, the record was going to sell very well, and they might be able to push a lot of DLs as well. I guess you don’t believe in our free enterprise system in America.

    • Tony

      The reason to count the amazon purchases is because it is an actual sold product in the retail market. Why is that hard to understand? The one at best buy are free give aways when purchasing a phone plan, so they do not count. Cost money to best buy, but is it not fair that they don’t count towards her sales because the record label sold units to Best Buy. Wasn’t really interested in what she did but kind of digging the sound of this album. You can say I wasted my money but I say its much appreciated music to my ears.

    • The Edge of Flaky pt 1

      Desperate remind me of Mariah Carey in the 90s.

      I can’t remember a pop album with as little space to breath than this. Totally suffocating and deoxygenated; it really leaves me cold. I just wish she’d make some elegant and minimal music that’s as interesting as her fashion – perhaps the album will have some light and shade on it rather than just this constant glare that only brainwashed kids would buy during the 1st week of its release.

      • Bran

        She did make a decent album, it’s called “Born This Way”. Maybe you haven’t heard it.

      • Monster For Life

        Mariah Carey?!?!?! Oh good Lord! How on earth did you get to that conclusion?! Nonsensical. #Fail

    • RANDYBlu


    • The edge of failure


      • whatever

        2 out of 5*

        Same 2 year- old rubbish ! Remember when she said this album would be the greatest album of the decade? Really? This new album is not showing any big progression whatsoever so far. Do people really let their kids buy this? I know kids will download it but are there actually adults who will spend their hard earned money on this tasteless crappy album. Haven’t we learned any anything about this recession? What a ‘sad, true but waste’ era we live in…. (Sigh)

      • The edge of success

        Queen of just 99 cents? iTunes would like a word with you.

      • So What, Who Cares!

        wow…did it take you all day to come up with that name? Edge of Glory is #4 on itunes right now. Yes, She failed.

      • Yes whatever

        @whatever – since you must have purchased the album to have listened to it so you could provide us with your detailed insight, I just wanted to thank you for adding to the sales Gaga must desperately need since she is an untalented cheater. She and her record company execs appreciate your support.

        I don’t really care how many she sold or how. I was going to buy it either way because I enjoy her music along with her other millions of fans. We don’t care about your useless opinions so you should keep them to yourself and go enjoy your country music.

    • C-jay Solis

      This guy obviously has no idea what REAL music is if he thinks Gaga’s music isn’t great. He’s just jealous cuz in the end who is he reading about? Lady Gaga. In the end, who’s reading about him in tabloids? Noone. :PPPP

    • Whiskey Mouth/Blonde South

      @ Dante – Your Obsession with Gaga is embarrassing.

    • tv316

      They don’t have any reason to do that, they wanna get profit from the albums don’t they? selling them for 99 cents isn’t gonna make any money, even if that means Gaga can sell more than 1 million. It’s, they do it again so the people who purchared it but weren’t able to download can get the songs.

    • bob

      if you have such a problem with gaga and her music, why are you reading and commenting on this article? I truly do not understand why people do this.

      • Hates haters

        And how do these people know it sucks if they didn’t buy it and listen to it? Too bad idiots don’t know when to keep their traps shut.

      • Ceyhun

        Great iginsht into the process. Much enjoyed!!!Best part: “‘normal’ real world listening locations”

    • RANDYBlu

      Lady Xerox more like Bizarro Madonna not only is she cheating by giving away her album for .99CENTS?! but at bestbuy if you by a phone you get two free CDs, so say your grandparents just want a dang phone got two of Lady Copy and Pastes’ album FREE! This girl is DESPERATE for that platinum status! She will be the one known in history for Gimmicks, trying to be Madonna, and cheating in record sales!

    • SmarterThanYou

      Umm just so you know…Her album rocks and I bought two of them. One on iTunes and 1 at target… And guess what I paid FULL PRICE! So just shush! Cause I don’t see you selling a million albums in a week…

  • Gaga

    Amazon is taking the $6 loss not Interscope or Gaga. They are trying to beat Apples iCloud launch….best buy promotion doesn’t count. Apple is selling the album at $15.99 currently #1 in every country except Netherlands.

    • Tiffany

      You speak the truth.

    • gazmo

      Yes, poeple seem to forgot that part…She has been #1 on iTunes all week.

    • Emily

      After 20 minutes her Album was #1 on the iTunes Charts…

      • RoyalT

        They are not saying lady gaga’s album should not be number one because no matter what it is going to be number one on the billboard. they are saying the amazon sells shouldn’t count because it is for 99 cents and no matter what you say, just for it being 99 cents is going to boost the sales by probably 50% and that is just an estimate, and if it wasn’t for amazon the actual sell number would be alot less.

      • RANDYBlu

        Muniplulation of Numbers!

      • Madonna Copycat

        it won’t be long before her self-invented and self -inflated ego implodes.

        I just don’t know what you are all raving about. She and her expensive entourage care nothing for anyone else except their own sensational exposure around the world to boost their egos. No respect for the environment (I heard/read she ‘throws away’ what ever is left after a show). I find her behaviour very much like a politician’s already, and much like a flash CEO of a bleeding-the-world and greedy corporation.
        Expect her to run for office soon and expect Lady Gaga INC.

      • Mariah4life

        What do you expect with 5 months marketing, hype and cheap publicity. Sadly kids with IQ below 70 fell to this boring, lackluster and Madonna Xerox album.


      • Patti

        Royal, her estimates were at 800,000-1,000,000 BEFORE the Amazon strategy was announced.

        People are so DESPERATE to discredit her, it is actually kind of funny!

      • mmgonewild

        Sorry but ‘Born This Way’ kicks the piss out of anything Buckdonna has ever done.

    • Eddie Gaga

      This is the “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” of music.

      Huge hype, shattered records, massive first-week marketing and sales… but a big ol’ letdown in the end.

      A ton of people are gonna buy this album based on all the goodwill from The Fame Monster, but it won’t have the same staying power. Just watch..

      • Enrique

        wow! this is crazy – you and hudmo on the podcuotirn ,and trek life's a pity that i'll have to wait for 3 months to listen to it((

  • MSR

    She may be selling a ton of albums, but is it truly because of the album itself or the fact that it’s so cheap? If I were her, I’m not sure I’d be particularly proud of selling a million copies because of this. That being said, it’s cool people can get the album at such a great markdown. I won’t purchase, but hopefully her fans are happy.

    • Kenneth

      This has been said before, amazon bought every album for its real price, they are selling it for 99 cents, it has nothing to do with her, she already sold her copies to amazon, and it is a fantastic album, not to mention amazon sold MANY hard copy albums and sent them out, as well

      • Lisa

        And you are completely missing the point, Kenneth.

      • Anya

        The fact that Gaga got her money for those albums sold on Amazon anyway has nothing to do with the fact that Amazon sold her album for 99 cents on the day of release. Some people bought it for the 99 cent price who would not have purchased it otherwise, so that inflated the number of albums sold. I don’t really care whose fault it is that this happened, I’m simply saying that if the album sells 800,000 copies, and Amazon sold 300,000 copies of the album on Monday, then 40% of those sales came from Amazon on that one day.

    • @MSR

      So by your logic, people who would normally not buy a LG album, will, only because it’s cheap? That makes no sense. If I don’t like an artist and I’m not interested in their music, I won’t get the album, even if it was given away.

      Conversely, people who adore GAGA will get the album even if it cost 40 bucks.

      • haha

        I did. Just for the 20gb’s of free cloud. I had no intention of buying the album. And after I listened to it, am very happy I only paid .99.

      • Marj

        I do believe that a LOT of people will not buy the album but since is so cheat… they are buying it. People shops things on sale that they don’t need because they feel is too good of a deal, not because is actually satisfying a need. Is marketing! So… even if you say there is no logic is the purpose of the sale, to drag people to buy something for a ridiculous price, even if they don’t need it or want it.

      • Lee

        Perhaps they like one or two songs and would normally just buy single tracks – but for .99 they are buying an album that they otherwise would not have bothered with.

      • Anya

        I was unimpressed by Gaga’s singles from the album and had decided not to buy the entire thing, but I like the songs Marry the Night and Heavy Metal Lover so I wanted to buy them. However, because of the 99 cent deal on Amazon it was cheaper just to buy the whole album then to get those two singles alone, so why not? And that is exactly how I wound up buying Lady Gaga’s new album from Amazon. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    • LOL

      SO Cheap…I guess it is better then the ones who download it illiagly.

    • beb

      So, with your logic, should Mariah Carey be proud of the #1 songs she scored when they were being sold at a heavy discount?

      • Flakey Gaga

        NO…where is is now. Nobody believes she is genuine.

    • JUSTIN

      So.. why is her albums 1 and 3 on iTunes right now ? The deluxe is 1 and the standard is 3.. And they are 14.99 give or take… just get over it.. people love the album.

      • RoyalT

        People are not saying it is a horrible album they are talking strickly amazon sales. and fact is her amazon sales would not be what they are if the album wasn’t 99 cents. im not saying people wouldn’t by it im saying that it wouldn’t sell as much.

  • Smarts

    Its a TERRIFIC will have legs.

    • Dana

      It’s a crappy record and it will still sell because the public likes crappy music. Gaga should have taken the time to produce something that measures up to her talent.

      • PAWS UP!!

        the album can’t be touched! It’s that hot! :)

      • Andrew

        Haha, that depends on how you define crappy. I’d say that when speaking in terms of how good something is, the only fair evaluation to use would be popularity. The more people there are who like it, the better the album is – it accomplishes its goal of pleasing the most amount of people possible and is efficient in doing so. Hence, Lady Gaga’s music is not crappy at all. In fact, my guess is that whatever music you listen to is a lot less popular than her, making yours (by your own definition, of course) “crappy”.

      • Andrew

        So do us all a favor: get off of your high horse, stop dogging artists just because a lot of people like/listen to her, and go troll someplace else.

      • Werdna

        Eh, the album isn’t great. I found one song that I liked, so I basically paid 99 cents for that, which seems fair to me. The rest will be stored somewhere in the nether regions of my laptop and culled sometime in the future.

      • Well…

        @Dana – Man I’m sorry you don’t like it. I think it’s pretty stellar and an obvious move forward for her. I think she DID take the time to make a solid epic album from start to finish. It’s not for everyone’s taste, but that’s how it goes. As much as I like them, I’m glad she didn’t make a Fame/Fame Monster retread. It proved that each album form her will be an event, and different from the one before. Critics are loving it for the most part… Gaga owns 2011!

      • Inscrutable

        A lot of Nazis were pleased when Hitler did what he did to Germany and its people. Does the popularity of any given thing really have any true reflection on its quality? People can see through this talentless hack’s pathetic rehash of mid nineties dance music. Hey if you don’t remember your history, you are doomed to repeat it; enjoy your pop culture flavor-aid. Americans don’t seem to demand anything from their entertainers which is why we are bombarded with a series of Madonna clones, including Lady Garbage. The sequels are never as good as the original; in this case the original wasn’t very good to start with so the copy is hideously awful and hard to look at.

      • Anya

        Just because somethings popular doesn’t mean it’s good. And just because something isn’t popular doesn’t mean it’s bad.

      • Amy

        Dez31Sindy Wundert mich, dass alle so auf diese “Person” abhafren, aber gut. Wems gefällt….

    • Heather

      I was surprised how much I liked it…the haters can be quite convincing! When I actually listened to my friend’s copy, I ended up LOVING it!!

      There really are so many good songs, great album!

  • hello1

    sorry Gaga is better than Taylor and Britney. She should be the only one to join Shania Twain in the million album female sales. Nsync is trash so is Usher and Lil Wayne

    • JB

      No, I miss NSync. They were amazing. Agree with your other statements.

  • Ally

    I guess I’m the only one- but I loved her first album, it was so fun and I just feel like she tries too hard..I previewed those songs and dont like a single one..just sucks bc I used to really like her.

    • kate

      Yeah, I think it will be really hard for her to top her debut. That was so good with so many great singles.

    • Megan

      When I previewed the songs, I didn’t know if I was going to like them, but they make a lot more sense when you hear the whole thing. Listening to a 30 second clip doesn’t do them justice. I especially love Marry the Night, Government Hooker, and Sciebe (or however it is spelled!).

      • Andrew

        Couldn’t agree more, Megan. I honestly didn’t like it on my first listen-through either. But the problem wasn’t the music, it was because we were (I’m assuming) all expecting a different sound similar to her first LP and EP albums. So we were turned off by our own expectations. On my second time listening, I love(d) the album. I can’t stop listening now!

      • LOL

        I agree. These are some good songs if you really listen to them, not just the clips or take the advice of the trolls stalking EW.

    • Anya

      I agree with you. This album isn’t all that bad, and it makes more sense as an album then it does as individual singles, and a couple of the songs are pretty good. But it’s still a fall from The Fame and especially The Fame Monster, where every song was good.

  • kate

    She very well may sell 1 million copies this week. But is it really fair to compare this album, being sold at 99 cents, to regular albums at retail price that sell 1 million copies? Especially before iTunes – it was like $12-$15 and you had to go to the store to get the album. Super impressive that N Sync sold 2.4 million in a week, wow.

    • Love Nsync

      the fans couldn’t resist those guys and it was a phenomenon. I bought Nsync the first week and just bought Gaga yesterday for $14 I might I love her album.

    • True Blue

      And I think a million of those copies were sold in a day. Whoa. Hard to believe the boy band mania was a decade ago now, I remember it like it was yesterday. Funny how no one tore into them like they do Justin Bieber now…

      • kate

        Wow, that is super impressive. I know I got the N Sync CD pretty early, but I’m not sure if it was the first week.

        Anyway, I think older records like that speak so much more strongly – when you actually had to drive to get the CD. Even online shopping wasn’t big yet back in 2000.

      • Maggie

        N’Sync’s sales were super impressive…but they sold over a million in a WEEK, not one day.

      • True Blue

        @ Maggie:

        The article said that they sold 2.4 million in a week. I’m not entirely sure, but I do recall reading somewhere that a million of those were in a day. Unless I have them confused with another artist?

      • Moni

        […] admin пишет: So that meant I had to learn how to DJ and make beats on my own. Working out what enmepuiqt to get and how to use it took time but I worked it all out eventually. I would watch groups on TV and read all the rap magazines to learn about … […]

    • RANDYBlu

      is this 1981 or 2011..sorry Lady Copy and Paste, Madonna was born this way FIRST. Like they say the sequel is never better than the orginal! on a side note Princess Britney album was ten billion times better than the garbage you put out. BTW-Express yourself, Judas -Bad romance rehash, Edge of Glory- For The Lonely -Cher….get orginal!

  • Woot

    Now I’m mad I bought the album at full price. People are getting mad at Gaga for something Amazon decided… but I don’t understand why. I mean I get economics and competition, but you’re practically giving it away for 99 cents, they can’t be making much money off of it.

  • Sarah

    Yeah, I dont think it will be the same accomplishment as selling a million albums at a regular price. My Dad bought it!!! Just to see what “This Lady Gaga woman is all about and it was only .99″. There were probably a ton of people that bought it strictly because of the low price tag. So its really not a fair comparison.

    • Joe

      As stated before, Amazon is trying to compete with Itunes. In the end if she sells a million, she sells a million. But I can entertain it as some super subplot of hers seeing as she has a lot of free time…..but wouldn’t it be considering ideal to sell your music for cheaper so that everyone can afford to buy it? Music being intangible I’ve never heard of anyone complaining that an item was marked cheaper. Maybe this will spark a trend and music as a whole will go down in price. People can be so pretentious for no reason some times. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

      • True Blue

        If it was Gaga’s idea to sell her own album for just a Buck, then I love her even more for it. An artist that does the opposite of screwing their fans over for money? *plays Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”*

      • kate

        Joe, relax. No one is complaining that it’s priced at 99 cents. They’re just making a point that it’s sort of apples to oranges comparison between a 99 cent download album that sells 1 million copies in a week and a $14 album that sold 1 million copies in a week back in 2000 when you drove to buy a cd. But, that’s life.

        I think anything that drops the price of music is great, so I hope things like this continue.

  • Ray

    You can hold your indignation for another time. If this works out for Gaga I guarantee you will see other artist doing the same. Did you notice that a certain artist started to sell her previously released singles for 69 cent two days later? If she gets a million or close to it everyone releasing this year will want a similar deal.

    • Bon

      Except it wasn’t Gaga’s decision (no will it be any other music artist decisions) for Amazon to sell it at 99 cents.
      You can’t blame or praise Lady Gaga for something that is completely not of her choice.
      You can praise Gaga however for putting out a decent album admist the criticized world and hyped bigotry.
      Seriously people give her album a few play-throughs its quite remarkable unless your like 40+ year olds or obsessed britany/madonna fans.

  • jesse

    I bought three albums at full price. I hope she shatters all records, just to prove to everyone she has the goods.

  • Dylan

    The album is amazing! Its an electronic masterpiece, and if people don’t like her music (I know very few who don’t like GaGa), please keep your bitter comments of pages because it just sounds like jealous whining because your ‘idol’s’ aren’t as big as GaGa!

    • RANDY

      As “big” as Gaga..are you serious? This year she has been accused of plagiarising Madonna, selling her album for .99 cents, gave two free albums at bestbuy with a purchase of a phone, had the worse album cover i have ever seen. I doubt anyone is jealous of those things. Sorry to say but this album is a flop. I mean you do have perez advising “lil monsters” to buy more than one copy- to me that’s cheating your way to the top.

  • James

    Im really upset I bought the album for full price on Itunes. The album is decent though, its one that grows on you, definately has some bad filler material though.

    Also if she makes the million mark I would be kind of upset too….the other artists reached that mark without a 99c sale, Im always looking for new music and I would definately buy an album for 99c even if i barely liked the artist

  • LOL

    This might be the 1st time…But I bet you not the last time we see Amazon, iTunes or even Google price something this low(If they come out with something). It is how things go now. Deal with it and shut it.

  • John

    i really don’t understand how amazon is doing it or why … all this technology talk makes my head spin lol … i can say this … the album isn’t bad it’s just wayyy too many songs that could’ve been b-sides or bonus tracks … she overindulged od and it ended up hurting the vison of the album

    • tracksone

      Too many b-sides/bonus tracks? ‘The Edge of Glory’? ‘Hair’? ‘Scheibe’? ‘Marry The Night’? ‘Born This Way’? ‘Americano’? ‘Electric Chapel’? ‘You And I’?

      Hell that’s over half the album right there. All those songs freakin slay awesomeness.

      • Krista

        I love this album. I hear so many influences in her songs and she defies cliche. One of a kind artist. Versatile and truely entertaining.

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