Lady Gaga kicks off 'Good Morning America' Summer Concert Series: How did she do?


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Well, that “Born This GMA” meme certainly didn’t go to waste!

Lady Gaga continued her whirlwind media blitz to promote Born This Way by kicking off Good Morning America’s summer concert series today. In front of thousands of screaming fans, some of whom had camped out for two days, she performed a five-song set from the heart of Central Park.

Needless to say, Rihanna purring “S&M” to open the Today show’s own concert series couldn’t compete with Gaga in the Grand Entrance department. With her bipolar Cruella DeVil hair and a red-riding hood ensemble — she looked like a caped crusader for glitter and grease — Her Ladyship ziplined her way over the heads of her cigarette-glasses-wearing audience to land more-or-less gracefully on stage. Admittedly, it seemed to take a bit longer than she’d anticipated — her spandexed backup dancers had carried most of “Bad Romance” by themselves before she made her arrival. And I couldn’t help but notice a rare look of fear on her face before taking her harnessed leap of faith. Had she learned nothing from Hugh Jackman’s zipline debacle on Oprah? Thankfully, though, Gaga is still without a Spinal Tap-style mishap, even if precious time to see her cat-scratch her way through “Bad Romance” was lost.

After her first song, she sat down with George Stephanopoulos — clearly out of his buttoned-down element — and Robin Roberts to field some typical morning-show questions, like, “What’s the most bizarre request you’ve ever received?” Gaga’s reply: “There is no request too bizarre… within reason. I do have a sense of reason.” Also, Roberts asked, “If you had one day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?” To which Her Gaganess responded with appropriate gods-coming-down from Olympus humility. “I would want to hang out with my fans and have it not be me.” She also showed two constants of her ensemble: her late Aunt Joanne’s miniaturized birth certificate on a necklace (but is it the long-form version?) and a ring from her grandfather who died last September and who inspired “The Edge of Glory.”

And that was the next song she performed, sporting a lace unitard and spiky, sea-urchin-like Captain EO jacket, perfect for reveling in the soaring ’80s excesses of her latest power ballad. Despite the early hour, Gaga’s voice sounded in top form, trilling emphatically behind the “In the most Biblical sense/I am beyond repentance” bridge of “Judas.” For her love-hate tribute to history’s most infamous backstabber, clad in another Michael Jackson-worthy get-up — a military-style jacket with gold epaulets — she retained most of Laurieann Gibson’s hand-waving video choreography and was audibly out of breath by the end, though her lung-power never wavered on that sky-high proclamation of “I want to love you/but something keeps on pulling me from you…”

For “Born This Way,” she donned gold Viking horns, as if Brunhilda from “What’s Opera, Doc?” Sadly, though, “Kill the Wabbit” didn’t replace “Don’t be a drag/Just be a queen.” Wagnerian excesses aside, “Born This Way” completely scored, with Gaga even taking a dip in her own Hot Tub Slime Machine, surely left over from a deleted Saturday Night Live skit, to assert our “same DNA.”

Finally, she rounded out her concert doing what she does best — stripping-down her own pop confections to piano-sized proportions — with an acoustic rendering of “Hair.” At a (unicorn-shaped) keyboard, Gaga’s never better at injecting enough passion and commitment to sell even the corniest lyrics about follicular empowerment.

All in all, pop’s reigning queen served up just the right combo of stunts and sincerity. You couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off the summer.

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  • KC

    I can’t believe her Little Losers camped out in advance for this.

    • Amanda

      I was actually there, it was really fun. :)

      • Alexis

        Very good show! It was tons of fun!

      • PAWS UP!!

        I love how Billboard magazine owned the pathetic haters once again. *CLEARS MY THROAT*. Even without amazons second promotion Born This Way was on it’s way to over a million week one in america. Over 500,000 on the first day alone. Retail noted 70% of sales was for the deluxe edition. Billboard even broke it down by retailers. :)

      • Erica

        If Lady Gaga had any real balls, she would’ve appeared on Howard Stern this past week!



      • My Name Here

        That was AMAZING! Haters can talk all the trash they want, but that was great. All those fans showed up. If people want to call her a flop…that is the kind of flop I would want to be! Paws up!

      • Maggie

        I LOVE the new cd. Didnt know if I would based on previews, but my roommate got the cd and now I LOOOOVE it! Government Hooker is such a fun, sassy song!

      • scott

        This is to Erica, she will be on Howard Stern in June. He announced it the other day. She couldn’t fit it into her schedule this time around so I can’t wait to hear what he asks her.

      • JUSTIN

        Album of the year!

      • Jing

        Who’s Howard Stern? Never heard of him.

      • PAWS UP’s Mother

        What will truly reflect the album’s longevity will be second and third week sales. So she sells a million the first week out and 100K the second. That’s not good. If this album sells less than 4 million copies (the average single sell for a hit), it’s a flop.

    • Alexis

      Your a loser. Grow up! If you don’t like someone, simply don’t pay attention to them. Don’t be a hater.

      • Barry

        We’re forced to pay attention to this trash because the media foeces it down our throats.

      • UGH

        Don’t be a drag just go away.

      • sarah d

        If you don’t like it don’t swallow.

    • Mariana

      we aren’t little losers, we are little monsters, get your facts straight.

      • Pete

        Wrong. You are indeed a loser and a failure at life.

      • My Name Here

        Says Pete who hides behind his computer to bully people.

      • Monster For Life

        Great way to embarrass yourself, Pete!! Bully indeed!

      • Maggie

        Wow, Pete. Takes a real man to insult people because they don’t share your taste in music.

      • Annette

        U guys are total losers! Lady Gaga tries to bring the heat but she can’t because it has already been done a thousand times before!

      • avi

        huh are serious

    • Michael

      @KC Shut the f*ck up fa**ot, you’re a little loser.

      • gato

        get a life sweetheart. why so sad?

      • UGH

        WoW. A “true” Gaga fan that spews a hate word with the word fa**ot. You should turn in your little monster mask in shame.

    • Christina Aguilera

      OMG this awful person is awful
      cant sing
      cant dance
      ugh ugh ugh ugh

      • Michael

        @Christina Aguilera Hahaha this coming from a floptina fan. F*ck you fa**ot troll, you’re awful you stupid, retarded, sad, pathetic stupid b*tch. are you deaf? and blind? go get your ears and eyes checked. Lady Gaga is an amazing singer and an amazing dancer. you can’t sing or dance a**hole.

      • Steve

        ^ Shut up f@g

      • UGH

        So much hat

        I was talking about Gaga.

      • Derek

        @ Christina Aguilera …. The only thing I have to say is BIONIC. Don’t remember that one? Yeah nobody else does either.

      • True Blue

        @ Michael:

        I’m sure Gaga would be PROUD of your use of homophobic slurs.

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    • stella

      This whole “campaign” is just increasingly desperate sounding and looking. It’s not going to be long until her album is a gift-with-purchase freebie when you buy that weekend bottle of Thunderbird at the 7-11

    • Shawn

      How dare you!!!!!!!I would do anything 4 Lady Gaga. I would even kill myself 4 her.

    • CJ

      Her music is garbage and she is weird…..Why do people like stuff like that?

  • Hodge

    She knows how to make an entrance, that’s for sure. I enjoyed her this morning.

    • Andrew Dice Clay

      Not as much as I enjoyed her last night…OH!

  • Butters

    giveaway cds, 99 cent on amazon = failed

    • KC

      I bet there will be yet another $.99 sale before the weekend is over.

    • Mary Sue

      Sorry, but discounted CD’s aren’t included in sales figures on the charts.

      • JohnT

        Yes they are. Why state something as fact when you clearly have no idea what you are talking about? Are you THAT stupid? All albums that are registered as individual sales are counted, regardless of the price they are sold at. Everyday an idiot like Mary Sue is on the internet spreading lies as fact, so sad.

      • ballroomdancer

        @JohnT- Actually any album that is sold for less than half the retail price are counted in sales figures. I work for Billboard so I would know.

      • ballroomdancer

        Correction…they are NOT counted

      • To Ballroom Dancer

        The cd is being bought for $6 by Amazon. The label isn’t selling them for 99 cents.

      • Melissa

        From Billboard, “On the one hand, some brick-and-mortar merchants complained that “Born This Way” units moved both at Amazon and at Best Buy (which gave away the album for free with a smartphone), shouldn’t be counted in compiling the Billboard 200 chart. Billboard decided to count the former, but not the latter.”

      • MC

        hahaha! ballroomdancer looks like a fool!

    • Misha

      She didn’t “give away” the cd. Amazon BOUGHT the cds, and took a loss (they are paying $6 per cd to the label, paying for $5 themselves). They wanted to use the BIGGEST POP STAR ON THE PLANET to advertise their new cloud system. They could have used Britney or Beyonce’s cd…but they chose Gaga because it is the most anticipated cd of the year. Amazon is spending around $3 Million to advertise through Gaga. Her label had nothing to do with it.

      • Ben

        But the fact remains that many of the people who made the .99 purchase would not have bought the album at full price.

      • Mary

        Wow! You actually believe that all of this happened without her label’s advance knowledge? Interscope?

  • JB

    Trilling expertly through the bridge of Judas?? Umm.. isn’t the bridge a spoken part? That shouldn’t be too difficult to sing. :)
    No mention of if she wore those stupid bones on her face, though — I’m hoping not. I am excited to get home and watch this on DVR though!

    • Krystal

      I don’t get the bones either. I love her but if she’s promoting being born this way why put fake bones on her face?

      • RyRyNYC

        I pointed out her hypocrisy the moment she started using prosthetics heavily in the promotion of born this way weeks and weeks ago. I think she’s too over the top these days for me to really appreciate, but i do like a handful of songs from the disc. I’m excited to watch this on my DVR too.

      • SaraS

        Totally agree. I’m a fan but those bones are sooo gross. Why does she insist on looking ugly? ala on MTV last night? I was honestly scared looking at the construction paper circle on her face trying to resemble a mole. And the wig.. the ugly leather vest.. ugh. No Gaga, no. Go back to Poker Face and Bad Romance-type of shocking outfits – with STYLE!

      • Monster For Life

        Krystal – I don’t profess to be in Gaga’s head nor am I apart of her “Haus” but I interpreted the “bones” when I first saw them as her over-exaggerating her “physical” look to draw attention to the fact that no matter what about “you” makes you feel and look different (perhaps unappealingly so) from others… it shouldn’t matter. Whatever your physicality is, you were still born this way so rejoice in it… flaunt it… and ultimately free yourself in it. In a similar point (to “SaraS”) I see what has typically been referred to by classic Hollywood as a “beauty mark” (a mole) on the face to be another way for her to exaggerate that concept. Like asking “am I somehow MORE beautiful if I put this ‘fake’ beauty mark on my face? Most importantly, if that’s true, am I even MORE beautiful if my fake beauty mark is bigger than everyone else’s?” I think she’s calling out the real “joke” in old conventions and asking everyone to re-evaluate and possibly redefine what the term “beauty” really means and where it’s core actually comes from. Just my interpretation.

      • @MonsterForLife

        Okay… sure. But the problem is, Gaga’s not speaking of these messages. And if what you say is true, then why would she wear a cute tiny mole (just like Madonna..) in other appearances?
        Courtney Love said it right this week: she needs to stop letting these gay fashionistas dress her as their own personal Barbie doll and play the attractive pop star look sometimes. It may sound shallow but hey, sometimes when I see someone singing I don’t want to be distracted by “wtf are they wearing!?” and instead marvel at how the combination of their voice AND visual is beautiful.

      • Woot

        ^ Have you ever heard of the saying “Art speaks for itself?” Monster for Life, you hit it right on the nose. Everything you said is how I felt/perceived Gaga. She shouldn’t have to explain the artistic message of every single outfit or song because that’s what we are supposed to do as observers. Sure, if you probe her, she will elaborate on outfits and songs… but again she doesn’t need to. A lot of her songs, even when the seem to have simplistic lyrics, have deeper meanings that aren’t obvious right away.

  • Whiskey Mouth/Blonde South

    @ Butters – Your Obsession with Gaga is embarrassing.

    • Monster For Life


  • Dale

    Can’t wait to go home and watch on my DVR!! She is a talented young lady — if this is not you’re thing though, uh, move on. I don’t waste my time reading about/commenting on music that is not my taste . . .


    I am dissapointed at someone who told her not to sing the “No matter gay straight or bi lesbian transgender life” part and she gave in to whomever told her not to sing that part which she totally skipped over and did not sing. Sh gave in to censorship. I thought she was braver then that.

    • Alexis

      Adam Lambert is the blame for this. His performance on music awards last year caused ABC to tighten rules. I know it’s very pathetic they are concerned with those lyrics. They are inspirational not meant to be offensive.

    • BUT BUT BUT…

      Now that she sold all the gays her $.99 diatribe and single, she doesn’t need them anymore. Sorry gays.

      • Michael

        @BUT BUT BUT… F*ck you fa**ot troll, you’re gay a**hole. not all of Gaga’s fans are gay, she has alot of straight fans too. get you’re facts straight retard. her music is awesome and very catchy. she has one of the most diverse fanbases of any artist. both her straight and gay fans bought her great album on Amazon.

      • Jerome

        No one ever accused the gays of being smart

      • TJ

        No doubt Michael is gay. And no, not a smart gay. Just gay.

    • Melanie

      I was there this morning.. she definitely sang that part:)

      • scott

        I was there too. She definitely did NOT sing that verse. All of my friends noticed too.

  • jfms777

    She was great. George Stephanopoulos?
    A corpse that utters words.

    • stu

      for real! George & Robin need to go flat line asap!

      • Barry

        So do you.

  • PN

    I turned down watching Good Morning America this morning. I didn’t like Gaga’s performance on American Idol on Wed. and I thought she was going to do the same freak show on daytime TV. She’s a good singer and I like her music, but her costumes have become more risque as of late.

    • QJ201

      Risque? Have you ever seen the Poker Face video?

    • Brian

      @PN Are you f*cking serious, are you mentally retarded or deaf? Gaga’s performance on American Idol was amazing, It was definitely the best Performance on Idol on Wed. She’s more than a good singer, She’s an amazing singer moron.

      • UGH

        She’s an amazing singer moron?

      • stella

        LOL…I agree, she IS the “amazing singer moron”. That fits her like the carnival sideshow freak that she is. The Amazing part come in because she gets fools to believe there’s talent there when really there’s just dazzle and a big heaping dollap of rip-off.

  • Journey

    It was a fantastic show. Oh and for those who are talking about the 99 cent sale- that is all Amazon’s doing. It was a smart move considering all of the traffic Gaga’s name/album has brought to the site and most importantly their Cloud service.

    It’s cool if one doesn’t like Lady Gaga but what I don’t understand is that if shes so bad, unoriginal, untalented etc why waste your time following her every little move? My advice is to watch and support those you are actually fans of instead of trying to bring down another.

    • Barry

      Good advice. Lets see how the media will play up The Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour next year. Lets see how many magazine covers & TV shows will feature the group.

      • Raul

        Any publicity is good publicity. By simply contributing to the conversation you are fueling it. Personally, I have really started to enjoy Lady Gaga. I refuse to call myself a “little monster,” that whole thing is just kinda creepy. But I really enjoy how polarizing she is.
        Sometimes it’s nice to see something/someone within the generally dispensable (pop music as of late) come out of left field with an unyielding amount of creative integrity—whether people “get it,” “love it,” “hate it,” “hate her” or “love her,” she is getting to do exactly what she damn well pleases and is obviously having a challenging and good time doing it. I can respect that.

      • Monster For Life

        Great post, Raul!!

    • da

      Amen! Paws up!

  • Mariana

    I woke up at 7:50am this morning to see Lady Gaga on GMA and I sure as heck don’t regret it. It was the BEST PERFORMANCE EVER!!I LOVE YOU GAGA MOTHER MONSTER!!!!

  • Lit El Mahnstur

    I thought she did great! Although the opening was a bit awkward, you can tell there was some sort of “technical difficulty” with the zip line.

  • Mariana

    I LOVE YOU GAGA!!! All the haters need to get a life, if you don’t like her then don’t watch her. And you haters, stop trying to get attention by dissing her…get a life please. Lady Gaga is a role model for us little monsters, so stop trying to sound all cool by hating her cause all you sound like is a lonely person who has no life and is insecure.
    I’m done.

  • Jerry

    Can She sell out Yankee Stadium?

    • Brian

      Absolutely She can sell out Yankee Stadium easily. that shouldn’t even be a question dude. She can sell out any big stadium anywhere in the world with ease.

      • Jerome

        The only way she sells it out is if she charges 99 cents a seat. She can’t sell her CD or tickets to her concerts for full price because no one will buy her sh!t.

      • Monster For Life

        Wow Jerome… you’re a really intelligent person. Your wit and sarcasm really put me in my place. I guess Gaga and us Little Monsters should feel really inferior to your insanely embarrassing ignorance. What a DOLT!

      • Melissa

        Gaga sold out Madison Square Garden 5 TIMES in row! If she has that many fans in the New York area, she could totally sell out Yankee stadium.



    • Melissa

      Go to gagadaily dot com. They have the videos to all of her performances, even the paino version of Hair which some stations cut off.

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