'American Idol' winners Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina make big Hot 100 debuts


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Last week, America declared Scotty McCreery the best singer of the show’s tenth season giving him the Idol title and leaving Lauren Alaina with the second-place consolation prize. So do the charts agree with the show’s voters?

McCreery debut single “I Love You This Big” immediately shot to the top 5 of the iTunes music chart (it remains in the top 10), and bowed at no. 11 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100.

Alaina’s single “Like My Mother Does” also did well, if slightly less so, coming in nine spots lower at no. 20 on the Hot 100. Both Alaina and McCreery bested season nine winner Lee DeWyze, whose first single (a cover of U2’s “Beautiful Day”) slipped onto the chart at number 24.

In fact, McCreery’s debut is the highest for an Idol alum since Kris Allen crashed the Hot 100 with “No Boundaries,” though the all-time highest debut for an Idol single is still a tie between Carrie Underwood’s “Inside Your Heaven,” Fantasia’s “I Believe,” Clay Aiken’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This,” all of which debuted at no. 1.

McCreery also found himself at number 32 on the Billboard Country Songs chart, which marks the highest debut for the first single from a new artist in the history of that particular list—and suggests that Nashville is ready and willing to embrace the 17-year-old with the surprisingly mature voice.

As far as the rest of the chart is concerned, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” is once again the top song in the country. It’s the fourth week in a row for Adele, who has been ruling the air on a number of different radio formats and continues to sell tens of thousands of her second album 21 (which was just displaced from the top of the album chart by Lady Gaga’s Born This Way).

Speaking of Gaga, her latest single “The Edge of Glory” jumped back into the top 10 this week: It sits at number eight, buoyed by the huge digital sales of her album.

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  • ST

    I know I’m probably just not looking in the right place but how many albums has Adele sold so far?

    • B

      Yay for Scotty. Scotty, write your own songs and make good summer music. Make fun summer music like Uncle Kracker.

      • Me

        Scotty is number seven on the itunes chart right now. Lauren is number twenty one.

      • albums

        Scotty is uniquely talented. I hope he makes albums that are similar to Rascal Flatts albums.

      • Emily

        He is seven on the itunes chart…he is beating Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum.

      • @Emily

        Lady,Blake, and Jason’s singles came out a little over 2 months ago. I would be more surprised if he wasn’t beating them.

    • Zakry

      google it

    • Taryn

      ADELE has sold a little over 1 million copies of her 1st CD – 19 in America and has sold 2.8 million worldwide.

      Her 2nd CD – 21 has sold 1.848 million in America and sold 6 million worldwide. Adele’s kicking butt all over the world and is a definite shoo-in for Grammy Album of the Year when nominations are given in December.

  • Ben

    How is a debut at 11 “big”? I would have thought top five, maybe, but that’s not that impressive.

    • Buffy Freak

      It is for a single….not so much for an album to debut at #11 though…

      • HoneyB

        I dunno. It’s nothing to sneeze at, but “big”?

      • Zakry

        Where did your single come in?

    • Tiffany Wong

      It is a big debut for country. Country fans usually buy whole albums not country singles. Unless you cross over into different formats. Even then, the sales of individual country singles are not good before the artist crosses over into other formats. “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum didn’t start selling a lot of singles until the song went onto mainstream radio.

      A crossover country song usually becomes a mainstream hit 6 months or more after it was a hit on country. “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood didn’t start playing on mainstream radio a year after it was played on country radio.

      • HoneyB

        Good point. The previous winners were more pop, and Carrie’s song was more pop than country.

      • jj

        I highly doubt Scotty will ever cross over. Even in AI, he refused to sway out of that country genre

  • jj

    “Adele, who has been ruling the air on a number of different radio formats”
    I like Adele but I’m not sure about this one, atleast not here in California…Katy Perry’s ET is on every 30 minutes, it’s really quite annoying. Sometimes its on in all of the three stations I listen to at the same time.

    • Max

      Adele is the number one song on Top 40 radio currently, ET is now number 2 and falling. Your local station may not be spinning it as often as other stations across the country :)

    • Raymond

      I have the same problem with ‘Firework’, but it’s now on AC stations – the ones they advertise as ‘lite rock, less talk, listen all day at work’ – so I can’t escape it when I’m shopping or running errands. ‘E.T.’ seems to be just on Top 40, so I’m able to change stations when her caterwauling starts.

      I’m looking forward to the next Adele single being added to radio, though I could still listen to Rolling in the Deep and never tire of it.

      • Sasha

        Gosh I know what you mean.

        I listen to it every so often on my ipod BUT as soon as it comes on the radio I crank it up…. “Rolling in the deep” is that good. And I’ve loved all the versions of her song that ppl did.

        Glee and John Legend and Haley from AI
        Hers though is my number one!

    • Zakry

      So you disagree with the music charts??

    • maiv

      Adele’s been pretty big on the radio where I’m at (CA too). Even the R&B station plays her

  • Aubrey Watkins

    I Think Lauren SHould Have Won Because Her Music Has Meaning And Come From The Heart, Which I Love Scotty But Lauren Had That Glow. :)

    • Vince from NYC

      WOW, I hope your under 10 years old..

      • Vince from NYC

        you’re, damnit I failed..

    • Lora

      Agree whole heartedly!! Lauren also has great tone for easy listening. Love that girl!!!

    • Aubrey’s Mother

      Apologies to everyone—Aubrey has been beaten to an inch of her life for using her mother’s computer again, and using poor grammar. Mama: Maybe this time to get it through you, Mama needs to use the iron again. Aubrey: No, Mama, no! Mama: But you don’t listen to Mama, do you Aubrey? Mama is so tired. But. You. Don’t. Listen. To. Mama. Aubrey: I’ll be good Mama, I promise. Mama: Maybe you need to go to your closet and pray for forgiveness for how you’ve hurt Mama… Aubrey: NO MAMA NO NOT THE CLOSET!! Mama: Yes, Aubrey—the closet is what you need. Let’s pray, Aubrey… “Dear Lord, Who art in Heaven… Aubrey (between slaps): NOOOOO MAMA NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

      • Susan

        Troubling, but oh so hilarious.

  • Andrew

    “A Moment Like This” actually jumped from #90 to #1 in its second week.

    • MC

      Also, Taylor Hicks’ “Do I Make You Proud” debuted at no. 1 as well.

      • David

        Oh, no one counts Taylor Hicks anymore. It was all a dream. It never happened!

    • Taryn

      I believe you’re thinking about “My Life Would Suck Without You” and not “A Moment Like This” because the former song placed at #97 on the Hot 100 and then proceeded to jump to the #1 spot the next week making it the “biggest” leap to number 1 in the chart’s 53 year history.

    • Ri-Ri’s Mother

      No it didn’t, fool. It went from #52 to #1, beating (at that time) a record set by the Beatles. Now THERE was a group that could get Mama hot and bothered.

      • Ri-Ri’s Mother

        Taryn has it right—Kelly broke her own record with MLWSWY’s leap to #1.

    • Sanya

      right now its to hard to tell. there might be 2 going home to night . i,ll see if im right to mrorow.

  • stickittotheman

    Pet peeve – when did “bow” start meaning something debuts? EW uses it as an idiom all the time and I just don’t get it. I get “take a bow” or to “bow down” but the whole “bowed at number 11″ thing sounds funny. Just sayin’….

    • Anon

      I believe it’s from the phrase “Broadway bow,” meaning Broadway debut — i.e., the first time someone bows before the audience during curtain call.

    • Shaun

      Dictionary.com has one definition listed as “make one’s bow, to appear publicly for the first time, as a performer, politician, etc.”
      Granted, it’s definition number 13, but it’s in there.

    • RME

      It’s been in use for a long time, small fry. Don’t start b*tching about it now.

      • Anon

        I dunno, it’s kind of nice to waste time on an etymological debate.

      • Zakry

        Not really.

      • Keanon

        No I am not anaeiqtud with Weiner but he will get a copy of your blog so you can meet him

    • Zakry

      You may find this surprising, but there is something called a dictionary that tells you what words mean! If you looked in one before your post, you wouldn’t have had to bother us with this silliness.

      • Ri-Ri’s Mother

        Me-OW, Zackry!

  • Nedsdag

    Number 11 is a “great debut?” I guess David Cook’s “Time of My Life” was a blockbuster when he debuted at #3 and Taylor Hicks went quadruple platinum when “Do I Make You Proud?” landed in the top spot. I guess it’s the way you say it.

    • Tiffany Wong

      Yes, David Cook & Taylor Hicks did well with their coronation singles. But you have to realize it took a long time. Most radio stations don’t like to play these horrible coronation songs unless it’s become a hit. Taylor went quadruple platimum, but obviously it took months for that to happen not 1 week.

      It’s a great debut considering he is #1 for country digital singles & he has the best country debut of a new artist since charts even were calculated for country. Even Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift didn’t do that. I’m not a fan of Scotty, but I can still give credit that he is doing well & even breaking some records.

      • Yeah but

        Digital singles or itunes was not that big when Carrie first came out. If anything, technology is actually HELPING these new Idol winners. Chris and Lee would have been an even bigger failure if they had won around the time (technology wise) Kelly won.
        Taylor Swift?? You might want to check again. I can’t stand that girl, mainly because she can’t really sing, but boy can that girl sell albums and singles.

      • Tiffany Wong

        I never said Taylor can’t sell albums or singles. I didn’t say that about Carrie, either. Both have sold over 10 million albums. I’m saying his first single is the best debut ever by a debut country artist which Carrie & Taylor failed to do. To me, he at least broke country records which is not too shabby considering many people don’t buy country singles, but country albums. And people don’t like buying the corny AI coronation songs.

      • Taryn

        Worldwide album sales for Taylor Swift crossed the 20 million barrier 2 months ago. Carrie is behind her by 5 million due to the fact her style of Country doesn’t sell as well overseas opposed to Taylor’s songs.

  • Grumpster

    Scotty must be doing something right…I know who he is, but who the he11 is Adele?

    • debi

      adele is the best singer in the world right now grumpster- get your head out of the dumpster & maybe you’d know these things!

    • Steve

      fo real?


      heck, she was even covered on Idol this season (by the season’s most accomplished vocalist whatever the Idol master and puppets say).

  • Jiji Moran

    Where’s Pia?

    • Pia’s Mother

      Faking it repeatedly with as many record producers as she can, I would imagine.

    • SaM

      pushing haley down some stairs… i hope

      • gee

        Is she that jealous? or are you?

  • Torrence5

    I would say Scotty & Alaina’s debut was good for Idol records of late (note: not since Taylor Hicks has a Idol winner made it to #1 on the Hot 100). Past winners didn’t even break the top 10 (including Jasmine, but she did make it with her follow up singles). Recent winners have not performed well on radio is in sales. David Arch… and Adam Lambert had bigger hits then the guys they lost to. Idol is still big on tv just not so much on the charts for new comers. IMO – only time will tell if these singers and their single stay around. Heck – their singles could be Glee style songs & debut one week and be totally gone the next.

    • Jenn

      You are really going to say that David Archuletta has bigger hits then David Cook? I disagree. David Cook went Platinum in record time. David Archuletta has disappeared. Now Adam Lambert i will agree should of won his season over Kris Allen. I truely believe that Scotty and Lauren will do well with their careers in Country singing.

      • Taryn

        Actually, other than Kelly Clarkson, David Archuleta had the 2nd best charting (non AI) single of all the contestants that have released singles since their appearance on Idol. These are the 5 best charted (non AI) singles:

        1. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
        2. Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson
        3. Crush – David Archuleta
        4. Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson
        5. Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

        *David Cooks “highest” placing (non AI) single is Light On which placed at #17 at the high mark.

  • Gabriel

    I thought the only version available for Laurens song was the live version. I’m waiting for the non-crying hugging mother studio version.

    • James Durbin

      You’re calling Lauren a mother-hugger?!!

    • GS

      No. Her studio version is on iTunes. I bought them both last Wednesday morning and they are both great!

  • James

    I honestly can’t stand the guy, and when he started singing “I Love you this big” I was thinking “seriously?” Regardless I hope he does decently well, I know it would be good for the show if they produced a star again. I definately dont see him getting too big though, especially with songs like that. I liked Lauren Alaina’s song better and I liked Haley Reinhardt over these two.

    Also his face is so weirdly ugly lol…oh well

  • Famous Artist

    I think they need a new makeup artist. If they are going to make it to the top ten they can’t look like Circus Performers.

    • texangal

      No kidding, Scotty has way too much lipstick on in this picture.

  • Elijah

    Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This” debuted at #52, and went the next week to #1 – it didn’t debut at #1.

    • exactly!!

      Only time will tell…I think another poster already said it but even Glee songs debuts at number 1, then disappear a week or two later. Bottom line: It’s just TOO SOON to tell.

    • Kylie

      Kelly Clarkson is the only certifiable “winner” of Idol that can be called an international artist. None of the other winners in the seasons afterwards have sold on an international basis as good as Kelly has done. 24 millions sold by Kelly. Pretty impressive.

      • Mike

        Just got back from Paris. Carrie was on the radio. Also, she has outsold Kelly by a bit as of just recently.

      • Taryn

        Carrie has outsold Kelly Clarkson only in the United States for album sales. When worldwide album sales are included, Kelly Clarkson is ahead of Carrie Underwood by nearly 9 million in sales.

        *Kelly Clarkson is still the digital download leader for all singles combined.

    • Mok

      I will be doonlwading this one for sure……I really like Haley & Casey. I’m sure they will make beautiful music together….

  • QJ201

    I listen to “top 40″ radio in NYC every morning while getting ready for work. Have not heard either song played at all. iTunes chart does not equal radio charts.

    • Tiffany Wong

      Country songs take a while to be added to top 40 radio stations. Unless you’re Taylor Swift most country artists don’t get played onto radio stations until a few months later. Even “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum wasn’t on top 40 radio until 4 or 5 months after it was on country. Scotty’s song is top 40 on country radio.

      Top 40 radio does not play certain genres as much as others. Also, certain artists don’t fit their format no matter how successful the song. Look at Fantasia. Her song “Bittersweet” was a top 10 hit on R&B hip-hop & even won her a Grammy. But the song was usually not played on top 40 stations.

      • Taryn

        Taylor is the only Country artist that released both a “country” song and also a “mainstream Top 40″ song near the same time.

        Currently “Mean” is the 3rd most popular Country song and “The Story of Us” is making its way up the Mainstream Top 40 chart.

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